Abu Dhabi Social Responsibility Firm Plans Organic Farm in Ghana

Green Prophet

While many companies in the Middle East are grabbing land throughout Africa to buffer resource scarcity, Abu Dhabi-based firm Nahtam has plans to plant an organic farm in Ghana to offset carbon and create jobs. So instead of planting trees in Abu Dhabi, where high temperatures, excess sunlight, and water scarcity would make such a project very expensive and potentially open to failure, the firm has set its sights on a 4,000 acre plot of land in Accra, Ghana instead.

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Israel’s Energy Industries Wins Power From Garbage Contract in Ghana

Green Prophet

Energy Industries, a company which specializes in converting energy from plants and other organic material, was awarded a contract to construct a plant in Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city, to create electric power from natural gas extracted from a large landfill. one can only wonder if projects like this one in Ghana will help reverse the ongoing results of climate change. Energy climate change solutions Energy Industries garbage Ghana natural gas

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Students build solar powered lanterns to light up the night for the youth of Ghana


It is to improve education for the students living in such rural villages of Ghana that the Surrey University students are building solar powered lanterns to help the students study at night. Surrey students bringing solar-powered light to rural Ghana so youth can study at night. As part of their assignment the student team is building homemade solar-powered lanterns that will be taken to the rural villages in Ghana where students cannot study after dark because of no power supply.

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Fairtrade Della Bags Connects Online Shoppers with the Women of HoeHoe, Ghana

Eco Chic

Each bag is signed on the inside of the strap by one of the women-artisans of HoeHoe, Ghana who made it. Della Bags are a perfect compliment to this Summer and Autumn’s mad-plaid pattern-on-pattern trends. Well executed, with colorful, African-inspired motifs, they are quick and inexpensive anecdote to The Boring Tote, but crafted with a simple shape and strap so all the busyness is self-contained in a basic package, which is the key to working with extravagant colors and patterns.

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World’s 10 best ethical travel destinations for 2015

Green Traveler Guides

Africa Cape Verde Chile Cuba Dominica Ghana Grenada Lithuania Madagascar Malawi Mauritius Palau Samoa South America The Americas Tonga Vanuatu best developing nations to visit ethical travel ethical travel 2015 Ethical Traveler

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Giant bamboo arches shield Haduwa Arts & Culture Institute from the sun


Along the Atlantic coast of Ghana’s Central Region in Apam, Vienna-based, trans-disciplinary lab [applied] Foreign Affairs has designed and erected a giant bamboo dome for the Haduwa Arts & Culture Institute, an open institution for artists and cultural practitioners from Africa and Europe. The experimental structure was constructed with ‘Bambusa vulgaris,’ one of the few species of bamboo available in Ghana that can be used for construction.

Meet Coach Cass, the Millennial Face of African travel

Eco Chic

When I first met Cass back in 2014, she was curating annual trips to only one location: the country of Ghana in West Africa. Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, and Ethiopia. For food Cass prefers Ghana “no place like home” and her favorite safari is Chobe National Park in Botswana. She loves Durban, South Africa for day party vibes and tells me that Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Uganda are the best for dance, fitness and community service. .

2019 49

Global warming to cause more deaths than all infectious diseases


Countries in the tropics, such as Ghana, Bangladesh , Sudan and Pakistan, already face an additional 200 deaths per 100,000 people. Eco Green a-small-carbon airtight award-winning climate change ghana global-warming- home local materials massachusetts pakistan passive house study

Black Soap Heals Eczema, Acne and More: Eco Chick Tested

Eco Chic

Black Soap was first created in Ghana and Western Africa centuries ago and it’s made today much as it always has been, produced from ashes of plants and tree bark ranging from plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and shea trees. Health Is Beauty acne african black soap all natural eczema ghana nontoxic skin health traditionalChoosing the right body soap can be a tricky process.

2013 67

Boucher’s Birding Blog: Mamba Meets Bushbaby

Nature Conservancy - Science

In January, we traveled to Ghana for some superb birding. Birds Mammals National Parks Reptiles baby bushbaby Birding birding Africa birding Ghana bushbaby canopy walkway deadly nature green mamba Kakum National Park mammals natural history predation predator prey reptiles Senegal bushbaby snakes Timothy Boucher Timothy Boucher Nature ConservancyOn the canopy walkway in Kakum National Park with local guide Kalu Afasi. Tim Boucher/TNC. By Timothy Boucher, conservation geographer.

