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We found alternatives such as buying fair-trade , handmade and local, and although big business and unethical still dominates the marketplace, we are buying more ethically today than ever before which is highly encouraging for a sustainable future.

Mother's Day Giveaway - Win $40 Gift Certificate to Novica Fair-Trade Marketplace, ends 5/30

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Novica is truly synonymous with Mother’s Day; you can find heirloom quality handmade keepsakes, carefully handcrafted jewelry , standout apparel and beautiful home décor that any mom would love. Mothers are absolutely amazing!

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Firefly Accessories adds new Fair Trade fashion accessories from Cambodia

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Firefly Accessories adds new line of Fair Trade products to their ecommerce shop. Glasgow, UK, March 1, 2012 : Firefly Accessories announces the addition of new Fair Trade fashion accessories from Cambodia to their online product catalogue.

Passion Lilie’s Fair-Trade Print Fabulousness: How I Wear Eco Fashion

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The awesomely print, is “handwoven and dyed through the art of resist dying,” and these are Designed in New Orleans, and made in India by Fair Trade workers. It’s by Zoe & Sage , and is handmade in L.A.

$25 Gift Code Giveaway, ends 12/21

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Founded 12 years ago, is a beautiful online fair trade marketplace that gives artisans all over the world a portal in which to share their handcrafted crafts with the world while making a sustainable income. giveaway fair trade Normal. false. false. false.

Ecohabitude & GreenDrinks Kick Off Holiday Shopping with Style + Ethics

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The product footprints also provide consumers the ability to conveniently shop according to their values – conflict free, handmade, organic, vegan, biodegradable, fibershed, low carbon footprint, GMO free, profit sharing, wildharvested, upcycled, and the list goes on and on!

VOZ: Handmade Fair Fashion for the New Modern Look

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VOZ international designers work intimately with artisans in Mapuche communities in southern Chile, to envision, prototype and finalize the fair trade fashion collections. The post VOZ: Handmade Fair Fashion for the New Modern Look appeared first on Eco-Chick.

Indigo Handloom: Human-Powered, Artful Textiles Are Carbon Neutral

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In short, the company, who has already worked with ethical fashion industry leaders like Eileen Fisher, is making carbon-neutral fabric that’s beautiful, wearable, and directly (and fairly) supports those people who create it.

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Puzzle Apparel’s New DIY: Design It Yourself, Artisan-Made Clothes

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With Puzzle Apparel you get to: Support American artists by customizing Puzzle’s designs with handmade accent materials created by hand weavers, fabric printers, painters, and dyers from around the USA. Who are the people behind the handmade accents?

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Purple Impression: Reviving Hand Embroidery Art & Empowering Pakistani Women

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Purple Impression is on a beautiful mission: Our mission is to revive the ancient art of hand embroidery by bringing it into mainstream fashion and empowering the women in Pakistan through employment and fair wage.

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The Perfect Maxi Dress: How I Wear Eco Fashion

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They soon returned to India with the profits they had made, mixing business with pleasure; staying at Buddhist retreats, discovering crafts at local markets and picking up gorgeous handmade fabrics along the way. Paying a fair wage to workers that is either at or above the national average.

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Find Last-Minute Christmas Gifts at 6 Sustainable Stores in the Middle East

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The Little Fair Trade Shop. At the first Market at Masdar earlier this year, she and her husband spoke with us about the difficulties of getting a fair trade organization off the ground. Visit The Little Fair Trade Shop online.

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Sidreh Weaves Bedouin Tradition Into Their Future

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The handmade carpets start with the collection of the pure wool from Awasi sheep, or raw goat or camel wool discarded by shearers. Fashion & Design Travel & Nature Bedouin fair trade Israel Lakiya Negev Desert NGO Sidreh

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One-of-a-Kind Holiday Gifts That Will Lift Women From Poverty

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If you want to feel good about your holiday dollars, and give a gift that’s truly one-of-a-kind, consider spending them on gorgeous handmade items from Women’s Peace Collection that improve the quality of life for women and families around the world.

Shea Butter for Natural Skin Care

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Women-run cooperatives across the region are tapping into the global demand for fair trade and organic beauty products by selling the skin-care cream they produce from the shea nut crop to cosmetics firms such as Origins and L’Oréal. shea nuts and solid lotion.

