Contiguous cover forestry

Green (Living) Review

This kind of forestry only benefits the corporations. But present day commercial forestry, even in the country that is the birthplace of sustainable forestry, is only interested in fast growing trees that can be harvested within about a generation to make a quick buck.

Invasive species and forestry

Environmental Economics

[link]. I don't think there is much Mark can do against an enemy as  invasive species. But, we'll see soon. The DOA just showed up today  to "investigate the strange beetles Mark found on trees in Wallace Wood's tree farm."  "  And, I might be dim, but considering the simple Faustmann model (below) couldn't Wally Wood cut down the trees today and receive almost as much revenue (i.e.,


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Industrial agriculture and forestry

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We are dealing with Nature as if she were a factory floor and we even call agriculture and forestry nowadays industries. In forestry the huge harvesters, which are claimed to be so much more efficient than using loggers and tractors or better still horses to move the logs, with their weight and wheels destroy everything in their wake but then it is the fact that branches have not been left laying on the floor “for the wildlife”.

Gender and diversity in forestry

Green (Living) Review

Confor has produced a new report to examine the "apparent paradox" around gender and diversity in the forestry sector in Scotland. The document, written by academic Dr Eleanor Harris, was presented to Forestry Minister Dr Aileen McLeod at the recent Confor industry dinner - and is published on March 8, 2016 to mark International Women's Day. Listening to the views of women - and men - in the forestry and timber sector seemed a good place to start."

The horse in forestry operations

Green (Living) Review

This was when the horse was in general use on farms but today the horse still should have a place in forestry for one and will, of this we can be sure, soon also have that place again in farming. Aside from pulling wagons the horse in forestry was primarily used to pull tree trunks from the felling area to the roadside and such like and has a much lighter footprint on the ground than does the tractor or today's tree harvesters.

The Path to Sustainable Forestry


The Path to Sustainable Forestry Date/Time: June 3, 2021 (1-2PM ET / 10-11AM PT) The forest industry is embracing more sustainable practices that protect people, biodiversity and our climate – and many companies have set goals to source from more sustainable forests.

Tree marking knife; the sustainable forestry tool

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) This tool, in German called Baumreisser, and produced, predominately by German and Swiss tool makers, such as Victorinox (Switzerland) and Otter (Germany), has been an important tool for the forestry worker and forester in time past. The tree marking knife, the Baumreisser (tree ripper), was used in the past by forestry workers after a tree had been felled and the branches removed used to mark the cutting length depending on the timber grade.

Forestry Panel backs publicly-owned woods and forests

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) There is a “continuing role” for a national publicly-owed forest estate in England, the Independent Panel on Forestry, an independent, so the name suggests, panel set up in the wake of the Government's sell-off U-turn, has concluded. In a progress report, the Independent Panel on Forestry says it is developing recommendations that will “increase the benefits generated from all forests in England”. Forestry Commission forests forestry

New report highlights threat to future of forestry industry

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The future of the forestry industry in Scotland is under serious threat unless urgent action is taken to secure the long-term supply of timber, a leading industry figure has warned. Stuart Goodall, Chief Executive of Confor: Promoting forestry and wood , said action had to be taken now to protect the 40,000 jobs supported by the forestry sector in Scotland, many of them in rural communities with few other large employers.

We need more young people in horticulture and forestry

Green (Living) Review

The challenges in all three trades, whether horticulture, agriculture or forestry, are immense, especially and including as regards to climate change and diseases that are emerging more than likely due to it. Farming and forestry too are important as without farming we have none of the other foods and without forestry out woodlands and forests would not be managed and fall into disrepair and decline, despite some misguided souls believing that Nature would do it all itself better than we.

Sustainability teams need forestry and natural resource experts


Original post: Sustainability teams need forestry and natural resource experts. Fully seizing nature-based solutions requires companies to hire those who study natural systems, natural products and their interactions with societies. Business Green and-carbon and-their complicated exploring-the-complicated interactions natural-products rest-on-companies smartphone-sales

Is it time for the Forestry Commission to be stood down?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Is it time for the Forestry Commission, maybe, to be stood down and that our woodlands (and our forests) be placed into cooperative – I did say cooperative not corporate – management? I am not saying that the British Forestry Commission is not fit for purpose; it has had its time and purpose and its original purpose, when founded just after World War One, has been fulfilled, and that already a long time ago.

