Benefits of a Green Home

Living Green & Saving Energy

Benefits of a Green Home. green building green construction green remodeling Benefits of a Green Home

Make Your Smart Home a Green Home

Living Green & Saving Energy

green home green living saving energy saving money saving water Smart HomeYour current lifestyle depends on the usage of energy; however, with a rise in population and a decrease in natural resources, energy costs are growing exponentially.

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8 Green Items Every Home Should Have

Green Home Blog

8 Green Items Every Home Should Have. Greening your home can be a daunting process. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the eight accessories we here at Greenhome think every eco-friendly home should have. Green cleaning products. Green lighting.

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How To Make Green Cleaning Products At Home

Green Home Blog

How To Make Green Cleaning Products At Home. Clean Green! They’re supposed to keep our homes in tip-top shape, but many commercial cleaning products are really doing anything but.

A Guide to Green Flooring

Green Home Blog

A Guide to Green Flooring. Floors are a major component of many renovation projects: the right carpet, tile, or wood can brighten up a room and make it feel like home. To help make your next home renovation project a little easier, we’ve put together this guide to eco-friendly flooring.

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Greening Up an Old House.

Elephant Journal

Old houses are a mixed blessing, though. Drafty windows, inefficient insulation, and so many other factors make conscious living to.

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Goin’ Green! Green Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Green Furniture Home Design

Rooms decorated in green colors peculate an awareness of earth consciousness and reflects an appreciation for the outdoors. Whenever focusing on a natural green or a eco-living style home you need to think like mother nature by balancing feel and lighting with a triad of colors and textures.

Green Senior, Green Soldier

Green Home Blog

Green Senior, Green Soldier. Youth seems to take center stage when it comes to various causes, especially the green movement. Many, sixty and over, have been dealing with different aspects of past as well as future green behavior that most have rarely considered. This influence is something that perpetuated forced green living which for many has carried over beyond the forced part. Seniors of today maintain their green living through a variety of ways.

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Eco-friendly Paints for Green Home Improvement

Living Green & Saving Energy

Eco-friendly Paints for Green Home Improvement are a safe and wise choice. Water-based eco-friendly paints are regulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and come in any finish and style imaginable, suitable for any indoor or outdoor home need. easy green living tip green remodeling how to go green eco-friendly paint green home improvement safe home improvement

Compare 5 green products with their outdated counterparts

Green Home Blog

There are many simple way to live sustainable in your home. Find out how you can act smart, buy smart and go green without losing the convenience you need. As humans, we tend to over consume which creates a lot of waste.

5 Ways to Save Green While Going Green This Summer

Living Green & Saving Energy

From keeping a home cool to running the pool pump more often, it can be challenging to save energy. Fortunately, there are several tips homeowners can try that can help them to stay as green as possible, even when […].

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6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space

Hug a Tree with Me

6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space: Recycle Everything: Recycled everything that can be recycled. Greening up your office doesn’t have to be challenging, it only takes you making small changes in order to make big differences in the health of the environment.

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Green Your Home With Moss Graffiti (RECIPE)

Green Prophet

Express your green views for all to see – right on the walls of your house. The whimsical Stories From Space site offers a fun way to literally green your house: shape words and images out of live moss to decorate your outside walls.

5 Ways To Green Your Bedroom

Green Home Blog

5 Ways To Green Your Bedroom. Green your bed! It’s easy to overlook the bedroom when you’re trying to go green – what’s the point if you’re asleep in there the whole time anyway? To get you started, here’s a list of five ways you can keep your bedroom safe, clean, and green.

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Why Green Roof?

Green Earth Journey

I know that green roofs cut down on CO2 and filter pollution and contaminants out of the air in cities, etc, etc. Building a green roof isn’t cheap; will I benefit directly in any way? In fact, it’s estimated that a green roof will last twice as long as a conventional roof.

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5 great green hotels in Canada

Green Traveler Guides

| Greening in Canada | When it comes to traveling, people who have sustainable lifestyles might think that they have to leave their green practices at home and tolerate an overwhelming amount of wasted resources when staying at a hotel.

Green Living 2.0, Sustainable Communities

Green Home Blog

Now that the Boomers are retiring and experiencing the “empty nest” syndrome, the half-century dream of living in a “green community” is re-emerging. Green Living commune community living ecofriendly ecovillage going green green building green living intentional communities SUSTAINABLE

Green Lunches for Schools

Green Home Blog

It’s unfortunate that said schools also need a wakeup call – a call that brings them into the 21 st Century with green banners flying. And one of the most important attributes they can bring forward is respect for, and willingness to care for, the earth as humanity’s only home.

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Green Small Business Startup Ideas

Green Home Blog

If you own a small business you probably already know how important it is to embrace and incorporate some sort of green initiative into your business model. Many urban dwellers do not have the luxury of obtaining a second home nestled in nature’s stunning embrace. Green Goats.

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The great green Caribbean lowlands – Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

Back home, bird poo on oneself is seen as a good omen, the same must go for the iguana poo here (but that guidebook made no mention of it?). One of those pooie reptiles: Green Iguana by Niklas Aronsson.

Masdar “eco-city” is getting its first 500 homes – finally!

Green Prophet

Masdar is taking decisive steps to build Masdar City’s first private homes. Woods Bagot, the firm behind Siemens’ shaded headquarters inaugurated in Masdar City during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, will be designing the 500 homes, and people are standing by to move in.

