Does Poor Oral Health Impact Brain Function?

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Over time tooth decay has been linked to some health conditions, but are you aware that poor oral hygiene can affect your brain function? . Does It Impact Brain Function? The post Does Poor Oral Health Impact Brain Function?

The Emergence of Functional Design in Restaurant Furniture

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Furniture can be seen as both a functional as well as aesthetic element of any restaurant’s interior design. The functional aspects of this type of thing have to do with offering customers comfortable seating arrangements that can allow them to dine with ease.


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How Do Smart Drugs work To Increase Brain Function?

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People especially in Covid times are looking for ways of getting an edge and improving functionality of body and mind. Many people are looking to use smart drugs to help boost their cognitive functions and increase brain power. The smartest drugs are made by nature.

Surprise! Functional form matters for trend forecasting

Environmental Economics

 First, the R 2 maximizing cubic function (the linear model has an R 2  of near zero): Second, here is the quadratic: Which forecast would you choose? Using data from almost 9 years of pageviews at this blog, I fit a trend line with an OLS regression model where the dependent variable is the 30 day moving average (the blue line) of page views as measured by Typepad (where x is the time period). Here

How You Can Improve the Functionality of Your Business

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One of the best ways of being able to achieve this is to make sure you work on boosting the functionality of the business. . Think about what it takes to achieve this, and consider these as some of the key changes that can improve the functionality of the business.

Vegetable gardens can be pretty as well as functional

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A sense of order, a welcoming gate and a well-defined path are among the elements that make this vegetable garden both pretty and functional. An expanse of dirt streaked with straight rows of vegetables – the traditional vegetable patch – does have order, but it’s more functional than attractive. Instead, why not lay out the garden with permanent beds and paths in an arrangement that, while functional, also creates a design?

Push Lawn Mowers – Maintenance And Functions

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Recently all over the internet an article appeared that had this headline and came from an online article base but was never properly accredited to there. Not that that fact is either here or there.

Solar retreat in the Liwa Desert – futuristic functionality or rich man’s folly?

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An unnamed client hired London-based Baharash Architecture to design a luxury home that could fully function off the energy grid. That’s a tall order for any residence in Abu Dhabi, now consider the challenges for one sited in the punishing clime of the hyper-arid Liwa Desert where summer temperatures top 100°F.

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Modern townhome in Philadelphia combines functionality and sustainability


Modern townhome in Philadelphia combines functionality and sustainability. Constructed with reinforced concrete and structural steel, the Red House is one home in a collection of three townhouses located in the northern Point Breeze neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Modular Loop Chair Serves a Twelve-Fold Function

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The seven modular folds of the Loop Chair grant it a twelve-fold function. It’s the “flexibility and variety in use&# part that makes modular design so sustainable, because if one item can be modified and serve a range of functions then you don’t need to use additional resources to create multiple objects. A chaise-longue chair, a bookshelf, a coffee table, a television chair, a barstool – the Loop Chair can serve all of these functions and more.

Biodegradable Orange Peels Make Fragrant and Functional Tableware

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Exhibited recently at Milan Design Week together with other sustainable projects created by Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design students, Sonnenschein’s line of tableware is titled ‘Solskin Peels’ Of his project Sonnenschein says that “I focused on finding a local biodegradable and functional material. Orange peels are already the perfect shape for a mug or small bowl, so Israeli designer Ori Sonnenschein helped them transform.

3D printed functional dash created for StreetScooter project


Objet created the functional 1.4-meter wide dashboard made from over 20 individually printed parts for the ‘StreetScooter project’ which is also equipped with complete display screens. Sonia Renthlei: Before we move ahead, there are a few things to know about 3D printing. It is a method of fabrication of three dimensional objects from a digital file or a Computer Aided Design (CAD) file using a material printer.

Designers turn old wine bottles into functional objects


Mridul Jerath: Artecnica, an American design company, aims to bring out the meaning and value of everyday objects by using certain designs to enthuse and transform them. Their designs are both practical as well as sustainable. Their new product, the recycled glass carafe, has made Artecnica a recognized brand.

Timothy John's functional Woven Collection redefines weaving techniques


It can be made functional too so not only do you have beautiful works of art adorning your interior but you can make use of them as well. Modern designers are increasingly looking at functional art as it offers potential customers more value for money. Such is the case with Timothy John, a New Zealand-based designer, who creates functional art out of organic felt cloth. Sonia Renthlei: Art isn’t just about titillating the senses.

