Eco-Friendly Mojuhlar Flatpack Furniture

Green Furniture Home Design

When Ed Reynolds saw how much used furniture was ending up in landfills in the United States, he decided to do something about it, and started a new furniture company that would make furniture that simply used less material, took up less space, and could be used for a multitude of different reasons and rooms, so that it would be easier to reuse or sell. His flatpack furniture is very cool, modern and super stylish. Eco Design eco-friendly furniture flatpack furniture

A Guide to Buying FSC Certified Furniture

Living Green & Saving Energy

You’ve probably seen or read the term “FSC certified furniture”: many furniture retailers now offer what they call “FSC-certified” products, and this label is becoming more and more commonplace. green remodeling Buying FSC Certified Furniture green home remodel


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More Eco Friendly Furniture Ideas

Green Furniture Home Design

Furniture design is becoming not only a study in function and sustainability, its becoming more of an art form. Homeowner want eco-friendly furniture that is not only good for the environment, but will also allow you to save money. There are also many retailers, especially on the internet, that are beginning to use reusable, recycled or sustainable materials to build their furniture. Reclaimed Furniture. Eco Friendly Living Room Furniture Ideas.

Reshtki Reclaimed Furniture

Green Furniture Home Design

Based in Poland and started by Sara Podwysocka and Maria Ostrowska, Reshtki is a design studio that prides itself on creating beautifully designed, eco-friendly furniture from discarded materials. Reclaimed FurnitureUsing things like old traction poles, wood fragments, and used PCV pipe, the designers created innovative tables and seating solutions.

Best Bets for Rustic Apartment Furniture

Green Furniture Home Design

Whatever the case, it can be agreed that rustic apartment furniture are pieces with character, items that can almost tell a story all on their own. Custom made wooden furniture can lend a rustic flavor to an apartment or home. Much depends on the way the furniture is made, and also on the wood from which it is made. Another common element in rustic furniture is ironwork. The word rustic carries with it several connotations.

Introducing Campaign Furniture: An Alternative to IKEA?

Green Furniture Home Design

Campaign is a line of furniture that claims to be even easier to ship and assemble than anything on offer at the Swedish furniture behemoths. Sewell says that the idea Campaign customer is a design lover who has the taste (but not the budget) of consumers who might shop at higher end furniture design shops. As of this moment, there are just three furniture pieces available: an armchair for $495, a two-seater loveseat for $745 and a three-seater sofa for $995.


Green (Living) Review

The dwiss aims to satisfy the needs of eco-friendly furniture buyers and officially launches at Tent, part of London Design Fair in September. The dwiss not only promotes sustainable living, it’s a simple, elegant and durable piece of furniture which itself is sustainable. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Right, that is the headline that came with the press release and then it continues, as below: An innovative eco product is aiming to bring a touch of style to home recycling.

Vintage Furniture in Modern Loft Spaces

Green Furniture Home Design

Many estate sales and antique stores have furniture and decor pieces that will make your loft have a lived-in rustic feel, while still celebrating the stark open beauty of the space. Choose rustic furniture, like bookshelves made of rough wood and simple, natural material rugs such as jute or bamboo. For furniture, vintage styles from the 50’s and 60’s, particularly Scandinavian designs look perfect in big open spaces and can often be found for reasonable prices.

Recycled Car Part Furniture

Eco Chic

They then repurpose their findings into gorgeous, eco-friendly furniture as you can see below. Olivier was named ‘student furniture designer of the year’ at the Mixology Awards and designed the pieces for her master’s qualification as part of a project investigating movement and response. Designer Ronen Wasserman creates high-end furniture from old cars. The post Recycled Car Part Furniture appeared first on Eco-Chick. Designer Rene Olivier.

Cool Furniture Ideas: Recycled Wooden Pallets

Green Furniture Home Design

Naturally, I am a huge fan of anything recycled, re-used, up-cycled and restored, so when I recently came across an amazing recycled wooden pallet table in a friend’s backyard patio, I started to consider the many possibilities that these wooden pallets could provide in terms of furniture and design pieces. Recycled Products diy wooden pallets recycled wooden pallets wooden pallet furniture wooden pallet ideas

Ideas For Modernizing Your Home Furniture

Green Furniture Home Design

One of the easiest ways to begin transforming your home into a modern home is through the use of the right furniture. Modern furniture provides a appearance that will generally leave classic styles in the past. With furniture designs ranging from sharp and pointed edges to soft lines and radical designs, these kind of designs can find its way into anyone’s home. The most popular color for modern furniture is white.

