California farmers find ways to work with less water


Famers collaborate with local institutions such as the Fresno State Center for Irrigation Technology to adopt sustainable irrigation methods. “So we have basically three essential functions,” said Charles Hillyer, director of Fresno State’s Center for Irrigation Technology.

Easy and unexpected radish recipes


Green a-cookie-sheet amazon best china farm free fresno noreferrer-noopener radish radishes recipe such-as-the vegetableIf you’ve always considered the humble radish as a garnish, an afterthought or a minor player in salads, these radish recipes may surprise you. Late winter to spring is the best time for this vegetable. Here are a few things to do with those radishes you might find in your yard, your community supported agriculture box or product section at the grocery store.

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"Gulf states reach $18.7 billion settlement with BP over oil spill"

Environmental Economics

I think I've scooped all of the other environmental economics bloggers on this one (the story is from the ABC TV station in Fresno ): Officials in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana announced an $18.7 billion settlement with BP on Thursday that resolves years of litigation over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

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Water pricing (sigh)

Environmental Economics

In Fresno, which gets less than 11 inches of rain a year, a family of four using 400 gallons a day faces a monthly water bill of $28.26. The New York Times sure is making blogging difficult. Highlighting text and hitting the Typepad "Blog It" button doesn't work (in Chrome) or sends me to another NYTimes story (in Firefox) [or vice versa]. Yet, I persevere (save the webpage to desktop, printscreen for images, etc) when it is worth it.

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Solar Energy Collection In Space To Become Reality

Eco Friendly Daily

Once the sunlight is collected, it will be sent to Fresno, California using radio frequency waves. Solar energy is quickly evolving into a more efficient, more affordable type of alternative energy. Many researchers involved in the field have been setting their sights on solar energy acquisition in space. Now a recent contract may make solar energy in space a reality. A solar company in California, Solaren, will be responsible for the components which will be put into space.

Meet the real Catwoman and her mission to protect California’s strays

Green Prophet

In 1997, the Fresno County Board approved a zoning variance for her homestead, now named The Cat House on Kings, allowing it to openly promote itself, attracting new volunteers and needed financial support. A California woman riffed off that old saw of “turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse” when she chose to rebound from a difficult divorce by uprooting to a quiet new home near a tranquil river.

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America’s Top Dirtiest Cities

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3: Fresno & Madera, Calif. You can’t get away from pollution no matter where you live. It infiltrates the air, soil and water in some form or another, and regardless of how careful you are in choosing where you live, you’re bound to face some level of exposure. However, there are cities in America are dirtier than others and Forbes came up with a list of the top five dirtiest cities in the U.S. in terms of air pollution.

Enforcing Jordan’s Smoking Ban: Is the Kingdom Blowing Smoke?

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Mazen Alsaleh, owner of 14 nd hookah cafes, told the Fresno Bee. Five years following its ban on smoking in restaurants and other public spaces, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will start enforcing the rules. By year end, government will also revoke licenses which allow an estimated 6,000 coffee shops to serve sheesha (the Middle Eastern water pipe used for tobacco smokes).

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Time to Celebrate Fresher Air & Cleaner Water and Protect Landscapes from Fracking

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And this month in California, the Sierra Club and the Center for Biological Diversity won a landmark victory when a federal judge ruled that the Obama administration broke the law when it failed to consider the environmental impacts of fracking before leasing 2,700 acres of public land in Monterey and Fresno counties to oil and gas drillers. Landscape in Monterey County, California. By Deb Nardone, Director of Beyond Natural Gas Campaign.

Can California’s cap and trade address environmental justice?


Bakersfield leads the country in particulate pollution, and Fresno ranks second. Can California’s cap and trade address environmental justice? Julia Rosen Wed, 12/16/2020 – 01:30 Growing up in North Richmond, California, Denny Khamphanthong didn’t think much of the siren that wailed once a month at 11 a.m. every first Wednesday.