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Green Lunches for Schools

Green Home Blog

It’s unfortunate that said schools also need a wakeup call – a call that brings them into the 21 st Century with green banners flying. One way this call might be issued is a computer revolution in teaching, which switches from classrooms to virtual classrooms on a dedicated sight on the web.

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7 Eco Issues to Address in 2013

Green Prophet

As the conversation about climate change and other environmental issues gains traction, it’s a good time for concerned citizens to get serious about taking meaningful action. Each issue seems to lead into to the next. Happy 2013 from all of us at Green Prophet.

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Political Green: The Climate is Mum

Green Home Blog

Political Green: The Climate is Mum. Unfortunately, all the spin and fear mongering seems to have created a façade that has covered up the most important political issue beyond our economy and foreign affairs.

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Green Mom: It’s the Little Things

Conservancy Talk

As a mom, and as someone whose outside-of-the-home job has me tuned in to green news, I always wonder (okay, worry) about the next generation. It’s a big world out there, but we can all make a difference.

Pink Slime A Non-Issue for Kosher McDonald’s

Green Prophet

When the pink slime story was first posted on Green Prophet we reported that the substance was found to be in use by some of the largest fast food chains in North America, especially McDonald’s. Good news!

Supreme Court’s Stay on Clean Power Plan Won’t Stop Energy Revolution

Conservancy Talk

They were right to see the green economy as a huge source of new employment—today, more Americans work in the solar industry than in coal mining. Mark Tercek is President and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune. Follow Mark on Twitter: @ MarkTercek.

10 eco-funerals let your death be ever-green

Green Prophet

Today’s another official “city-shut-down” day for government offices and many businesses in snowy Amman, Jordan ; even the US embassy issued alerts to stay off the roads. Did you know most Middle Eastern funerals are inherently “green”?

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Cairo is growing green with living walls on the up!

Green Prophet

Egypt isn’t exactly renowned for its vast green spaces and pioneering environmental policies. But recently projects aiming to green the city have been sprouting up all over the urban metropolis. But although the walls are easy to create, issues can crop up.

A Green Globe: 4 Surprisingly Sustainable Countries

Environmental News Network

Going green is trendy these days. It’s a global issue – literally. Here are 4 surprising countries that are going green –and doing it right. Go Green Green Building Green Energy/Transportation Green Politics Green Technology Reviews Sustainability Travel Conservation Green

Jordan architect wants to green up the capital’s biggest eyesore

Green Prophet

Renaming Jordan Towers as Jordan Gate Park, they envision a facility that returns a sense of place and scale to its neighborhood while serving as a fully visible beacon to renewable energy and the industry’s best practices in green design. Green Prophet: Congratulations!

Green Muslims Build Green Neighbourhoods

Green Prophet

US Green Muslims embrace the notion of co-housing, an environmentally friendly (and Islamic) lifestyle which combines privacy with a more tight-knit community. For more on green Islam see: Dine with an Unconventional ‘Green’ Sheikh.

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How to Get Decision-Makers to Invest in Nature

Conservancy Talk

Show us the data. That’s what I hear almost every time I work with decision-makers. Governments and businesses aren’t going to invest in conservation without data showing the effectiveness of those initiatives.

Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Bill McKibben

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek: Congratulations on the great progress you’ve made galvanizing young people to be much more engaged on climate and other environmental issues through The big green groups, once they saw Americans willing to go to jail again, got their courage up.

Green Versus Sustainable

Environmental News Network

People hear a lot of talk about “green energy” and “sustainable energy”, and many times the populace assumes these are the same things. However, as a rule, things which are sustainable tend to be green, though not everything that’s green is sustainable.

Six Ways Impact Investing Is Transforming the Environmental Movement

Conservancy Talk

we’re using impact capital to build green infrastructure that cost-effectively soaks up stormwater right away. Mark R. Tercek is the president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune.

From Davos: Unleashing the Power of Nature in Cities

Conservancy Talk

For environmentalist like us, it’s a critical issue, too. show that deploying natural – or green – infrastructure can dramatically reduce the speed and pollution content of stormwater at much more cost-effective levels than traditional manmade – or gray – infrastructure like sewers.

When will the Middle East wake up to green roofs?

Green Prophet

Expect to see other green news coming in the run up to the December summit. The list of added benefits of green roofs is long. Green roofs are costlier than conventional roofs, but a Michigan State University research team found that they save about $200,000 over their lifetime.

Vote green in the European Parliament Elections

Green Blog

But the most pressing issue of our time is obviously climate change. For a democrat, the remaining choice are the European Greens. The Greens would actually lose seats, going from their current 58 seats to 44 seats.

Eating Real Food Can Save The Environment | Green Prophet

Green Prophet

A far-off cry in the wind, that’s what the vital issue of climate change has become. The well-fed have turned their attention to problems like obesity and health, issues that hit them where it hurts personally, and pay mere lip service to the world hunger crisis.

Turns Out There Are Green Spaces in Beirut After All

Green Prophet

A group of activists in Beirut have teamed up with a local design agency to create the city’s first map of green spaces. Beirut Green Project and Wonder 8 launched the Beirut Green Guide at Tawlet earlier this week, but a few kinks still need to be worked out.

The Thin Green Line Is Stopping Coal and Oil in Their Tracks

Sightline Daily

The Cascadia region has proven to be extraordinarily challenging for those who would turn it into a major carbon energy export hub—so much so that Sightline has taken to calling it the Thin Green Line. What’s next for the thin green line?

