Making Peace with Food.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Food Health & Wellness Yoga fibromalygia food to heal gut health inside story leaky gut making peace with food struggle with foodI intensely feared anything that came on a plate or in a bowl.

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The Sneaky Harmful Ingredients in our Food.

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Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Food Green Health & Wellness bad bacteria food industry fresh foods healthy bacteria healthy diet ingredients microbiome natural diet non-gmo nutrition label preservativesSome are Disguised as Healthy Vitamins.

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Top Seasonal Foods for our Pantries & Bellies.

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Food Green Health & Wellness cooking healthy foods plant-based seasonal foods vegan vegetablesMy mission is to show people how fun and easy it is to prepare a delectable, world-class plant-based cuisine that is.

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5 Foods that Whiten Your Teeth.

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The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) advises that there are certain food items that naturally brighten and cleanse the gums and teeth. The following five foods are said to. Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Family Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today dental health dentist food health white teeth

2016 36

Grow fresh food in the middle of Manhattan? Meet Henry

Green Prophet

It’s a natural thing for every human being to want: the ability to grow fresh, healthy food anywhere we call home, even if that’s in the concrete jungle of New York City. Food that’s been grown with your hands?

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Why that “Healthy” Food Probably isn’t (& How to Fix That).

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The best approach to buying and eating food is simple: Food Health & Wellness diet trends fat-free food labels food marketing Healthy food high-fructose corn syrup sugar-free Whole Foods

2017 23

The Surprising Importance of Freshwater Fisheries to Global Food Security

Nature Conservancy - Science

Perhaps these words conjure up images of fried walleye caught at the local lake: tasty but not exactly an essential part of our food supply. Why are freshwater fisheries so often overlooked as a source of food security? “It’s

Beyonce Launches Vegan Food Delivery Service


The “Drunk in Love” singer made Read More The post Beyonce Launches Vegan Food Delivery Service appeared first on Ecorazzi. Looks like Beyonce really loved her vegan diet. So much so that the mega-star has announced plans to launch a home-delivery vegan meal service.

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10 Banned Foods That Every American Should Stop Eating. {Infographic}

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Oh America, you are indeed the land of the free and home to the brave, but somewhere along the way we have also become the land of GMO’s, bio-engineered food and ADHD-inducing dyes. Food Green Health & Wellness Banned Foods dr. mercola Dyes gmos preservatives How have we managed to let this crap slip through the cracks for so long? I mean even China, Russia and […].

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9 Healthy Foods Not to Eat Before Yoga.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Food Health & Wellness Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Yoga Yoga Practice Yoga Wisdom food Healthy food workout foodJust as important as when we eat before yoga is what we eat.

2016 25

Up, Up & Away: How Vertical Farming can eliminate Food Deserts.

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We are only a generation or so away from a major food and water. Even the most conservative of estimates predicts that there will be 9.6 billion of us on the planet by 2050.

How the Principles of Sexual Healing apply to our Food, Too.

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I'm a sexologist, and I'm coming out to you about my food issues and it’s not what you think. Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Food Health & Wellness Sexy cooking food as medicine food relationships gluten intolerance healthy eating relationship with food sex and health vegetarian

2016 28

7 Nutritional Foods that Boost our Immune Systems.

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The 7 items outlined in this article are basic foods full of nutrition that taste great and also help boost your immune system. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Food Health & Wellness beef boost your immune system food garlic immune system immunity Immunity boosters nutrition oats shellfish sweet potatoes tea yogurt

2016 25

The Verdict is In: We Can Grow Safe Food and Conserve Nature at the Same Time

Nature Conservancy - Science

A new paper published today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that removing habitat around farm fields does not make food safer. Applied Conservation Science to Inform Food Safety. Using Nature to Improve Food Safety.

2015 54

The Best Camping Food is Home-Made.

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By preparing our camping food ourselves, we can ensure we are using high quality organic ingredients, limiting the amount of processed sugar and salt, and only including the flavors that make our family smile.

Anxiety & Food: Are you Eating to Feel Safe?

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Enlightened Society Food Health & Wellness awareness change compassion emotional eating feeling positive food happiness health how to stop emotional eating life meditation mindfulness positivity mantras self loveI gobbled down my first sandwich and eagerly wanted a second. I felt the angst of wanting something I was afraid to ask for.

2017 18

New Agro Food Park for Denmark to change the core of a broken system

Green Prophet

We all need better food in our lives. It’s working with leading architects and is making investments in a making huge investments in a balanced whole-systems and ecological approach to growing our food. Related: Creating a food and expert network for urban farmers.

The Ultimate Comfort Food: Zucchini Fritters. {Gluten Free, Vegetarian Recipe}

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Food Health & Wellness comfort food food fritters gluten free recipe vegetarian zucchini If you''re like me, this recipe is one you''ll save and come back to time and time again.

LYFE Kitchen: The Whole Foods of Fast Food?

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McDonald''s executives learned from a noisy public that We the People want Real Food. Can this new national chain offer food with integrity?

Former Burger King Chairman Starts Veg Food Company


You know the benefits of meat-free eating are really sinking in when a former Burger King chairman switches gears and starts a vegetarian food company! Brian Swette (also a former Read More The post Former Burger King Chairman Starts Veg Food Company appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Powerful Anti-Aging Peruvian Foods.

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The Inca natives who work so diligently at maintaining their food in its original state were not about to have a big American corporation take over what they deem so precious.

