Church Stone Shelter welcomes hikers in Finland


In the celebrated nature reserve of Kintulammi, Finland, architect Malin Moisio of Tampere-based architecture studio Arkkitehtitoimisto TILASTO has created the Kirkkokiven laavu — the Church Stone Shelter — as a free and welcome respite to hikers.

The Finland Phenomenon

The Green Changemakers

Is this attitude true of all schools in Finland? education agenda : Finland does not give their kids standardized tests. Finland does not have a culture of negative accountability for their teachers. Finland has a culture of collaboration between schools, not competition. Finland has no private schools. This also makes Finland's education more affordable than it is in the US. Compulsory school in Finland doesn't begin until children are 7 years old.


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Solar Innovation Wins Top Prize In Finland

Eco Friendly Daily

Finland’s Technology Academy awards a Millennium Technology Prize every two years. The president of Finland’s Technology Academy, Dr. Ainomaija Haarla, stated: “The constraint of solar energy has traditionally been its price. This year the three finalists included a solar energy invention which eventually won the top prize. A Professor from the Lausanne Federal Technology Institute in Switzerland won the top prize of 800,000 euros.

Study: Owls In Finland Changing Due To Climate Change

Eco Friendly Daily

As detailed in the recently published study in the journal Nature Communications, tawny owls in Finland may already be adapting to increasing temperatures through their plumage colors. The study analyzed data collected on tawny owls over the past thirty years across Finland. However, the study found that as winters of Finland become warmer, there is an increasing number of brown tawny owls.

Eco-resort in Finland charges guests based on their carbon emissions


Excerpt from: Eco-resort in Finland charges guests based on their carbon emissions. Eco Green environmental finland finnish nature news office design resort studyA Finnish hotel is changing the tourism industry by showing that sustainability can really pay off. When guests consume less energy, attend ecological activities and make sustainable dietary choices during their visit, the price tag of their stay can be discounted by up to 50 percent.

Finland promises to cut emissions with 80% by 2050

Green Blog

Earlier this month, the parliament in Finland passed a new climate change act that obliges the country to reduce its emissions with 80 percent by 2050. Ville Niinisto, the Minister of the Environment, said that the new climate change legislation "is an attempt to establish Finland as a leader in low-carbon society." The new climate change act mainly targets the public sector and does not impose any new obligations on businesses or other operators in Finland.

Two beautiful, self-sustaining tiny cabins rest on a remote island off the coast of Finland


Located on 5 acres of rugged landscape, at the edge of the Archipelago National Park in Southwest Finland, Project Ö includes two self-sustaining, solar-powered cabins that include chic living spaces as well as a sauna and a workshop. View original post here: Two beautiful, self-sustaining tiny cabins rest on a remote island off the coast of Finland.

Europe’s 6 best ‘green’ classical music festivals in summer 2016

Green Traveler Guides

All Austria Europe Finland France Germany Grafenegg Graz Kuhmo Lake Chiemsee Ljubljana Pays de la Meije Slovenia best classical music festivals in Europe 2016 Festival Europe 2016 by Frank Kuznik Festival Messiaen 2016 Grafenegg Festival 2016 Herrenchiemsee Festival 2016 Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival 2016 Ljubljana Festival 2016 Styriarte 2016

2016 100

How much does the Internet contribute to global warming and can we switch to carbon neutral servers?

Green Prophet

A group of international bloggers from cleantech media, Grist, Treehugger and Green Prophet visiting a power plant in Finland. We were to spend several days in Finland learning about its bold and practical solutions to doing better business by the environment. .

2020 56

Finnish stamps shine a harsh light on climate change


The transition from snow to rain depicts the loss of winter snowfall, a crucial natural element for Finland. The third image illustrates a bird that mutates into a skeleton, representing the extinction of many of Finland’s native species.

