Finding a Signature “Look” to Boost our Confidence & Help the Planet.

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It’s a universally acknowledged truth that the French are the chicest people on the planet. Arts Enlightened Society Green clothes eco environment fashion happiness minimalism self love signature look style

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Farm to Closet: The Joys of Dyeing Naturally

Conservancy Talk

After I secured my blueberries , I chose a few more delightful items for color: Raspberries and blackberries for red, spinach for green, turmeric, the ever-so-flavorful Indian spice, for yellow. I feel closer to our planet knowing blueberries and turmeric will keep me warm this winter!

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Green Friday

Eco-Vegan Girl

While I try not to consume too much, it is a good day to save money on holiday gifts ( check out my green gift ideas post ). Green Friday tips: Buy only what you, or the person you're giving to, needs. Etsy's Green Friday deals. They sell baby clothing. Green Nest in Culpeper, VA will have some specials. Green with Glamour is offering a generous 33% off (code GRECHEN33). They sell a lot of cool green gifts. They sell clothing and accessories.

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