Prejudice multi functional chair made from 100 percent recycled materials


Talking about its multi functional aspects, the chairs, as already told can be used as a sofa, and for some additional benefit, you get an extra footrest and coffee table that can fit underneath the chair when turned in to a sofa. Pratima Kalra: What an apt name for a chair, ‘Prejudice’. Of course, just reading the name is not enough; therefore, here we are to tell you more about the prejudice the chair wishes to justify.

Pure Bottle repurposes wine bottles to make stylish and functional everyday articles


The brilliant concept is minimal yet functional. The lantern will protect the candle light from the wind and create a warm ambiance, and, finally the spoon; it is versatile and functional, both. This little collection of recycled wine bottle items is exemplary of how recycled stuff can be functional, stylish and economical, all at once.

No-Fuss Repurposing Hacks Using Everyday Discards


Plenty of items routinely trashed or recycled function quite well when re-assigned to other tasks… The post No-Fuss Repurposing Hacks Using Everyday Discards appeared first on Earth911.

Enecsys announces the cost-saving, solar PV Duo: the power and functionality of two micro-inverters in one package

Green (Living) Review

360W dual micro-inverter reduces costs, maintains individual MPPT for maximum energy harvest from each solar PV module and simplifies system design and installation Cambridge, UK, March 2011: Enecsys Limited , a solar photovoltaic (PV) micro-inverter company, announces the Enecsys Duo micro-inverter. This 360-Watt addition to the Enecsys micro-inverter family is the world’s highest power density micro-inverter with dimensions of 262 x 160 x 35mm.

Minka Solar Pods provide versatile off-grid work or chat hubs


Duffy London understands the need for comfortable and functional gathering spots with off-grid functionality

Airo is a concept car that cleans polluted air as it drives


“There’s a new ethically conscious generation who expect a car to do so much more than just offer transportation from one place to another; they want a device that fulfils and expands upon their functional needs and meets their values.

Earth911 Podcast: Dr. Oliver Peoples of Yield10 Bioscience on PHA Bioplastics


Eco about-the bioplastics discards earth911 ecotech oliver-peoples peoples Recycle recycled-function trashed-or-recycled yield10Earth911 talks with Dr. Oliver Peoples, president and CEO of Yield10 Bioscience Inc., about the… The post Earth911 Podcast: Dr. Oliver Peoples of Yield10 Bioscience on PHA Bioplastics appeared first on Earth911. Read more: Earth911 Podcast: Dr. Oliver Peoples of Yield10 Bioscience on PHA Bioplastics.

Cymatics: Exploring How Frequency Changes the Very Nature of.

The Alien Next Door

The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Tuesday, May 11, 2010 Cymatics: Exploring How Frequency Changes the Very Nature of Matter and Energy Music can help recover damaged brain function by activating parts of the brain that are nearby —Oliver Sacks If, indeed God moves us to express that within us which is divine, then poetry is the language of the heart and music is the language of the soul —Nina Munteanu We are creatures of rhythm; circadian, diurnal, seasonal.

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How Virtual Twins Accelerate Sustainable Operations and Circular Ambitions


Virtual twins are used to model complex systems, from a production line to cities to human hearts, and simulate their functioning with an accuracy that allows the user to go directly from a virtual model to creation, without spending the years it normally takes to prototype and incrementally improve on existing set-ups. Business Eco Green alice-steenland allows-the-user functioning taylor-flores user virtual-twins

How To Clean and Green Your Silver!

The Green Samaritan

I love yard sales and buying secondhand especially when I uncover a great find be it purely functional like a wheelbarrow or vintage Pyrex dish, or really fun like this pair of sterling silver spoons I scored for about $.10

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Award-Winning Industrial Designer Creates Elegant Functional Erotic Art

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His Israeli company markets a possible first of its kind: a high-end, reasonably priced aesthetically captivating AND functional erotic art. It’s not just functional; aesthetic issues are part of it too.&# GP: Your design is both functional and artistic. Award-winning designer, Ofer Zick, didn’t intend to be a Green advocate when he founded ‘ThinkingofYou – Erotic Icons’, but his grown-up T.O.Y.

‘Let’s Get Back to Ecology’: A New Interview with Peter Kareiva

Nature Conservancy - Science

But focusing so narrowly on producing graphs that on the horizontal axis display number of species and on the vertical axis report some dependent ecological function (that is distantly related to human well-being) strikes me as not worth so much research. Counting species, and trying to produce what is, as far as I can tell, usually very weak evidence for the relationship between biodiversity per se and ecological function is off-track. Peter Kareiva.

