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An interesting project is afoot: people submitting homemade sound clips from their local forests to contribute to a sound map of the world. The map and attached soundclips are linked below. Maybe folks reading this blog would also like to play?

Forest 207

Operation Ponderosa: Saving a Forest, Pandemic Edition

Nature Conservancy - Science

The post Operation Ponderosa: Saving a Forest, Pandemic Edition appeared first on Cool Green Science. From the Field Forests Restoration TNC ScienceAn inspiring solo adventure to help save Texas’s ponderosa pines.

2020 85

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Recovery: Restoring the Floodplain Forest

Nature Conservancy - Science

From the Field Forests Restoration TNC ScienceRestoring elms and other native trees benefits wildlife in the Connecticut River Valley.

Forest bathing in Green Wine Country

Green Traveler Guides

All California Green Wine Country North America Sonoma United States forest bathing forest therapy green wine tourism Red Car Vineyards shinrin-yoku| No Soap, No Stress | We eco-travelers seek experiences that offer connections with the natural world. They leave us inspired, rejuvenated and, often, more relaxed.

Forest 159

Fortnite to save old growth forests 

Green Prophet

This online gaming company has decided they will use company profits to help save an Old Growth Forest in North Carolina. The post Fortnite to save old growth forests appeared first on Green Prophet. Business Nature carbon offset forests online gaming

Seeing the Forest for Its Carbon Storage

Nature Conservancy - Science

Climate Change From the Field Economics Ecosystem Services Forest Carbon Forests Natural Climate Solutions TNC ScienceIn Maine, carbon offsets markets provide a new revenue stream to keep forestlands as forestlands.

Forest Surprise: A Wolf Story

Nature Conservancy - Science

What happens when the coyote you see on your morning hike isn't a coyote, but a lone Mexican grey wolf on a walkabout. Wildlife Endangered Species Wolves

2020 96

Human Health At Risk As Tropical Forests Disappear

Nature Conservancy - Science

Widespread forest clearing in Indonesia could be putting people’s health at risk, as trees provide powerful cooling services. Climate Change From the Field Asia Pacific Climate Forest Carbon Forests Human Well-Being Research

Deciding the Fate of Myanmar?s Forests

Nature Conservancy - Science

After decades of overharvesting, Myanmar’s forests teak are at a crisis point. From the Field Acoustics Asia Pacific Biodiversity Forests Myanmar forests expedition Research Science Impact ProjectBut with recent political change comes great opportunity.

Tissues And Our Forests

Green Living Tips

Do the tissues you use contribute to the destruction of old growth forests? What we blow our noses into can impact negatively on the environment. articles & guides family personal care

Forest 142

Creating Mini-forests Anywhere!

Green (Living) Review

Now he makes mini forests - everywhere. Whilst at the car company, Shubhendu met Akira Miyawaki who was brought in to grow a forest in the factory to make it carbon neutral. Using multi-layering, these forests grow 10 times faster, have 100% more biodiversity and are 30 times more dense than a typical forest. forests green living Shubhendu Sharma is an industrial engineer, who used to work for a well known car company.

Forest 133

Forests: A Rising Global Climate Superpower?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Despite increasing crop and timber demands to feed a growing human population, despite the impacts of climate change on forests, and despite deforestation emissions in the tropics that are on par with those from the global transportation sector, global forests are a net sink for atmospheric carbon. By Bronson Griscom, Director of Forest Carbon Science. I make the case here that forests are a big part of the solution. Forest Ecology and Management.

Forest restoration and thinning operations

Green (Living) Review

Forest restoration initiatives reduce wildfire risk and produces responsible timber by Michael Smith (Veshengro), RFS, RFA, EcoFor Forests that are overcrowded with small diameter trees are more susceptible to devastating wildfires, as smaller trees act as kindling to fuel the blaze and as veritable ladders that allow flames to reach the forest canopy. What is forest thinning? Nobody wants to clear-cut the forests, as that would be rather counterproductive.

Forest 148

Illegal Logging & Energy Shortages Pressure Myanmar’s Forests

Nature Conservancy - Science

Facilitated by organized crime, illegal logging threatens to destroy Myanmar’s forests. From the Field Asia Pacific Energy Forest Carbon Forests Myanmar forests expeditionBut a national energy crisis and the ensuing fuelwood demand pose an equal threat.

Invest in future foresters

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The British Royal Forestry Society has launched an appeal and a program for investment in future foresters to encourage young people into forestry, and help them gain skills. Today 55% of foresters in this country are over 40 and only 11% are under 25. Personally I hate to use the word “industry” for forestry and woodland management and working in forests and woodlands but we lack another term for it.

Forest 126

Can Pine Squirrels Change the Evolution of a Forest?

Nature Conservancy - Science

forests look? Wildlife Birds Forests Mammals Natural History Nature Pop ResearchCould the loud but small pine squirrel have an outsized impact on how Western U.S.

Even Forest Superpowers Have Limits

Nature Conservancy - Science

The author (background) in the field investigating forest superpowers. By Peter Ellis, Forest Carbon Scientist. Can Forests Save Us? A new paper out in the Journal Nature this week adds a frightening twist to an enduring mystery around the role of forests and climate change. Forests’ biosequestration superpowers may be running out. Forests have superpowers? We’ve long appreciated the important role forests play in the global carbon cycle.