Object Mythology: Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry and Accessories Bring Global Style Together in Your Wardrobe

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These handmade and often traditional pieces are made with love and you can feel the difference. Creative Arts Fair Fashion Featured artisan Crafts Culture Fair Trade Fashion Jewelry Object Mythology sustainable business travel

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Just in Time for Holiday Lounging! Ethically Exquisite Leggings, Lingerie, Socks, Pajamas and More!

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These Azura Bay limited edition holiday leggings are perfect for yoga or lounging (and are organic and fair trade!). These organic and fair trade cotton sucks are super cute on their own or over tights and paired with boots.

Everything You Need for the Perfect Valentine’s—or Galentine’s—Day

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For some couples, Valentine’s Day is fraught with tension, and so having a great gift really matters—so we have a few really beautiful ideas for you in that category (all of which are fair trade, handmade and ethical, of course!).

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Shopping Guide: Eco-friendly Craft Suppliers

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Darn Good Yarn: You can find a wide assortment of reclaimed fabrics and fibers, upcycled notions, fair trade ribbons and yarns at Darn Good Yarn. Jewelry making, painting, sewing, drawing and so much more are all beautiful forms of crafting.

Shine Bright with Recycled Metal Jewelry: 5 Sustainable Picks

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Roberts uses metals that are either sourced locally in LA, or come from a fair trade mine—and she gives back too; part of her line’s profits go to the LA Food Bank. Bario Neal also makes custom-made fairly mined commitment rings to help you ethically pop that most important question.

Top Ten Eco-Friendly Toys for Kids

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Support local businesses by buying local, handmade toys. Buy fair-trade. You can help ensure the well-being of your kids and others by buying fair trade products. The people who make these toys will have been paid a fair wage and been guaranteed collective bargaining rights, and most fair trade certifications also guarantee the sustainability of production methods. The Best Eco-Friendly Toys for Your Kids.

Top 10 Online Sources for Natural and Organic Foods

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You can find a yummy assortment of handmade jellies, candies and candies as well as natural varieties of teas, spices, oils, honey, mixes and much more. They offer diabetic friendly, vegan, gluten free and fair trade varieties.

Novica for Summer Decor

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Right now all we own is mix and match and I would love a beautiful handmade matching set! I love Novica handmade drums , someday I will own one! Novica is one of my favorite websites for home decor and gifts. And since we just purchased our first home I spend hours on their website!

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For the Neohippie Homebody: Eco-Chick’s Holiday Gift Guide #3

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All the products below are fair-trade, ethical, locally made, eco-friendly, low-impact, or (most likely) some combination of the previous. HomeSoul aromatherapy decor Handmade Home linens rugs sheets pillows baskets showerhead aromasense ruggable lava lamp nightlight rug

8 Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress Designers You Should Know

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And in an age of fast fashion, yes, even wedding dresses are made with cheap, polluting fabrics and sewn by women (and maybe even children) not paid a fair wage. Dream away… Minna creates ethical, handmade wedding dresses out of vintage and certified organic fibers.

7 Fab Ethical Fashion Picks from Modcloth!

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The good news is that the company offers some sweet (but not too sugary) dresses, skirts and tops that are ALSO fair trade by label Mata Traders , as well as great sustainable accessories—all with Modcloth’s attention to adorable.

Modavanti: Hot Summer Sustainable Style

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Their unique Sustainability Badges, such as Made in the USA, Vegan, or Fair Trade, make it easy for shoppers to purchase according to their values. Handmade by women artisans in Rwanda receiving fair wages. Indego Africa is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.

Sustainable Summer Sandals At Every Price!

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Serap Pollard : Fair-trade sourced vegan leather shoes have never looked so sexy. Rock+Pillar Izhi Handmade Leather Sandals ($85): Hand-woven textiles and pure leather create a gorgeous shoe that supports sustainable communities of South American artisans.


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ETHICAL shoppers are snubbing the festive frenzy on the High Street to make it a ‘green Christmas’ this year by Michael Smith (Veshengro) One of Britain’s biggest online ethical marketplaces reports a surge in demand for fair trade and environmentally-friendly products from conscientious consumers this yuletide. That’s why they are buying fair trade and organic products which help some of the poorest communities in the world and don’t damage the planet.

