Foster & Partners Finish Gorgeous Green Building In Morocco

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This beautiful dome-building from Foster & Partners is the first building the firm has completed in Africa. Although they are visually spectacular, we often wonder at the true sustainability of buildings that cost millions of dollars to construct. Albeit no quaint mom-and-pop straw bale building , the bank is nonetheless slightly less flamboyant than other F&P projects.

Rocking the “Eco” Kasbah du Toubkal in Morocco

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Built by a British-Berber partnership and hugged by one of the most stunning vistas you can imagine, the Kasbah du Toubkal is an absolute must, a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone traveling to Morocco. Along the route, the hot sand of the Marrakesh desert will turn to green slopes and valleys spitting out small waterfalls every which way you look. This is Morocco you remind yourself, but this is something you’ve never known before.


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Dirty Rubber Recycled into Unbelievably Beautiful Decor in Morocco

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Now based in Morocco, Dole incorporated local and natural materials into the design process to soften the rubber, adding color and a grace that belies the origin of these once wasted materials. Raising the profile of Morocco’s talented artisans and putting money in their pocket, this fantastic project also has unsung environmental benefits as hundreds of pounds of rubber has been diverted from the city’s already overburdened landfills. :: Designboom.

Recycling Yourself When Green Projects Go Bust

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This ambitious little house was the first modern home fully based on green building principles specific to its Aqaba location. Meet Theo van de Laar, Middle East tour guide and the guy behind the Aqaba House: Green Prophet: Holland to Jordan, didn’t you like tulips? Lebanon was my base, but I worked as a tour guide to Sri Lanka and Morocco and to everywhere in between. TAH was a pilot project to demonstrate eco-friendly building in a hot, dry climate.

Beirut Is Getting Its First Green-Roofed Tower

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This new tower will also be the first in Beirut to have green roofs. As fans of something a little more earthy, like the mud brick building entrusted to house Timbuktu’s sacred Islamic texts , we don’t always agree that what F&P does is sustainble. The designers behind Masdar City , this beautiful bank in Morocco , and scores of other projects in the region, they have just broken ground on Beirut’s very first green-roofed mixed use development.

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Foster + Partners Seek LEED Gold for Kuwait’s New Solar-Powered Airport

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Regardless of whether we believe that Foster + Partners ‘ numerous commercial buildings are truly sustainable , there is no denying that the firm has a huge influence on how architecture in the Middle East is shaping up. Although the project will strive for LEED Gold, concrete – with its high embodied footprint – has been chosen as the main building material given its high thermal massing, which will keep the building cool regardless of external temperatures.

Karim Rashid Brightens Up Cairo with the Amazing Komb House

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More amazing green building projects on Green Prophet: Foster & Partners Finish Gorgeous Green Building in Morocco. Micro-Financed Straw Bale Buildings in Pakistan are Earthquake Proof. Syria’s Beehive Shaped Green Architecture. Architecture & Urban Cairo eco design green building Karim Rashid passive design rainwater harvesting renewable energy sustainable design

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Serene Japanese-Styled Heiku Resort Lies At The Foot Of Mt. Gilboa

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So it is with green building. On the other extreme, ecological kibbutzes and individual families are building rammed-earth homes in the spirit of Hassan Fathy , homes that have a wider application. More on Green Building in the Middle East: Foster & Partners Finish Gorgeous Green Building in Morocco. Bring Moshe Safdie’s Green Building to the Middle East.

2011 69

Guilhem Eustache’s Magical Home is Made With Traditional Moroccan Materials

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While many architects look to concrete as a cheap building material, Guilhem Eustache chose natural materials used by local Berbers for hundreds of years. Morocco is a magical country full of exotic scents, argan oil , eco-Kasbahs, and challenging mountain trails , but capturing this essence in a building is no easy feat. Morocco’s mixture between old-world romanticism and new-world progress make this one of our favorite countries to visit. :: Yatzer.