The Oldest Food Forest in Britain

Green (Living) Review

Visit Graham and Nancy Bell, permaculture teachers and creators of the oldest permaculture food forest in Britain. Now one of Britain''s first forest gardens is a diverse temperate food forest that mostly takes care of itself. forest gardens green living permaculture Over 20 years ago, they began planting a wide range of fruit trees, vegetables, perennials and much more in a field behind their cottage.

Forest 155

Forests can bounce back after acid rain

Green Prophet

Even though 70s and 80s suffered through Acid Rain, new research shows that forest soils can bounce back. Acid rain was the fallout of industrial chemicals and pollution into forests and lakes. Wilde Distinguished Lectureship on Forest Soils. .

2020 56

Save Our Forests & Public Land!

Green (Living) Review

Hands Off Our Forests The new Infrastructure Bill will allow development on ANY public land or forest, allow anywhere to be fracked and will allow the extermination of barn owls, red kites, wild boar and goshawks. forests green living open spaces parks woodlands We must stop this bill becoming law!

Forest 143

Solving (Part of) the Urban Forest Paradox

Nature Conservancy - Science

Climate Change From the Field Ideas Forests Social Science Urban ConservationPower to the Trees: New research from TNC and NASA shows targeted urban reforestation efforts can provide meaningful public health benefits in terms of reduced mortality and morbidity.

"A Carbon Offset Market for [Tropical Forests]"

Environmental Economics

Time to update the encyclopedia (don't follow that link unless you can stomach self-promotion): Tropical forests store huge amounts of carbon. Forests’ carbon reserves can be monetized and sold as offsets to greenhouse gas emitters who need them to comply with regulatory emissions limits, or who voluntarily want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Forest 168

How forests can help to feed the world

Green (Living) Review

A new report shows how forests around the world can help eliminate malnutrition while fighting climate change. Yet a new report from the International Union of Forest Research Organizations shows that forests can play an important role in eliminating hunger and creating more food security. This is important, because protecting forests has been identified as a key and cost-effective means of fighting climate change. forest gardens forest products forests green living

Forest 140

In Pictures: A Journey Through Myanmar?s Great Teak Forests

Nature Conservancy - Science

A week spent living and working in an active logging camp deep in some of Myanmar’s best remaining teak forests where people are working to save their most valuable natural resource, before it’s too late. From the Field Forests Myanmar forests expedition Photography Sustainability

Food forests manage themselves

Green (Living) Review

On a suburban Kansas lot at the corner of 55th and Mastin streets, an experiment is underway: A food forest is growing crops, creating economic value and, most notably, doing most of the work on its own. The 10,000-square-foot garden is not tended to daily, at least not by human beings.

Forest 122

Saving the Forest for the Beers

Nature Conservancy - Science

Forests. Beer relies on healthy, functioning forests. Without those forests, it’s difficult to find clean water. The Nature Conservancy’s Chris Topik, director of the Restoring America’s Forests initiative , knows this connection well. He’s spent much of his career thinking about forest policy and working to ensure that forests are resilient and healthy. So are healthy forests, which support clean water. “We Forest Service lands.

Foresters with horns

Green (Living) Review

The use of goats in woodland management by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Goats, as well as cattle, can be and have been and are being successfully used in woodland and forest management to keep bracken and brambles at bay and to also create a more open forest. woodlands forest management forestry pigs woodland management goats

Forest 116

The Nobel Prize in forest economics?

Environmental Economics

valuation of forest protection programs": Journal of Forest Economics 17 (2011):35-52. piece of research in applying contingent valuation of welfare effects of forest conservation in the special case of Eastern Hemlock in the. forest sites with different environmental benefits. Elsevier, and the Department of Forest Economics at the Swedish. Yours sincerely, Runar Brännlund, Ola Carlén, Peichen Gong Editors Journal of Forest Economics.

Forest 181

Fading Forests: The High Cost of Invasive Pests

Nature Conservancy - Science

Invasive forest pests threaten ancient hemlock groves in the East. Sarah Johnson, a conservation GIS analyst for The Nature Conservancy in Pennsylvania , tells a story familiar to anyone who deals with non-native forest pests. Staff at the Woodbourne Forest Preserve in northeastern Pennsylvania knew it was coming: emerald ash borer , an incredibly destructive and invasive beetle. In March, the emerald ash borer was found on Woodbourne by a forest crew. “I

Feist Forest Sustainable Work Tables

Green Furniture Home Design

According the the team at Feist Forest, the tables and the colors they’ve chosen “reflect the wooden Ash stem and black buds seen in winter.”. Check out Feist Forest here. We came across this UK-based company while searching for sturdy work tables that also met our standards for being sustainably created pieces of eco-friendly furniture. We were thrilled by their designs, as well as the beautiful British Ash wood that they use to created them.

Forest 109

How to take a forest bath: Step 1, find a forest. Step 2, walk.

