Helsinki Bike-Share Program Triples After Successful Launch [Press Release]

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The post Helsinki Bike-Share Program Triples After Successful Launch [Press Release] appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Press ReleasesBike share is now fully integrated with the Helsinki public transit system The City Bikes bike-share program of the Finnish capital reopened in early May 2017 after the winter break with 1,400 bikes and 140 stations, nearly tripling the numbers from the program’s first season in 2016.

New Vegan Cookbook by Andrea Bertoli [Press Release]

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Andrea Bertoli FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Important Media (808) 492-3819 Gettin’ Saucy Makes Healthy Eating Sassier, Saucier A new cookbook from vegan chef Andrea Bertoli San Francisco, CA: Gettin’ Saucy: 40 Recipes to Make your Meals Sassier and Sexier is the first cookbook from Andrea Bertoli, a vegan chef, educator and [&hellip. The post New Vegan Cookbook by Andrea Bertoli [Press Release] appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

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CleanTechnica’s Second Annual EV Report [Press Release]

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Important Media/CleanTechnica FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Francisco, CA: CleanTechnica, the world’s largest cleantech news website, announced the release of the second CleanTechnica EV Report on May 3, 2017. The post CleanTechnica’s Second Annual EV Report [Press Release] appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Press Releases

A Dedicated Green Roof Research Center Opens in Israel

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Green roofs have become a widespread phenomenon over the last few years but very little research has been focused on perfecting the practice in the Middle East, where high temperatures and dwindling water resources have prevented widespread uptake.

Dubai’s Wild Wadi Waterpark is Green Globe Certified

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With April Fool’s Day is more than five weeks away, we are left to assume the announcement by Green Globes is credible. Wild Wadi Waterpark just earned the internationally recognized Green Globe Certification (GGC) following a recent sustainability audit. You read that right.

Greening Hip-Hop

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Greening Hip-Hop: Legendary Innovators Star & Buc Wild Join Forces with Socially Responsible Start Up, Bennu, to Launch the First Eco-Friendly Hip-Hop Merchandise New York, NY, April 2011 – Always known for staying ahead of the curve, Star & Buc Wild are again leading the way by merging hip-hop culture and the amplifying Green Wave. We respect the green movement and believe it’s important to incorporate a mission into our work.

How green is your laptop?

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The world's most sophisticated ethical ranking site publishes new laptops buyers' guide Ethical Consumer magazine has published the world's most comprehensive green and ethical buyers' guide to laptops and netbooks. The result is that for the first time consumers can easily identify and support those companies whose green credentials they agree with and avoid the companies that are falling behind on the green agenda.

Is your computer hosting ‘Green’ enough?

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The ‘greening’ of the supply chain will mean that companies will need to understand and be accountable for the environmental performance of every aspect of their business and their own suppliers, and this includes how their computer services are hosted.

Food Safety and Leafy Greens

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coli bacteria lurking in your spinach and other leafy greens, then you might be interested in the USDA’s Proposed National Marketing Agreement Regulating Leafy Green Vegetables – unless you're a small sustainable farmer. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) If you’re worried about e.

Solar retreat in the Liwa Desert – futuristic functionality or rich man’s folly?

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These fixed-glass “windows” will be electrochromic; they can be mechanically tinted for shade and privacy with a press of a button that activates ionic motion within layers of glass, quickly changing the glass panels from clear to opaque.

Parks Alliance statement on House of Lords National Policy for the Built Environment Committee report

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UK, 02/19/2016: Mark Camley, Chair of The Parks Alliance, the national voice of UK parks, said: “The Parks Alliance welcomes the report and its’ recognition of the value of Green Infrastructure and the part that parks play in the making of a quality place and improving social cohesion. “We

National office survey finds managers failing to go green

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The poll, carried out for this year’s Green Office Week, also found that only 17% of respondents think their office is ‘very or completely green’, with more than a quarter, 28%, saying it is ‘still not very green’.

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Green roofing to the maximum

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ZinCo, the highly innovative green roof manufacturer will demonstrate some pioneering solutions at the BAU Our new Stormwater Management Roof is designed to store large quantities of stormwater on the roof, allowing it to run off in a time delay.

Greens welcome revelations of police eco-spy costs

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Jan 18, 2011: The Green Party today welcomed revelations of the cost of police undercover operations involving peaceful environmental groups – but said the costs, perhaps £15m (1), represented a waste of taxpayers’ money. The Green Party’s Jenny Jones, a member of both the London Assembly and the Metropolitan Police Authority, commented today: “It's hard to know what we can believe from police spy Kennedy's stories, but it's hard to believe that this was a value for money exercise.

Radical approach needed to secure green energy future

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These proposals could provide the route map to a safe, green future - but Ministers mustn't get led astray by lack of ambition or vested interests. He added: “The Government must slash emissions from the electricity sector by at least 90 per cent by 2030 to create the green power we'll depend on to drive our cars and heat our homes of the future. This press release is presented without editing for your information only.


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George Clarke says; ‘The retrofit is designed to show that whether you’re in a Victorian terrace or a modern penthouse, greening up your home is affordable and possible. From Forest Friendly timber and FSC wallpaper to energy monitors and low energy light bulbs we’re on a mission to make it easier for customers to green up their homes.’ Source: B&Q via Z-PR This press release is presented without editing for your information only.

Dismay as High Court gives London City Airport green light

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January 2011: Local people and green campaigners reacted with disappointment today after a High Court judge refused to overturn Newham Council's decision to expand London City Airport. " Source: Friend of the Earth This press release is presented without editing for your information only. Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article

$10 Recycled Cardboard Bike Indiegogo Campaign Raises Nearly $20,000 in Two Days

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Basically the idea is like Japanese origami, but we don’t compress the cardboard and we don’t break its structure,” he explained in a press release. “We Visit Cardboard Technologies’ Indiegogo campaign if you want a piece of this very cool green action.

