Environmental Education for Sustainable Life

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When we talk about changing our lifestyle towards sustainable development, it is inevitable to talk about education. Unsustainable lifestyle and energy consumption have adverse impact on the environment. How do you make people understand and act with regards to a low-carbon life ?

Online Carbon Dioxide Calculator

The Green Changemakers

Online Carbon Dioxide Calculator: [link] At the moment humans are making carbon dioxide faster than plants can turn it back into oxygen. Carbon dioxide goes into the atmosphere and forms a blanket over the earth, warming it up. Low carbon lifestyles create less carbon dioxide emissions. So in a low carbon lifestyle you live closer to work, insulate your home, holiday by train, buy British products and eat local food.

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Tread Lightly With the Guardian


Well they've now launched a new community site, Tread Lightly , to encourage people into a low carbon lifestyle so that they come together to save the planet. Tags: tread lightly climate change carbon footprint Regular readers will know that I quote regularly from the Guardian Environment website. People who sign up will find a different pledge every week that, if they act on it, will help them reduce their CO2 emissions.