Small scale farming twice as old as we thought

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The plant material was found at the site of the Ohalo II people, who were fisher hunter-gatherers and established a sedentary human camp. The site was unusually well preserved, having been charred, covered by lake sediment, and sealed in low-oxygen conditions — ideal for the preservation of plant material. “This uniquely preserved site is one of the best archaeological examples worldwide of the hunter-gatherers’ way of life,” said Prof.

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The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and Who Pays for It

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The system was intended as a hunter-centric model, both guided by and benefitting consumptive interests. Given that few hunters actually consume coyotes, wolves, cougars, and except for a few individuals, even bears, it is obviously a “waste” of wildlife to shoot or trap these animals just for “fun” 2. And among the most important factors is funding and how the funding apparatus is tilted toward preserving the status quo. were funded by hunters and 95.1%

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ICARDA scientists save 80% of a priceless trove of Syrian seeds

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ICARDA, one of 11 such biorepositories in the world to help preserve seeds that are used by plant breeders and scientists worldwide. They focus on crops grown in arid climates like Syria, preserving genes that, in turn, help promote agricultural development in other dry areas. The Middle East is where humanity first learned agriculture, revolutionizing life by shifting from a migratory hunter/gatherer existence to a settled mode of farming that eventually led to modern civilization.

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The Devastating Consequences of Wildlife Poaching


These big game hunters feel that displaying an animal head, its pelt or even an entire animal, stuffed, is an emblem of their prowess. This psychological need is the incentive for big game hunters everywhere and they are willing to pay large sums of money for the opportunity. .

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We Should Kill More Lions

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Hunters go to Africa to shoot lions, and this is without question a good thing; for birds, for ecosystems, and for lions in general! I guess the natural question is… how does some hunter from the US help in the conservation of the lion? Hunters are prepared to spend a lot of money for the privilege of shooting a lion. It also protects hundreds of species of birds and mammals, and thousands of plants, and everything else you need in a functional ecosystem.

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What Causes Animals to Become Extinct?


Cats are avid hunters and can decimate vulnerable species when introduced to new locations. The natural balance sustaining healthy, well-functioning ecosystems is contingent upon biological diversity. Species slowly and gradually adapt to changing.

Urban Wildlife: Threats and Benefits of Humans-Animals Interaction


Self-proclaimed urban hunters have killed coyotes with no qualms , although attacks on humans have been virtually nonexistent and there are measures to minimise the chances of encountering a coyote, as for example simply securing garbage bins. Keeping our distance from wildlife is often an easy solution to avoid any interference with wildlife preservation. What can we do to ensure that the function of our green spaces goes beyond their recreational and aesthetic value?

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Mrs Pankhurst’s Purple Feather–A Book Review

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There is a wonder to its construction and color, a mystery that goes beyond what we know anatomically about how feathers function. And, like many body parts that are separated from the whole, a feather sometimes become an artifact, a thing apart from a living creature, invested with values beyond the original, biological function. A feather is a magical thing.

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Restoring Coastal Wetlands: Complex Problems Need Multiple Solutions

Nature Conservancy - Science

As a coastal conservationist, restoration practitioner, fisherman, hunter and researcher, I’m often asked my opinion. If we want functional coastal wetlands that provide the things we need and love, including copious fisheries, we need to return the river to the wetlands in a big way and let it build land. Something needs to be done to preserve our natural bounty. Many of Louisiana’s coastal marshes in Louisiana are eroding away, like this one east of the Mississippi River.

Checkerboard: Putting Western Forest Pieces Back Together

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The Great Western Checkerboards Project preserves recreational access and helps conserve the ecological integrity of 165,073 acres in Washington and Montana. For recreational enthusiasts from hikers to hunters, it can turn a routine trip to public lands into a confusing quagmire. Therefore, the shifting mosaic approach to forest management requires a large landscape perspective; it’s functionally impossible in a forest landscape checkered with federal and private landowners.

Curitiba – Designing a sustainable city

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For most of his existence, Man has been a hunter-gather, it is only in the last 11,000 years he has been an agriculturalist, and in the second half of the last century, industrial agriculture has appeared. A city should be seen as a functioning whole, not a sum of its disintegrated parts.

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