Solar Ovens Serve Up Yummy Food Almost Anywhere

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The post Solar Ovens Serve Up Yummy Food Almost Anywhere appeared first on Earth911. EcoTech Home & Garden solar ovens solar-ovens-foodFor an earth-friendly epicurean treat, switch off your stove and step outside. Permit the sun.

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The Importance Of Food Recycling

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Food recycling is another way to conserve resources. The post The Importance Of Food Recycling appeared first on Green Living Guy. green living Breaking Green News food Go Green going green Green News recycle recycling

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Slow food

Green Living Tips

In a world becoming increasingly reliant on fast food that isn't good for us or the environment, the slow food movement seeks to reverse this trend We are not only what we eat, but how we eat.

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Growing your own food wherever possible

Green (Living) Review

And, alas, the situation is not and has not been thus with just food though food (and water) is more important than clothes and even toilet paper. So, it is left to us to see that we can grow as much as possible of our own food at home, in whatever place and way.

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AI is helping make food production smarter

Successful Green

Food production is a complex process involving the monitoring of raw materials, supply chains, market prices and much more besides.

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From Seed to Market: NASA Brings Food to the Table

Environmental News Network

From Seed to Market: NASA Brings Food to the TableAs the seasons turn from spring, to summer, to fall – farmers plant crops, monitor their growth and harvest them.

Food waste

Green (Living) Review

but very little is actually being done to prevent food waste. People are being urged to waste less food – common sense really but then common sense is not all that common and somewhat of a misnomer – but much of the waste happens before it ever reaches the consumer. Instead of prosecuting dumpster divers and food rescuers they should be given medals rather on account of what they are doing. But back to waste food and what to do about it, at home and elsewhere.

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Amazing Eco-Friendly Food Tips And Ideas

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The food you buy in the cooking and storage ways can help reduce carbon footprint and benefit the environment immensely while keeping you and your family healthy. … Read More Amazing Eco-Friendly Food Tips And Ideas.

Whole Foods bites into sustainable food tourism

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America''s leading natural foods grocery, Whole Foods Market, debuts Whole Journeys—tours that offer foodies "exclusive interaction" with farmers, chefs, wineries, cheesemakers, as well as excursions to indigenous food festivals. Whole Foods bites into sustainable food tourism is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. News Tours Tuscany Green Travel News Kathy Dragon Reuters Whole Foods Market Whole Journeys

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Farming Bugs For Food

Green Living Tips

articles & guides foodI've kept an open mind on eating insects - mainly because billions of people around the world have been eating bugs for a very, very long time.

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Cutting food waste

Green Living Tips

The amount of food waste we generate each year is incredible. Pick up some food waste reduction tips and save a stack of money It's not only an environmental issue, but a humanitarian and financial one.

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How Organic Foods Can Help the Earth

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Have you ever thought about how your food gets to your plate? But through organic farming, we may be able to find a better way to supply … Read More How Organic Foods Can Help the Earth. The post How Organic Foods Can Help the Earth appeared first on Green Living Guy.

Adapting Roots to a Hotter Planet Could Ease Pressure on Food Supply

Environmental News Network

Adapting Roots to a Hotter Planet Could Ease Pressure on Food SupplySupercomputer-powered 3D imaging of root systems to help breeders develop climate-change adapted plants for farmers.

7 Nutrients You Can Only Get From Plant-Based Foods

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However, there are many nutrients that we can only get from plant-based foods. The post 7 Nutrients You Can Only Get From Plant-Based Foods appeared first on Green Living Ideas.

Ocean Microbes Team up Brilliantly to Gather Food When It’s Scarce

Environmental News Network

Ocean Microbes Team up Brilliantly to Gather Food When It’s ScarceWhat’s a hungry marine microbe to do when the pickings are slim? .

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The Fridge: Reducing Food Waste in the Community

Green Prophet

It’s not an empty fridge waiting to be hauled away to a dump; it’s full of food. You’ve saved money, saved food from going to waste, and supported a neighborhood business, all in five minutes. Dumped into a landfill, the food will only make more methane greenhouse gas. .

