Green Beginnings – Book & Video Review

Green (Living) Review

This may be according to their wishes for a “green” and “sustainable” home but this is not a self-build home by any stretch of one's imagination. Green Building Council LEED Silver and Energy Star Qualified home as a venue to teach others about green homes. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) criteria. In April 2009 the Green Beginnings book has won Gold Medal at First Annual Living Now Book Awards.

New Green Homes Course and Educational Set Now Available For College Educators

Green (Living) Review

The Green Homes Educational Set consists of their award-winning book Green Beginnings: The Story of How We Built Our Green & Sustainable Home and their new eco-documentary video “The Green Beginnings Video”. Green Building Council. Both the book and video were created for the sole purpose of helping others understand green homes. The website also includes a six-minute video trailer of the Green Beginnings Video.

2009 100

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EcoFair360 Celebrates the Greener Life at the Walworth County Fairgrounds July 16-18, 2010

Green (Living) Review

The Walworth County Fairgrounds in Elkhorn, WI will host a three-day festival and exhibition featuring all things green beginning Friday, July 16, 2010, and running through Sunday, July 18. The festival, which is expected to bring together hundreds of exhibitors and presenters, as well as thousands of attendees looking to learn more about green energy, sustainable building, wise use practices and the green lifestyle, is being presented by the Eco-Vision Sustainable Learning Center.

2010 100

Green Practices in The Hospitality Industry

Eco Friendly Daily

Pretty much everyone these days is getting environmentally conscious; in fact, the Tourism industry has long since been following green ways. However more and more hotels and restaurants are coming out with new ways and means to go green and woo the environmentally conscious customer. Many businesses have realized that by going green in a big way, it’s serving a dual purpose. Educating both, guests and staff as to why going green is important. Green Tips

Go Green ….In the Bathroom

Eco Friendly Daily

Here are some quick tips on how to stay at green at home.after all, becoming green, begins right at home isn’t it? Green Tips We waste thousands of tonnes of water in our bathroom daily. Our vastly gross amounts of water usage, is putting a strain on our water resources. Running taps, leaking drains, unnecessary use of the flush, as well as sprinklers and pipes, all contribute to this drain.

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