Upcycling finally gets its own reality TV show

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But the reality TV field has been sorely lacking on the green front … until now. Pivot TV is launching Human Resources based on the wacky crew at TerraCycle , a New Jersey-based upcycling company. Breaking into the world of reality TV may seem like a specious victory for the green movement, but it’s a step.

The reuse economy or reuse sector

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To bring about a more or less zero waste situation the reuse economy must also include and incorporate the repair, rework and upcycling economy, like those artisans and and other workers who will make goods, ideally usable goods and not just art, for sale, as a business, out of items of waste. It it made to appear as if the reuse and remake economy is something new, recently invented by the green movement, but it has existed for ages. Only it was not called upcycling.

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Keeping Your Holiday Green

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Keeping Your Holiday Green. Many people feel so carefree and joyful at this time they can forget about their green role. However, there is no better time to keeping your holiday green than right now. It is your opportunity to not only seek out the best holiday alternatives, such as recycled wrapping paper and energy efficient decorative lighting, it is also a time to spread the green mission through gift giving and more. Give a Green Gift.

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Greening Your Holiday Family Traditions

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Greening Your Holiday Family Traditions. Although many traditions are an important part of the holidays there are ways they can be incorporated into the modern day green movement. Instead, propose do-it-yourself green friendly gifts or donating to an eco-friendly charity like Greenpeace. It is a great way to connect with one another, show off performance skills or tackle public speaking fear as well as get a green message into everyone’s forethought.

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Why buy what you can make yourself?

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However, more often that not, people cannot think in that fashion anymore and that even applies to those in the “green movement”. While, at the same time they have also been brainwashed to throw everything that could be reused, repurposed and upcycled into the recycling bin for, well, recycling. Reuse and repurposing can give us lots of the things that we would otherwise go out and buy and many, even many in the green movement, do not manage to see and understand that.

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Finding the Use in ReUse

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Only recently, through work, I came a cross a discarded almost new metal TV stand (I don''t have a TV though) that I most successfully upcycled into a stand for my printer on top of the filing cabinet, with a shelf above for paperwork. Glass jars were reused for storage or as drinking glasses when I was a kid, and it is still the case in my home, and many other things were and are given a new life through reuse and via upcycling. reuse upcycling reusing

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Recycling is dead!

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Going Green is not about buying a bunch of new organic and recycled stuff and then feeling good and smug in the belief that you've done your bit. We must reuse because the Planet cannot be recycled but all too many think that if they but buy new recycled stuff they are really, really green. It is amazing how many people in the Green Movement even do not seem to be able to think past recycling, especially when considering that they are repeating the Three R mantra all the time.

Every home a homestead

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Alas, too many, even in the “green movement”, talk a lot but act very little in accordance with their speeches. They talk about the need to go green, the need to live sustainable, and I am initially talking here about many in the “green movement” today, but then they engage in rampant greensumption rather than making things they need and want from what is to hand for themselves, reusing, upcycling and grow-your-own.

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Bring back the reuse mindset of our ancestors

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It would appear that the majority, even in the green movement, have misunderstood the recycling message, aided and abetted by our governments (and we will not talk about whether governments are actually a good thing or not), to read “recycle, recycle, recycle” rather than the reuse that is in there also. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) How can we bring back the reuse mindset of our ancestors, our grandparents and their parents?

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The recycling brainwash

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Even a great many, if not, once again, the majority, of the people in the “green movement”, or so at least it would appear, too do not seem to be able to think reuse and upcycle despite the many articles in all kinds of publications speak of it. Reuse comes before recycle by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The majority of people, and especially our governments, appear to know only one of the words that make up the “3 Rs” and that seems to the the word “recycle”.

When is the right age to get started on recycling?

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Let's not forget that children, we at least when I was a child, often do much more reuse and upcycling than anyone would give then credit for and that simply in that they make things from nothing. I have also seen and heard many a child espouse the reasons for needing to reduce our waste mountain better than many a trained speaker in the green movement. When is the right age to get started to learn about, and get started, on recycling?

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Going green doesn’t start with doing green acts

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Going green does not start with doing green, environmentally friendly, acts – it starts with a shift in consciousness. Buying green products as a replacement for what one already has is also but consumption, though of green products, and hence the term greensumption is being used for this. And too many, believing that they have to get all those green products, think that, because they do not have the money, that they cannot go green.

