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Greening Up an Old House.

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Drafty windows, inefficient insulation, and so many other factors make conscious living to. Old houses are a mixed blessing, though.

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6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space

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6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space: Recycle Everything: Recycled everything that can be recycled. Greening up your office doesn’t have to be challenging, it only takes you making small changes in order to make big differences in the health of the environment.

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Why Green Roof?

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I know that green roofs cut down on CO2 and filter pollution and contaminants out of the air in cities, etc, etc. Building a green roof isn’t cheap; will I benefit directly in any way? In fact, it’s estimated that a green roof will last twice as long as a conventional roof.

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Insulation Inspiration for Saving Energy

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Insulation Inspiration for Saving Energy. green home audit green living how to go green saving energy saving money conserve energy insulation ideas reduce heating costs save energy save money

Options for Eco-Friendly Home Insulation

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One of the main factors people take into consideration when selecting insulation is its ability to reduce energy costs. There are a plethora of choices for Eco-friendly people wanting to apply insulation that benefits the environment. A type of Eco-friendly home insulation that’s fairly new on the market is sheep’s wool. In and of itself, cotton is a natural resource, which makes it one of the best green insulating resources available.

Can solar panels boost green roof productivity? New study asks

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There’s plenty of cold weather still to come if you live in the Middle East, but the University of Haifa is preparing for the sun, with a new study that examines whether solar electricity panels and green roofs can work well in tandem. Green Roof researchers pouring coffee on it.

How To Measure Your Attic’s Insulation

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A great way to ensure that your home is using energy efficiently is to be sure that your attic is insulated properly. Did you know that a properly insulated home can save roughly 20% of a homes annual heating and cooling costs? Thankfully, measuring your attics insulation is a very straight forward and. The post How To Measure Your Attic’s Insulation appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

Maintenance Tips: Installing Foam Gaskets to Insulate Your Electrical Outlets

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Electrical outlets are usually one of the last items in a house to be insulated with foam gaskets. If your exterior wall outlets are not insulated, they are little more than a hole in the wall leading outside.

Denis Vranich – “Spray Foam Insulation Critical for Net Zero Energy Construction”

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Spray foam insulation is a versatile and easy way to cut energy consumption and costs while being environmentally conscious. The post Denis Vranich – “Spray Foam Insulation Critical for Net Zero Energy Construction” appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Sponsored Posts green buildings green construction net zero buildings spray foam insulation

How To Insulate Your Hot Water Pipes

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One of the best ways to save money and energy around your home is to insulate your hot water pipes. Things you’ll need for the job: Pipe Insulation (both 3/4″ and 1/2″). Instructions: how to insulate your hot water pipes. Place insulation on pipes.

When will the Middle East wake up to green roofs?

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Expect to see other green news coming in the run up to the December summit. The list of added benefits of green roofs is long. Green roofs are costlier than conventional roofs, but a Michigan State University research team found that they save about $200,000 over their lifetime.

Ikea kitchens help sell insulation to Dutch – and UK could be next

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The Energiesprong (Energy Leap) initiative involves completely wrapping houses with insulated panel-facades that snap on like Lego. green living

How To Insulate Your Attic Duct System Step by Step (with Video Instructions)

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Ensuring your attic is properly insulated is essential to this endeavor. The post How To Insulate Your Attic Duct System Step by Step (with Video Instructions) appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

Building Green Makes Housing More Affordable

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If you think of "green" homes and solar panels as luxury amenities for high-end housing, you might be surprised to learn that these are becoming standard features in low-income housing, even here in Virginia.

Insulation Station: 8 Insulated Jackets That Will Keep You Warm and Active In The Cold

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Stay warm and insulated this Winter. Here are 8 packable, lightweight and insulated options to keep out the cold so you can stay active. Active Junky’s Green Gift Guide. Check out for more 8 more puffy picks. Marmot Greenland Baffled Down Jacket - M.

How To Insulate Your Hot Water Heater Tank

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Did you know that by simply insulating your hot water tank you could save anywhere from 4%-9% on your water heating costs? If you go one step further and insulate both the hot and cold water pipes as well, you’ll save even more! Instructions: how to insulate your hot water tank.

A Dedicated Green Roof Research Center Opens in Israel

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Green roofs have become a widespread phenomenon over the last few years but very little research has been focused on perfecting the practice in the Middle East, where high temperatures and dwindling water resources have prevented widespread uptake.

How to check (and fill) insulation gaps using a laser thermometer (DIY)

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If you’ve been fiddling with the thermostat more often than not, chances are your home is suffering from severe energy inefficiencies, likely caused by weak insulation. But, how can you check where your insulation may not be sealing well?

Green-Wrapped Offices to Transform Turkish Working Class Neighborhood

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Whether or not a 100,000 square meter office complex could possibly come with even a net environmental benefit is debatable, but the fact that a design wrapped in green won an international competition for such a complex signals a potential shift in Turkey’s urban planning.

13 Green Building Tips From Nader Khalili Student

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Consult your local green building expert for the best way to orient your home in order to maximize solar gain when appropriate (and reduce it when there’s too much.)

Energy-saving Tips for Fall

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saving energy saving money saving water conserve energy how to go green insulation ideas reduce heating costs save energy save money Summer is over, and as the cooler temperatures of fall arrive it is always a good idea to review the ways to reduce energy consumption and save money. Most of the steps you can take are easy and low-cost. Those that require some up-front investment on your part provide an excellent return for the money [.].

Jerusalem’s Green-Roofed Gutman VC is a Home for the Birds and the Bees

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The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel commissioned a very green addition to the Jerusalem Bird Observatory, and let’s just say the birds and the bees are making themselves at home! More Green Building Goodness on Green Prophet: Syria’s Beehive Shaped Architecture.

