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February 18, 2011 J & B My boys are now 8 and 11 and a lot has changed since they were born especially since this mainstream interest in the green movement has blossomed. Tagged as: Eco-Libris , Green Parenting books , Paige Wolfe , Spit That Out!

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Green Movement Celebrities

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As going green becomes more and more chic, celebrities are embracing the movement and advocating renewable energy, green products , and the like. But supermodel Gisele Bündchen is no stranger to environmental issues, and this past Thursday she was named the Best Green International Celebrity at this year’s Green Awards. But Gisele isn’t the only celeb who has gone green. Smart explained, “Our wedding was very green.

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Go Green, Go Paperless, Go Jobless

Green (Living) Review

Print and paper have a great environmental story to tell by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Time and again we see the messages that ask – nay, demand even – that we go paperless and it is then referred to as going green.

Nominate Your Green Prophet Eco Hero for 2011

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Green Prophet launches the Green Prophet Eco Hero 11 Award for 2011. With so much green, inspiring energy in the Middle East North Africa region, we decided to give local green prophets a little pat on the back. Subscribe me to the Green Prophet's newsletter.

Saudi Women Granted Right To Vote (And Save Planet)

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Saudi Women Gain Green Political Voice. I spoke to the pioneering green women-led Saudi intiative Naqa’a around a year ago and they showed great concern about the need to stop climate change and deal with environmental issues in Saudi such as water shortages and wastefulness.

Israel Invests in Domestic Solar Power

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The World Wildlife Fund and the Cleantech Group recently published a report saying that Israel is the second best place in the world to develop green technologies , second only to Denmark.

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Organic Farming Boom in Palestine

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A back-to-the-land movement is blossoming in the Palestinian Authority, the United Nation’s newest nonmember observer state. Read more about green movements in Palestine: Mapping Palestine’s Environmental Civil Society – The Good, the Bad and the Uncooperative.

The Origin of Earth Day and Greening the Arab Spring

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But even then it wasn’t until a US senator channeled energy from anti-war protests into the first Earth Day in 1970 that the US green movement was born. Vietnam and the green movement. What does this have to do with the green movement?

‘The Dome’ Mosque In Gaza Strip Is Under Repair

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Palestine has a low-profile within the green movement. Improved sewage networks, a children’s ‘garden’ playground and laws protecting green spaces have been revived in the city of Ramallah. Palestine’s Aspirations For A Green Ramallah.

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Going green doesn’t start with doing green acts

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Going green does not start with doing green, environmentally friendly, acts – it starts with a shift in consciousness. But going green should not just protect the Planet, it should also protect your finances and save you money.

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Random acts of green

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The green movement also has its share of home-grown heroes who inspire many people. What inspires me more is witnessing what would appear to be random acts of green carried out by ordinary folks - the unsung environmental heroes

The reuse economy or reuse sector

Green (Living) Review

It it made to appear as if the reuse and remake economy is something new, recently invented by the green movement, but it has existed for ages. green living repurpose repurposing reuse reuse economy reuse sector upcycling waste management

New Poster For ‘Confessions Of An Eco-Terrorist’ Drops


Seen through the eyes of activist Peter Jay Brown, “Confessions&# gives the viewer an “intimate look at shipboard life amongst these self-proclaimed animal saviors and sea rebels, the ones who helped shape the Green Movement we know and love today.&#.

Going lean is the new green

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The next movement in green marketing, therefore, is and must be about focusing on waste reduction. It just is not enough to buy so-called green products – we have to promote responsible consumption and we have to get away also from what I like to refer to as greensumption; buying green goods because “we must have them to be green”. That is not “green” and that does not prevent waste.

We need less of more and more of less

Green (Living) Review

Brown The prevailing attitude is, however, and that even in the green movement, it would appear, that more is still king and it is being suggested to us that we need more of this and more of that, but it has to be green and ethically produced.

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The Great Bamboo Lie

Green (Living) Review

And the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW has, more than once, criticized the claims made about bamboo, and especially bamboo-clothing and I believe that the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW was, in fact, one of the first to take an issue with the promotion of bamboo and especially bamboo-based textiles as greenwash.

Environmental Activists hold “Open Day” in Belarus for Ecological Education and Awareness


The event was organized by Green Network, an organizing group in Belarus who are working to bring ecological issues to the forefront of national discussion and developing a larger green movement. Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, isn’t what we typically think of when we think about the next eco and vegan friendly hotspot, but one young group of activists seeks to change that.

Urban Transport without the hot air – Book review

Green (Living) Review

but also those in the green movement, and others, is the point that Steve makes as to the electric car, especially when it comes to the common, in British towns and cities at least, on street parking and how they just cannot be charged overnight in such a setup.

Sustainable forest management benefits people and the Planet

Green (Living) Review

A fair amount of people in the green movement believe that cutting trees is bad for the environment and that woodlands and forests do not need management.

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How many envelopes wasted?

Green (Living) Review

With all our technology and also now the developing green consciousness I sometimes do not think that we have progressed at all in comparison, when it concerns the green issues of life, and think that many of our ancestors were much better at it than are we.