MIT Developing Self-Assembling Furniture

Green Furniture Home Design

The smarty-pants at MIT are going to change the way we build furniture, so we hope IKEA is paying attention! The lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology calls this new technology “programmable” furniture. The flexible wood frame comes flat-packed (much like our old pal IKEA does their furniture) which makes it easy to ship, store etc. Here’s a cool video about how other self-assembling furniture works!

Mountain Woods Furniture Makers Get Rustic Right

Green Furniture Home Design

Sometimes nothing is as comfortable or elegant as traditional wood furniture. On excellent option for wood furniture is the large furniture line offered by the skilled builders at Mountain Woods Furniture. The furniture produced by Mountain Woods is excellent in its rustic, old-fashioned appearance and build, not to mention it creates an instant conversation piece. One of the best aspects of buying wood furniture is the fact is is green made.

Furniture Makeovers

Green Earth Journey

Furniture Makeovers are one of my favorite past times. I love finding vintage pieces of furniture at garage sales or abandoned on the curb, bringing them home and making them over. You don't want to bring in unwanted guests with the furniture. I hope this inspires you to save some furniture from the dump and save you some money! My favorites things to use when transforming a piece are fabrics and acrylic paint.

A Note On Recycling, From Your Crappy Old Furniture

Green (Living) Review

furniture recyclingBefore you haul me to the curb, let's have a little chat. Hey there! I’m that old wingback you got for your first apartment—remember me? I totally lent that studio some respectability. And we had some good times, cuddling up with books, doing crossword puzzles together, staying in and watching movies. Sure, I was a little broken-in when you first found me, but you had more time than money back then, and I made a great fix-up project.

Product Review: Clean+Green Furniture Refresher

The Green Samaritan

I have stopped buying conventional odor/stain removers and sometimes the baking soda/vinegar solution just doesn’t do the trick, so I was glad to try out Clean+Green Furniture Refresher. Products are designed specifically for dogs or cats as well as for birds and are targeted for specific areas like furniture, carpet, auto, tile and concrete and wood. Green Living Clean+Green Furniture Refresher how to remove pet odors natural pet cleaners non-toxic pet odor removers

The Living Cube – Multifunctional Furniture We LOVE

Green Furniture Home Design

This is how the Living Cube ‘s designer describes how he came up with the idea for this brilliant piece of furniture, that is really so, SO much more than just furniture. “I wanted to focus on practicality and functionality and skip any unnecessary elements. My goal was to come up with a timeless design that fits any space and living situation.”. Till Könneker.

Paper Carton Furniture Is No Pulp Fiction

Green Prophet

Paper pulp furniture is stronger than it looks. Bamboo has been praised for several years as the most sustainable material for furniture (due to its quickly renewable nature), with cardboard coming a close second due to its recycled and recyclable form. They designed a set of ‘Pulp Furniture’ that includes a coffee table, stools, and a clock (or wall hanging). As with cardboard furniture, ‘Pulp Furniture’ is both recycled and easily recyclable.

Recycled Furniture by Lebanon’s Niloufar Afnan

Green Prophet

Long live the queen, if she can manage to sit on Niloufar Afnan’s recycled ‘Royal Stool’ At this year’s New Designers Exhibition in London, Lebanese-born designer Niloufar Afnan decided to poke a little fun at the royal family and demonstrate the possibilities of upcycled furniture. She exhibited Royal Stool (pictured above) and 46 (shown after the jump) – two furniture pieces that show the possibilities of reusing found objects.

Used Furniture: A Mindful Way to Live.

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) artistic expression creative urges environmental stewardship patience Salvation Army second hand treasure hunt used furnitureI that "what I see is what I get" and somebody else has already given the piece a dry run.

The Furniture of Eero Saarinen

Green Furniture Home Design

Eero studied sculpture and furniture design at Cranbrook Academy, a school his architect father, Eilel, co-founded in Michigan. Eventually, he collaborated with colleagues Charles Eames and Florence Knoll, designing a furniture collection called “Organic Design in Home Furnishings”. Saarinen‘s modern furniture designs are just as familiar. The clean lines of his furniture and architecture are utterly aesthetic and functional.