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Elemental Threads: Sweet Bags for Type A’s (Design It Yourself!)

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Emily and a local seamstress handcraft each bag from Emily’s homebase in Connecticut, so they’re certainly fair-trade (unless Emily works herself too hard!) Emily Worden. I’ve known the lovely and talented Emily Worden (that’s her, above!)

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Faerie Made Soaps

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Faerie Made uses quality food grade oils and nut butters, fair trade products, local materials such as beeswax, organic clays sourced from around the planet, plant based pure essential oils, resins and absolutes in all our fine products.

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How To Have An ECO Easter Part Two

Green Earth Journey

Guinevere is getting a wooden penguin and unicorn from Etsy seller Dadswoodentoys , they are handmade. The crochet eggs will be filled with Organic/Fair trade candy that we can find at our local Wegmans.

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Vegan Raw Chocolate Almond Butter Cup Review

Eco-Vegan Girl

Lovingly made in Brooklyn, NY these chocolates are dairy free, gluten free, soy free, vegan, fair trade and free of refined sugar. Kylie Bennett is a vegan blogger at Fellowship of the Vegetable and maker of handmade home decor at Fabulously Fierce.

An Eco Christmas

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Luckily, there are better choices to keep this holiday season healthy, organic and even fair-trade friendly." Toys made out of wood and handmade are all the more reason to stop by Etsy and see what those artists have cooking! Now why would buying handmade be ECO friendly?

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Proud Mary Textiles: Prints and Color for Sustainably Sexy Summer Style

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Enter sustainable and fair-traded textile company Proud Mary. The handmade, vibrant and honest fabrics are perfect for summer; I love the elegance of the oversized cotton gauze maxi tunic. Photo courtesy of

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Juno & Jove’s Fresh Spring Style (and a Discount for You!)

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I’ve long been a fan of Juno & Jove , an ethically-minded brick and mortar and online shop that features clothes that are: “made in the US, contain organic fabrics, employ fair trade principles, locally sourced, vegan, handmade, recycled and repurposed.”

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4 Ethical Ensembles to Get You Through the Holidays, from Party to Work to Weekend

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Kowtow only uses 100% fair trade certified cotton as certified by the Fairtrade labelling Organization and SKAL International. All of her pieces, from accessories to dresses, are handmade, with Golden herself drafting and cutting patterns and creating samples.

Companies we love: The Base Project (and a Giveaway!)

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The Base Project works with local artisans to create beautiful fair trade bracelets made from upcycled water pipes. Namibia is home to an expansive landscape, fantastical wildlife and thriving tribal cultures.

Armani & Others Pressured to Give Up Deadly Jeans

Green Prophet

An excellent report from the Fair Trade Center reveals the physiological impact that silica particles, inhaled, have on the body, and the extent to which the fashion industry is complicit in hundreds of deaths. Dria Peterson’s Handmade Creations.

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6 things “green” businesses should know about barcodes

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Even if you are producing honey or fair trade handmade goods: From the inception barcodes were more or less designed for this role.

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21 Ethical Holiday Prezzies for Gift Inspiration!

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The collection of soap, oils, and aftershave is entirely handmade with organic and vegan ingredients. Soul Carrier ‘s bags are handmade in Leon, Mexico by a small, family-run business paid a fair wage.

How To Have an ECO Easter Part Two

Green Earth Journey

Guinevere is getting a wooden penguin and unicorn from Etsy seller Dadswoodentoys , they are handmade. The crochet eggs will be filled with Organic/Fair trade candy that we can find at our local Wegmans. I adjusted the pattern from the YouTube video I posted yesterday for the crochet eggs. Here are my adjustments, this is the first time I have tried to explain crochet, so please ask wuestions in the comments if you have them and I will get back to you and everyone else.

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An ECO Christmas

Green Earth Journey

Luckily, there are better choices to keep this holiday season healthy, organic and even fair-trade friendly." Toys made out of wood and handmade are all the more reason to stop by Etsy and see what those artists have cooking! Now why would buying handmade be ECO friendly?

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