Contiguous cover forestry

Green (Living) Review

More often than not those organization(s) behind this are promoting nothing uniform plantations of conifers, and other trees, in other words, monocultures, which generally lack biodiversity greatly, as opposed to mixed woodlands and forests, but is contiguous forest cover.

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Plant 1 Billion Trees: Remembering the Wangari Maathai. ~ Jenna Penielle Lyons {Video}

Elephant Journal

Wangari Maathai was the first African woman (and the first environmentalist) to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Sustainable forest management benefits people and the Planet

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This method, alas, does not work with coniferous woods needed for paper pulp production, as they do not grow back when cut at the base unlike many of the deciduous trees on our Planet. forest management forestry sustainable forestry

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Encouraging planting trees will sequester carbon and conserve habitat

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" "Policymakers have tools to increase tree cover and limit urban sprawl, such as targeted taxes, incentives and zoning," he added. Foresters through the ages have known the importance of trees and their habitat for the Planet, even though they may not have expressed it, or been able to express this, in a scientific way. We need more trees, period! After all wood is made by trees and not in some factory. by Michael smith (Veshengro) Oh my G-d!

Petition ‘The Lorax’ Speak for the Trees

Wend Magazine

“Currently, the movie website, trailer, and story summary have no mention of helping our planet! We must speak for the trees. I recall in 1988 “The Lorax” was banned by the school district of Laytonville, California because it “criminalized the forestry industry” Apparently members of that community feared local children were being manipulated into believing that their parents’ livelihood was derived through evil means.

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Harvesting urban timber

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I know that this sounds a little on the drastic side but fact is that there are times where urban trees have to be felled or have to have a real serious haircut, be it street trees, those in parks, or those on private properties. In the wild trees are getting harder to come by, and thus lumber for the making of various things, because too many of our woodlands are not properly managed and have not been for many decades.

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Managing our Woods (Advert)

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Having worked in all aspects of of woodland management and forestry since childhood woods and forests and their proper management are my passion and the old management systems, especially that of coppicing. Forestry Review green living woodland management woodlands

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Burning wood for the Planet's good

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In fact wood, that is to say firewood is, in the form of proper logs, to my knowledge, the only carbon neutral fuel, so far, for heating and cooking, as it releases only the amount of CO2 that it absorbed during the lifetime of the tree and no more. While coal, and even peat, are both also plant matter and even trees, in a way, only much older, their impact when burned is not carbon neutral. as biomass, planted and hence more CO2 captured by those that are best at in, namely trees.

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The need for a return to coppice management

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The high timber forest consisting of so-called standards, with no small growth trees and coppice beneath, has its place and especially in areas where coppicable deciduous trees do not and cannot grow, and also for some end uses. coppicing forestry Forstwirtschaft Niederwaldwirtschaft Waldwirtschaft woodland management

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Sawmills and the Limits of Conservation Science

Nature Conservancy - Science

The island had been heavily logged 30+ years ago, and today much of the island is covered in dense, uniform stands of young growth trees that are of little value to wildlife. Riding in his truck, he told me of cutting a massive spruce tree and then sitting down to lunch and counting 800 rings.


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Coppice management of woodlands actually enhances biodiversity and creates new growth with much higher carbon sequestration than that of old trees that have reached the end of their productive lives. forest products forestry wood wood products

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When will the lies about paper stop?

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The majority of the paper industry, however, at least in Northern Europe, owns its own forests (though they do buy in from private and state forestry) and replant a minimum of three trees for each single one felled to make paper. Were it not for the paper industry those forests would not even exist and the land would, more than likely, be used for something else, though not agriculture or forestry in any other sense. paper forestry

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Two Sides Targets U.S. Consumers With New Ad Campaign

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"For example, a lot of people don''t know that 65 percent of paper produced in the United States each year is collected and recycled or that there are now 49 percent more trees growing in U.S. paper billing paper forestry paper use print paper records

Managing our woods

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One being cheap imported wood, often tropical hardwoods, hazel beanpoles being replaced by cheap bamboo canes or even plastic ones, and the aforementioned misguided environmentalists what have insisted that trees and woodlands must remain unmanaged as ''Nature manages itself''. Wildlife and the Planet will thank us for it. woodlands coppice coppicing woodland crafts woods forests forestry woodland products woodland management coppice management

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Environmental Economics: More on bigfoot

Environmental Economics

» February 24, 2011 More on bigfoot I received this followup to NC bigfoot story from the inbox: Animal Planet and the rest of the misguided Bigfoot junkies did indeed spend all day 02/12 looking [loon-ing] for Bigfoot in the Uwharrie Mountains (link below).

