Saudi Women Granted Right To Vote (And Save Planet)

Green Prophet

Why women’s right to vote is important not only for gender equality but for the planet. Saudi Women Gain Green Political Voice. Business & Politics Arab Spring Green movement revolution social change women

2011 92

Sustainable forest management benefits people and the Planet

Green (Living) Review

This method, alas, does not work with coniferous woods needed for paper pulp production, as they do not grow back when cut at the base unlike many of the deciduous trees on our Planet.

Forest 137

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Brighter Planet Launches #earthtweet Tweet-a-Thon

Green (Living) Review

— Environmental Start-up and Partners Turn Twitterers into Climate Change Advocates — Middlebury, VT – Brighter Planet , a Vermont-based environmental start-up, launches this week #earthtweet , an online campaign to raise awareness of the fight against climate change. We believe many people are doing good things to combat climate change and wanted to cut through the noise and allow them to organize and converse in real time,” said Patti Prairie, CEO of Brighter Planet.

The electric vehicle: the savior of the Planet?

Green (Living) Review

Is the electric vehicle, the EV, the savior of the Planet? by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The short answer to this question as to whether the electric vehicles, whether as car or truck, is the savior of the Planet can only be an emphatic NO.

2012 131

Heroines for the Planet: Green For All’s Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

Eco Chic

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of Green For All , is leading a movement to bring about the change our country so desperately needs. She has a bold yet simple vision for the future — one in which everyone gets to prosper while not destroying our planet.

Talking to your Children about Going Green

Green Home Blog

Talking to your Children about Going Green. Help your kids go green. Nowadays children are surrounded by the green movement. In school they are taught about recycling and conservation and on television there are many ad campaigns that make it fun to save the planet.

2012 163

Teaching Green: 100 Tips, Tools, & Resources for Every Kind of Classroom

Green Life Smart Life

Incorporating ways to help the environment into your lessons is not only good for the planet, but offers plenty of hands-on activities, lessons, and projects for students. This site offers tons of resources, information, programs, and more to help you teaching about going green.

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Greening Your Holiday Family Traditions

Green Home Blog

Greening Your Holiday Family Traditions. Although many traditions are an important part of the holidays there are ways they can be incorporated into the modern day green movement. It is a great way to get a green dialogue rolling.

2012 142

The Origin of Earth Day and Greening the Arab Spring

Green Prophet

But even then it wasn’t until a US senator channeled energy from anti-war protests into the first Earth Day in 1970 that the US green movement was born. Vietnam and the green movement. What does this have to do with the green movement?

Secrets of Green Cultures Part V: Ancient Healing

Green Home Blog

To understand ancient healing and its green applications, one must think outside the box. The Green Connection. These and many other secrets of ancient healing can be applied to the green movement in many ways.

Urban Lawns Contribute to Climate Change

Green Living Ideas

There’s a movement to green urban spaces. From seed bombs to guerrilla gardening, vigilantes are taking the green movement to a new level changing the concrete jungle landscape. In fact, studies have proven that inner city children that grow up in green neighborhoods are healthier, but do green lawns really benefit our health and planet? [.] [ Urban Lawns Contribute to Climate Change from Green Living Ideas ].

2010 54

Going green doesn’t start with doing green acts

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Going green does not start with doing green, environmentally friendly, acts – it starts with a shift in consciousness. But going green should not just protect the Planet, it should also protect your finances and save you money.

2014 141

New Poster For ‘Confessions Of An Eco-Terrorist’ Drops


Seen through the eyes of activist Peter Jay Brown, “Confessions&# gives the viewer an “intimate look at shipboard life amongst these self-proclaimed animal saviors and sea rebels, the ones who helped shape the Green Movement we know and love today.&#.

2011 89

Every home a homestead

Green (Living) Review

Our future and that of our Planet depends on it. Alas, too many, even in the “green movement”, talk a lot but act very little in accordance with their speeches. They talk about the need to go green, the need to live sustainable, and I am initially talking here about many in the “green movement” today, but then they engage in rampant greensumption rather than making things they need and want from what is to hand for themselves, reusing, upcycling and grow-your-own.

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Some ways in which frugal living is also green living

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Long before the Green, environmentally-friendly, Earth movement came along, the frugal gang had been quietly doing things that have recently been made popular by the Green movement. But consumerism has even slipped in on the green sector.