THIS Toothbrush Is A Miswak | Green Prophet

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Thank you Leen for sharing your eco-product with Green Prophet. Salma said on UAE Sustainability Conference Inspires Change : I’m one of those green newbies; I. ????????????

First Green-Roofed Urban Oasis Planned for Abu Dhabi

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Albeit better than neighboring Dubai’s skyline of what renowned architect Frank Gehry calls “cheap” and “anonymous” architecture , Abu Dhabi has grown into a dense urban environment with precious few green spaces.

HEPCA’s Green-Roofed Bio Boat Entirely Wind and Solar Powered

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It will also be topped by a green roof that is not only useful for insulating the interior during hot summers, but is also expected to provide a mini-habitat for the many birds that travel through the Rift Valley/Red Sea flyway.


Green (Living) Review

Edenbloc 35 is a new type of rigid insulation made predominantly from recycled wool and can be used in many internal situations, including wall lining, between rafters and timber studs and under rafters. When paired with the CO2 reductions that result from the reduced energy consumption Edenbloc 35 facilitates, it’s climate change credentials are clear and significantly out-perform those offered by wood based rigid insulation, the only other natural alternative on the market.

BIPVT: New Retrofit technology that promises thermal insulation along with solar power


There are many existing edifices that could also do with some green overhauling and researchers from various parts of the globe along with industrial developers are now working on exactly that. They a so intend to create a natural thermal insulation for the home by using the BIPVT.

What is Wrong With PVC?

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Despite this, it’s still a common plastic that is used to manufacture a wide variety of products, particularly in construction, where it is used for pipes, floors, insulation, and siding. Tagged: ecofriendly , green home , Green kids , green living , greening , PVC , recycled material , recycled plastic , Recycling. What is Wrong with PVC? What Is PVC?

New Green Roofed School in Kuwait Will Promote Hands on Agricultural Learning

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Educators are hoping to reinvigorate “the Cradle of Civilization” with a new green roofed school designed by Perkins + Will that promotes hands-on agricultural learning. Kuwait used to have a strong agricultural movement, which this new school will hopefully help to revive.

Is Your Insulation Bad For the Environment?

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Turns out that many of the insulation materials we use to reduce our energy use (and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions), are themselves extremely potent greenhouse gases. You are better off using a fiberglass like CertainTeed’s Sustainable Insulation, or mineral wool, or cellulose, [.] [ Is Your Insulation Bad For the Environment? from Green Living Ideas ]. Tags: Green Building/Remodeling Insulation global warming potential GWP Uh-oh.

How to detect and eliminate drafts for better home insulation

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The post How to detect and eliminate drafts for better home insulation appeared first on Green Living Ideas. When it comes to saving money and energy around your home one of the best things you can do is detect and eliminate drafts around your window and door frames.

The UK steps up green living a notch: the biggest home improvement scheme since WWII

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the UK government initiative known as The Green Deal aims to make properties more energy efficient, which will, of course, make them more environmentally friendly. Alternative Energy Eco Home Living Home Energy Usage Clean Energy Victory bonds Green Deal Pace program UK

Tips for Lowering Your Cooling Cost 

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The post Tips for Lowering Your Cooling Cost appeared first on Green Living Ideas. Green maintenance Sponsored Posts air conditioning energy use HVAC Insulation Tips for Lowering Your Cooling CostHere are some helpful tips for lowering your cooling cost around the home.

Design your own LEED energy efficient dream green prefab with Blu

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Design your own fantasy shack from the comfort of your keyboard with California-based Blu Homes – makers of fully customizable, prefab, green housing. High performance insulation made with recycled content and soy-based binders.

Government warned over green economy plans as UK emissions rise

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"The Government has repeatedly promised to build a low-carbon economy to tackle climate change and insulate us all from yo-yoing fuel prices, but the Treasury refuses to lay the foundations or pay for the bricks. "The UK is already sliding down the green energy investment league as companies give their verdict on a series of Government decisions that fail to support clean energy from our huge wind, wave and solar resource.

Green Deal flop - new figures released

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Commenting on the release on Thursday, June 27, 2013 on the first official statistics of take up of the Government''s flagship Green Deal scheme for energy efficiency, Friends of the Earth''s Warm Homes Campaigner Dave Timms said that the figures are a disaster but not unexpected. Lower interest rates, more incentives and tough regulations on landlords to improve the worst insulated rented homes would all increase the take-up of energy efficiency measures.

Jerusalem’s Natural History Museum is a Green-Roofed Subterranean Monument

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A subterranean facility with stone cladding, the museum is topped with a green roof that creates a continuation of the surrounding green space. . Architecture & Urban architecture green building Green Roof Jerusalem natural history museum subterranean

A Green Tiny House: Graywater, Solar, Wool Insulation.

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For more on the image above, click it. What do you do when you need space from one another? We walk out!

Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air

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Clean Green. Carpets are great for insulating and decorating your home, but they also trap all sorts of common allergens, including pet dander, mold spores, and pollen. You can also use a green carpet shampoo. So keep your home green, literally, by keeping indoor plants. Tagged: air quality test kit , Bio Floor , carpet , clean air , Cleaning , green cleaning , Green Holiday ideas , green living , health. Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air.

How To Insulate Old Windows Without Buying New: Energy-Saving Window Inserts

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Insulation and your HVAC system are two such examples, but energy-efficient window inserts are also important, especially for homes with older, drafty windows. The post How To Insulate Old Windows Without Buying New: Energy-Saving Window Inserts appeared first on Green Living Ideas.