2013 51

The Dangers of E-Waste

Green Blog

North America and Europe are known to export a large percentage of their e-waste to countries like India, China, and Ghana. Science & Technology appliances cancer cell phones chemicals china computers consumption e-waste electronic waste electronics ewaste ghana India iPods laptops North America overconsumption planned obsolesence recycling technology toxins wasteWorkers use cleavers for extracting metal parts from used capacitors. What is E-waste?

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Clunker cars are choking Africa

Green Prophet

The idea was to ship them in shipping containers to his homeland in Ghana, western Africa. This is why Ghana is prioritizing cleaner fuels and vehicle standards, as well as electric bus opportunities. Clunkers from America, Europe and Japan clog the air in Africa.

Analysis: Floating solar ready for take-off

A Greener Life

Some of the continent’s biggest reservoirs could benefit, including the High Aswan on the Nile in Egypt – which currently loses about a quarter of its annual water input to evaporation in the Sahara sun – the Kariba and Cahora Bassa dams on the Zambezi in southern Africa, and the Akosombo in Ghana.

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EU Energy Targets Will 'Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions'

Green (Living) Review

According to Biofuelwatch, the EU’s cavernous demand for wood to burn for energy is directly tied to the acceleration of logging, land-grabbing from indigenous peoples in countries like Brazil and Ghana, and the conversion of more forests, farmland and grasslands into monoculture tree plantations.


Green (Living) Review

Fair trade producers from Mexico and Colombia to Ghana and Indonesia experienced a record number of climate change influenced disasters, including landslides, severe floods and crop failure. A recent report by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) detailed how a significant percentage of Ivory Coast and Ghana, the two biggest cocoa producing countries, will be too hot for cocoa by 2030.

The Key to Feeding the World? It’s Healthy Soil

Green (Living) Review

Their experiences, and the results that I saw on their farms in North and South Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ghana and Costa Rica, offer compelling evidence that the key to sustaining highly productive agriculture lies in rebuilding healthy, fertile soil. Conventional farming practices that degrade soil health undermine humanity’s ability to continue feeding everyone over the long run. One of the biggest modern myths about agriculture is that organic farming is inherently sustainable.

2017 126

When electronics recycling innovation is strangled by corporatism: The Eric Lundgren story

Living Green Technology

The judge received evidence of Lundgren’s recycling company, IT Asset Partners, his projects to clean up e-waste in Ghana and China and a 2016 initiative in which Lundgren’s company repaired and donated more than 14,000 cellphones and $100,000 to “Cellphones for Soldiers” to benefit U.S. In case you haven't heard, the US government and Microsoft have succeeded in their quest to take down one Eric Lundgren, a force in the electronics recycling industry.

2018 53

Stop Being Plastic


A significant discovery was made in Ghana. This also created a greater opportunity of employment for people in Ghana. World Earth Day was on 22 April. This year the world aims to “End Plastic Pollution” and also create a global support to stop the use of single-use plastic. Plastic is now deeply integrated into our lives. Sadly, most of the plastic ends in the world’s oceans.

2018 63

Call for Applications: NatureNet Science Fellows

Nature Conservancy - Science

The Nature Conservancy is seeking early career scientists and engineers for the 2017 cohort of NatureNet Science Fellows. Now in its fifth year, the Conservancy’s NatureNet Science Fellows program is specifically designed to broaden conservation science and research in ways that tackle climate change — our world’s most pressing challenge — head on.

2016 82

Harlem Grown grows greens and girls in New York City

Green Prophet

I bring this food home to my mother, originally from Ghana – it’s us three girls, and she is so excited. My mom told me she used to grow greens like this in Ghana where she comes from, and knows exactly what to do with them.” In the middle of Harlem on a derelict plot of land where old men used to play cards, with no kids allowed, is growing one of the most exciting social projects I’ve seen this year.

My Bird of the Year! (What Was Yours?)

Nature Conservancy - Science

My bird of the year was this Yellow-headed Picathartes ( Picathartes gymnocephalus ), also known as the White-necked Rockfowl, which I finally spotted on a trip to Ghana.¹. Ghana was a different story — thank goodness. Yellow-Headed Picathartes. Image credit: Tim Boucher/TNC. Timothy Boucher is a senior conservation geographer at The Nature Conservancy and an avid birder.

