Recovery: Restoring the Floodplain Forest

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Restoring elms and other native trees benefits wildlife in the Connecticut River Valley. From the Field Forests Restoration TNC Science

The Cherokee National Forest just got bigger!

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Through multi-partnerships, cooperation, federal funding, and the private conservation efforts of one family, 616 acres were officially added to the Cherokee National Forest in September 2018. This particular land near the Tennessee-Georgia border is critical as a protection for Taylor Branch, a tributary of the Conasauga River. Conasauga River snorkeling video courtesy of © Georgia Conservancy. Featured image – Cherokee National Forest, southern section.).

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Forest Fire on the Tazin River

Wend Magazine

Have you ever seen a forest fire up close? On Wednesday, the plumes of smoke grew closer and closer as we paddled south on the Tazin River. The eastern side of the river was on fire. We set up our tent and ate dinner as we observed the smoke and flames creep ever closer to the eastern shore of the river. After several hours the fire had reached the river’s edge and a small stand of Jack Pine ignited in a plume of flames and smoke.

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River Run

10,000 Birds

So when a group of friends invited me to join them in a float on the Blackfoot River, I agreed, although with some trepidation; though this spring’s flooding is over, water levels are still high and the rivers more challenging than usual. There were two of them, moving across the river from snag to snag with their crow-like wingbeats. Unlike what you may have read, real rivers bear us ceaselessly into the future.

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Daly River birding

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One particularly good place to go birding in the Northern Territory is Daly River. Most people have heard of Daly River, because it is well-known for fishing and also crocodiles. Barramundi are often caught in the Daly River and it is supposedly the best place to catch them in Australia. Our trip to Daly River saw us travelling from just south of Adelaide River along the windy single lane highway called the Dorat Road until we turned down the double width Daly River Road.

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Aquanauts Join Forces with The Nature Conservancy to Monitor River Restoration!

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In preparation for the removal of the Columbia Dam and restoration of the river, the Aquanauts and The Nature Conservancy team up for a citizen science monitoring project. Citizen Science Forests Human Well-Being Restoration Rivers Try This Urban Conservation Water Water Quality

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River Pollution Threatens Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Nature Conservancy - Science

From the Field Asia Pacific Conservation Science Coral Reefs Forests TNC ScienceCoral bleaching dominates headlines about Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, but perhaps the most dangerous threat lurks on land, far away from the reef itself.

2018 71

Birding and Fly-fishing in Pisgah National Forest

10,000 Birds

Fly-fishing takes anglers to beautiful freshwater streams and rivers in pristine locations, locations that are usually filled with birds. As an added bonus, fishermen and women must wade through the water or pick their way along the banks as they move up or down-river, a slow, rambling pace that is just perfect for birders with scopes or binoculars turned to the sky or the canopy. While I wandered, Brian waded into the river and began fishing, but with little luck.

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Exploring the Tazin River

Wend Magazine

Our travels have been good since leaving the dam on the Taltson River. The evening after leaving Kozo Lake, we camped at the confluence of the Taltson and the Tazin Rivers. Now are actually paddling on the Tazin River. We have spent the past few days getting to know this slightly smaller river. We have seen a few pockets of snow in shady corners near the river. This could only mean one thing–a forest fire.

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Saving the Forest for the Beers

Nature Conservancy - Science

Forests. Beer relies on healthy, functioning forests. Without those forests, it’s difficult to find clean water. The Nature Conservancy’s Chris Topik, director of the Restoring America’s Forests initiative , knows this connection well. He’s spent much of his career thinking about forest policy and working to ensure that forests are resilient and healthy. So are healthy forests, which support clean water. “We Forest Service lands.

The Lion Forest of India

10,000 Birds

This park protects the largest remaining tract of dry deciduous forest in the west of India, offering visitors 37 species of reptiles, 38 species of mammals and, not to be forgotten – almost 300 bird species. An open Gypsy follows dirt tracks through dry deciduous forest dominated with teak. Gir comprises diverse habitats, from open scrubland to both dry deciduous and tropical thorn forest and evergreen corridors along the rivers.

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How Well are the World’s Rivers Protected?

Nature Conservancy - Science

To what extent are the world’s rivers protected? In 2010, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) set a 17 percent target for the protection of ‘inland waters,’ including rivers. Concentration, Confrontation, Collaboration: The Future of River Conservation and Sustainable Hydropower. Now, using a high-resolution dataset of the world’s rivers called HydroSHEDS, we can finally begin to assess protection levels for these systems virtually anywhere on Earth.

Can Floodplain Forest Restoration Reduce the Gulf’s Dead Zone?