Environmental Economics

It is also recommended that, if possible, a forest bath is followed up with a hot spring bath.and the hot spring bath followed with a Mr. Bubbles bubble bath.  Apparently what we used to call a nature walk (or a stroll through the park, or a walk in the woods) is now a form of meditation : To give shinrin-yoku a try, choose a spot based on physical ability and convenience.

Forest 122

Keeping winter tidy with Forest

Green (Living) Review

One company that offers a host of winning storage ideas is Forest, the UK’s favourite manufacturer of garden timber products. From log stores to garden chests and small sheds, Forest’s garden storage range has it all. Created to keep your garden tidy throughout the winter and all year round, all of Forest’s products will add an eye catching and practical element to your garden. Forest’s Garden Chest features a removable front panel for easy access. Source: Forest.

Forest 132

Calculating Uncertainty in the Forest Carbon Equation

Nature Conservancy - Science

Calculating forest carbon emissions just got easier — Nature Conservancy scientists have devised a new way to bring together global, regional, and local carbon emissions datasests on deforestation and degradation, including a way to account for the uncertainty behind this tricky data mash-up. Tropical forest areas that have been deforested through a process of slash and burn. A Lung Scan for the Planet: A New Global Forest Change Interactive Map.

Checkerboard: Putting Western Forest Pieces Back Together

Nature Conservancy - Science

A checkered past still limits forest management in the West today. The purchase was one of the largest forest acquisition projects ever undertaken by a conservation group. The “checkerboard” of lands plays a key role in wildlife connectivity and forest health. More than a hundred years ago, Congress made a decision — a decision that seemed logical enough at the time, but still has serious limitations on forest management and wildlife today.

Bioacoustics Reveal How Biodiversity Changes Across Borneo’s Logged Forests

Nature Conservancy - Science

Vast stands of selectively logged forest still remain, but many parts of Indonesia are transitioning from forestry to more intensive land uses, like oil palm and acacia plantations. Indonesia’s forests are more than 140 million years old — the oldest tropical forests on earth. But like their counterparts in equatorial Africa and the Amazon Basin, these forests are also a valuable and necessary economic resource. Deploying a recorder in the forest.

Birders: Report Forest Pests During the Christmas Bird Count

Nature Conservancy - Science

Emerald ash borer (EAB), an invasive forest pest. Because invasive forest insects are often preyed upon by native woodpeckers, the damage that birdwatchers can learn about and look for comes in three types; natural woodpecker foraging on native forest insects, heavy damage from woodpeckers foraging on high densities of invasive insects in trees, and signs of damage from the life cycle of the invasive insects themselves. Photo by the U.S.

Forest Soundscapes Hold the Key for Biodiversity Monitoring

Nature Conservancy - Science

To the ear, both garden and forest are awash with noise. But hidden within this dawn chorus are clues to the forest’s health. New acoustic research from Nature Conservancy scientists indicates that forest fragmentation drives distinct changes in the dawn and dusk choruses of forests in Papua New Guinea. Bioacoustics Reveal How Biodiversity Changes Across Borneo’s Logged Forests. Morning in Musiamunat village.

Too Many Deer: A Bigger Threat to Eastern Forests than Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

A beautiful animal that also happens to arguably be the greatest threat to forests in the eastern United States. In many areas of the country deer have changed the composition and structure of forests by preferentially feeding on select plant species. In New York, TNC scientists report that one-third of New York’s forests are currently compromised as a result of excessive herbivory (see New York Forest Regeneration Study ). Forest Ecology and Management 269:222-228.

Forest’s Ecosystem Management

Environmental News Network

From: Smurfit Kappa Direct. Activism Natural Resources Sustainability Conservation

Not seeing the forest for the trees?

Environmental Economics

Nancy Folbre promotes the notion of green jobs at Economix and then gets down to business: The biggest gains from investments in new renewable-energy technologies are not easily captured in private transactions, because they produce environmental services that are largely unpriced. Companies can sell consumers with a conscience a “share” in global greenhouse gas reduction – that’s what the growing business of carbon offsets is all about.

Forest 208

Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest faces fracking threat

Green (Living) Review

Ineos to conduct seismic survey for shale gas and could be working within 200m of the 1,000-year-old tree Major Oak, documents reveal The latest battleground for the future of fracking in Britain looks set to be Sherwood Forest, the legendary home of folk hero Robin Hood and now the target of a seismic survey by Ineos. Campaigners have called on the government to block any possible fracking and protect the forest.

Forest 126

Camping for the Eclipse? Your Firewood Choice Can Protect a Forest

Nature Conservancy - Science

Your firewood choices during this solar eclipse celebration can prevent the spread of forest insects and diseases. Ideas Disease & Parasites Forests Invasive Species

2017 65

Change Comes to the Eastern Forest: Five-Part Series Begins Today

Nature Conservancy - Science

Does logging have any place in a “pristine” eastern forest? Change is coming to the eastern forest. The decisions made now could have long-lasting implications for the forests we know in the future. What does it mean to manage a “pristine” forest? What complexities do land managers face as they try to maintain a healthy forest in the face of new ecological threats – and differing human values that at times conflict with the science?