Rustic Furniture Using Reclaimed Barn Wood

Green Furniture Home Design

Rustic furniture and decor is becoming trendy again, and recycling the wood used to make old barns is an eco-friendly way to use existing resources. Rustic barnwood furniture is made by expert craftsmen from reclaimed barn wood boards and beams. This material can be made into antique barn wood farm tables, bookshelves, outdoor benches, and rustic log furniture. Reclaimed Furniture barn wood barn wood flooring barnwood furniture reclaimed barn wood

The Furniture of Philippe Starck

Green Furniture Home Design

Philippe Patrick Starck is a French designer who has a reputation for creating fluid, natural, dynamic, and powerful furniture designs. He is likewise responsible for many mass-produced items, such as furniture of all kinds. Furniture seems to be one of Starck’s stronger qualities. All of his furniture designs in the past have had an organic feel to them: His chairs and stools are usually egg-shaped, round, and curvy.

Tel Aviv graffiti made into sexy furniture (PHOTOS)

Green Prophet

A pair of Israeli designers has turned alleyway graffiti into fine furniture with the help of some unwitting street artists in their south Tel Aviv neighborhood. They milled the panels into smaller components, fashioning them into a series of simply-shaped furniture. In instances where the graffiti artists signed their work, Zuckerman contacted them to ask permission to sell the resulting furniture; the artists get 15 percent of profits.

Wine bottles get a second life as chic, multifunctional furniture

Green (Living) Review

Brazilian, Spain-based designer Tati Guimarães takes the pragmatic route, repurposing wine bottles into stylish, multifunctional furniture that wouldn't look out of place in a fancy living room or gathering. Wine bottles are easy to recycle into new, more interesting and more functional objects, be they lamps , glasses or even whole buildings.

Polishing furniture for small change

Green (Living) Review

But if I am going to do it I would rather be using a homemade furniture polish that is made of natural ingredients and thus not harmful to me or the Planet. Furniture Polish ¼ cup olive oil 4 tablespoons vinegar 2 teaspoons lemon juice Mix ingredients together and pour into a spray bottle. Personally, I must say that in most instances, when it domes to “polishing” wooden furniture around my place I use cooking oil and a cloth simply.

Belfast-based designer transforms oil barrels into bright furniture

Green (Living) Review

At the annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City, one of the things I look for is creative re-use. Once clean, the barrels are cut into new forms to make furniture, and any smaller leftover pieces can then be recycled. The Urbanite Home , a Belfast-based interior furnishings studio, is a particularly attention-grabbing example at this year's show. The collection’s brightly colored chairs and tables are made from repurposed oil barrels.

A Few Easy Ways to Move Heavy Furniture

Green Furniture Home Design

This is because there is need for ultimate care when moving the furniture. Before I engage in any kind of moving furniture, I do dismantle the parts that can be separated from the main heavy furniture. Home and Garden how to move furniture moving furnitureThe work of relocating from one place to another is such a hectic affair. It is an affair if not well done can result into total damages.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Dining Room Furniture

Green Furniture Home Design

Many facets of home design and product replacement will focus on modern furniture styles. People can look online for furniture pieces and find a lot of different unfinished wood as well as a growing market for eco-friendly cabinets and storage containers. The big thing that many people are interested in is bamboo furniture, which means that you can find many styles of tables and chairs are also being made from this super sustainable material.

Furniture that Just Gets Who We Are on the Inside. {Partner}

Elephant Journal

Family Featured Events Green Right Livelihood eco furniture furniture Homes partner right livelihood stem sustainableIn a world where companies treat us like we're all the same, it’s important to bring items into our homes that reflect us and our values. Stem's process allows a new level of personalization where we.

Gorgeous Recycled Silk Furniture from Turkey’s Meb Rure

Green Prophet

Meb Rure’s latest line of furniture is so bright, stylish and unique that it’s hard to believe they are made with almost all recycled materials. The Istanbul-based designer uses American oak and recycled silk yarn from Nepal to weave together these kaleidoscopic, fluffy silk furniture pieces. This allows the Middle East Technical University graduate to ship the furniture without wracking up an inordinate carbon footprint.

How to Care for Furniture without Chemicals


Purchasing furniture isn’t just a design choice. You want to keep your furniture clean and as new-looking as possible, but you don’t want to do it with any chemically based products. Here are five ways to care for your furniture without the use of chemicals. All you have to do is sprinkle the white powder over your fabric furniture — you can also do the same with carpets — and leave it to sit for a while.