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Going Green In Your Home

Green Prophet

Today, with the wealth of cheap detergents available at the supermarket, it can be hard to make the decision to choose the more expensive “Green” Products. Salma said on UAE Sustainability Conference Inspires Change : I’m one of those green newbies; I. ????????????

Saving Energy While You Are Away From Home

Living Green & Saving Energy

Saving Energy While You Are Away From Home, seven tips for saving energy while on vacation. green living how to go green saving energy saving money Green living save energy at home

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home.

Elephant Journal

Back in 2012, I decided to go green and stopped using toxic products in my home. I have been using HEPA filters since the 90’s for my allergies, and this year we bought an electrostatic whole-home […]. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Green Health & Wellness allergies green health home indoor air quality toxins When we needed to paint, I used products with no VOC emissions. We buy certified organic products whenever possible.

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5 Green Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

Eco Chic

Creating a greener home can mean many things for many people. Some may put a bigger focus on their home’s energy efficiency, while others may want to include more green building materials in their home’s design. By Guest Author Matt Lee. This post is sponsored.

How the Construction Industry Is Going Green

Living Green & Saving Energy

stem from the construction, operation, and demolition of buildings – everything from homes to high-rise office towers. green building green constructionIn the United States, 39% of total carbon emissions are due to buildings. In other words, over a third of carbon emissions in the U.S. What if those emissions could be reduced just by using the right materials […].

Go Green & Go Home—6 Tips for Sustainable Construction.

Elephant Journal

Here are the fundamental steps to building a sustainable home: Green Right Livelihood building construction eco-friendly green home Housing sustainableCreating sustainable living spaces should be the main focus for individuals and families, as well as for communities who are planning large-scale housing developments.

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Top 10 from Home

10,000 Birds

I must be home-sick because last weekend I found myself browsing through my “SASOL Birds of Southern Africa&#. This prompted me to compile a list of my Top 10 birds from home. Its great to travel the world and bird different countries but there is still no place quite like home!

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10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween

Green Home Blog

10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween. Below are ten small changes you can make that will help you and your family have a green, healthy, and happy Halloween. Make costumes at home – Instead of using store-bought costumes, which are usually made with environmentally-damaging plastics and fibers, have fun putting together a costume from what’s available in your home. Posted on October 11, 2011.

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10 Simple Ways to Green Up your Bathroom

Hug a Tree with Me

Nevertheless, bathrooms are also one of the biggest at-home environmental offenders. However, much like every other room in the home, there are simple ways to green up your bathroom, below are ten of them. Green up home eco bathroom green up home

DiCaprio Wants To Help Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient


Leonardo DiCaprio already lives in a green and very energy efficient home but now he wants to make sure everyone can do it too. The actor and environmental activist has Read More The post DiCaprio Wants To Help Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment Lifestyle News Top News leonardo dicaprio

7 Simple Ways to Green-up your Laundry Routine

Hug a Tree with Me

7 Simple Ways to Green-up your Laundry Routine: 1. Ditch the traditional detergents and look for varieties that contain minimal synthetic ingredients such as Rock n Green or Eco Nuts. Green up home green up home Health Laundry laundry balls

12 Easy Ways to Bring Spring into your Home.

Elephant Journal

Here are 12 easy and fun ways to bring spring into your home this year: Green edible flowers essential oils flowers home spring sunshine Spring is finally here and the botanical trend is on, let''s rock it.

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Modern Philanthropic Art: The Homeless Homes Project!

Elephant Journal

Not only are Kloene and his team of cohorts reducing and re-using waste, they are providing shelter to those in need in their community. Using creativity and an artistic platform to boot!

5 Big Green Changes for Your Home

Green Home Blog

5 Big Green Changes for Your Home. Going green usually means making small changes to your everyday life: we replace disposables with reusable items, toss toxic chemicals in the trash, or bike to the store. When you’re ready to expand your green lifestyle, your home is a great place to start. To help you, we’ve put together our list of five big changes that will make your home clean, green, efficient, and safe.

Jerusalem’s Green-Roofed Gutman VC is a Home for the Birds and the Bees

Green Prophet

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel commissioned a very green addition to the Jerusalem Bird Observatory, and let’s just say the birds and the bees are making themselves at home! Foster & Partners Finish Gorgeous Green Building in Morocco.

Grow 7 Healing Herbs At Home

Green Prophet

All are green medicines that you can harvest at will. A culinary/medicinal herb I love to have there is chickweed, a wild herb that’s easy to grow at home. You’ll love picking fresh, green medicine that you grew yourself.

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Solar project brings affordable energy to Palestinian homes

Green Prophet

MW Dead Sea Photovoltaic Generating Plant has gone some way in improving the situation, offering drastically lowered energy prices for Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem. Yet Abdelnasser noted that there were challenges with the introduction of this type of green energy.

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10 Easy-to-Make Home Designs That Promote Sustainability

Environmental News Network

Most of the resources we use at home are finite, and if we keep on using them; the future generations will have nothing left. Below are the 10 easy designs that you can use to gear your home toward sustainability. The quest for sustainability starts in our very home landscape.

Five Tips to Cope with Culture Shock—at Home.

Elephant Journal

Adventure Enlightened Society Green Travel culture shock high context culture home coming journey low context culture mindful travel travelingHere are some "re-integration tactics" that we’ve all used but sometimes need gentle reminders of how powerful they can be.