Sicily hits record high temperature amid heatwave


Canada, Finland, the western U.S., Eco Green china climate climate change climate-impact earth europe finland heat heatwave organization temperature trevor-mitchell turkeyIn the latest extreme weather news, Europe has set a new record high temperature. Sicily hit 48.8 degrees Celsius this week, or 119.85 Fahrenheit, according to a reading at a Syracuse, Sicily monitoring station. At press time, the record high hadn’t yet been verified by the World Meteorological Organization.

Finnair to make longest commercial biofuel flight

Green Traveler Guides

Airlines Amsterdam Europe Finland Helsinki Netherlands News aviation biofuel Finnair| Green Travel News |. A Finnair flight between Amsterdam and Helsinki next week will be the longest commercial biofuel flight flown anywhere in the world to date. “We We want to be a pioneer in sustainable development in air transport.

Wright-inspired home has trees growing through the roof


Petersburg on the edge of the Gulf of Finland with a forested environment. Green a-unique-rhythm design finland frank lloyd wright home homes luxury architecture natural sauna style villaMoscow-based firm Kerimov Architects has crafted a custom, luxury home for a new villa community in Repino, Leningrad that follows Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of organic architecture by knitting the built environment into the natural landscape.

Stunning House on the Rocks uses geothermal power


On Finland’s windswept Turku archipelago, Helsinki-based design practice and log house kit purveyor Pluspuu has completed yet another ecological wood house — fittingly named the House on the Rocks.

Why investors are putting biodiversity on the balance sheet


To receive a lower rate the company must show a net-positive impact on biodiversity in its forests in Finland and a 65 percent reduction in CO2 emissions from fuels and purchased electricity between 2015 and 2030. Why investors are putting biodiversity on the balance sheet C.J.

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Adidas and H&M join project to scale circular fashion and recycled fibers


Textile recycling specialist Frankenhuis, meanwhile, has been tasked with sorting and pre-processing the textile waste, and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) aims to develop a technical solution for the continuous processing of textile waste fibers for pre-treatment, they said. Business Eco Green Recycle clancy cotton-project director europe finland health journal paris-agreement such-as-cotton

2020 28

5 sustainable activities to make the most of a winter wonderland


If you’ll be in Finland anytime this winter, delight in a stay at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel in Santa Claus Village. Business Eco Green finland national-park nofollow-noopener service vacation vacation retreat winter activitiesWinter is meant for reveling in nature’s snow and ice.

2019 36

Why Finnish Tap Water Is Shipped to Saudi Arabia

Green Prophet

In 2004, for example, Nord Water of Finland bottled and shipped 1.4 Business & Politics Water Finland Middle East Saudi Arabia waterRola asks why the Middle East is consuming so much bottled water. Time to fix the tap?

Supermarket happy hour reduces food waste


While this is happening in Finland, U.S. Business Eco Green a-much-larger conservation eat & drink finland food friends headlamp humane-society news parks / wildlife species united-nations universityA Finnish supermarket chain is fighting food waste by offering steep discounts during a “happy hour.” Every night at 9, food with a midnight expiration date is discounted 60 percent off already reduced prices.

2019 28

Nurmi Is Finnish for Fabulous – Thoughtfully Fabulous.

Eco Chic

As of now, we’re the only Finnish fashion company to produce eco-jeans in Finland with hemp and organic cotton.” turban Finland finnish Nurmi organic cotton turbanThe organic cotton Aino shrug is made by folding a square fabric into a knit, so there’s no cutting, and therefore, no waste. Nurmi is a Finnish eco fashion company that makes a strictly edited line of pieces that are mostly seasonless and meant to last.

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Student designs an ecotourism hot-spot for the Iranian desert


Eco Green architecture desert eco-tourism family finland friends hotel news radical-innovation speciesA student finalist in this year’s Radical Innovation competition has found a possible solution for conserving Iran’s deserts while also promoting ecotourism in the region. Sharareh Faryadi’s Nebka Protective System could be applied to both residential and tourist accommodations in deserts.

