Who’d have guessed Germany tops vegan food production?


Grist shares a recent report that Germany was responsible for producing 18% of the world’s new vegan food products in 2016. They’ve been dubbed the winner in the race to fill shelves and stomaches with animal-free food innovations, but it’s clear the real winners are the German people. Stefan Lorkowski, the vice president of the German Nutrition Society, also confirmed “These new food products are quite tasty.”

Germany introduces a legal definition for vegan labelling


Vegan food is Germany is about to change. Food and Drink Europe reports that consumer protection ministers of the German federal state have unanimously voted in favour of a proposal for a legally binding definition of the terms of vegan and vegetarian in regards to food labelling.

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Trump's currency war against Germany

Green (Living) Review

It is not so much a currency war but a trade war against Germany (and the EU) and it was not started by Trump but by Obama. that it could destroy their own SMEs, and very much in the agricultural and food sector, but also in other sectors.

Five Things I Learned While Birding in Germany

10,000 Birds

What’s not to like about cobblestone streets, great architecture, wonderful friends, lots of beer and delicious food, unfamiliar birds, and not working for ten days? Mandarin Ducks are countable in Germany. … Trips Berlin Europe Germany

Greater Rheas: Germany’s new Big Bird

10,000 Birds

Germany is underrated as a birding destination. Greater Rheas, a species the Germans call Nandu, are very popular in Germany and frequently kept in zoos as well as private enclosures. The following map (taken from the highly esteemed site ornitho.de ) shows all observations of Greater Rheas throughout Germany since 1999. Observations of Greater Rheas in Germany since 1999 – map generated with the fabulous online data base ornitho.de.

Campaign against food waste

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A “Bread Happy Hour” against food waste? While this may sound rather funny at first is being offered by a Berlin commercial bakery during the “Wertwochen Lebensmittel” (food value weeks) in the German capital. food waste wasted food foodshare food

EU food control coming?

Green (Living) Review

Crop diversity under threat by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The European Union minions in Brussels/Strasbourg are working on controlling what foods we can eat.

Confiscation of farms and food supplies in case of crisis

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in Germany, the government takes upon itself the right to confiscate, without recompense, farms, and food supplies (including supplies above the amount recommended by the government held by individuals) for the good of the country. The official recommended amount in Germany is food and water for 2-3 days and no more. Beware that no one knows how you garden and grow food and where.

City of Toronto Workers destroy free Community Food Garden amid growing food crisis

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They were ordered to take the plants and food to the dump and lay sod over top of this most beautiful free community food garden, without warning, without a chance to remove the rare heirloom plant species or harvest the food.

Meat is becoming the food of the lower classes

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In Germany trust in the meat suppliers and meat supply has reached rock bottom among consumers. According to a national study in Germany the consumption of meat reduces the higher the level of education and income.

BiogenGreenfinch food waste plant gets green light in Hertfordshire

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The 45,000 tonne per year facility will process food waste from retailers, manufacturers and households to produce renewable electricity for up to 3,600 homes and a bio-fertiliser for nearby farmland. We look forward to working with local food waste producers on this exciting project.”

Berlin: A City with Sex, B.M.W. & Hitler on its Sleeve. ~ Tina Wild

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Travel — Adventure berlin change communism compassion consumerism food germany hitler Holocaust life memorials travel WWII A trip to Berlin reveals that it is a city on the mend, honestly embracing its historical darkness and deconstruction, sex, and quality German products.

The squirrel next door

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Germany, like most of Europe and very much unlike North America, is home to only one species of squirrel. Mammals Germany red squirrels squirrels Stop and stay, don’t move that mouse. I still know my audience - this is primarily a blog read by birders in North America, who see the term “squirrel” as little more than a synonym for house sparrow, starling, pest and cholera.

Trash Planet: Germany

The Green Changemakers

Germany leads the European nations in recycling, with around 70 percent of the waste the country generates successfully recovered and reused each year. Germany's recycling rate is one of the highest in the world - an respectable 70 percent.

Population or Environmental Food Crisis, Part 6: Alternative agriculture

Green Blog

This is part six of a series of articles that take a closer look on the relationship between increasing human population levels and the food production system that sustains human livelihoods. The study could only find minor quality differences between the food systems.

Cars outlawed in suburb of Freiburg, Germany

Green (Living) Review

Henry Kissinger in his now infamous statement of that time said that if you would wish to control nations you would have to control fuel and if you would like to control people it would be food that you would have to control. In part of the German transition town of Freiburg motorcar ownership has been, practically, outlawed.

Who's Watching Your Food? Plea Bargain in Infant Formula Scandal

Green Prophet

Plea Bargain in Infant Formula Scandal Hannah Katsman | March 1st, 2011 | 2 Comments | Email this Share The death of helpless newborns makes us wonder about the quality of all manufactured foods. In 2003, Remedia Israel imported soy formula , manufactured by Humana in Germany.

Population or Environmental Food Crisis, Part 3: Population levels for today and tomorrow

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This is part three of a series of articles that take a closer look on the relationship between increasing human population levels and the food production system that sustains human livelihoods. Germany was a close second with a median age of 44.7

Original Unverpackt: zero plastic, zero packaging at new Berlin supermarket

Green Prophet

We’re accustomed to seeing food in bulk at souqs throughout the Middle East , but shoppers always leave with a legion of plastic bags to carry their goods. So tired of the packaging waste (16 million tons produced each year in Germany), the duo decided to do something about it.