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Simple Tips For Extending Food Shelf Life

Green Living Tips

Extending the shelf life of food can be a very simple green action that may also save you a bunch of money as well. articles & guides food

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How to Reduce Food Waste in a Restaurant

Green Prophet

Fridges are left open in Saudi Arabia and Israel so people in need can take food. When you are managing a restaurant, food waste is a common issue that needs immediate attention. Every day, restaurants naturally waste food due to over-purchasing and over-serving.

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Bees and your food

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food supply Bee Colony Collapse Disorder is a crisis that still gets little coverage given the major threat it poses. Bees give us so much more than honey. Bee pollination of crops, something that most farmers heavily rely on, is responsible for as much as 30% of the U.S.

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Horrible Vintage Foods And Why People Cooked Them

Green Prophet

Better not; its rightful place is in the gallery of horrible past foods. . Late r the recipes emphasized using up leftovers and making prep-ahead foods for the working mother who needed to put dinner on the table fast. Food historical food

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Technological Advances to Increase Sustainable Food Production

Green Living Guy

First of all, since the world’s population continues to grow, food production must grow with it. Worst off, some counties have to increase food production by 100 percent by 2050. Another way to look at this, maybe we need to expand by as much as 70 percent globally.

Stop Wasting Food!

Environmental News Network

We have all done it many times, thrown perfectly good food into the trash. According to the Food Waste Reduction Alliance 25 to 40% of food grown, processed, and transported in the United States will never be consumed. Food waste is also terrible for the environment. Most food waste finds its way to landfills where it will decompose and release the greenhouse gas methane. Below I have put together some tips to reduce food waste in your daily life.

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The post WILL FOOD WASTE FUEL VEGAS? Firstly and as reports: It takes a lot of energy to power Las Vegas. For example, the slot machines, nightclubs, and bright neon lights. Where, but on of the Las Vegas strip.

Campaign against food waste

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A “Bread Happy Hour” against food waste? While this may sound rather funny at first is being offered by a Berlin commercial bakery during the “Wertwochen Lebensmittel” (food value weeks) in the German capital. From September 25 to October 6 will the department for consumer protection of the Berlin Senate mobilize against food waste. food waste wasted food foodshare food

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The Slow Food Movement defines Slow Meat

Green Prophet

The Slow Food movement isn’t against eating meat. Today Slow Food launched the Meat the Change campaign, with the aim of reaching people all over the world. The campaign aims to encourage people to reflect on the consequences of their food choices. . The post The Slow Food Movement defines Slow Meat appeared first on Green Prophet | Impact News for the Middle East. Food meat glue meatless mondays Slow Food Slow Meat

A food forest emerges in LA's famous Venice neighborhood


Community “food forests” are popping up around cities and towns across the U.S., including one on Glencoe Avenue in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Venice

Food control under way?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Aside from seed control in the European Union it would appear that attempts are made in other places around the world too to control the foods we eat, such as outlawing foraging for wild edibles, aka edible weeds. It was Henry Kissinger in the 1970s who said, just before the supposed “oil crisis” that if you want to control nations you have to control fuel and if you want to control people you have to control food. food from parks food control food

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Reuse ideas for plastic frozen food bags

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I am one of those people who take reuse and all what is related to that to another dimension at times, as regular readers will know, and I do, yes, tend to keep those bags from frozen food. freezer bags frozen food bags green living green living tips plastic bag plastic bags plastic packaging reuse

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Community food gardens

Green Living Tips

HTML clipboardAn extension of the Victory Garden concept that developed during World War II, a community food garden (sometimes referred to as a food bank) is another way of producing more natural foods in an environmentally friendly way and increasing a community's food security

Make your food last longer

Green (Living) Review

By Lyndsey from Recycle for Wales The easiest way to make food last for longer in our home is by freezing it. I usually make batches of food so I can be lazy in the week, and defrost it when I need it. Making a few small changes to how we store our food such as freezing it, making it into a jam etc can make it last longer. In the long run, this means we get to eat more of the food we buy, throw away less and save money. Food Storage green living green living tips

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Food forests manage themselves

Green (Living) Review

On a suburban Kansas lot at the corner of 55th and Mastin streets, an experiment is underway: A food forest is growing crops, creating economic value and, most notably, doing most of the work on its own. Quell, the property owner who has lent the site to Cultivate Kansas City to design, install, manage and harvest food grown from guilds of trees, shrubs and plants.

