Radiant Natural Beauty with Jessa Blades and Greta Eagan

Eco Chic

Not only does she offer an amazing expertise on cosmetic safety, but her stellar makeup artistry is convincing women of all ages—from savy fashion clients to impressionable teens—that natural beauty products should absolutely be the norm. Black Tea, Fruit Pigmented Mascara, 100% Pure.

2011 90

Carbon Footprints in the Garden

Green (Living) Review

For one thing: if you are already gardening in a sustainable fashion, then your environmental footprint is already significantly diminished and relatively low, and even more so if your are growing your own food as well and especially. In fact, simply having a garden itself, especially one in which fruits and vegetables are grown, helps reduce your environmental footprint immensely.

Feral Childe: Fine Art Meets Fashion in The Searchers for Spring/Summer 2013

Eco Chic

Yet the independent designer label, Feral Childe , has been serving up a sustainable fashion feast for many a season now, and their ethically-made pieces have proven to be both aesthetically rich as well as stylistically grounding.

2013 71