Landowners urged to restore ancient woodland

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The charity is offering advice and support to help people re-establish habitats affected by such planting so the conditions for species that rely on ancient woodland to survive can be strengthened and conserved for future generations. We’re lucky to have excellent support from family, friends and neighbours as well professional organisations, and our partnership with a local sustainable energy company provides a useful income from thinnings gathered during our work.”

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A framework for a sustainable economy

The Green Changemakers

[link] Sustainable Economy in 2040 - full report Sustainable Economy in 2040 - executive summary Sustainable Economy Framework cards Project Overview “Our food reserves are at a 50-year low, but by 2030 we need to be producing 50% more food. Yet we struggle to understand what is meant by sustainable economy. And how do you turn sustainability risks into opportunities? What is the ‘Sustainable Economy Framework’ (SEF)?


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The Sustainable Kingston Plan

The Green Changemakers

[link] The Community Plan Sustainable Kingston Plan - PDF format Kingston has a vision: Kingston – Canada’s Most Sustainable City. A sustainable community is a place where people want to live and work; it meets the needs of its citizens, now and in the future. Sustainable Kingston was developed by the FOCUS Kingston Steering Committee based on extensive input from individuals, municipal government, Kingston institutions, businesses and community organizations.

Alternatives For Simple Living

The Green Changemakers

When we are looking for economic solutions from within a model that is fatally flawed, we will not find lasting, sustainable solutions. A change I find very hopeful is that Mr. Obama is aware of environmental concerns, such as human-generated global climate change, and he actively supports the development of alternative energy production. Whatever we call this shift in our manner of living, it has dramatic implications for the future of our world.

Earth Jurisprudence

The Green Changemakers

Perhaps most importantly, it works at the human level by reminding us that the human and natural worlds can co-exist in a mutually enhancing partnership where we are truly friends of the Earth. Earth Jurisprudence is premised on the understanding that law and governance should protect the wellbeing and integral functioning of the planet so that all components of the Earth Community live in healthy ecosystems that sustain the diversity of the natural world.

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Creating the future we want

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Numerous government policies are now promoting sustainable management practices, while many people in the business and financial communities view sustainability as a means to reduce long-term risk, enhance competitiveness, and promote social well-being. Advances in science and technology are creating new economic opportunities and producing sustainable solutions, while expanded public access to global data and information is helping to shape business and government policies.