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Living the “Green Life”, Living the Good Life

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Therefore it is no good “preaching” to others about going green, about reducing, reusing, etc., When it comes to consumption, to consumerism, even some people in the “green movement” seem to believe that they can make a difference and effect change if they just buy they “right” stuff and this or that “green” gadget. You cannot “preach” green living to other while at the same time engaging in consumption, even if it is greensumption, beyond that which is necessary.

The Transition Movement and the Working Class

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Attracting the working class Transition Towns and the Transition Movement as a whole suffer from an image problem in that the ordinary man and woman in the street seem to see it as something only for the better of middle and upper classes; for those “who can afford it”, and those in predominately rural settings. Going by the prices that are being charged for “green” products the existence of such perception is not surprising, I must say.

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Green Products: Marketing or real change of values?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The numerous “green” products that have a supposedly lower environmental impacts as their conventional cousins give us the good and fuzzy feeling that we are thinking and living more sustainably. The potential of consumer goods to become “green” is large. But, when put in the context of consumer spending in 2012 of 1,500 billion Euro then that what is being spent on “green” products is only 2.4% That is the green way.

TerraCycle UK about to go live

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TerraCycle is in the UK, to begin with, partnering with Kenco and Tassimo to upcycle the foil pouches from their coffee machines into a number of great products. The aim is to have quality goods produced from waste that are cheaper than the equivalent made from virgin materials and that do not have the “green” premium that so many other recycled products do have. Tags: green living TerraCycle

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Disposables, non-durables, soft goods, consumables

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there are many, many ways to upcycle such packaging materials, whether of paper (cardboard), plastic or what have you. That, however, is a blatant lie being put about by people who either have and agenda or who really not nothing at all, even though they are in the “green movement”. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Disposables, non durable goods, soft goods, and so-called consumables, are but different words, all of which have about the same meaning.

From Consumption to Greensumption

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The same business as usual (BAU) economic growth model is being applied to the green “economy” in the same way as it is and has been to the economy in general and based on the more, more and more principle. Almost everywhere you care to look in the green market place greensumption is beginning to be king, if it is not already thus, and we have just replaced one form of consumption with another. The old system was used and just painted green.

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Recycling and reuse tips from 1970 still valid today

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Hippies, in fact, were the leading lights in the alternative scene, from which the green movement would grow. Many magazines began then that were dealing with off grid, alternative lifestyle, recycling, upcycling (even though the term had not be coined then), and back to the land. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) In 1970 recycling was in its infancy but definitely cool and the hip thing to do.

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TerraCycle Goes Global! Brazil first in TerraCycle International

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In the beginning of June 2009, TerraCycle, the upcycling company, officially launched in Brazil. What we can take home from this is a new major realization and that realization is something that all of us that are dedicated to the green movement can be a part of. To a degree it is thus; for the truth is that they have to go green and greener or their customers will walk.

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Green Houses Open to the Public During Tel Aviv’s Annual Architecture Weekend

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Tel Aviv’s architecture weekend takes note of green spaces and green issues. Alongside its architectural facelift and infusion of stylishness, though, the city has also been experiencing an eco-revitalization – to the point where Tel Aviv is considered one of the hottest green destinations as well. The Green Ring (Meeting place: “Cavim Banamal&# Center for Design and Architecture, Hangar 3, Tel Aviv Port). Green Building Council.

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Stop the throw away insanity

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Even among the so-called “greens” I am observing this trend. They too seem to have been brainwashed into consumption, even though it is “green” products rather than making things for themselves. But it is so simple to make your own green products and also and especially to reuse, repurpose and to upcycle. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The avoidance of waste may sound boring but it is essential for the survival of our Planet and ours.

2014 108

Gun/Knife control is not the issue

Green (Living) Review

This is something that already the Hippies who, basically, founded the green movement, warned us about. Each and every time that you reuse, repurpose or upcycle some item of waste into something for your own use in the home, the office, or elsewhere, you reduce you impact and vote with you wallet. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Gun/Knife control is not the issue. Violence is.

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Teaching Green: 100 Tips, Tools, & Resources for Every Kind of Classroom

Green Life Smart Life

This site offers tons of resources, information, programs, and more to help you teaching about going green. Green in the Classroom: 5 Eco-Friendly Teaching Units. Find five projects here that can help your students learn about going green. This site offers a mix of free and for-fee resources to help educators bring green teaching into the classroom. 13.Kids Links Teaching Green. Green Organizations. Green Tips for K-12 Educators. Green Lectures.

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