Industrial agriculture and forestry

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We are dealing with Nature as if she were a factory floor and we even call agriculture and forestry nowadays industries. Agri-Industry agriculture Earth forestry green living Mother Earth nature

The horse in forestry operations

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This was when the horse was in general use on farms but today the horse still should have a place in forestry for one and will, of this we can be sure, soon also have that place again in farming. horse forestry operations horses logging forestry horse logging

Logging Carbon by Trailing Loggers

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Carbon emission performance of commercial logging in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Carbon emissions performance of commercial logging in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Instead, Griscom and colleagues went where the logging action was actually happening.

Forestry Panel backs publicly-owned woods and forests

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) There is a “continuing role” for a national publicly-owed forest estate in England, the Independent Panel on Forestry, an independent, so the name suggests, panel set up in the wake of the Government's sell-off U-turn, has concluded. In a progress report, the Independent Panel on Forestry says it is developing recommendations that will “increase the benefits generated from all forests in England”. Forestry Commission forests forestry

Logging Ash to Save Hemlocks

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It’s a tough choice made tougher by this important fact: one of the main reasons Woodbourne Preserve was established was to prohibit any logging on the property. But these are tough decisions, especially at a preserve with a strict no logging policy.

Mapping Reduced-Impact Logging With Lidar

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New research from Nature Conservancy scientists demonstrates that lidar — a way of remotely mapping forests with lasers — is an effective and accurate tool to measure the effects of reduced-impact logging in Indonesia, but it’s still not as cost effective as traditional ground-based monitoring.

Bioacoustics Reveal How Biodiversity Changes Across Borneo’s Logged Forests

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I’m deep in a logging concession in Indonesian Borneo, and I’ve just witnessed the routine harvesting of a dipterocarp tree bound for the plywood mill. Where Logging Reigns, Going Beyond Sharing vs Sparing. 1 of 7 Rows of recorders awaiting programming back in the logging camp.

After the Clearcuts: People and Ecology in an Alaska Rainforest

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This is young growth forest, trees that have grown following extensive logging, often by clearcutting, thirty years ago. National forest and tribal land account for much of the island, and by the 1980s, most of it was being logged. We need to get the most out of a log that we can.

Modeling Logging’s Impacts on Biodiversity & Carbon in a Hypothetical Forest

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But what’s less often acknowledged is halting logging entirely will make climate change worse, as wood is one of the most sustainable building materials. A World Without Logging Doesn’t Exist. Mapping Reduced-Impact Logging with Lidar.

Wildwood – Sustainable Forestry in Action

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Not many people have heard of Wildwood, but it exemplifies a sustainable approach to forestry and forest management. Certain basic principles have guided this small-scale sustainable forestry. It is an ethic that sets Wildwood apart from most North American logging operations.

Juggling Chainsaws: Carbon, Biodiversity, and Livelihoods in the Logging Landscape

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A forest planner tags trees at a reduced impact logging (RIL) concession in East Kalimanatan, Indonesia. Fortunately new methods are emerging to verify lower impact logging, so that the conservation benefits of “sharing” nature with timber production can be carefully tracked.


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Avrim Lazar, President and CEO of the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) and Chair of the United Nations Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products (ACPWP), came out yesterday in strong support of the WWF's call-to-action to stop global deforestation saying the challenge could go even further by including a call to end illegal logging – one of the key contributors to global deforestation.

Sawmills and the Limits of Conservation Science

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The island had been heavily logged 30+ years ago, and today much of the island is covered in dense, uniform stands of young growth trees that are of little value to wildlife. That’s why I’m now at a small sawmill in the forest, one where logs sit are stowed in abandoned pick-up trucks.

Modern Farming vs Natural Farming

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Brower And this goes for farming as much as for forestry, by the way, as far as the use of big machines is concerned. I have only recently gotten rid off such materials (logs) of even pine and spruce, that have been laying on the woodland floor for more than five years with very little decay.

