Building like trees, cities like forests

The Green Changemakers

In many ways, our world is LeCorbusier's world: From Rangoon to Reykjavik one-size-fits-all buildings employ the "engineer's aesthetic" to overcome the rules of the natural world. The hundreds of tree species within a single acre of Southern Appalachian forest suggest the diversity of a single region. We would see buildings like trees, alive to their surroundings and inhabitants, and cities like forests, in which nature and design create a living, breathing habitat.

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China’s Business Leaders Are Stepping Up to Address Global Conservation Challenges

Conservancy Talk

We are also creating new livelihood opportunities for local people through community development projects like sustainable farming and beekeeping. ” Working with companies like China Three Gorges is an important opportunity to make the trajectory of dam development more sustainable.

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President Clinton and Trudie Styler Captivate at the Sustainable Operations Summit in NYC

Eco Chic

I attended the summit at the Hilton New York in Midtown Manhattan yesterday, and listened to some of the brightest minds in sustainability such as President Bill Clinton and Trudie Styler. President Clinton and Sustainable Operations Summit producer, Michael P.

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Biodiesel: From French Fries to Fuel

Eco Friendly Daily

10 days later his body was discovered in the Scheldt river. Others believe he was murdered, perhaps by coal industrialists (who resented his engine) or else by the Germans (who were afraid his engine was about to fuel the English navy). Despite this, his invention still holds his name-the diesel engine. A People’s Engine. He set about designing an economical engine that would be cheaper and more efficient than the steam and petrol engines of the day.