Ghana 60

Unanticipated Effects of Ecotourism on Wildlife and People

Eco Friendly Daily

And the opening of Kakum National Park in Ghana has pushed the local unemployment rate from 3 to 27 percent, as villagers are excluded from former income-producing activities in the rainforest. A recent article in Science News shows that ecotourism isn’t always a win-win for nature and local economies.

2017 40

Nepal’s rhino population is on the rise


The overall growth in population size is indicative of ongoing protection and habitat management efforts by protected area authorities despite challenging contexts these past years,” said Ghana Gurung, country representative of WWF Nepal. This year’s National Rhino Count in Nepal showed a promising gain in the odd-toed ungulates. The 2021 numbers are up 16% for a total of 752 rhinos , according to results released by Nepal’s government this week.

Nepal 28

A Hackathon for Fish Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

In his case, it was addressing illegal fishing in Ghana. Merrifield’s team immediately set to work on how to track and monitor illegal fishing based on a problem statement developed by Ghana fisheries managers. Getting ready for Fishackathon 2014. Photo by Matt Merrifield. By Matt Miller, senior science writer. Hackathons have swept through the tech industry, and have been used to quickly find innovative solutions in software, gaming and apps.

End the dumping of toxic E-Waste in Third World nations

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The great majority of the “e-waste” whether computers, peripherals or whatever, is not recycled in a proper manner but is being exported from countries such as the USA and the UK, and more than likely others in Europe too, to Third World countries, such as India, Ghana, Nigeria, and others.

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Agriculture and Water Connect Israel to Africa

Green Prophet

Israel recently launched a mission to Ghana and is considering reopening its embassy in RDC Congo. Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon, landed on Monday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He continued on to Uganda and Kenya, where he will inaugurate two Israeli-cooperation projects in agriculture and health. According to Israel’s ambassador to Uganda, Gil Haskel, Israel is interested in strengthening agricultural cooperation and collaboration with Uganda.

Why Is Recycling Important?


On the other side of the scale are the poorest countries of Africa, such as Ghana, producing only as much as 0.1 Recycling is more important today than ever before. The amount of waste produced worldwide is estimated to triple by 2025, from 0.68 billion tons per year [1]. The largest producers of waste are, in general, developed countries. Every day, 80 million plastic bottles and 288 million aluminum cans end up in waste in the United States alone [2].

2017 60

Building Prosperity - Housing and Economic Development

The Green Changemakers

Ghana 40

Brazil’s Easy Taxi App Heads to Egypt and Morocco

Green Prophet

Speaking to Tech Crunch , Sacha Poignonnec, co-CEO of AIH said Easy Taxi will go to eight more countries by the end of 2013, including Morocco, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Ghana, South Africa, Algeria, Tunisia and Angola. Sometimes if you stand on the wrong corner of a busy street in Cairo , taxis will drive right on by, guilt-free, while in less populated cities throughout the Middle East and Africa, they are simply hard to find.

NatureNet Science Fellows: Open Call for Applications

Nature Conservancy - Science

In projects from New York to Costa Rica, Kenya to Ghana, in research labs and field studies, NatureNet Fellows are working to develop efficient photovoltaic clean energy technologies based on the light-scattering cells of giant clams, applying nanotechnology and materials science to create new ways to produce sustainable energy sources and clean water , and asking whether grazing management can benefit both nature and wildlife during extended drought.

2015 64

Companies we love: The Base Project (and a Giveaway!)

Green Living Ideas

The Base Project has generously supplied Green Living Ideas with FOUR giveaway items for our awesome readers: three bracelets and one handmade bag from another collective in Ghana! Namibia is home to an expansive landscape, fantastical wildlife and thriving tribal cultures. Yet the nation is also plagued with many humanitarian issues: high rates of HIV infection, lack of quality education and work opportunities, shortages of fresh water and food.

Unanticipated Effects of Ecotourism on Wildlife and People

Eco Friendly Daily

And the opening of Kakum National Park in Ghana has pushed the local unemployment rate from 3 to 27 percent, as villagers are excluded from former income-producing activities in the rainforest. A recent article in Science News shows that ecotourism isn’t always a win-win for nature and local economies.