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Harvesting urban timber

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Often the lumber that is shipped and especially the lumber from which those products from places such as China, Vietnam and such places, are made comes from illegal logging operations. The timber industry historically would not take city trees due to the risk of metal in the logs that could damage their expensive sawmill blades and also and especially the scattered smaller trees with often poor form compared to a forest grown tree were not profitable to process.

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Con-Lib government selling off Britain's forests

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Walkers and endangered animals, like red squirrels and owls, would have to make way for Center Parcs-style holiday villages, golf courses, and logging companies” by 38 Degrees ( [link] ) are not helpful as they more than likely are very misleading. “We The Forestry Commission was not, in fact, established to protect our forests. Having worked in forestry, private forestry, for many years this is something rather new to me.

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Habitat piles

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Habitat piles have become an excuse for lazy forestry practice and most importantly a health hazard in the woods by Michael Smith (Veshengro), RFA, EcoFor I know that habitat piles, themselves, sound like a disease but it is not, though they can be a pain in the posterior of the professional forester and the agriculturalist concerned with healthy trees. They should be created with care and ideally be logs set into the ground in a fashion.

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Using the whole tree, and not just for firewood

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Producing firewood – logs and kindling – is, obviously, a quick and easy way of turning the wood from the lot worked into some sort of an income. woodworkers woodlands forestry woodland products woodland management

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Foresters with horns

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Goats can provide such a valuable work and service in managing woodlands and countryside that they should be brought back into use in the same way as should hogs, as should horses for logging. It is then especially when, aside from the scythe and the billhook in human hands, the four-legged brush cutters and earth tillers and log movers will come into their own once again. woodlands forest management forestry pigs woodland management goats

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The Last Tree for Orangutans

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The Nature Conservancy has been working in East Kalimantan since 1991 to protect the habitat of this great ape by working with local communities to sustainably log Indonesian forests.

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Managing our woods

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The same, it has to be said, even applies to firewood and in 2011 Britain imported logs from afar afield as Poland, Western Russia and the Ukraine. woodlands coppice coppicing woodland crafts woods forests forestry woodland products woodland management coppice management by Michael Smith, RFA, RFS, EcoFor Britain, for thousands of years, had one of the finest woodland management systems; one that is hardly known and used elsewhere, namely coppicing.

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Drive less?

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Good news / bad news: Americans logged more miles in their cars last year than in any year since 2007, bouncing back from a steep decline in driving spurred by the recession and the 2008 run-up in gasoline prices.

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15 Strategies to Reduce Deforestation


Practice eco-forestry. Join a community forestry project. Report illegal logging. Since the industry has such a high need for wood, it should come as no surprise that some part of the timber originates from illegal logging. 9 Practice eco-forestry.

Bourbon barrel economics

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SUMMARY:  Distilleries are navigating a bourbon-barrel shortage, as increased demand for the drink coincided with reduction of logging of the white oak wood. Here are the quantities: And from the article: The logging industry last year rebounded to produce 8.6

How eco-friendly are barbecues?

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This edict is inspired by a recent report from forestry NGO “ Playing with Fire: Human Misery, Environmental Destruction and Summer BBQs ”. You should always look for an FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) symbol if possible.

Help Stop the Privatization of BC's Public Forest Lands!

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The legislation would essentially make crown forest land more like private land in terms of management and logging rights. That’s why we're asking you to write to the BC government today, urging them NOT to change BC’s forestry laws to give more control to private logging companies.

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The Deceit of Yes/No Conservation

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Say ‘No’ to Logging Santa Cruz’s Redwoods? Take forestry in Santa Cruz, California. On an intermittent basis, the community is faced with a choice, framed in a familiar way: should we allow logging in the redwoods? A “no” to logging in Santa Cruz does not reduce timber demand.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Green Earth Journey

But rampant global consumption and illegal logging put a heavy strain on these crucial resources. To that end we work with everyone from large corporations to forest-based communities to ensure that logging is done responsibly, so that sensitive ecosystems and workers are protected.

How to Use Wood-Grain Furniture More Sustainably


The impact of illegal logging and sustainable wood practices. Illegal logging has a major impact on the reducing number of forests in the world. Illegal logging companies pay off corrupt governments to ignore their activities. Can eco-friendly forestry exist?