FRA highlights Positive Forestry Report from UK

Green (Living) Review

Bainbridge Island, WA, December 2011 : A new report highlighting the strength of the forestry market in the UK over the past year has been highlighted by Forestry Research Associates (FRA) as another reason to invest in timber. This is according to FRA, which supports various forms of forestry investment, from buying forested land in the UK as a property investment, to buying areas of plantation land in Brazil, through managed forestry firms like Greenwood Management.

Royal Forestry Society warning on Lyme disease for forestry workers

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Just in time for tick season the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) has produced a new fact sheet designed to prevent forestry workers and members of the public visiting forests and woodlands getting Lyme disease. The move is seen as particularly important because the disease is becoming more common and the symptoms can be severe. The disease is caused by Borrelia bacteria transferred from infected wildlife to humans, through a tick bite.

Wildwood – Sustainable Forestry in Action

Eco Friendly Daily

Not many people have heard of Wildwood, but it exemplifies a sustainable approach to forestry and forest management. Certain basic principles have guided this small-scale sustainable forestry. These issues are very controversial – with forestry management and logging companies convinced of harvesting benefits. Wildwood was ahead of its time, but may now serve to educate and inspire forestry management.

SilviaTerra’s Zack Parisa on data-driven forestry


SilviaTerra’s Zack Parisa on data-driven forestry This video is sponsored by SilviaTerra. View post: SilviaTerra’s Zack Parisa on data-driven forestry. Pete May, President and Co-Founder at GreenBiz Group interviewed Zack Parisa, CEO of SilviaTerra during GreenBiz 21 on February 9-11th. View archived videos from the conference here: [link]. YanniGuo Thu, 03/04/2021 – 13:16 Featured Off.

4 things corporations should know about urban forestry projects


4 things corporations should know about urban forestry projects Jesse Klein Thu, 09/24/2020 – 01:00 It’s hard to make planting trees political, one reason this climate mitigation strategy has received rare bipartisan support for the past two decades. But urban forestry has a different history. That’s one reason investing in urban forestry isn’t as simple; nor does it have the same sustainability impacts. the 10 best cities for urban forestry.

6 differences between forestry and soil carbon offsets


6 differences between forestry and soil carbon offsets Jesse Klein Wed, 11/04/2020 – 01:00 Carbon offsets are a big, confusing topic. Carbon credit projects vary widely, from urban forestry projects to air carbon capture to regenerative agriculture. In two VERGE 20 sessions, experts dived deep into the specifics of soil carbon credits and forestry carbon credits. Right now, forestry credit contracts tend towards 50 or even 100 years.

Architects turn invasive plants and forestry waste into a sculpture


After Architecture co-founders Katie MacDonald and Kyle Schumann recently installed Homegrown, a large-scale installation built from invasive plant species and forestry waste. Designed to promote an “alternative material ethic,” Homegrown shows how small-scale landscaping waste, forestry scraps that are too small or irregular for industry use and invasive plant species , such as kudzu and bamboo, can be repurposed in architectural applications.

Using urban forestry to fight for environmental justice


Using urban forestry to fight for environmental justice Breanna Draxler Tue, 03/30/2021 – 00:05 The term “urban forest” may sound like an oxymoron. See original here: Using urban forestry to fight for environmental justice. When most of us think about forests, we may picture vast expanses of tall trunks and dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves, far from the busyness of the city.

Rainforest Alliance and Kingfisher working together to support sustainable forestry

Green (Living) Review

The Rainforest Alliance and Kingfisher PLC have joined forces to tackle some of the most difficult issues facing companies who strive to source their timber from legal and sustainable sources. The SmartSource programme of the Rainforest Alliance will work with the Kingfisher Group across its business to identify sources that require special attention moving them towards FSC certification and ensuring compliance with Kingfishers own stringent timber sourcing policy along the way.