15 Strategies to Reduce Deforestation


Trees help regulate the climate, filter water through their root system, capture dust particles and pollutants from the air and stabilize soils against erosion. Deforestation is happening everywhere on the planet for many different reasons that vary from region to region. Plant a tree.

Sustainable Agroforestry Systems and Practices in Agriculture


The practice of cultivating trees on farms alongside other agricultural production has a long history throughout the world. People have always known that trees have their place on farms. Trees bring diversity. Trees stand for improved resistance. Mixed tree gardens.

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The Deceit of Yes/No Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Take forestry in Santa Cruz, California. I learned what forestry really looks like in Santa Cruz. All timber harvest in the sub-district is single-tree harvest, which means trees are cut one at a time, leaving many trees in place.

How Does Deforestation Affect Animals?


Deforestation defined as “the cutting down of trees in a large area, or the destruction of trees by people,” is a huge problem and it is estimated that between 3 and 7 billion trees are cut down each year. Trees play a vital role in controlling climate. Planting tree.

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How eco-friendly are barbecues?

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This edict is inspired by a recent report from forestry NGO “ Playing with Fire: Human Misery, Environmental Destruction and Summer BBQs ”. You should always look for an FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) symbol if possible.

Let’s Not Go with the Flow


As deforestation activities are taking place globally, we are not only destroying the plants and trees but also diminishing the soil’s water holding capacity and this is making the soil more vulnerable to pollution or erosion. We know that 71% of our planet is water and only 29% is land area.

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Is Britain becoming deforested?

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro), RFA Latest national tree planting figures show a continuing decrease in the rate of woodland creation, whilst trees and woods are being lost across the UK Tree planting figures released by the Forestry Commission show the rate of woodland creation in the UK continues to fall despite recent calls for increasing woodland cover from within and outside government. Woods and trees are not a luxury but essential for our future quality of life.

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Top 10 Interesting Facts about the Rainforest


Imagine spectacular shows of colorful birds, monkeys swinging high in tree canopies, exotic amphibians, slinking reptiles; or crystal-clear waterfalls and striking vegetation with all shades of green. Flowering yellow lapacho tree. Rainforests are the richest terrestrial ecosystems.

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How Can We Prevent or Reverse Desertification and Save Lands from Desert Encroachment?


This pattern keeps repeating faster and faster–failing areas keep getting larger, our population too, but the land we have available on this planet remains the same. Livestock can benefit from grazing among trees as well. Protection of native forests and tree planting.

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Why Is Biodiversity Important to Ecosystems?


That area can be as large as the earth itself or it can be in a very small ecosystem such as the life in and surrounding a patch of moss on a fallen tree trunk. Our planet is in the midst of what is commonly called the Sixth Mass Extinction. The biosphere, the totality of life is a.

A Long Journey to TED

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"So far though I can say that giving up something I loved to do, while it has presented its challenges, has also greatly supported the work we are doing to make reforestation a global movement and with the UN year of forest upon us I invite everyone to take a slow journey with a long view and plant a tree," said Liao. Don't miss some details of his trip and how planting trees can restore our children's planet.

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Carbon capture and storage

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But thinking about it we must because any such incidents could and probably would mean the end of all life on the Planet. Nature, believe it or not, has provided the perfect means of carbon capture and storage facilities; they are called trees. Natural carbon capture and storage in trees is also proven and has been successfully going on for millions of years. Let's hear it for trees as means of carbon capture and storage.

Is Wood Laminate Flooring the Greener Choice?

Green Furniture Home Design

Though today’s technology does allow for some types of sustainable forestry, but hardwood takes centuries to grow properly, and old-growth trees are very rare. Refinishing a hardwood floor requires enormous amounts of chemicals that are generally dangerous to the planet. To ensure the planet is safe in the future, laminate is made from materials that are recyclable, and it can easily be made into new floors at the ends of its life.

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Refinding The Rainforest

Eco Friendly Daily

We all get weary and overwhelmed with the state of the planet, and sometimes it can be hard to imagine any improvement. With the removal of trees, rain has washed away nutrients and cattle herds have compacted the soil.