Free Essential Green Ideas Worth Spreading

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The Bolte Taylor clip comes from a stunning 2008 presentation, where the brain researcher described her analysis of her own stroke as it occurred: witnessing shut-down of her motor functions, speech and self-awareness. Cleantech, Science & Technology brain function quantum physics spiritualityIt’s summer’s final lap. The Olympics are over. The school year looms.

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Improving Air Quality Reduces Dementia Risk, Multiple Studies Suggest

Environmental News Network

Improving air quality may improve cognitive function and reduce dementia risk, according to several studies reported today at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference® (AAIC®) 2021 in Denver and virtually.

Designers aim to reduce the waste and impact of airlines


Related: San Francisco airport bans all plastic water bottles The designers have come up with functional and surprisingly attractive plastic alternatives for in-flight eating. Green a-central-water art design-museum eco-travel exhibit london-unlike plastic reduce-reuse- reuse travel with-functionalExhibitions of art can, and perhaps should, be thought-provoking, which is exactly the goal of the temporary showing ‘Get Onboard: Reduce. Reuse.

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Award-winning redesign of the Brooklyn Bridge puts the focus on pedestrians


Winning designs in architecture require creativity, a focus on function and a dash of the unexpected

Supercomfy, Beautiful, and Efficient: The Many Benefits of Green Architecture

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HomeSoul architecture buildings built environment cities design functional space green architecture low-impact living sustainable designBy Guest Author Matt Lee. This is a sponsored post. . Green building and green architecture has been gaining an increasing share of the market and the number of new homes built each year. While 12 years ago, green homes made up about 2% of the market, today more than a quarter of homes being built are considered green.

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BREEAM-certified residential development in Spain earns the name 'Nature'


Kronos Homes uses green design to create a functional and visually attractive housing complex in Spain

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How to Make Use of Your Unupgradable Old Laptop

Living Green Technology

For instance, Windows 8 or 7 are slightly slower in function than Windows 10, while the latest macOS has various design features that make data management easier.

Solar Trees Marketplace honors nature, technology and Chinese culture


Architecture takes all forms, representing culture, history, function and innovation. Some structures incorporate them all, like the in-process Solar Trees Marketplace currently under construction in the Minhang district, not far from Shanghai, China

The importance of groundwater in coastal areas

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Such nutrients can play a critical role in the function and vulnerability of coastal ecosystems worldwide. A new study highlights the major importance of nutrient inputs to coastal oceans from groundwater.

Discovery Shows How Tuning the Immune System May Enhance Vaccines and Ease Disease

Environmental News Network

Jude Children’s Research Hospital have identified a biological pathway that selectively controls how key immune cells, called T follicular helper cells, mature into functional components of the immune system. Immunologists at St.

What in the world will I ever use this for? Equations of lines and intersection

Environmental Economics

  Economists represent the relationship between the price of gas (call it P) and the quantity of gas drivers buy (call it Q) using a demand function.  government, the monthly demand function for gasoline in the U.S. Demand Function: P = 5.3- Some questions to think about :  What is the slope of the demand function for gasoline (hint: rearrange the demand function into a form similar to Y=mX+b where y is represented by P and X is represented by Q?

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How to Write an Essay on the Environment

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The environment where we live affects how we function and socialize as human beings. Over the years, there has been a growing focus on climate change and how shifts in weather events and temperatures are affecting living organisms.

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Environmental Factors and Their Threat on Autoimmune Diseases

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The quality of our air, food, water, and soil all have a direct effect on how well our bodies can function. It’s no secret that the environment that we live in can significantly impact our health.

What Is The Connection Between CBD And Gut Health?

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It is responsible for maintaining several other functions like brain health, heart health, mood, sleep, and healthy digestion. In recent years, gut health has become of utmost importance within the healthcare spectrum. A robust immune system strongly relies on a healthy gut.

7 Nutrients You Can Only Get From Plant-Based Foods

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Many supporters of a diet including animal products insist that a plant-based diet is insufficient for the full functioning of the body. It’s said that some elements cannot be obtained from plants alone. However, there are many nutrients that we can only get from plant-based foods.

Would you like to be an ecological smallholder?

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Initially the planning permission is temporary for 5 years so that the farmers can prove they are engaged in farm-scale agriculture and demonstrate both the financial viability of their ecological businesses and also a functional need for them to be living on their land in order to maintain them.

Recyclable Garden Containers

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Some tips and tricks on how to use found items and natural materials to create recyclable garden containers that are attractive, functional, and ecologically sound

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