Ronen Tinman Turns Junkyard Automobile Parts Into Bespoke Furniture

Green Prophet

Ronen “Tinman” uses a variety of techniques to turn automobile parts into one-of-a-kind furniture pieces , a process that he says often takes months to do. Albeit designed to be functional pieces of furniture, each of Ronen’s creations is an original work of art and their prices reflect as much. Fashion & Design automobiles bespoke furniture junkyard recycled materials Ronen Tinman

Healthy Furniture is the Future in a Green Home

Green Life Smart Life

Many people have started looking further into organic living and have started to purchase organic materials for their clothing as well as taking a step back and looking at the furniture including their beds which they spend almost half their lives lounging on. . BiOH polyols are a soy based ingredient used in upholstered furniture, bedding, carpet backing and even automobile seats. This is why so many consumers are looking for local manufacturers to purchase their furniture from.

How To Make Eco-Friendly Lemon Furniture Polish

Green Furniture Home Design

Furniture polish is a great way to clean and shine wood, it’s also a great way to breath in some nasty chemicals or really irritate your eyes. Not to mention the irreversible damage that can be made to furniture if the wrong polish is used. There is no sense in sourcing those beautifully reclaimed pieces of furniture if you are just going to ruin them with some random chemical polish you picked up at your local hardware store.

Is it Safe to Leave Wooden Patio Furniture Out All Year?

Green Furniture Home Design

Many types of wooden patio furniture can be left outside all year long. Wooden furniture if properly maintained can provide years of comfort no matter the season. Redwood and cedar are two of the more popular woods used to make wooden patio furniture. Woods that are not native to the United States are also used for manufacturing wooden patio furniture. The furniture must be clean and dry before applying the sealer. Outdoors wooden patio furniture care

Ugly Plastic Window Shutters Become Chic, Minimalist Furniture Pieces

Green Prophet

Read more about sustainable furniture design: Tel Aviv’s Junktion Studion Keeps Inspiring Us to Rethink Our Junk. Paper Carton Furniture Is No Pulp Fiction. Interview with MiKlum, Designers of Furniture Out of Nothing. Fashion & Design design furniture Recycled design upcycled materials upcyclingThese plastic window shutters by Kulla Industrial Design can still be used to sit on.

Jessica Alba Goes Eco-Friendly With ‘Vintage’ Furniture


Jessica Alba shows her dedication to eco-friendly living by surfing Craigslist for used furniture. Read More The post Jessica Alba Goes Eco-Friendly With ‘Vintage’ Furniture appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Top News jessica alba

Sanserif Creatius Brings Recycled Cardboard Furniture to UAE

Green Prophet

Thanks to a recent feature in Sadiyaty Magazine, residents of the UAE may soon be interested in recycled cardboard furniture. In integrating Arabic arches, geometric shapes and scallops into their designs , will Sanserif Creatius be the design company that makes eco-friendly cardboard furniture palatable to the Arab world? Read more about Sanserif Creatius and other cardboard furniture: Sanserif Creatius Carves a Cardboard Table With Arabic Devotion.

Ian Somerhalder and Brother Start Recycled Furniture Business


Ian Somerhalder and his brother open reclaimed barn wood furniture store. Read More. Causes Environment Home News Top News ian somerhalder

5 Radical Health Benefits of Going Furniture Free & How to Get Started.

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Green Health & Wellness Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Today Only body daily exercise damage get moving green living minimalist natural no furniture restorative exercise stand upAs I learned more and more about natural movement and how much our health depends on it, I began making the changes a chair here, a desk there.

Israel’s Itay Kirshenbaum Grows Backyard Furniture

Green Prophet

For his final project at Haddasah College, Kirshenbaum designed a furniture collection that grows itself – the first backyard furniture set we know of with this curious skill. Comprised of different colored canvas sacks, the furniture initially looks like jackets lying on the ground. Which means that using it – whether in construction projects, homes or DIY furniture, is irresponsible. What is up with Israeli designers ?

Studio Ubico’s Furniture Collection Reincarnates Wood Into Trees

Green Prophet

We’ve seen other designers do some pretty crazy things with wood (like make wooden eyeglass frames ), but we haven’t yet seen as spiritual an approach to wood as we see in Studio Ubico’s new furniture collection – The Wake. “design studio and production unit, offering furniture from recycled materials with environmentally conscious finishes. Interview with MiKlum Studio, Designers of Furniture Out of Nothing.