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FRIM (Forestry Research Institute of Malaysia) is open to the public who come to bathe in waterfalls, cycle, walk, picnic and attend educational events, but most of this takes part in a small section close to the entrance. Birding Birds Crested Serpent Eagle FRIM Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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The Deceit of Yes/No Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Take forestry in Santa Cruz, California. I learned what forestry really looks like in Santa Cruz. This regime puts even the “sustainable forestry practices” in other regions to shame.

Indonesia’s Forests Loom As Green Gold

Green (Living) Review

"This is why there is so much attention on Indonesia with the ongoing discussions regards REDD," said Patrick Durst, FAO’s senior forestry officer for Asia and the Pacific. " Even before the prospect of new revenue streams from REDD heading to Indonesia, Jakarta had been pursuing measures to curb logging in its forests. " But this path to potential prosperity is also paved with hurdles, the most daunting among them being corruption in the forestry sector.