Nature Conservancy - Science

A new study by the University of Notre Dame is showing that restored floodplain forests along the Wabash River in Indiana can help decrease the amount of nitrogen reaching the Gulf. The study, developed by a team of freshwater ecologists at the University of Notre Dame, highlights the pivotal role that the Wabash River can play in reducing the dead zone. It also demonstrates how restored floodplain forests are a remarkable investment for improving water quality.

Fish of the Forest: Large Wood Benefits Salmon Recovery

Nature Conservancy - Science

Binge ‘Til You Burst: Feast & Famine on Alaskan Salmon Rivers. Activities that impact small streams and rivers, such as logging, development, pollutants and climate change, therefore directly threaten these species. marshes, streams, forests, rivers) to guard against volatility. Why Do River Systems Need More Wood? A History Lesson on Stream Cleaning and River Simplification.

Penobscot River Dam Removal: Lessons for a World Demanding Energy

Nature Conservancy - Science

A Caterpillar demolition machine tears down the Great Works Dam on the Penobscot River, Maine. For millennia, Atlantic salmon made an annual appearance in Maine’s Penobscot River , swimming into its mouth from the ocean, surging as a crowd up its main-stem, and then scattering throughout its thickly forested basin to spawn in the cold gravels of its rivers and streams. Each summer, they emerge from the forest, large and yellow.

Forest Soundscapes Hold the Key for Biodiversity Monitoring

Nature Conservancy - Science

Across the river and up a steep mountainside, birds-of-paradise call raucously through the rainforest canopy, adding their calls to the nearly deafening insect chorus. To the ear, both garden and forest are awash with noise. But hidden within this dawn chorus are clues to the forest’s health. New acoustic research from Nature Conservancy scientists indicates that forest fragmentation drives distinct changes in the dawn and dusk choruses of forests in Papua New Guinea.

Too Many Deer: A Bigger Threat to Eastern Forests than Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

A beautiful animal that also happens to arguably be the greatest threat to forests in the eastern United States. In many areas of the country deer have changed the composition and structure of forests by preferentially feeding on select plant species. In New York, TNC scientists report that one-third of New York’s forests are currently compromised as a result of excessive herbivory (see New York Forest Regeneration Study ). Forest Ecology and Management 269:222-228.

Songs from the Forest

10,000 Birds

The song referred to is that of the Wood Thrush , one of the natural world’s most beautiful singers, and a familiar sound to anyone who has spent time in the forests of eastern North America in summer. In fact, on the forest floor where darkness is dappled with small circles of sunlight, being beautiful to the eyes might be a bit of a waste. In forest fragments the rate of nesting success drops dramatically as the likelihood of nest predation increases steeply.

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Dusty, Dry Forest Birding in Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

I wonder how the birds cope with it but suppose that the dry forest species are more adapted to this fact of dry season life than the birds of the rain on the other side of the country. Yes, there are birds in those dry, dusty places, and you will see lots of them during the morning hours, especially in the southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula where more forest equals more birds.

Hoemunsan Recreational Forest

10,000 Birds

The bridge that no longer gets you across the river! We then went around the river to get to the spot and the birds were tricky…they talked and acknowledged our existence, but wouldn’t be seen. As we first entered Hoemunsan Recreational Forest Mike told us of a bridge that he called Dipper Bridge, as on the two previous occasions that he had been there he had seen a Brown Dipper there.

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Checkerboard: Putting Western Forest Pieces Back Together

Nature Conservancy - Science

A checkered past still limits forest management in the West today. Last month The Nature Conservancy announced the purchase of 165,000 acres from Plum Creek Timber Company in the eastern Cascade Mountain Range of Washington and in the Blackfoot River Valley in Montana. The purchase was one of the largest forest acquisition projects ever undertaken by a conservation group. The “checkerboard” of lands plays a key role in wildlife connectivity and forest health.

Go with the Flow: Using Flow Experiments to Guide River Management

Nature Conservancy - Science

A river’s form and function are profoundly woven together. Rivers and streams have seen widespread habitat and species loss, prompting extensive restoration efforts. The recent news of a “ pulse flow ” in the Lower Colorado River has highlighted a steadily growing trend in freshwater conservation along “working” rivers – restoring elements of natural flow regimes. Flow Experiments” to Guide River Management.

Camera Trap Chronicles: Wildlife of North Idaho’s Working Forests

Nature Conservancy - Science

Moose captured via trail camera in North Idaho’s forest. This forest ox roams the forests along the Vietnam and Laos borders; it’s one of the least known (it was not discovered by Western science until 1992) and most elusive large mammals. Today’s installment features photos from working forests in North Idaho. Grizzly bears using working forest at Boundary Creek, Idaho. The Kootenai River Valley lies just south of the Canada border in the Idaho Panhandle.