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Never Throw Food Away Again

Green (Living) Review

But you can save more food, and save money. Food waste is becoming a major American problem. Americans waste an astounding 40 percent of their food, a statistic that has doubled since 1974, according to research published in the journal PLoS ONE found. And it''s not just trashed food that gets wasted, but also tons of the food and water used to grow, harvest, process, and transport the food, the study authors say. food waste

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10 Amazing Food Co-ops Across America

Green (Living) Review

Watch this video about the advantages of shopping at co-ops, and check this directory for information about food co-ops near you. At Food Conspiracy Co-op in Tucson, Arizona, community members teach courses; local nonprofits and schools apply for donations; and workshops on water harvesting and native trees take place. Viroqua Food Co-op is located in Viroqua, a town of 4400, in a rural area of Southwest Wisconsin called the Driftless. cooperatives food food co-ops

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Food miles and sustainability

Green Living Tips

How many miles does your food travel before it hits your dinner plate? Not so long ago, the majority of our food came from our local environment or at least from within our own countries. These days, our food is increasingly from hundreds or even thousands of miles away

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Food For Life Partners With Milk Token To Help The Hungry Through Crypto Donations

Green Prophet

The partnership between Food for Life Global and the Milk and Butter Tokens has proven to be one of the biggest charitable crypto projects, where 5% of every Butter token transaction directly goes into a charity wallet to then be distributed to charities voted on by holders.

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First Brazilian supermarket where customers can exchange recyclable waste for food open

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In the Brazilian state of Acre the first supermarket opened its doors where it is possible for customers to exchange recyclables for food.

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Cooling food without electricity

Green Living Tips

Looking for an environmentally friendly way to keep food and drinks cool without electricity? A pot-in-pot fridge, also known as a Zeer pot, just might do the trick. Great for emergency situations, there's no moving parts and it's cheap and easy to make

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Fragile vs. Resilient Food Systems

The Green Changemakers

In many countries, particularly in the US, the food system has been thrown into chaos. The industrial food system is inherently fragile. 70% of the world's food is produced by smallholders (5 acres or less) and distributed to their local communities.

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Food Storage Wisdom

Green (Living) Review

A generation or two ago, families had the good sense to always maintain a good food storage program because they understood that bad things can happen to food supplies. Now things are starting to return to a more sane idea that every family should have their own secure food storage plan. Food storage is still viewed as a somewhat quirky, semi-paranoid idea, but anyone reading The Southern Agrarian understands that it is a very wise move.

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Aldi's statement on GM foods

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Genetically Modified (GM) foods We know that GM food is controversial and that many of our customers don''t want to eat it. en/responsibility/resources-for-our-products/genetically-modified-foods/ If Aldi can have such a policy, being a discounter, we can but wonder why no other supermarket chain, as far as I can see, in the UK (and elsewhere), is prepared to go to the same length to do this.

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Key Facts on Food Waste You Should Know!


It is the perfectly good food we waste each day at different parts of our food system. And yet, today, about a third of all the food produced every year gets lost or is wasted. This food waste is the single largest component going into municipal landfills where it creates 3.3

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Urban food hub trends replacing food deserts. So what’s fresh?

Green Living Guy

First of all and when it comes to fresh food availability in the urban areas of cities nationally we need to collaborate. I mean creative collaboration must be done to address these food deserts. The post Urban food hub trends replacing food deserts.

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DIY Rotating Canned Food System

Green (Living) Review

Storing canned food in your kitchen cabinets is an inefficient use of space and you will often find old cans in the back that have been there for years. The cost is a small fraction of the price of retail canned food systems. This easy-to-build shelf system will solve the problem by rotating the cans. There are many variations, so modify the plans to suit your needs and abilities. Read more here

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