Sustainable Style Makeover: Tribal Watercolor

Eco Chic

The Luna Splash Dress is made from organic cotton in Ghana under a Fairtrade project. We’ve got the gossip on a hot new trend for steamy nights! Tribal Watercolor is the newest print that is both electric and classic. Jessica Szohr stepped into the future when she paired a computerized print silk dress with an open-toe bootie heel. Designer Julia Smith MIA (made in Africa) is no stranger to tribal prints and her new line for S/S 10 delivers the goods.

Ghana 49

Israel Strengthens Environmental Ties to Africa: Part 2

Green Prophet

MASHAV is also implementing major, joint agricultural projects dealing with citrus in Ghana. She also formerly served as a visiting scholar and lecturer for both the University of Ife in Nigeria and the University of Ghana. Investing in African Agriculture. This past April, MASHAV, Israel’s agency for international development cooperation, signed a memorandum of understanding with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Feminism and Climate Change: Ama Budge Speaks Out on Why WOC Can’t Be Left Out

Eco Chic

Ama Budge , a London-based writer and performance artist with roots in Ghana, believes feminist thinking is essential to action on climate change. Ghana, for example, is being squeezed by erosion from the sea on the one side and desertification from the Sahara on the other side. Writer and performance artist Ama Budge, who has roots in Ghana, says many black women “consider feminism to be a white and colonial movement.” .

2016 46

Galaxy announces that it is to go green

Green (Living) Review

There are an estimated two million cocoa growers in Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana, which together produce about 80% of the world's cocoa supply. I have recently returned from Ghana, where I saw firsthand the problems, the improvements and the possibilities."

Waitrose branches out into horticulture

Green (Living) Review

Waitrose Foundation farms grow and harvest fruit in South Africa, flowers and vegetables in Kenya and fresh prepared fruit in Ghana. Grocer to grow horticulture market share with new gardening product ranges in shops and online Waitrose expert Alan Titchmarsh to share green-fingered gardening tips. Waitrose is to branch out into the horticulture market with the launch of 6,000 gardening products devoted to helping customers grow their own flowers, fruit and veg.

2013 116

It is madness that waste is not a bigger international priority

Green (Living) Review

Fact is, however, that most of that e-waste would not be there in those developing countries, which I will continue to call the Third World, were it not for the fact that the developing countries ship that waste for “reprocessing” to countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, etc. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The talk is about CO2 and no one talks about “other” pollution and about waste. especially about waste.

2012 125

For Honest-To-Goodness Slave-Free Chocolate this Easter look where can you go?

Green (Living) Review

million children now work in chocolate production in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.3 Fairtrade has helped organise co-operative businesses in both Ghana and the Ivory Coast which give cocoa farming communities a better life and decreases the likelihood of child labour.5 million children are involved in the cocoa industry in West Africa, and some have been enslaved.

2012 100

Are the Best Years for Tropical Forest Conservation Still Ahead?

Cool Green Science

The report assesses current projects taking place in Brazil, Indonesia, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Peru, Mexico and Nepal, and provides initial learnings from those projects that can be applied to others in the future. I recently read an article in Ecosystem Marketplace – “2014: the year in forest carbon” – that highlighted some of the successes in reducing tropical deforestation last year.

2015 67

Israel Strengthens Environmental Ties to Africa: Part 1

Green Prophet

Since then, Israel has hosted Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi of Uganda, Côte d’Ivoire President Alassane Ouattara, Ghana’s King of the Ashanti tribe, Otumfuo Osei Tutu, and South Sudanese Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Dr. Betty Achan Ogurau, to name a few. Israel now has relations with 44 African nations, more than at any time in its history.

Why Are Pangolins Endangered?


Ghana. Pangolins are small nocturnal creatures. who quietly roam through forests and savannahs eating termites and ants. They are solitary and easily frightened. Naturally shy creatures, they are seldom seen. Yet those dealing in the profitable illegal trade for them have been terribly effective in finding them. Lacking the charisma of the largest or fastest animals of the world, the fact that they are being poached to extinction has gone largely unnoticed by the world.

2018 70

Refugee Remedies Aid Climate Change Victims in New York

Green Prophet

Pilot programs are planned for Ghana, India and Kenya. Hurricane Sandy bulldozed my home coastline with a ferocity rarely seen outside the big screen. It ploughed through lives of friends and family, shredding homes, floating cars, and drowning pets. We can debate the causes of climate change , but the increasingly damaging effect of extreme weather upon basic civil services is indisputable. In a crisis, communication is paramount. Instant info exchange minimizes fallout and saves lives.