Maintaining Healthy Forests Takes More than Planting Trees

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Logging Ash to Save Hemlocks. Forestry scientists and practitioners discuss the implementation of an ICO approach. The ICO approach to restoration thinning works best in even-aged forests — often those that were replanted by people in the past (whether after logging or fire).

Musicwood–Aiming to Save a National Forest for the Sake of Music

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This area is also the largest temperate rainforest in the world, and is home to outstanding old-growth forestry. The film follows the coalition of guitar makers as they face a logging company owned by Native Americans whose history in the area dates back 10,000 years. Click here to view the embedded video. According to the filmmakers behind Musicwood , “The world is running out of wood.&# This statement shouldn’t come as a shock to you.

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Indonesia’s Forests Loom As Green Gold

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"This is why there is so much attention on Indonesia with the ongoing discussions regards REDD," said Patrick Durst, FAO’s senior forestry officer for Asia and the Pacific. " Even before the prospect of new revenue streams from REDD heading to Indonesia, Jakarta had been pursuing measures to curb logging in its forests. " But this path to potential prosperity is also paved with hurdles, the most daunting among them being corruption in the forestry sector.

How Does Deforestation Affect Animals?


Commercial logging also contributes to deforestation, and forests are cut down for development [4]. To be most effective, we cannot focus completely on stopping all logging because it is an integral part of many communities. This is done in four main ways: combating illegal logging.

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China's 80 billion-a-year chopstick habit has serious impact on forests

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According to Bai Guangxin, chairman of Jilin Forestry Industry Group, China produces 80 billion disposable chopsticks per year, up sharply from the 57 billion estimated by the state forestry administration in 2010.

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New Danger for Australian World Heritage Wilderness


Opening these forests for logging would break international law, and that would damage Australia’s reputation, demand for forestry products, and Tasmania’s clean, green brand upon which other industries rely.

Just Hours Left to Donate to Musicwood’s Kickstarter Project–Cool Prizes Await

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This area is also the largest temperate rainforest in the world, and is home to outstanding old-growth forestry. The film follows the coalition of guitar makers as they face a logging company owned by Native Americans whose history in the area dates back 10,000 years.

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For World Orangutan Day, An Ambitious Plan to Save These Great Apes

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Mapping Reduced-Impact Logging with Lidar. Private companies, especially forestry companies, manage significant lands in Kalimantan. FSC involves a rigorous certification process that ensures forestry practices meet the highest international environmental, social and economic standards.

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Windfall wood: the rules of taking fallen wood

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Many take to the streets or local parks and woods to stock up on fallen branches and logs for fires and wood burners or other uses. It is also possible, for a small fee, to obtain a license from the Forestry Commission that allows you to legitimately collect wood.

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News for Northern Spotted Owl Goes From Bad to Worse

10,000 Birds

(Photo by the California Forestry Association). The logging industry has made your existence fraught , and it’s not like you’ve gotten much help from the powers that be. It’s hard to be a Northern Spotted Owl , inhabiting old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest. For the past 25 years, you’ve been listed as a Threatened species. Well, now we’re getting a better idea of exactly how hard it is.

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Estimated impact of October 2013's St Jude storm

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The Forestry Commission’s National Incident Management Team organized a survey of over 160 woodlands over two weeks, searching for trees blown over or snapped and looking at damage to their crowns to assess overall woodland damage.

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Family realize their dreams with their own forest and sawmill

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My wife Jane comes from the area and our neighbors are all her relations,” says John Cushnie, looking as though he is the cat who got all the cream as he lifts an oak log onto his Logosol saw. “I’m

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10 Solutions for Natural Resource Depletion


These practices mimic the natural destruction and regeneration patterns of nature and involve aspects such as establishing protected areas, create a harvesting plan and using logging techniques that are easier on the natural environment. As the human population increases and economies.

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Exotic Tree Species under Pests Attack in Malawi


I asked a forestry officer working with Malawi government, Glory Kalawo on what is being done to combat the pest attack, but she said up to now researchers have not been able to come up with any solutions to date. The future of man-made forests in Malawi.