2011 74

DI Bernhard Gruber Designs Cool Green Playground For Hot Climes

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These work by encouraging air from the top of the building (cool air sinks, hot air rises), which will then be expelled at the lowest level. Space between hilltops and the roof will also enable wind to pass through the building while an interior pool will also add to the cooling effect. Foster & Partners Finish Gorgeous Green Building in Morocco. Architecture & Urban green architecture green building passive design Sustainable Development urban spaces

2011 74

How Math Can Make Greener Cities

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If you have ever walked down the street in a city full of high rises and felt a sudden blast of cold air, or witnessed a swirling mass of dried leaves, chances are you experienced an artificial microclimate created by the surrounding buildings. It turns out that when planning sustainable cities , it is crucial to consider the spaces between each building, since they impact one another in very interesting ways. Bring Moshe Safdie’s Green Building to the Middle East.

2011 76

Luxurious Chiseled Desert Lodge In Jordan Is Also Sustainable

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More eco-tourism in the Middle East: Morocco and Egypt Eye Eco-Tourism Markets. Architecture & Urban Eco-architecture eco-tourism green building green design sustainable designThis beautiful eco-lodge is chiseled into the side of Wadi Rum’s dramatic red sandstone walls. Chad Oppenheim’s design for an eco lodge in Jordan’s desert is absolutely breathtaking.

Cool Kuwaiti Home Foils Peeping Toms

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This is a great technique to keep desert buildings nice and cool , but it’s not so great for foiling peeping Toms and Tamis. The top level is landscaped, which adds a slight green aesthetic to an otherwise hectic urban setting and provides a nice environment for the home’s residents to witness the city skyline without being witnessed in return. Foster & Partners Finish Gorgeous Green Building in Morocco.

2011 64

Hassan Fathy Fan Has High Eco-Hopes For Cairo

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Despite its numerous environmental challenges, Egypt can go green, according to Dominique Gauzin-Müller. It’s hard not to compare Dubai and Cairo – two cities that occupy many of our worried green thoughts. Since buildings consume the majority of our natural resources, the architect believes that it is especially important to ensure that they are built well and that they are built with a view toward cultural, ecological, economical, and social consciousness.

2011 75

PHOTOS Part I: Green Prophet’s Whirlwind Trip to the Siwa Oasis in Egypt

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It is also renowned for its green building techniques (more on all of this to come). While theyshare the same gentle, hospitable attitude of the Berbers that Karin and I met during our respective stays in Morocco , the Siwi language here is distinctly different. From the top, there are views of two small salt lakes, a valley full of leafy green palms used for pretty much everything, and the necropolis or mountain of the dead rises in a lumpy mound on the outskirts of town.

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Foster & Partners Used to be so Green. What the Bleep Happened?

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This Foster & Partner’s project completed in 2004 is green and deeply respectful of its environment – why did they change their design approach? . In 2004, Foster & Partners completed this gorgeous Chesa Futura apartment building in Switzerland using a combination of modern modeling tools and ancient construction techniques. The building naturally ventilated, energy efficient, and receive plenty of daylighting.

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The benefits of investing in green businesses

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Green capitalists, the so-called pro-environment, pro-business masses, are eager to use their love of investing for the greater good. With more than 1500 global CFD markets, including various commodities and stocks, anyone can begin an investment journey and focus on green businesses with a variety of demo trading accounts. Looking towards alternative models of generating power is an avenue that those wanting to invest in green businesses can take. Green Build Projects.

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Green Prophet hits the 7th World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi

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This is the second year that Masdar has hosted Green Prophet at the World Future Energy Summit (WFES). Last year we visited Shams, the world’s largest CSP plant , more state-of-the art green buildings at Masdar City , and we saw an Estidama green villa prototype. This is particularly interesting for us at Green Prophet, since we have observed how poor waste management in Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco has had devastating social and environmental impacts.

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Jerusalem, 3/29: Ted-Inspired Environmental Peacemaking

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More TED stories in the Middle East: More Green Building Talk on TED: Catherine Mohr Fishing For Peace At Gaza TedX Collaborate Consumption With Rachel Botsman image via ricketyus Browse topics: environmental education , environmental peace , environmental research , Middle East , renewable energy , Van Ieer Institute , water conservation Leave a Response RSS click here Most Popular Hijab-Friendly Ensemble From Fashion Conscience What Holds Israeli Renewable Energy Back?

