Back From Birding Hungary

10,000 Birds

And what a trip to Hungary it was! Before I get into the nitty-gritties of my awesome birding experiences in Hungary I thought I would just share a few of the shots that I got during the trip. But there was more than birds – there were great mammals, insects, landscapes, food, and people. If you ever get the chance to visit Hungary you should take it: you definitely won’t regret that choice. Destinations Europe Hungary SwarovskiI’m baaack!

Feeding a Fledgling Song Thrush

10,000 Birds

It is a fledgling Song Thrush being attended by a parent outside of the wonderful Nomad Hotel in Hungary’s Bükk Hills. Food for a fledgling thrush is abundant in June with everything from ripe cherries on the trees to loads of snails crawling through the leaf litter. I hope she brings me more cherries and not a slimy slug. ••• My week-long trip to Hungary was a familiarity trip organized by the wonderful folks at Swarovski Optik.

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Birding Sarokház Panzió – An Airport Hotel in Budapest

10,000 Birds

Having jumped around a bit while writing up my trip to Hungary – sharing a few galleries , a trip to find an elusive woodpecker , and the most exciting news in optics since Galileo discovered Jupiter’s moons – I thought it was time to go back to the beginning of the trip and proceed chronologically. The rooms were clean, there is a restaurant with decent food and $2 beers, and it is five minutes from the airport and they will give you a free transfer.

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Egypt Resists Monsanto’s Genetically-Modified Maize

Green Prophet

Given its brutal assault on pests, the modified crop is pitted by the agri-giant as the cure-all solution to international food shortages. Peru recently banned the import of all genetically modified foods for a decade (pending safety reviews) not long after Hungary burned 1,000 acres of crops contaminated by Monsanto GMOs, which are banned in that country. More on GMOs: Genetically Modified Food in Israel – Lots of It!

Grandpa’s justice

Green (Living) Review

By Tom Kovach Issue #65 • September/October, 2000 Having the best vegetable garden in the village might put food on the table and make some money at the market, but it also can cause some problems. Or so it was with my grandfather, the mayor of a small village in Hungary, then a part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.

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Wine 'Round the World | Wend Blog

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Ten people in Germany die from E.coli

Green (Living) Review

Cases of the disease have been reported in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK whilst the cucumbers, which were originally imported from Spain, had also been sent to Hungary, Austria and Luxembourg. E-coli food safety

The Eurasian Nuthatch

10,000 Birds

And while I can still remember the first time I saw one in 2007, in the company of Jochen and Hendrik in a pine forest on the coast of the Baltic Sea, it took until this year’s trip to Hungary before I managed to get a decent image of one. It’s because they like to crack open or “hatch” nuts for food. … We North Americans are spoiled with nuthatches.

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“FUGMO”: The Anti-GMO Mascot

Wend Magazine

From PlanetSave: Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Maize Fields. Who to Trust With Your Food [infographic]. Writers, Bloggers, Photographers, Cartoonists, please feel free to place the FUGMO seal of disapproval on any of your anti-GMO work. Readers, you are invited to add the seal to your avatar. FUGMO says: “F U, GMOs!” ” More on why you too should say F U to GMOs: From Grist: The next generation of GMOs could be especially dangerous.

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Europe bans bee-harming pesticides

Green Blog

Bees are vital to our ecosystem and food production because they pollinate three-quarters of all crops in the world. The suspension of neonicotinoid pesticides has been backed by both the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and environmental campaigners, who have called the ban “a significant victory for common sense.” The UK, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Austria and Portugal voted no the suspension.

Crossbill Guide to Extremadura: A Review

10,000 Birds

In the Scandinavian countries where Pine and Spruce take up the greater part of the forests, several Crossbill species have managed to answer two of life’s most pressing questions: how to get food and avoid direct competition.

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How Green Are You?

Eco Friendly Daily

Representative nations from each continent were involved, from Brazil, Mexico, China, Japan, India, France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, the UK, Russia, and Australia. Housing, transportation, food, and consumption of goods were key topics. China (56.1), Mexico (54.3), Hungary (53.2), and Russia (52.4) Despite increased attention to consumer habits and eco-friendly behaviour, North Americans are not very green.

Action urged after weedkiller traces found in peoples' urine

Green (Living) Review

Despite its widespread use, its presence in food, animal feed or surface and ground water is rarely monitored by governments. Friends of the Earth Food and Farming campaigner Vicki Hird said: "It''s alarming that so many people have traces of weed killer in their bodies - we need to find out how it got there and what effect it is having.

Butterflies or business - Europe can have both!

Green (Living) Review

Resource efficiency: Food, energy and water security are key drivers of land use as often conflicting demands increase (e.g. for food, feed and fuel).

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Is Using Waste Water For Farming A Dangerous Practice?

Eco Friendly Daily

The data released by the institute estimates that nearly 200 million farmers rely on recycled water to sow 20 million hectares, an area ostensibly twice the size of Hungary. And this swill finds the backdoor of our food chain when we grow produce using it. At least they are getting some food on their tables. Here’s some food for thought – An estimated 200,000 residents in Accra, the capital of Ghana, have food on the table thanks mostly to waste water.

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The Future of Solar Design Dazzles Madrid

Green Prophet

Hungary has come a long way with their ODOO project. Young adults from China, Brasil, Portugal, Germany, Romania and elsewhere shared ideas and promoted international goodwill, although they didn’t always love the food that came their way! Green Prophet has been touring the 18 Solar Decathlon homes that made it to Madrid for this year’s international collegiate architecture competition, and we’re dazzled by what we’ve seen.

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VisionConsult presents "Village of the Future" for Roma Inclusion

Green (Living) Review

A region with strong Roma minorities is the Balkans, with countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia featuring a Roma minority approaching 10% of the population or even surpassing this figure. The self-sufficient energy production from renewable resources and the food production from controlled ecological cultivation foresee an overproduction of at least 25% each, which is sold and thus contributes to the income of the village.

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Human Rights in China. and the global trade

Green (Living) Review

We are losing one manufacturing place after the other and it is all going to China, in the main, with one or two moving to Hungary and the likes. On the other hand, however, we must rather bring our industries back home in order to, actually, get back some security of products in the same way as this must be done as regards to agriculture as to food security.

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Analysis by country of fossil fuel burning-based Carbon Debt and Carbon Credit

Green Blog

Now these communities are facing the worst impacts of climate change – from food shortages to the inundation of whole island nations” and demands “ Huge financial transfers from north to south, based on the repayment of climate debts and subject to democratic control. Fossil fuel burning yielding the greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major component of man-made global warming.

What If We Built Our Cities Around Places?

The Green Changemakers

Food is often a critical component of a successful gathering point. Though located along a stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway, this park at Laguna Beach (near top) has loads of activities, food, and places to sit. People go there to relax, socialize, and enjoy good food and music.

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