Compare 5 green products with their outdated counterparts

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Find out how you can act smart, buy smart and go green without losing the convenience you need. However, if we sub-consciously make an effort to use less energy in our home in combination with green appliances, together, we can conserve a great amount.

How To Make Green Cleaning Products At Home

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How To Make Green Cleaning Products At Home. Clean Green! They’re supposed to keep our homes in tip-top shape, but many commercial cleaning products are really doing anything but.

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8 Green Items Every Home Should Have

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8 Green Items Every Home Should Have. Greening your home can be a daunting process. Green cleaning products. Reducing waste is one of the most important goals of going green, and composting is an easy way cut down on your trash haul. Green lighting.

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What To Look For in Eco-Friendly Products

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We’re living in an age where just about every company touts itself as green. Eco-Friendly Products green products

VAPESTICK MAX E-Cigarette – Product Review

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It has definitely the most vapor production and thus has one of the biggest throat-hit of any E-cigarette. The manual button allows total user control and the vapor production is very large, even at small drags. E-cigarettes Vapestick MAX product test product review Vapestick

Product Review - ECOGLUE

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I purchased this product from Wal-Mart. Hyla From the website : Amazing EcoGlue® This super-strength, Earth Friendly power glue is now available from Eclectic Products, Inc. Amazing EcoGlue® is for people wanting Earth Friendly products! Labels: Product Review.

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Twist & Spout – Product Review

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Shop online at [link] To learn more about ViceVersa’s comprehensive line up of products and designs, visit UK distributer © 2014 Disclosure: I received a sample of the Twist & Spout water pourer for review purposes, but all opinions here are mine.

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Sustainable Alternatives to Petroleum Based Products

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Although mostly evil, petroleum is actually a natural substance – it is the product of long dead plant and oceanic life that has been fossilized under layers of sediment. Petroleum Based Products. Plastic products. natural beauty products, homemade beauty care.

5 Ways Attendees Can ‘Green’ Natural Products Expo West.

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What could attendees be doing to green Expo West or other conferences they attend?

Can solar panels boost green roof productivity? New study asks

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There’s plenty of cold weather still to come if you live in the Middle East, but the University of Haifa is preparing for the sun, with a new study that examines whether solar electricity panels and green roofs can work well in tandem. Green Roof researchers pouring coffee on it.

United wins green award

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” “This is a great honor for United and reflects the growing importance of sustainability to our corporate customers,” says Angela Foster-Rice, United’s […] United wins green award is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

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Infographic: Greenwashed–The Truth About 95% of So-Called Green Products

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Created by: Marketing Degree. Special thanks to Greg Voakes for sharing this infographic. Related Posts. Infographic Explains Environmental Impact of Surfing. Monsanto or Organic? Who to Trust With Your Food [infographic

5 Workplace-Hacks to boost Productivity & Happiness.

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Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality energy levels essential oils eye strain gratitude green tea headaches stressed out YogaNow, the latest research shows most Americans spend approximately 9 to 10 hours a day sitting down. The lack of movement has been linked to an increased risk of.

5 Ways To Green Your Bedroom

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5 Ways To Green Your Bedroom. Green your bed! It’s easy to overlook the bedroom when you’re trying to go green – what’s the point if you’re asleep in there the whole time anyway? To get you started, here’s a list of five ways you can keep your bedroom safe, clean, and green.

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Retap Bottle – Product Review

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proud winner of 2011 Red Dot Design Award Another Danish design on the green front. A year and many designs later in the summer of 2010, they released the Retap bottle, and are very proud of this eco-friendly and beautiful product. product test Retap product review Retap bottle

Green Small Business Startup Ideas

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If you own a small business you probably already know how important it is to embrace and incorporate some sort of green initiative into your business model. It is green re-using at its finest. Green Goats. Go small business green and feel good about keeping it real.

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Charlie Dimmock Multipurpose Garden Scissors – Product Review

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Unlike many where the product is welded into the plastic in this case the molded plastic is just attached to the cardboard backing with 3 small staples and thus the plastic and the cardboard can be easily separated for recycling.

Green Bottle Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottle – Product Review

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Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Green Bottle reusable water bottle originates in the USA – though is manufactured in China – and is distributed by “ a fine choice ltd. ” reusable bottles reusable water bottle stainless stee water bottle product test product review

Product Review: Clean+Green Furniture Refresher

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I have stopped buying conventional odor/stain removers and sometimes the baking soda/vinegar solution just doesn’t do the trick, so I was glad to try out Clean+Green Furniture Refresher. Spray Clean+Green on the odor source.

Stating the Green Case: Small Business Advantages

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Running a small business is hard enough without having to implement green products or additions. However, what many companies do not realize is that by making their organization more green friendly, in turn, promotes good business. Small Business Green Example: Overkill.

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E-Lites Electronic Cigarettes – Product Review

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So, as this is a Green Journal the question that you will be asking is “but what are the environmental benefits of electronic cigarettes.” And, as there is no burning taking place no other by-products and no carbon monoxide.