2019 28

Climate Change Impacting CO2 has Peatland exchange primarily via moisture conditions

Green Living Guy

University of Eastern Finland: Press release, 8 April 2019 So Northern peatlands store approximately one third of global soil carbon. I mean namely around 500 gigatons of carbon guys! Because the peatland carbon cycling is also largely controlled. I mean by partly anaerobic soil conditions.

New way of producing useful compounds from birch for the cosmetics industry

Green Living Guy

Cosmetics from Birch Leaves VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has used plant or birch tree cell culture technology. They used it to develop new types of ingredients for the cosmetics industry. Cell cultures originate from birch leaves and seeds, produce pigments.

Nuclear Piranhas Eat Their Own

Green Blog

This debacle is piled on top of the disastrous nuclear projects that are unravelling in Olkiluoto, Finland and Flamanville, France where Areva are trying to build their new “Nuclear Renaissance” power plants. Energy Areva EDF Finland France Fukushima nuclear nuclear energy nuclear industry nuclear scandal UK uranium mine

A critical analysis of future nuclear reactors designs

Green Blog

The end result has been the size and scale of nuclear projects has ballooned in size, as has the costs of new nuclear build (the following video offers a humorous if foul mouthed appraisal of the situation regarding the Olkiluoto reactor in Finland, first of the new (don’t laugh) nuclear renaissance). Once upon a time I used to be a fan of nuclear energy. As far as I saw it, nuclear energy was the silver bullet solution to all of our energy problems and more.

Green data servers drive renewable energy for online gaming

Green Prophet

The crypto ban in China for instance could free up more energy that Finland uses in a whole year. Finland is a shining green example. Finland is one of the world’s leading forces in transforming data servers into renewable energy power houses.

The 5 Best Eco-Friendly Destinations to Visit Around the World

Green Prophet

Finland is far from Costa Rica in many ways but similar in others. Finland’s forest are vast and wide and everyone and their cousin owns a sauna somewhere in nature.

Reindeer herders in Norway take a wind farm to court


Related: Hydropower demand is damaging Indigenous lands The Sámi community lives in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia. Green animals climate change climate-crisis community energy finland ideas norway reindeer sunrise movement the sunrise movement wind energyReindeer herders of the Sámi Indigenous community have moved to a court of appeals in Norway to challenge a proposed wind power project.

Can we have too many trees?

Green (Living) Review

Arguments about relative tree cover – Norway, the most comparable northern European country, has 33% tree cover; Finland 73% – aren’t totally convincing, as there’s something to be said for abnormality. The mountaineers will still have their views (magnificent peaks tower above any natural tree line ), and hunters will have more wildlife to kill, if they really must (Finland’s forests support 300,000 hunters; Norway shoots more grouse than Scotland ).

2017 112

Over 75 Nationalities Can Now Apply for an Egypt Visa Online

Green Prophet

Finland. Electronic visa systems have been growing in popularity for a number of years now, as governments around the world seek to find a way to facilitate the process of streamlining application processes to encourage foreign travelers to visit their country. .

Egypt 101

Nido offers cozy retreat away from home


Micro Cabin in Finland. Micro Cabin in Finland. Micro Cabin in Finland. Finland imposes certain regulations that restrict small homes and cabins built without a permit from being larger than 96 to 128 square feet. Sonia Renthlei: A cozy retreat in the woods, surrounded by nature, is the ideal way to get away from a busy week. But not everyone can afford to build a cabin and what with the cost of materials and labor, the concept can seem pretty overwhelming.

How the Production of Foie Gras Impacts the Health of Ducks and Geese


However, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, most provinces of Austria and Israel have all unilaterally banned the production of foie gras, plus its sale in restaurants.

2020 83

Is the special issue a joke too?

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: Dear Dr. Whitehead, The journal Laws (ISSN 2075-471X) is currently running a special issue entitled "Environmental Law and Sustainability" Dr. Kamrul Hossain , of the University of Lapland (Finland), is serving as Guest Editor for this issue.