Idaho 70

These Rivers, Mountains, and Lakes Are Getting Legal Rights: It’s About Time

Eco Chic

Te Awa Tupua [ Whanganui River Claims Settlement ] is an indivisible and living whole, comprising the Whanganui River from the mountains to the sea, incorporating all its physical and metaphysical elements. Te Awa Tupua [ Whanganui River Claims Settlement ] is a spiritual and physical entity that supports and sustains both the life and natural resources within the Whanganui River and the health and well-being of the iwi, hap?, [ M?ori

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Berry Springs Nature Reserve and Darwin River Dam

10,000 Birds

We headed off down the short trail and it soon became a boardwalk with dense rain-forest. I suggested that we visit Darwin River Dam next, because it was not far away and we had never been there. Crocodile warning at Darwin River Dam. A delightful pair of Forest Kingfishers perched on a tree in the last light as we left the dam area to return to town. Pair of Forest Kingfishers. Or I could rename this post… CROCODILES and SNAKES!

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Local activists are paying with their life to protect their forests in Peru

Green (Living) Review

Edwin Chota was killed in the forest he had fought to protect. Chota’s widow journeyed six days by river to the regional capital to report their deaths. Global demand for natural resources is growing, and indigenous people are receiving little protection from those who would destroy their land, forests, and rivers. activism environment forests green living

Peru 124

How Fire Can Restore a Forest (TIME LAPSE VIDEO)

Conservancy Talk

Rich recently returned from an assignment for Nature Conservancy magazine documenting the regrowth of a forest after a controlled burn. The Nature Conservancy’s Chuck Martin pulled up in his white truck and introduced himself in his friendly southern accent as I photographed a historic tobacco-drying log cabin on the 4,000-plus-acre Moody Forest Natural Area that he manages. Burn a Forest to Save a Forest. This couldn’t be the same forest I left a few months ago?

Harvesting Whitebark Pine Cones to Save a Forest

Nature Conservancy - Science

Saving the Forest for the Beers. Since the summer of 2009, I’ve been part of a crew of independent contractors working seasonally on whitebark pines for the US Forest Service. We’ve climbed trees from the Wind River Range and the Yellowstone to Hungry Horse, the Pioneers, the Bitterroots, and most of the ranges in between. Aerial view of damage from the mountain pine beetle in a whitebark pine forest. Whitebark pine cones in the Wind River Mountains.

What do forest rights have to do with climate change?

Green (Living) Review

A friend rang to say that ranchers had attacked a group of Mayangna Indians in a forest near Musawas in Nicaragua, killing one of the Indians and injuring several others. Charlie—a forty-year old father of seven who farmed locally and panned for gold in nearby rivers—was the one who died. What made him risk his life to defend the forest? The first time I heard about Charlie Taylor was the day he died.

Potrero de Yala – Lakes – Yungas Forest and Birds

10,000 Birds

This is an important conservation area declared a Biosphere by UNESCO for its unique cloud forest ecosystem. This was a good choice and soon we were driving along the Yala River looking for the Rufous-throated Dipper. We found a large field on the right side with a downhill road to the left that led to the river. We parked and walked down to the river and there it was: the Dipper doing its thing for a minute or so before he took off down the river.

Lakes 154

Gokarna Forest Resort: Kathmandu’s green sanctuary

Green Traveler Guides

A winding road climbs into the 700-acre forest of ancient trees that was once the private hunting grounds of the royal family. There awaits Gokarna Forest Resort , a welcome escape that blends its lodges and sanctuaries (inspired by Malla- and Rana-period Nepalese royal palaces) harmoniously with nature. It must be a hoot watching monkeys scamper across fairways bounded by this magnificent forest. | Nepal Eco Luxury |.

Forest 132

The Atchafalaya River Basin: The Future of Nature?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Louisiana’s Atchafalaya River Basin (ARB) — home of the reality TV show “ Swamp People ,” safety valve for the swollen Mississippi River, and one of the richest and most fascinating natural places in North America — might finally have met its match…in Conservancy scientist Bryan Piazza’s new book about it. Beautiful as science, and as a book — bursting with dozens of maps, graphics and photos that capture the astonishing biodiversity, from alligators to river shrimp.

Seeing the Salmon Forest through the Trees

Conservancy Talk

“We should create a hashtag for this assignment,” said Taylor Rees, the freelance producer who traveled with Travis Rummel of Felt Soul Media and me on a 10-day trip into Southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. Salmon forest. It was the perfect tag for our assignment — salmon is king in this region, and salmon needs forest to survive. Keat’s Inlet on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest.