Fiskars Weed Puller – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

These innovative tools keep your hands and knees clean, and save your back from unnecessary strain whilst weeding with a ‘green’ conscience. With a long tradition and heritage for design, Fiskars is strongly committed to new product development and optimised manufacturing processes.

Bambu offers Beautiful, Sustainable Kitchen Products

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But Bambu has created a line of sustainable kitchen products that is amazingly beautiful, totally eco-friendly, and best of all, very affordable. Green Living Ideas was graciously sent some Bambu products to try in our kitchen, and I am really excited to share these products with our readers.

Bedroom Green: 6 Eco-Sexy Tips

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And while you are finding the time and energy to steal away with your lover, why not incorporate some green tactics to make even the most intimate of intimates another step in lowering your carbon footprint and/or helping heal the planet? Thwart the Swimmers with Green Sense.

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6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Eco-friendly Products

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One of the main reasons why more people aren’t going Green is because of the exuberant cost often associated with it. Making your own alternative milks such as hemp milk and coconut milk is easier than you may think, and formulating your own cleaning and beauty products is a lot of fun.

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6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space

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6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space: Recycle Everything: Recycled everything that can be recycled. Use eco products: Choose more sustainable options to products such as writing equipment , paper and furniture.

10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween

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10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween. Below are ten small changes you can make that will help you and your family have a green, healthy, and happy Halloween. Instead, look for recyclable and biodegradable products or show your kids how to make decorations using leaves, acorns, and other materials from nature. Tagged: beeswax candles , composting , green holiday tips , green ideas , Halloween , LED lighting , reusable bags. Posted on October 11, 2011.

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Natural Products Expo West: Plastic is everywhere & we need to Change the Norm.

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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis Presents… We’re at the forefront of green at Natural Products Expo West and no one cares about the amount of waste happening and the use of plastic. Plastic is everywhere and we need to change the norm. Here’s how: Missed the daily updates from expo? Read ‘em here: […].

BRITA Fill&Go – Product Review

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Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical compound that can be present in products made of polycarbonate (e.g., Available in four different colors: grey, blue, pink and green, the premium-quality, BPA-free bottle holds around 600ml of water and is dishwasher safe.

Secrets of Green Cultures Part V: Ancient Healing

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To understand ancient healing and its green applications, one must think outside the box. The Green Connection. These and many other secrets of ancient healing can be applied to the green movement in many ways.

Green Product News: Bambu Helps Save Bees!

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Not only do they source great products and take good care of their workers, they produce really beautiful AND functional kitchen and home goods. The company is a member of Green America and its Green Business Network, and manufactures using organic sources certified by IMO Switzerland.

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Keira Watering Can – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

I received my review sample of the Kiera watering can on the Press Day of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013 and I chose the apple green color in the 2 liter version. product test garden tools gardening tools product review Keira watering can

Cool Stand – Product Review

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I know that some readers may probably wonder as to why I am reviewing the Cool Stand and as to what is “green” and “eco” on it, seeing it is, after all, a product made of plastic. Cool Stand product test product review Comtek USA

Fiskars SmartFit™P68 – Product Review

Green (Living) Review Fiskars is a leading global supplier of consumer products for the home, garden and outdoors. product test Fiskars pruners Fiskars Fiskars SmartFit™ product review Fiskars SmartFit™P68Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Fiskars SmartFit™?

What to Look for in Green Cleaning Products

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What to Look for in Green Cleaning Products. You use them to keep your house clean and safe, but soap and other cleaning products can actually be one of the biggest sources of dangerous toxins and chemicals in your home. Most household cleaning products contain a variety of manufactured chemicals that are potentially hazardous to the health of your family and the environment. Another alternative to common toxic cleaning products is to use enzyme-based cleaners.

How Cool is Bamboo

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Tagged: bamboo , ecofriendly , environmental products , green living , green products , natural , non-toxic , sustainable , sustainably sourced. How Cool is Bamboo. Cool Bamboo. Our forests are suffering by the minute.

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The Most Cost-Effective and Versatile Green Product in the World: Vinegar

Living Green & Saving Energy

The Most Cost-Effective and Versatile Green Product in the World: Vinegar. easy green living tip green living how to go green saving money cost-effective green product Green living useful green product vinegar

Increased Focus on Compostable Products for International Compost Awareness Week

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BPI, USCC Announce Increased Focus on Compostable Products for International Compost Awareness Week Healthy soil and global food security are intertwined, as are composting and diversion of food residuals. The US Composting Council and Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) are solidifying their partnership to facilitate increased food scrap collection, diverting valuable materials from the waste stream for high quality compost manufacturing.

Green Products: Marketing or real change of values?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The numerous “greenproducts that have a supposedly lower environmental impacts as their conventional cousins give us the good and fuzzy feeling that we are thinking and living more sustainably. The potential of consumer goods to become “green” is large.

Costa Rica: 5 great green reasons to go NOW

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Costa Rica: 5 great green reasons to go NOW is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. | The Americas’ Greenest | Costa Rica and eco-travel have long been synonymous. And for good reason.