Let me drone on a moment about drones for agriculture or forestry


Let me drone on a moment about drones for agriculture or forestry Heather Clancy Thu, 02/25/2021 – 00:05 As more corporate sustainability teams cultivate projects to restore biodiversity and degraded landscapes or to nurture soil carbon sequestration and other nature-based climate solutions, interest in drone technologies that can weed out the best opportunities is flourishing. Read more: Let me drone on a moment about drones for agriculture or forestry.


Green (Living) Review

Speaking to over 6000 delegates from around the world at the XIIIth World Forestry Congress in Buenos Aires, Mr. Lazar held up Canada's environmental record in forestry as setting the standard for excellence in sustainable forest management and the reduction of GHGs. And Canada leads the way in sustainable forestry practices having retained 90% of original forest area and is home to 40% of the world's third-party certified forest land.

European forestry scientists for a field test to monitor climate change acutely


Abdul Vahid V: European forestry scientists have initiated an extensive field test to learn the impact of global warming on trees and nature. It means forestry researchers can gather data from trees that locate in diverse environments. Several European forestry agencies take part in this massive project. According to Chris Jones, who is from the Forestry Commission in Wales, it has been one of the largest trails in the forest research ever.

Livable Communities through Urban Forestry

The Green Changemakers

This talk was presented at the Livable Communities through Urban Forestry Conference in Washington DC, August 6, 2015 by Suzanne H. Urban forestry & urban greening 4, 115–123 (2006) Nowak, D. This is the second part of a talk presented at the Livable Communities through Urban Forestry Conference in Washington DC, August 6, 2015 by Suzanne H. Green Health Sustainability Sustainable-development Urban Urban ForestryBy Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard, Ph.D.(Arch.),

Grey squirrels – the biggest risk to our woodland heritage say woodland owners and managers

Green (Living) Review

The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) is calling on the Government and Forestry Commission England to put control of grey squirrels on a similar level of importance to that of tree diseases. forestry Forestry Review gray squirrels It is pressing for more research, effective support for woodland owners and managers, and for a programme to increase public awareness of the threat to the health of our broadleaved woods caused by grey squirrels.

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The Waste Product Which Could Help Mitigate Climate Change

Environmental News Network

A product made from urban, agriculture and forestry waste has the added benefit of reducing the carbon footprint of modern farming, an international review involving UNSW has found.

Solo's new chainsaws are smooth operators

Green (Living) Review

Perfect for groundscare and forestry professionals working on local authority landscapes, private estates, the golf course or in wooded settings, the 651C and 656C models also benefit from a light weight of just 5.4kg and improved ergonomics. tree work forestry tools forestry operations tree felling groundscare forestry woodland management

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Goats – your new firefighting friends

Green Prophet

Supported by the Jewish National Fund’s Forestry Division, the OLI is also looking at different methods to see how grazing as fire-prevention can be expanded. Nature forestry natural pest control regenerative agriculture

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Urban trees save hundreds of lives and billions of dollars each year in the U.S.

Green (Living) Review

forestry forests green living trees trees for cities urban forestry A new study by the USDA''s Forest Service tells us what all good treehuggers already knew; trees are good for you, especially if you live in a urban area. While it''s impossible to know exactly what benefits the urban trees bring us - including many psychological ones - the researchers have tried to estimate their impact using computer simulations.

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Innovation in Responding to Climate Change: Nanotechnology, Ocean Energy and Forestry

The Green Changemakers

This report offers three innovative solutions in responding to climate change, namely nanotechnology, ocean energy and forestry. By Miguel Esteban, Christian Webersik, David Leary and Dexter Thompson-Pomeroy The report is available for download here. Climate change is high on the global agenda.

Sycamore tree and Sycamore wood

Green (Living) Review

With Ash Dieback (ADB) making itself rather felt in woodlands across Britain UK forestry bodies are looking abroad for foreign replacement completely disregarding the Sycamore and, still more often than not, rejecting any suggestion of looking at that tree, which does so well, bar for sooty bark, in the UK where it tends to grow like a weed, with the comment that it is not a native tree. Ash dieback forestry Sycamore timber trees wood woodland management

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Fine pruning with ARS and Sorbus International

Green (Living) Review

Sorbus International is a leading supplier of specialist and hi-tech equipment to the arboricultural, forestry, landscaping, utility, ground maintenance and environmental care sectors in the UK and worldwide. forestry tools pruning forestry woodland management Somerset based Sorbus International Ltd. are the appointed exclusive UK distributors of the Japanese ARS range of high quality pruning equipment.


