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Transition Initiatives are locally based groups working to equip their communities with the tools they need to build resilience in the face of fossil fuel depletion, climate change and the economic crises. SEBASTOPOL, CA, March 2009 : Transition US , set up informally in May 2008 by co-founders Jennifer Gray and Pamela Gray, has now become official.

Prosperity of Cities - Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Housing

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DOWNLOAD: (2,933 Kb) [link] Sustainable Urban Energy For cities to confront the challenges of fossil fuel depletion, increasing energy costs and rapid climate change, it is inevitable to develop and implement urban energy management solutions for their sustainable future. Energy efficiency asks, “what would be the best possible way to consume the same good/service”, while renewable energy asks, “could there be sustainable renewable energy alternatives for fossil fuels”.

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Peak oil - A Chance to Change the World

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I say this with some confidence, because our existing energy, food, transport, and financial systems can’t be maintained under the circumstances that are developing—circumstances of fossil fuel depletion and an unstable climate. [link].Again,


The Green Changemakers

Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream. EDITOR'S NOTE: Following is a review of the documentary film "The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream" (The Electric Wallpaper Co.,

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Sustainability Toolkit: Environmental Models

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[link] Image credit: Geos Net Zero Energy Neighborhood, Arvada, Colorado David Kahn Studio, Eldorado Springs, and Michael Tavel Architects, Denver, Colorado Tools are needed to put sustainable design theory into practice.

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Economic History in 10 Minutes

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As society dramatically simplifies itself in the wake of fossil fuel depletion, will we revert to some form of gift economy?

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The Local Food and Farming Revolution

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We must end our dependence on fossil fuels, chemical fertilizers, and mechanization in our food production. The biggest driver is going to be the increasing cost and decreasing availability of fossil fuels, especially oil.

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Heinberg on Life Beyond Growth

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In effect, we have to create a desirable “new normal” that fits the constraints imposed by depleting natural resources. If a species finds that its food source has expanded, its numbers will increase to take advantage of those surplus calories—but then its food source will become depleted as more mouths consume it, and its predators will likewise become more numerous (more tasty meals for them!). A fabulous piece by Richard Heinberg. What if the economy doesn’t recover?

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