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Is Syriza the first Green government in Europe?

Green Blog

When I say that Syriza’s victory is in a sense the first Green government in Europe, it’s obviously not just Greens. A Green Government? Having said that, there is a remarkable extent to which Syriza is in practice a Green government.

‘Wadjda’ – A Saudi Girl & Her Green Bicycle

Green Prophet

There may have been a public battle to allow Saudi women to drive but an award-winning film explores the sensitive issue of women’s rights through a young girl and her green bike.

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Chewing Gum: A Sticky Environmental Issue

Living Green & Saving Energy

Chewing Gum: A Sticky Environmental Issue. green living Uncategorized chewing gum

Sustainable Ocean Development is Possible: Q&A with Maria Damanaki

Conservancy Talk

I’m happy that you, the TNC president, are raising the issue. Healthy oceans, development and economic growth can coexist. That’s the idea behind an emerging Nature Conservancy strategy led by Maria Damanaki, TNC’s new Global Managing Director for Oceans.

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Eco-Education Starts Young at New Green School in Israel

Green Prophet

Thinking and living in tune with nature is a way of life that is best started as early as possible, which is why we think there ought to be more schools like The Green School in Kfar Saba, Israel.

A Better Way to Meet America’s Needs: Invest in Nature

Conservancy Talk

Cities like Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Detroit are reducing the need for costly upgrades to their stormwater and sewer systems by planting trees, creating more open space, and installing other innovative forms of “green infrastructure” to absorb stormwater.

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Seattle’s Green Stormwater Goals

Sightline Daily

Recently, the city of Seattle announced a goal to dramatically increase the amount of water treated by rain gardens, green roofs, green streets, permeable pavement and other alternatives that seek to treat stormwater more naturally instead of carry it away in pipes.

THIS Toothbrush Is A Miswak | Green Prophet

Green Prophet

Thank you Leen for sharing your eco-product with Green Prophet. I thought maybe it was a storing issue, or a hygiene issue- but felt that there had to be a better way to solve both those problems.

Heroines for the Planet: Green Drinks NYC Founder Margaret Lydecker

Eco Chic

Before Margaret Lydecker founded Green Drinks NYC in 2002, there wasn’t a place for Manhattan’s like-minded, eco-conscious professionals to get their networking on. I went to the most recent Green Drinks NYC, and observed Margaret calmly and graciously working the room.

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Jordan’s eco park helps the country go green!

Green Prophet

Nestled in the hills and landscape of north-western Jordan, lies a green oasis with an eco-minded philosophy: Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark (SHE.). Recycling and sustainability haven’t been a priority in Jordan and green governmental policies are greatly lacking in Jordan.

Harley-Davidson a New Partner in Conservation

Conservancy Talk

I earned my motorcycle license years ago — which always surprises my “green” friends. What do conservationists look like? Do they wear fleece jackets? Or hiking boots? Well, what about motorcycle helmets?

Hong Kong: stay smart, stay green

Green Traveler Guides

Home About What and who we are Staff Awards Press Tips Why travel green Green traveler’s to do’s Carbon Offsets Travel secrets of frequent fliers Buy Deals Photos Wine Green wine: what is it? Genuinely green accommodations are. Real green or green-washed?

Extraordinary “Green Machine” mobile city fertilizes the Sahara Desert as it moves

Green Prophet

To make that easier for desert dwellers , Stephane Malka and Yachar Bouyaha proposed the Green Machine – a massive city on tank treads that fertilizes the Sahara as it moves. . Design Desertification Green Machine Sahara desert Stephane Malka Venice Biennale Yachar Bouhaya

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Green Video Games Teaching Kids

Green Blog

It’s a PC strategy game that deals with some pretty heavy issues—natural disasters, population growth, and energy consumption are but a few of the problems game players must face. Another interesting environmental game is National Geographic’s “ Plan It Green.” By working with National Geographic, we were able to go beyond pop green ideas and make a game that truly conveys the possibilities of the future.”.

Duke of Cambridge Pledges to Work for Conservation

Conservancy Talk

Conservation Issues Environmental News Featured Post 1 Green Living The Nature Conservancy collaboration conservation crises conservation group duke of cambridge major conservation organizations band together prince william forms conservation group united for wildlife working together

Abu Dhabi: Biggest Polluter Turned Green Police

Green Prophet

The most common of these included issues with staff not being adequately trained for their positions, poor management of hazardous materials (yikes!), Image of a whole different kind of “ green police ,” Shutterstock.

Getting Dams Right

Conservancy Talk

The results of those decisions will be so great that they will be visible from space as reservoirs fill valleys, cities expand and land turns from brown to green with irrigation. Conservation Issues Dams Energy freshwater conservation hydropower hydropower by design Mark Tercek rivers

Qatar’s QSAS Turns Other Rating Systems Green

Green Prophet

Qatar’s revamped its QSAS green building rating system. Re-launched under a new name, the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) is muscling in as Middle East- North Africa’s green standard. Step back, LEED. Back off, BREEAM.

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Green Designers’ Cloudy Thinking

Green Prophet

The concept’s not awful and something tower builders in the Middle East can learn from: raise up private green spaces typically placed at ground level to the sky. MVRDV has issued an apology, stating that the likeness wasn’t intentional.