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Harvesting Whitebark Pine Cones to Save a Forest

Nature Conservancy - Science

You are at the very top of a whitebark pine ( pinus albicaulus ) tree, where the main trunk narrows down to four inches or so in diameter, and the cones you are here to cage and protect for later harvest are still eight feet or more above you. The Toughest Most Noble Tree.

Where are we to get all the hardwood from for the wood stoves?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Where are we to get all the slow-growing hardwood trees from for all the wood-burning stoves that we are encouraged to buy, was a question or similar asked by some newspaper people the other day. Firewood, in ordinary forest operations comes from everything from a tree that is not going into the market for furniture and such, and firewood is also grown specially in coppice woods, on a short rotation basis.

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Recovery: The Great Teddy Bear Rescue

Nature Conservancy - Science

So his guides captured a geriatric bear and tied it to a tree for him to shoot. Financed by the USDA’s Soil Conservation Service, farmers razed trees, bulldozing marketable timber into windrows and letting it rot.

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Sensilize delivers chemistry lab by drone to the farmer’s field

Green Prophet

Not everyone loves the idea of a drone honing in on you in your backyard, but in agriculture, forestry and even in conservation they are the hot topic of the year. How can we make the most of drones to better food production, and help our planet?

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Legal deforestation takes place because countries can earn money and create jobs by selling trees and clearing land for agriculture. The global economy does not value the services that forests provide when trees are kept alive, so under the Kyoto Protocol it is more valuable to cut forests down than to leave them standing. Every tree lost is part of the lungs of the Planet lost.

Is eBilling a form of greenwashing?

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They should consider the fact that there are no trees to cut down, no effluent waste water and no solid waste in the production of emails – just because trees are a renewable resource doesn’t mean that paper is a sustainable way to communicate.

Orang You Glad Your Chair is from a Sustainable Source?

Conservancy Talk

To encourage sustainable forestry, regional governments—often with the political, financial, and technical support of the European Union, Australia and the United States— are helping countries to improve laws and regulations governing forestry.

My Wild Trip to Borneo

Conservancy Talk

In Costa Rica, I experienced how important tropical forests were to the amazing diversity of life on this planet, and I wanted to be a part of the fight to protect them. We saw newly cleared areas in and near the village designated for rubber tree plantations and vegetable gardens.

My Top 12 Wildlife Watching Moments

10,000 Birds

The Forestry Department checkpoint is unlocked for us (good to know that endangered birds are kept locked) and we drive on through the teak forest that is almost leafless. Now I keep my eyes glued to the sky above the trees. I would love to find myself next to a Blue Whale , compared to which I am as miniature as that brave mouse was next to me, to be small and humble in admiration of the greatest animal on the planet.

5 Fun Things to do in Woodlands, Parks, and Forests

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There is plenty to do in UK woodland that costs next to nothing and can even help the environment, such as joining a group to plant new trees. Check out the UK Forestry website and find your nearest local woodland.

Cristina Eisenberg on Large Predators, Large Landscapes and Coexistence

Nature Conservancy - Science

Currently a post-doctoral fellow in Oregon State’s School of Forestry , she is a frequent speaker and writer on predator conservation. There were still lots of deer and elk, but they could no longer stand around complacently, mowing down trees and shrubs to ankle height.

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Human health linked directly to forest health

The Green Changemakers

Our research confirms what we know instinctively: Human health is inextricably linked to the health of the planet,” says Chris Elliot, WWF’s Executive Director of Conservation. The report, released in advance of World Forestry Day on March 21, singles out deforestation for its key impacts on human health. World Forestry Day takes on special significance this year, as 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity.

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10 Ways to Solve the Jobs Problem

The Green Changemakers

We can’t keep tearing up the planet to keep ourselves employed. Some restoration can even pay for itself, as in restoration forestry where folks make products from the fire-prone, small-diameter trees normally considered too small to market. No trees needed.

2010 60

Heating in a Post-Oil Age World

Green (Living) Review

While wood and peat was the heat source before coal and oil it was also a case of much fewer people on this Planet then compared with today and we would not have enough firewood to go around today to meet all the demand, for it is not just heating homes that is the issue. Actually, that too creates an environmental problem in that the decaying wood not only releases carbon back into the air but a gas many times more dangerous to the Planet; methane.

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