2011 164

We need less of more and more of less

Green (Living) Review

Brown The prevailing attitude is, however, and that even in the green movement, it would appear, that more is still king and it is being suggested to us that we need more of this and more of that, but it has to be green and ethically produced.

2013 133

The recycling brainwash

Green (Living) Review

Even a great many, if not, once again, the majority, of the people in the “green movement”, or so at least it would appear, too do not seem to be able to think reuse and upcycle despite the many articles in all kinds of publications speak of it. Aside from saving themselves money reusing items is also much better for the Planet than sending stuff to be recycled.

Keeping the industrial economy and stopping climate change is an illusion

Green (Living) Review

We will, as I have said for many years by now, learn to adapt to the fact that changes are happening which could, however, in the end, lead us to a new ice age rather than a hotter Planet.

Ecosex and Why Environmentalists are Avoiding the e-Spot

Green Prophet

Ecosex is the ‘trend that could’ except among most green bloggers and editors. Take a hike to fall in love with Planet Earth and embody green loving? Strangely, most of the contributing voices are from outside the traditional green movement.

2012 109

Africa's worst drought tied to industrial pollution by the West

Green (Living) Review

The biggest drought to hit the planet in the 20th century, the Sahel drought, sucked Central Africa dry from the 1970s to the 1990s. "Air pollution affects climate as well, and different parts of the planet are connected in the climate system," Frierson said.

Africa 137

The Transition Movement and the Working Class

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Attracting the working class Transition Towns and the Transition Movement as a whole suffer from an image problem in that the ordinary man and woman in the street seem to see it as something only for the better of middle and upper classes; for those “who can afford it”, and those in predominately rural settings. Going by the prices that are being charged for “green” products the existence of such perception is not surprising, I must say.

2010 113

Ecouterre: The Power of Good Design in Eco Fashion

Eco Chic

The great design mind behind the web’s most popular green design blog, Inhabitat , has now launched a gorgeous new site dedicated to eco fashion, called Ectouterre.

2009 51

Abby’s Blog: Disney’s Friends for Change, Project Green

Green Life Smart Life

This green movement for kids is lead by favorite Disney teen stars that stress environmental issues in the campaign, encouraging us to take action. I pledged to use reusable shoping bags, help clean our local beaches and still do the rest just becuase it is good for our planet. But joing teh movement. Tagged: Abby's Blog , Disney Project Green , Disney's Friends for Change. I pledged Disney’s Friends for Change.

2010 44

Bring back the reuse mindset of our ancestors

Green (Living) Review

We must do it for the sake of our finances and especially for the Planet. Your wallet and the Planet will thank you. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) How can we bring back the reuse mindset of our ancestors, our grandparents and their parents?

Reuse 141

Green Products: Marketing or real change of values?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The numerous “green” products that have a supposedly lower environmental impacts as their conventional cousins give us the good and fuzzy feeling that we are thinking and living more sustainably. The potential of consumer goods to become “green” is large.

Ed Begley, Jr. Launches Begley’s Earth Responsible Products

Green (Living) Review

New Line of Plant-Based, Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products Performs Equal to or Better than Non-Green Counterparts Los Alamitos, CA, January 2012 : Ed Begley, Jr., environmentalist, actor, and author, today launched Begley’s Earth Responsible Products, a line of eco-friendly household products with natural, non-toxic formulas, that are equal to, or more effective than, their non-green alternatives.

Four reasons why Rio + 20 was never the answer

Green (Living) Review

The powers-that-be do nothing bar having a gab fest that cost millions of dollars and polluted the Planet just a little more while those of us who would like to do things are not allowed to do so. There is much more to our problems on this Planet than just carbon and always has been. We no longer require permission to act, because our leaders, in government and in the NGOs have failed and are failing us and the Planet.

2012 101

Tech Tuesday - Something To Think About

Green Earth Journey

I would like to take some time to talk about Green technology. Not about a new Eco gadget or Green fuel source but the purpose of it all. Opponents of going Green believe that we are not. Green is a win win situation where not Green has a 50% chance of killing all of mankind.

2009 130

Going lean is the new green

Green (Living) Review

The next movement in green marketing, therefore, is and must be about focusing on waste reduction. billion people on Planet Earth and 3 billion more consumers in the “middle” class. But, frankly, there are not enough resources on the Planet to sustain that. When it comes to industry and marketing and products people are usually, at least before the recession, attracted to “green”, but not at any price and not to greenwash.