2015 144

Env-Econ: The Nobel Nomination

Environmental Economics

In response to the overwhelming grassroots interest we've received we have in being nominated for a Nobel Prize in honor of our contribution to the promulgation of environmental economics in the blogosphere, I've done some research. I Googled 'Nobel Prize in Economic Scence nomination'--I would've Google 'Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel' but I can never remember the real name.that will change when we win). 

2013 131

The Uni Villa is a tiny eco-resort that can thrive anywhere


The Helsinki -based architecture firm designed its new, prefab units in collaboration with nature tourism entrepreneur Kari Vainio and installed the first prototype in the forest of Hyvinkää, Finland. Related: Modular, prefab cabins immerse guests in a Slovakian forest This first Uni Villa is tucked into Kytäjä Golf, which won the title of Best in Finland in 2020. How many people wish they had their own little retreat?

I'm just humbled to be nominated (and arrogant enough to believe I contribute)

Environmental Economics

The seven finalists -- Columbus, Ohio; Oulu, Finland; Stratford, Canada; Taichung City, Taiwan; Tallinn, Estonia; Taoyuan County, Taiwan; and. On Wednesday, Louis Zacharilla, co-founder of the Intelligent Community Forum. ICF), announced the organization's seven finalists for the 2013. Intelligent Community of the Year. The announcement was made during the. final day of the Pacific Telecommunications Council's annual meeting in. Honolulu.

Volvo teams up with Phillip Lim on sustainable weekender bag


Nordico was developed by Volvo and is a mixture of textiles made from recycled material like PET bottles, recycled corks from the wine industry and materials from sustainable forests in Sweden and Finland. In a collaboration between iconic Volvo and well-established sustainable luxury brand 3.1

Mets Wood’s new building products offer a lower CO2 footprint


“Around 1 million square metres of concrete wall elements are produced annually in Finland. The elements will be produced at Lipa-Betoni’s factory in Pieksämäki, Finland and installed in June. According to Metsä Wood, construction creates an estimated 30% of all CO2 emissions and uses up to 50% of the world’s resources. The standard use of concrete is cost-effective, but it produces a high amount of carbon dioxide.

How gamers can support the environment

Green Prophet

There are some server companies that do loads for the environment so if you are a game builder yourself, get some inspiration from our visit to Finland and see how they are building low-energy “dungeon” servers in the basements of churches. .

What to know about Hulu’s Greta Thunberg documentary


SVT of Sweden, DR of Denmark, YLE of Finland, NRK of Norway and Hulu of the U.S. Business Eco Green activism carbon chemistry climate change climate-action daughter documentary finland greta-thunberg- home oceanHopeful, passionate and completely fearless, Greta Thunberg is quickly becoming the face of climate change awareness.

Will your city go 100% renewable?

Green (Living) Review

While countries like Finland have committed to a legally binding 80% cut by 2050 , most larger nations—the US and China included—are really only talking about modest cuts at this stage. The recent joint announcement that China and the US would both commit to curbing their carbon emissions was a welcome signal that the tide is turning on international climate action. It was also, however, a reminder of just how pitiful most countries'' clean energy ambitions really are.

2015 103

Green City Solutions from Dresden wins Europe’s founder price in the circular economy

Green (Living) Review

Six finalists from Germany, Finland, France and UK presented their pitches before the jury and audience. Since 2014, Green Alley, a subsidiary of Landbell AG, has annually honoured ideas that address waste and resource management with its Green Alley Award in conjunction with several award partners: the crowdfunding platform Seedmatch, the London-based accelerator programme Bethnal Green Ventures and the European Recycling Platform (ERP) Finland.

2016 101

Wind Power Blows Away Coal and Gas in Nordic Countries

Green (Living) Review

Fossil power plants in Finland and Denmark act as swing-producers, helping to meet demand when hydropower production in Norway and Sweden falls due to dry weather. Wind power is blowing gas and coal-fired turbines out of business in the Nordic countries, and the effects will be felt across the Baltic region as the renewable glut erodes utility margins for thermal power stations.