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Green Party Assembly Member reacts to revelation that second officer infiltrated environmentalists

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Commenting today, the Green Assembly Member said: "The continuing story of undercover police in eco protester groups is becoming more and more like a story line in the Sopranos. "We This press release is presented without editing for your information only. Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article

Green Technology from Nisus Corporation shifts termite treatments in new construction

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It's quite a milestone and a reminder of how Green Technology can improve the environment and improve the bottom lines of many companies at the same time,” says Kevin L. Plus, builders can earn green points for using these types of green termite treatments.”

Improving the biodiversity of green roofs

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Using living organisms such as bacteria or fungi, as an alternative to chemical fertilisers, can improve the soil biodiversity of green roofs, according to new research from the University of Portsmouth. This could have implications for the environmental and economic benefits of green roofs.

Chichester bypass cancellation a victory for green campaigners

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And it's local groups like Campaign for Better Transport and the Chichester and Bognor Regis Green Party that are at the forefront of an alternative, sustainable, vision for infrastructure in Chichester." This press release is presented without editing for your information only.

Architectural Pornography: Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower

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Actions speak louder than empty press releases. Green Prophet’s told you all about Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower. Then read through their project press releases. What would it take to incite project teams to hit new heights in green technologies?

Yeo Valley calls on schools to enter search for next big green idea

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Pupils to help Wipe Out Waste in 2011 Yeo Valley calls on schools to enter search for next big green idea Sustainability, environmental and ethical issues are central themes at Yeo Valley and it strives to be at the forefront of any new eco-ideas and developments.

Siemens inaugurated the Middle East’s greenest office building at Masdar City

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Turning the sustainability paradigm on its head, Chris Wan, Masdar City’s Design Manager, explains how Siemens, set a different tone for their new Middle Eastern headquarters, one that prioritized good business over a fancy green showpiece.

Laundry soaps – is less more green? Jordanians Concentrate for the Environment

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Director General, in a press release. Jordan is cleaning up its act, at least in terms of laundry detergent, with a project entitled Concentrate for the Environment. The voluntary, industry-led initiative aims to reduce the negative environmental impact of powdered laundry soap.


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For ideas, consumers can pledge to “ Boycott The Baggie ” ( ), for simple, easy-to-follow ways to reduce waste and go green! As an added bonus, this would leave a lot more green in the bank too!

This new vegan recipe app is making us hungry


Popular eco-outlet One Green Planet has launched a new vegan recipe app called Food Monster , and it’s scary how good it looks. The future of food is here — and it’s vegan,” Nil Zacharias, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of One Green Planet, said in the statement.

Rain gardens could make runoff safe for salmon

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In this case, the salmon and their prey are telling us how clean is clean enough,” said McIntyre in press release. Juveline salmon by Alaska Region US Fish & Wildlife Service used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Sustainable forests can cut global emissions by half

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This press release is presented without editing for your information only. Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article

“Green” Reverse Osmosis System Launched by Grandfather of Desalination Companies

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So it was with excitement that I opened a Press Release from Israel’s IDE Technologies touting “the first green Reverse Osmosis system&# for water desalination.

Mattel- Green Barbie and Eco-Ken? Really? We think not


Lots of press releases come via the email, explaining good things that companies are doing in the sustainability space. And its great to see that companies recognise the importance of sustainable manufacturing, but I'm left struggling with this one from Mattel.

Paint everything Green!

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Histocolour specialises in supplying this excellent paint which is unsurpassable in both quality and in its “green” credentials. This press release is presented for your information only. Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article. This article is for your information only and the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW does not (necessarily) approve, endorse or recommend the product, service or company mentioned

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Use your pencil to the end

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) If you use a pencil, and if you are drawing or doing a lot of writing where you cannot rely on a pen to work properly, then you probably do. However, how far down can you still, more or less comfortably, use a pencil stub.

Paper Saver – Product Review

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They are used once, such as press releases, and then, generally, though not at yours truly's place, discarded. green living notebook notebooks paper notebook paper notebooks paper reuse Paper Saver product review reuse paper review waste paper

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GTC Greening the Cleaning Raises The Bar For Green Cleaning

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GTC Greening the Cleaning is thrilled to announce that its new and improved line of green cleaning products is now third-party tested and verified. An independent lab has certified that every single product is as green as its label indicates.

Oil-rich Abu Dhabi to mobilize real climate action at upcoming talks

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The UAE initiative to host the Abu Dhabi Ascent is an important concrete contribution to the Summit,” said UN Secretary General in a recent press release. Business Abu Dhabi Ascent Climate Change green economy Middle East UN Climate Talks

Jon Bon Jovi’s Foundation Celebrates Opening Of Homeless Shelter


“Today is a celebration of the lives of the young people who will call this home,” said Jon Bon Jovi in a press release. “It’s donations green and famous news bon jovi jon bon jovi

Drive Change this Green Office Week

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Give Better Transport the Green Light Zoom, zoom, zoom! So, with the help of Green Office Week, get together with your colleagues today and take a moment to think about transport within your company and how it might work that little bit better - for you and the environment.

Eco Designer Carrie Parry Wins the Green Fashion Competition at Amsterdam Fashion Week

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Eco-Chick fave Carrie Parry (check out Haley’s coverage of her F/W 2011 collection here ) has just won the 15,000 Euro prize at Amsterdam Fashion Week for her latest collection. Congratulations Carrie!