Green (Living) Review

forestry Forestry Review green living woodland crafts woodland management woodlands Author, journalist and TV presenter Rob Penn tells Grown in Britain what makes British woodlands so important I am writing this at my new desk. Andy Dix, a local furniture maker, made it from an ash tree felled near my home in the Black Mountains, South Wales. It is both exquisite and functional.

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Parliamentarians agree to protect future of forests

Green (Living) Review

The new All Party Parliamentary Group on Forestry (APPGF) has been created to highlight the urgent need for more investment in the forestry and wood-processing sector. The group will focus on the need for increased levels of sustainable forestry, helping to drive UK support for the wider forestry and wood-processing sector. A successful forestry and wood processing sector is a positive not only for the economy, but also for the environment, recreation and health too.

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Sustainable forest management benefits people and the Planet

Green (Living) Review

Sustainability in forestry was “invented” before the word ever made it into the vocabulary per se, and the first book on sustainable forest practices was written and published way back in the 18th century by a German forester and much of the management today, until the arrival of the mechanized timer harvesters, is still based on those basic rules and guidelines. forest management forestry sustainable forestry

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Landowners urged to restore ancient woodland

Green (Living) Review

forestry Forestry Review green living woodland management Woodland Trust The UK’s leading woodland conservation charity has embarked upon a new scheme aimed at restoring ancient woodland in a number of areas across the UK. It is now looking for woodland owners to make small changes to how they manage their woodland, and make a big difference to the protection of this irreplaceable habitat.

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Ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea) in Britain

Green (Living) Review

But it has also been found on British ash trees and it is thought that it can also be carried by the wind or be lying dormant for years Photo source : Forestry Commission The disease, c alled Chalara fraxinea , is a fungus that causes leaf loss and crown dieback in affected trees, and it can lead to tree death. With more than 15 separate pests and diseases listed on the Forestry Commission website as already present in the UK, it is crucial that the wider issue is tackled.

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The sickle

Green (Living) Review

old skills forestry tools hand tools forestry countryside skills woodland management countryside management by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A good old-fashion sickle, sharp and perfectly weighted, is a tool just made for the job of clearing vegetation from around the trees. It given the user total control and thus does not damage the bark of the tree as often does the use of a powered grass trimmer (strimmer) and requires no guards to be placed around the trees either.

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Rock Croft Safe® Eyes – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

forestry tools wood cutting health forestry homesteading safety aboricultureUn-Fog-Able protective eye wear that will not fog, scratch or smear. Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Most, if not indeed all, ordinary safety goggles and -“glasses” have one major drawback, when you discount that the lenses scratch very easily indeed, and that is the fogging up in a variety of conditions, leading to loss of vision.

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After the Clearcuts: People and Ecology in an Alaska Rainforest

Nature Conservancy - Science

Decades of forestry research have shown ecologists how to restore uniform, dense stands of trees to a more diverse forest. Still: the science behind conservation forestry is pretty straightforward. But restoring the forest on Prince of Wales Island isn’t just about forestry. A black-tailed fawn peers out from forest cover on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Photo: Matt Miller/TNC.

Resilient Woodlands Campaign

Green (Living) Review

Work behind the scenes for more than one year has seen organisations and experts from across the forestry and tree sector coming together to work on a range of activities. Our CEO has acted as editor-in-chief for the drafting of an Accord (see below) and thanks to funding from Forestry Commission England and the Woodland Trust, we are repeating the British Woodlands Survey , this time on the theme of Resilience. forestry Sylva woodlands

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Building Back Better After Wildfire


Business Eco Green california carbon forestry-fellow heather-clancy state-directorBuilding Back Better After Wildfire Date/Time: March 9, 2021 (1-2PM ET / 10-11AM PT) In 2020, the western U.S.