2015 108

Greening Hip-Hop

Green (Living) Review

Greening Hip-Hop: Legendary Innovators Star & Buc Wild Join Forces with Socially Responsible Start Up, Bennu, to Launch the First Eco-Friendly Hip-Hop Merchandise New York, NY, April 2011 – Always known for staying ahead of the curve, Star & Buc Wild are again leading the way by merging hip-hop culture and the amplifying Green Wave. We respect the green movement and believe it’s important to incorporate a mission into our work.

2011 109

Can’t wait, won’t wait

Green (Living) Review

Without a dramatic change in stance from key global political players, prospects for a sustainable future are bleak as the environment sinks down the political agenda and the green movement struggles to provide solutions and leverage appropriate with the scale of the challenges faced by humanity. We have the opportunity to adapt our value systems and behaviour in order to prolong our stay on this planet but we are running out of time to do so.

2012 109

INTERVIEW: Professor A.L.I.’s Islamic Eco-Rap Sends Environment Lessons To Muslims

Green Prophet

In this exclusive Green Prophet interview, Zaufishan asks eco-Muslim A.L.I. Green Prophet: Firstly, who is behind ‘Professor A.L.I?’ Green Prophet: When did you start the “Eco-Rap&# concept? Each one, teach one and let’s keep the movement growing!

2011 110

'GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness' – Book Launch

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The evening of Wednesday, July 14, 2010 saw the launch of the “GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness” book edited by Marian Van Eyk McCain with articles and essays by a great variety of people in the green movement including Satish Kumar. James', Piccadilly, in the heart of London, a venue that could be referred to, possibly, as London's Green Spiritual Home, as it seems many such events.

2010 111

Are e-Readers really as environmentally-friendly as claimed?

Green (Living) Review

Are e-Readers really as environmentally-friendly and green as is it always claimed? They are far from green and environmentally-friendly. Better for the Planet for sure. E-Readers, on the other hand, are bad for your wallet and the Planet.

Finding the Use in ReUse

Green (Living) Review

No one seems to be satisfied with what they have and reusing items of waste or using preowned and preused is an anathema to all too many, and that even in the green movement, I am afraid to say. It saves me money and it good for the Planet.

Reuse 130

Living the “Green Life”, Living the Good Life

Green (Living) Review

Therefore it is no good “preaching” to others about going green, about reducing, reusing, etc., You cannot “preach” green living to other while at the same time engaging in consumption, even if it is greensumption, beyond that which is necessary. green living

The Great Bamboo Lie

Green (Living) Review

And the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW has, more than once, criticized the claims made about bamboo, and especially bamboo-clothing and I believe that the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW was, in fact, one of the first to take an issue with the promotion of bamboo and especially bamboo-based textiles as greenwash.

2014 141

Josh Bernstein’s Offerings at Greenbuild

Green Life Smart Life

A look forward: The world today is at an ecological crossroad, the destruction of our planet’s resources is impacting our physiology. Unlike the woman’s movement which was a shift in thinking about equality, the green movement must be visceral, it has to be about how people feel. It is an emotional movement. So to sum this up right now, Bernstein says the way to save our plant is the realization that everyone must connect and we must love our planet.

2009 49

How can we stop global warming?

Green (Living) Review

Governments the world over and also the green movement per se are not prepared to tell the people that the way they have been living is going to be history or they are going to be history. There is no other planet that can sustain life in our solar system.

Global 135

Earth Day: Four decades on

Green (Living) Review

It came about very much as a result of the concerns for our Planet bought forth by a new consciousness of the Hippie Movement which, basically, gave birth to an eco-consciousness and the Green Movement. I grew up during the heydays of the Hippie Movement and what was talked about then, the pollution of the Planet, our disregard for Mother Earth, etc., Even the “green economy” today of “green”, recycled, etc.,

Fundamentals of Eco-Sexuality: Is Conscious Sex the Way Towards Global Peace?

Green Prophet

Greenprophet explores why this ‘softer’, sexier side of the environmental movement – known as sexecology, eco-sexuality and sustainable sex – offers real hope for a greener, safer future. What’s more, green sex doesn’t compromise fun.

2011 111


Green (Living) Review

Wood and leather, though the latter is not really the subject matter here, are seen by many in the “green movement” as something rather not to use as the former “harms trees” and the latter “harms animals”.

2014 130

Less is more

Green (Living) Review

Even in the green movement people have been brainwashed by advertising that they need this and that green gadget and whatever in order to not just be happy but to be truly environmentally friendly and greener than green. Less is more and good for the Planet.

2013 133