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Saving our food and planet requires bubbles

Green Prophet

Green Tech and Gadgets food hydroponics waterSomewhere in the middle of Ontario is a company hidden from view. Sitting on 5 acres of reforested farmland is Blue Planet Environmental.

Ortho—what?! Why We’re not Crazy for Obsessing over Our Food.

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Is it just me or does that just describe the desire to feed our bodies with healthy food? Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Food Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today compassion eating disorder eco environment fear food food allergies green gut health healing health wellness Healthy food mindfulness non-gmo obsession organic orthorexia picky eating self love vegan

2016 27

7 Food Swaps for Healthier Eating without Big Diet Changes.

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These seven replacements can create dramatic changes in our diet without feeling restrictive or as if we’re eating “diet food.”. Food Health & Wellness WAYLON: Editor's Picks Z ADMIN Wellness Popular Lately diet eat health Mark Hyman weight loss

2015 31

From Davos: This Idea Could Transform Global Food Systems

Conservancy Talk

Global food security is a hot topic here at the World Economic Forum (WEF). That’s one reason I’ve been pleased to participate in meetings here on transforming global food systems. Mark R.

2016 28

Ayurveda’s List of Incompatible Foods: Things that Don’t Go Together. ~ Alexandra Krasne

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The concept of incompatible food combinations in Ayurveda (called virudh aahar) took a while for me to grasp and incorporate into my own diet. Incompatible foods are everywhere: in restaurants, on cooking shows, and even cookbooks are rife with these unhealthy combos. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Food Health & Wellness awareness food health health wellness mindfulness

2014 42

The first 100% recycled food safe crate in the UK

Green (Living) Review

Sainsburys is the first UK retailer to recycle its old food crates into more efficient ones made from 100% recycled material.

12 Steps to Ending our Obsessions with Food.

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Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Food Health & Wellness Erin O''Brien food obsession healthy eating intuition self knowledge weight loss

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Food tech startups wanted to take a bite out of DLD in Tel Aviv

Green Prophet

And food, as locals and tourists know is becoming Israel’s rising star. With cultured people and hyper-fresh production capabilities, Israelis from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem enjoy traditional Mediterranean food, hybridized with any international trend. Israel!

2016 31

Making Food Waste Recycling Easy & Convenient is Key

Environmental News Network

There is no question that food waste is a monumental environmental problem and recycling food waste would make a significant dent in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The barrier to food waste recycling isn’t so much about people’s willingness to compost.

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The Ideal Food Pyramid has More than just Food.

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Food Health & Wellness Dr. Mark Hyman food pyramid healthy eating healthy fats low-fat refined carbohydrates sugarFrom the beginning, a low-fat dogma prevailed, even though we now know.

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Saudi man’s charity fridge reduces food waste and helps the poor

Green Prophet

His neighbors can leave their excess food inside the refrigerator where it is kept fresh and clean. Needy people can then anonymously use this excess food without the shame of begging. Food makes up the largest proportion of the waste entering Saudi Arabia’s landfills.

Fighting a Food Obsession? It’s Time to Ditch your Inner B*tch.

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Food Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today advice cravings diets eating food health obsession weightYou can break out of this cycle before you crash and burn. And the good news is that it won't require any.

2016 30

The 4 Ways I Used my Yoga Mat to Kick my Food Addiction.

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Food Health & Wellness Yoga Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today Benefits of yoga eating food mindfully food addiction overcoming self love yoga and addictionI sought counseling and therapy, and all I ended up with was a pile of pills that made me worse. Then, I walked into a yoga class and it all changed.

2015 28

A Food Market Without Bees (Whole Foods Photo)

Green Prophet

A corporate natural foods store in the United States has captured a photograph of what their shelves would look like if bee populations completely collapse. Whole Foods claims that one in every three bites of food is pollinated by bees. Image via PRNewsFoto/Whole Foods Market.

Good-bye Detox: 15 Foods that Naturally Detox & Cleanse Your Body {Infographic}.

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So I was thrilled to see this infographic listing 15 foods that naturally detox and cleanse the body, which reinforced my intuition that what I eat can naturally detox my bod. Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Food Green Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Food Featured Today Z ADMIN Green Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today cleanse detox diet food health health wellness juicing master cleanse nutrition

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These 5 Foods are making us Overweight, Unhealthy & Unhappy.

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Food Health & Wellness Popular Lately dairy eating food gluten health meat oil plant-based salt unhealthy foodsIf we want to get healthy, we have to understand what’s making us sick.

2017 14

9 Surprising Facts About Junk Food | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Food and Ag , Top Stories. 9 Surprising Facts About Junk Food. Heres Moss: "This," Witherly [a food scientist] said, "is one of the most marvelously constructed foods on the planet, in terms of pure pleasure." Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content.

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Stop calling vegan food “cruelty-free”


Many vegans proudly proclaim that their food is “cruelty-free” as though issues of justice and injustice begin and end with our use of nonhuman animals. What is probably an innocent shorthand for “no nonhuman animals were exploited to make this”, though, can appear as a complete disregard for the fact that many of the foods that we commonly consume are products of forced labour, human trafficking, exploitation and suffering.

Open Letter to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, on the Purchase of Whole Foods.

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Enlightened Society Food Green Right Livelihood Amazon climate change eco food green jeff bezos open letter right livelihood Whole FoodsSo much now rests in your hands.

2017 13