Axing Paper Waste and Nasty PET in One Fell Bio-Foam

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You would be forgiven for thinking that Green Prophet has some kind of illicit connection with the Hebrew University in Jerusalem given all the attention we’re giving them this week. We hope that in time, there will emerge even more applications for the latest green material to emerge from the Middle East. More on green materials: Egypt May Survive Climate Change Thanks to AUC Students. Foster & Partners Finishes Gorgeous Green Building in Morocco.

2011 62

The Eco-Mosque Checklist – 7 Steps To A Greener Mosque

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From edible gardens to green bank accounts, I look at the top 7 things every eco-mosque should have. Anyway, in an effort to help fellow Muslims build some green momentum leading up to the holy month of fasting , I am going to look at the top seven things every green mosque should have. I also want to point out that building green mosques is only part of the solution. 7 – A (green?)

2012 85

Green Houses Open to the Public During Tel Aviv’s Annual Architecture Weekend

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Tel Aviv’s architecture weekend takes note of green spaces and green issues. Alongside its architectural facelift and infusion of stylishness, though, the city has also been experiencing an eco-revitalization – to the point where Tel Aviv is considered one of the hottest green destinations as well. The Green Ring (Meeting place: “Cavim Banamal&# Center for Design and Architecture, Hangar 3, Tel Aviv Port). Green Building Council.

2011 81

Tourists Not Terrorists: The Middle East Can Capitalize on World Eco-Travel Trends

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Although eco tourism projects have started appearing in some parts of the region, including Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon, mass tourism dominated by luxury hotels operated by mostly non-indigenous population is still the predominant model. Compared to other emerging destinations in Africa and South America, eco tourism concept is still niche and often driven by “green washing” marketing practices.

A new energy future fueled by Emirati and Israeli peace

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But for years outdated Middle East bigotry pervaded the ranks of the Arab League of which Israel was never a part despite about half its population being both Israeli Arabs and Arab Jews from countries like Iraq, Morocco, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. .

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The Holy City & The Windy City To Form Historic Environmental.

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Chicago and Jerusalem will soon announce their new “green&# friendship. The difference between SCI and the Memorandum of Understanding that will be signed by representatives of the Holy and Windy cities is its explicit focus on green building and planning. It will be interesting to see what comes out of a green architecture partnership between locations with such different climates.

2011 87

Checks And Balances:Keeping Buildings Pearly Green From Design To.

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Similar to America’s Leadership in Energy And Environmental Design certification (LEED), which is not without its own challenges, the Estidama Pearl Rating system initiated by Abu Dhabi’s Urban Planning Council aims to influence the sustainability of building projects throughout the Emirate. By late spring, a construction rating system will attempt to reduce the impact of actual building and ensure that buildings are actually built according to plan.

2011 47

Moshe Safdie Goes To China

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The most recent commission – a pixelated residential complex – will be built in Qinhuangdao, China and will include a host of friendly green design components. Instead of plonking it directly on the beachfront like so many other structural eyesores, the building is specifically arranged around a north/south beach boardwalk and an east/west bazaar or “spine&# – which creates a feeling of interconnectedness within itself but also with the greater community.

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How Genuine Is the Arab World About the Environment?

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Rola Tassabehji | March 6th, 2011 | 1 Comment | Email this Share Arab world “green&# announcements seem to fade in the sands. Most of the governments that have come forward with environmental initiatives rely on oil to sustain their economies so supporting green initiatives may appear counter-intuitive. A very public resolution was passed in 2007 requiring all new building to be green.

2011 73

Fears that Gaddafi May Sabotage Oil Facilities | Green Prophet

Green Prophet

It also somewhat undermines Gaddafi’s green credentials due to his involvement in projects such as man made river and pivot irrigation as well as his image of a leader in love with nature and the outdoors. Time Magazine and Green Fudge :: Image via Abode of Chaos on Flickr. Salma said on UAE Sustainability Conference Inspires Change : I’m one of those green newbies; I. ????????????

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Urban Research Symposium 2009

The Green Changemakers

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