Sustainable Fashion? Malagasy Style

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Sustainable Fashion– Malagasy Style. The cloth is sourced from sustainably harvested silk from wild cocoons, and it is dyed in a very sustainable way. The cloth is all certified fair trade, and it is becoming very popular around the world in boutique fashion stores.

Is Tencel (aka Lyocell) A Sustainable Fabric? The Textile Test Series Investigates

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It’s created through an award-winning closed-loop production process, and uses resources certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. In 2000, the European Union awarded the Tencel manufacturing process an Environmental Award in “technology for sustainable development.”

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Modavanti: Hot Summer Sustainable Style

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Modavanti , an online boutique, is quickly becoming the web destination to shop sustainable fashion. Stocking some of the industries’ hottest brands, they’ve got an eye for style and a heart for moving fashion forward.

Fashioning Change Offers 40% Off Everything for Cyber Monday! And a Fun Song for Their First Birthday

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Organic Camel Coco Coat Head on over to Fashioning Change to check out all the cute sustainable fashion fabulousness you can get 40% off on today! Hovey Lee Twigs II Earrings And a big shout out to Fashioning Change for their first birthday!

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The Future of Fashion? Designing with Mushroom Mycelium

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Some may cringe a little at the idea of mushrooms anywhere other then a forest floor, associating fungus with week-old bread. But packaging materials aren’t the beginning and end of fungi’s potential—some are interested in making fungus fashionable, and not a moment too soon.

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Robin Wilson, Interior Decorator to the Kennedys and Clintons, Shares Her Secrets

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We shop with reusable bags, fill up our water bottles, avoid plastic like the plague, purchase beauty products made free of chemicals and we’re now filling up our closets with American designers that are making affordable and sustainable fashion their mantra.

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Sustainability is destroying the Earth

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“Very provocative article that make us question what sustainability is really about and what alternatives we actually need to create different systems. Enjoy!” ~ Mabel Don’t talk to me about sustainability. I refuse to sustain the monster. What is it we are trying to sustain?

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