Waste 18

Urban gardening: The real green revolution

Green (Living) Review

It is not about just growing food for oneself but to actually grow food for the people in the city, and in some cases those urban gardens are created in such a way that everyone can have the food for free (or almost for free) and the movement is growing regardless.

Morning Decaf with a Big Surly Biker.

Elephant Journal

“I like my coffee black, my beer from Germany, wine from Burgundy, the darker, the better. I like my heroes complicated and brooding, James Dean in oiled leather, leaning on a motorcycle.

SARS Virus Variant MERS Spreading from Middle East

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Cases have since been reported in Tunisia, Qatar, the United Kingdom, Germany, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates. Food & Health coronavirus epidemic MERS Middle East Respiratory Syndrome SARS WHO

Vegetarianism Can Save the Middle East

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In Germany, nearly 10 percent of the population is plant-eaters, in the UK it’s around 7 percent and the numbers are growing in almost all industrialized nations. Food & Health Lifestyle & Culture animals food meat Vegetarian

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Full Planet, Empty Plates: The New Geopolitics of Food Scarcity

The Green Changemakers

Full Planet, Empty Plates Slideshow Presentation from Earth Policy Institute With food scarcity driven by falling water tables, eroding soils, and rising temperatures, control of arable land and water resources is moving to center stage in the global struggle for food security. “In

The Nuclear Meltdown of George Monbiot

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Once radioactive products have entered the body (via water, food or from the air) they are emitting radiation directly into cells and their deleterious effect is multiplied massively.

Monsanto drops GM crop plan in EU

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In Europe there have been concerns about the use of GM food products, and approval for GM crop cultivation can take years to obtain as the cooperation between Monsanto and the legislators are not as close as they are in the USA. food control Monsanto GMOs

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Urban gardens are key in times of crisis

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During World War I the number of allotment gardens surged from 600,000 to 1,500,000 in Britain, supplying city people with food and other ecosystem services. Proof that it is all possible and that food security can be created for every area, including our urban and suburban areas.

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A Special Gift For A Great Cycling Charity


Many outstanding organizations send money, clothes, medicine and food to those who need it. Bike Aid even helped some get to Germany where they are given food, a place to live and education while they train to be part of the Bike Aid Continental Team.

Allotments and the lack thereof

Green (Living) Review

The practice, unfortunately, looks different and in some areas, especially now that food is getting pricey and also in that people want to grow their own to know where it comes from and as to food miles.

Civil Defense Concept

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The government of Germany has recently admonished its citizens to store food and water, and other provisions, including money, at home – enough for at least ten days – in case of an emergency situation.

Egypt’s Urban Agriculture Movement is Growing!

Green Prophet

coli outbreak in Germany earlier this year, but also other Middle Eastern and North African countries such as Morocco whose poor wastewater treatment systems result in dangerous contamination of agricultural systems. Can urban agriculture save Cairo? We think it’s a pretty good start.

Beware: Peppers, Pears and Grapes From Turkey Are Most Toxic Produce In Europe, Study Finds

Green Prophet

Of 76 different fruits and vegetables recently evaluated, Turkish peppers contained the most excessive and dangerous amounts of pesticide chemicals, according to Food Without Pesticides , a new 26-page guide to European food released this week by Greenpeace Germany.

Denmark Scraps Fat Tax in Victory for Big Food


Denmark has scrapped the world’s first “fat tax”, which was charged on foods high in saturated fats , after just one year. Plans to introduce a tax on sugar have also been abandoned.

New German Civil Defense advice

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A great deal is being made by the media and others about the recently released document by the German government as to civil defense and the advice given to people to have at least ten days of supplies of food and other essentials, including water and cash, at home.

Wood at Architect@Work London 2016

Green (Living) Review

Another exhibition was ROTUNDA SEROTINA The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) partnered with designers Kolman Boye and furniture-makers Benchmark to create a towering structure of food plates in a commission for Wallpaper* Handmade 2015 called the Rotunda Serotina.

2016 21

Failure of Trans Pacific Partnership good news for American People and the Planet

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The stalling of the TPP is the result of the American public’s ability to stand united to defend everyone’s rights to affordable medicines, fair wages, safe food, a clean environment and much more. Trade deals of this nature threaten jobs, communities, and climate equally.

Preserving and canning made easy thanks to Ball

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Obviously, aside from Kilner in Britain there is/was also Mason in the USA with canning jars and other countries, such as Germany, do, or did, have their own brands and designs.

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Jeremy Paxman Warns UK at Litter ‘Tipping Point’

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We now live in an ‘on the move’ society that needs portable food and drink. Acquaintances of mine from Germany have commented after a visit to London that the city is absolutely filthy and that they would not ever considering revisiting simply because of the litter everywhere.

The Community Gardening Handbook – Book Review

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Whether you are a budding grower setting up a new plot, or an experienced green thumb looking for new inspiration, The Community Gardening Handbook offers expert advice and insight on how to grow food, especially as a community.

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Daring Moroccan university recycles urine as drinking water

Green Prophet

They are currently working to combine other elements, such as bacteria, algae, filters and high technology with the waste water to provide life-giving oxygen, water, and food.