Sneak preview of documentary about a man who planted a tropical forest singlehandedly

Green (Living) Review

The 1,360 acre Molai Forest began as a barren sandbar in the middle of a river. The story captured his imagination and now he has made an award-winning documentary film about Payeng: Forest Man. For the past 35 years Jadav Payeng has been planting trees on Majuli Island in Northern India. Payeng has turned it into a tropical wildlife refuge singlehandedly. It has become his life''s work.

Forest 124

Babirusa: Conserving the Bizarre Pig of the Sulawesi Forest

Nature Conservancy - Science

The babirusa roams the remote forests of Sulawesi and nearby Indonesian islands. It is found only on remote forested islands, where it evolved in isolation. It roams in large herds in the forest, and is now mainly restricted to protected areas. At Nantu, the animals gather at mineral licks in the forest, where they can be observed and photographed from a blind. Photo: Coke Smith, By Matt Miller, senior science writer.

Energy-Strapped Syrians Cut Down Precious Forests for Firewood

Green Prophet

An area once known for its magnificent forests is sadly becoming known for its arboreal devastation. A special unit of forest rangers was stationed in the park, but with the onset of the war, it was disbanded. The cliffs will remain, and so will the nearby Orontes river, but the trees, among them conifers and oaks, are scarily becoming a distant memory. :: The Saudi Gazette. Loggers get $5 a tree in Syria now that the heat of conflict is on, and the cold winter has set it in.

Forests and Freedom

The Green Changemakers

Forests were central to Tagore’s works, just as they have been for India’s creative expression through centuries, writes Vandana Shiva. by Vandana Shiva Tagore started Santiniketan as a Tapovan – a forest school – both to take inspiration from Nature and to create an Indian Renaissance. All these institutions are thus connected, through the inspiration of Tagore, to the ancient culture of the forest. The peace of the forest has helped the intellectual evolution of man.

The Power of a Healthy Watershed for Energy Security in Gabon

Nature Conservancy - Science

Notes from the field: Mb é river watershed, Estuaire province, Gabon. Forests, Elephants, and Hydropower, Oh My! The day after arriving in Gabon, our team made the three-hour drive to the Mont de Cristal mountains along with partners from the Ministry of Forests and Water. We were headed there for the weekend to explore the connections between the condition of the Mbé river watershed and its hydropower facilities. Mb é River: From Clean to Dirty Overnight.

Gabon 76

Living in Paradise

10,000 Birds

For those who have visited T&T before, the luckiest of the lot may have had the good fortune of spending a few nights at Cuffie River Nature Retreat , cozily nestled in the rainforest of central Tobago. The Cuffie River encircles the lodge, ensuring that the relaxing sound of flowing water forms the baseline of the aural landscape. White-tailed Nightjar (above) and Common Potoo (below), both along the access road to Cuffie River.

2020 137

Where the River Meets the Road: Reconnecting Adirondack Brook Trout Streams

Nature Conservancy - Science

Jewel of the Forest Stream. Flyfishing for brook trout draws many anglers to Adirondack waters like the Ausable River. It doesn’t hurt that they’re often found in almost impossibly picturesque places: crystal-clear bubbling creeks flowing through piney forests. The Adirondacks still have the extensive forest habitat and clear streams for brook trout to survive and thrive. Photo: Ausable River Association. Forest Service, Green Mountain National Forest.

Billion hectares of forests with potential for restoration, study shows

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Land areas around the world, bigger in combined size than Canada, have been identified as having potential to be restored to good quality, healthy forests, so a new study has found. Restoring forests to some of these lands could be achieved without prejudicing other vital land uses, such as food production. At the same time, the Earth’s forests continue to shrink, and what’s left is increasingly being degraded.

2010 109

The Mystery of the Dying Mesquites

Nature Conservancy - Science

At first, Leonard Warren noticed a dying tree here and there as he walked along the river’s edge. Climate Change From the Field Climate Forests Plants TNC ScienceTheir yellow leaves stood out, but he didn’t find it especially unusual. He was working as a field biologist at the time, […].

2018 87

Why Congress Should Fix How the U.S. Pays to Fight Wildfires

Conservancy Talk

Forest Service. Fighting these fires is draining the budgets of the very agencies that need to focus their resources on sustaining healthy forests and providing all the benefits of the nation’s public lands. And more people now live near fire-prone forests, increasing the need to extinguish wildfires that previously did not put people and communities directly at risk. As these fire costs increase, they are using up more and more of the budgets of the U.S.

2017 81