What the Kony 2012 Video Can Teach Saudi Arabia’s Greens

Green Prophet

Looking at the video and following the ensuing responses, both good and bad, I believe that Saudi Arabia ‘s movement for environmental conservation and green living can take some rather valuable lessons from the epic success of the Kony Video.

INTERVIEW: Green Buildings and the Next Climate Summit In Qatar

Green Prophet

I speak to green campaigner Safa Al Jayoussi about nuclear power, green buildings and the role the region needs to play at the next climate summit in Qatar. The next stop on my whirlwind tour of all that is green and eco in Jordan is the Green Building Council.

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Why buy what you can make yourself?

Green (Living) Review

However, more often that not, people cannot think in that fashion anymore and that even applies to those in the “green movement”. Reuse and repurposing can give us lots of the things that we would otherwise go out and buy and many, even many in the green movement, do not manage to see and understand that.

Making Your Home Greener

Living Green & Saving Energy

Green living doesn’t have to be hard. That’s the number one myth about the entire green movement. Going green is simply adjusting a few habits, one at a time. green home audit green living how to go green saving energy saving water conserve energy reduce heating costs save energy save money

The electric vehicle: the savior of the Planet?

Green (Living) Review

Many people believe, even and especially in the Green Movement, that the electric car and truck will allow them to continue business as usual even after cheap oil has run out but that is simply an illusion, conjured up by many a magician.

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Greening Hip-Hop

Green (Living) Review

Greening Hip-Hop: Legendary Innovators Star & Buc Wild Join Forces with Socially Responsible Start Up, Bennu, to Launch the First Eco-Friendly Hip-Hop Merchandise New York, NY, April 2011 – Always known for staying ahead of the curve, Star & Buc Wild are again leading the way by merging hip-hop culture and the amplifying Green Wave. We respect the green movement and believe it’s important to incorporate a mission into our work.

Date Palms, Palmaculture and Greening the Middle East (INTERVIEW)

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Palmaculture is a new name for an old concept – one which helped green the Middle East with traditional palm gardens called bustans. Islamic Gardens – They Could Build A Green Movement. Permaculture Is the Silver-Green Bullet (INTERVIEW).

Green Products: Marketing or real change of values?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The numerous “green” products that have a supposedly lower environmental impacts as their conventional cousins give us the good and fuzzy feeling that we are thinking and living more sustainably. The potential of consumer goods to become “green” is large.

Bring back the reuse mindset of our ancestors

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) How can we bring back the reuse mindset of our ancestors, our grandparents and their parents? The first step is education against the false mantra of recycling.

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Green (Living) Review

Wood and leather, though the latter is not really the subject matter here, are seen by many in the “green movement” as something rather not to use as the former “harms trees” and the latter “harms animals”.

Less is more

Green (Living) Review

Even in the green movement people have been brainwashed by advertising that they need this and that green gadget and whatever in order to not just be happy but to be truly environmentally friendly and greener than green.

Finding the Use in ReUse

Green (Living) Review

No one seems to be satisfied with what they have and reusing items of waste or using preowned and preused is an anathema to all too many, and that even in the green movement, I am afraid to say.

Keeping the industrial economy and stopping climate change is an illusion

Green (Living) Review

Even among people in the so-called green movement the talk is about a need to grow the green economy and to look for continual growth. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) To think we can keep the industrial economy and stop climate change is an illusion.

Africa's worst drought tied to industrial pollution by the West

Green (Living) Review

This was what the founders of the green movement, in the form of the Hippies, warned about in the 1960s and 1970s but they were written off as crack pots and pot heads.

INTERVIEW: Professor A.L.I.’s Islamic Eco-Rap Sends Environment Lessons To Muslims

Green Prophet

In this exclusive Green Prophet interview, Zaufishan asks eco-Muslim A.L.I. Green Prophet: Firstly, who is behind ‘Professor A.L.I?’ Green Prophet: When did you start the “Eco-Rap&# concept? Each one, teach one and let’s keep the movement growing!

What are the most important skills to relearn?

Green (Living) Review

Today even the people in the “green movement” often are totally sucked into consumption and consumerism. working with green and seasoned wood, as in woodcarving and spoon/bowl making, and much more.

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The Top 7 Environmental Movers and Shakers of Saudi Arabia

Green Prophet

Below, I give a list of entities that are supporting this rather infantile green movement: 1. Saudi Electric Company (SEC): SEC in November 2011 took a momentous step towards green energy by inaugurating Saudi Arabia’s first solar power plant on Farasan Island.

Fundamentals of Eco-Sexuality: Is Conscious Sex the Way Towards Global Peace?

Green Prophet

Greenprophet explores why this ‘softer’, sexier side of the environmental movement – known as sexecology, eco-sexuality and sustainable sex – offers real hope for a greener, safer future. What’s more, green sex doesn’t compromise fun.

Climate after Growth – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

The authors drive a coach and horses through the notion of the possibility of the continuation of the perpetual growth economy and also throw some rather large spanners – wrenches, to our American cousins – into the works of those in the “greenmovement who believe in the idea of “green growth”.

How can we stop global warming?

Green (Living) Review

Governments the world over and also the green movement per se are not prepared to tell the people that the way they have been living is going to be history or they are going to be history. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) When most people ask, “How can we stop global warming?”