Extinction Week Recap

10,000 Birds

Extinction endures long past regret or even memory. More than most could imagine, as Duncan estimated when pondering why this site is not called 12,000 Birds : The Holocene Extinction Event, the one we’re living in right now, is by custom divided into two parts, the prehistoric extinctions and the modern age, which begins somewhere around 1500 AD, coinciding with the beginning of the European Age of Discovery. Australia’s extinct and threatened bird species.

Plants going extinct faster than we thought

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But a new study reveals that along with large mammals, amphibian and creatures of the sea, plants are going extinct faster than we thought possible. Previous studies documented far fewer plant extinctions on the North American continent. A fern tendril unfurling.

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Extinction Week on 10,000 Birds

10,000 Birds

They are all extinct. They all went extinct since 1500 and they are only eight of the nearly two hundred species that have blinked out since then. And, yeah, they’re all extinct too. This dirge for the extinct. What right do we have to even exist when our very existence as humanity is what has caused a rate of extinction not seen except during cataclysmic events? And it is a rate of extinction that is speeding up! Extinction is forever.

Thought To Be Extinct For 100 Years

10,000 Birds

The W hite-winged guan ( Penelope albipennis ) was thought to be extinct for 100 years. The story of the White-winged Guan , in some ways resembles the re-discovery of some species thought to be extinct. The Guan was declared extinct. The decades of storage in a museum came after it was regarded as an extinct species. … Extinction is forever. After all, the extinctions have occurred, are occurring, and will occur because of us, people.

Come@Me: Don’t Mourn for Extinct Birds

10,000 Birds

Mauritius may sound familiar, it was also the home of one of our most famous extinct birds—the Dodo. The causes were the usual reasons for island extinction—deforestation by both humans and invasive plants that crowded out native plants, hunting, and invasive rats, mongoose, monkeys, and, of course, feral cats. Is it any wonder that Pink Pigeons were on the brink of extinction when humans intervened? We really are better off with extinct Dodos.

The Last Few Rays Before Extinction

10,000 Birds

The extinct American pigeon plays a pivotal role in her award-winning bio-thriller, Quick Fall of Light and occupies Sherri still, as you can see… . Feeling he was destined to prove to the ornithological world that the passengers were not yet extinct, he named committees and offered rewards for anyone who could substantiate his claim. The passenger pigeon lived on in the collective memory of regret for many years after its extinction. Conservation extinction pigeons

Which Bird Species Have Gone Extinct in Costa Rica?

10,000 Birds

When Costa Rica becomes a topic of conversation, we don’t usually hear the word “extinction” being thrown around. You might hear talk about beaches, zip lines, lack of traffic signs (seriously), and volcano visits but extinction? … Extinction is forever. It is correct, of course, to think of extinction this way during the Holocene Extinction, which we are living through right now. But, in the wider view of things, extinction is necessary.

The Extinct Birds Project

Nature Conservancy - Science

A new book and exhibition tracks the lives, and deaths, of lost birds. Birds & Birding Birds Endangered Species Our Nature Reads

Kamikaze Pigeons and a War to Extinction

10,000 Birds

Tomorrow kamikaze and war to extinction.” And a war to extinction?? A Hooded Crow. Two Feral Pigeons. Three Feral Pigeons. One more Hooded Crow. And so on… not much of a birding day, heh? One more Feral Pigeon. I am inside the city of Belgrade, checking the theoretically possible Peregrine Falcon site. Not that anyone has seen it there, but if I were a Peregrine, that would be one of the properties I would seriously consider. One Feral Pigeon. A Great Tit.

The Medicinal Plant Extinction Crisis Explained by Dr. Bomi Joseph

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This has caused current plant extinction rates to skyrocket to least 100 to 1,000 times higher than the natural background extinction rate, which is the rate at which species naturally go extinct without human intervention. Folium used for medieval blue. Also a medicinal plant.

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Mega Rarity Tour of New Zealand – Extinction Special

10,000 Birds

Extinction is forever. It is correct, of course, to think of extinction this way during the Holocene Extinction, which we are living through right now. After all, the extinctions have occurred, are occurring, and will occur because of us, people. But, in the wider view of things, extinction is necessary. Extinction is what befalls the species that fails to adapt, to survive, to thrive. Most species go extinct.

A Feathered River Across the Sky: The Passenger Pigeon’s Flight to Extinction

10,000 Birds

While the Dodo and the Triceratops may be more famous for being extinct, the scale of the slaughter required to eradicate billions of birds makes this species perhaps the most enduring symbol of our culture’s predilection for waste and folly. ” If the book has a weakness, it is in the final chapter, where the author takes on the current extinction event as a whole. Reviews book review extinction passenger pigeon

Slaughtered to Extinction

10,000 Birds

There is a great article about Passenger Pigeons by Bill Loomis in The Detroit News today. It is well worth a read. Asides

314 U.S. Bird Species Threatened — Many with Extinction — by Global Warming

10,000 Birds

Many of those will lose so much range so quickly that extinction seems highly likely. So during Extinction Week here at 10,000 Birds, here’s my pitch, from birder to birder: Get involved in the fight against global warming. When Corey’s, Nate’s, and Mike’s kids are running 10,000 Birds Extinction Week in 2050, I hope they’re still writing about the Dodo and not a whole new round of species destroyed by global warming. Most species go extinct.

Rare Bird Photo Contest Fights Extinction

10,000 Birds

They wanted to put together a book about The World’s Rarest Birds , but were finding that it was pretty difficult locating photographs of the 590 bird species considered Extinct in the Wild, Critically Endangered or Endangered. The World’s Rarest Birds aims to promote awareness of the fragility of existence of these birds and to support BirdLife International’s Preventing Extinction Programme. WILDGuides, a British publishing company, had a problem.

Australia’s extinct and threatened bird species

10,000 Birds

The lack of people does not mean we have any less extinct or threatened bird species than other countries. Even the first explorers to Australia documented there was a risk of extinction of birds and animals into the future and subsequently decided to collect as many specimens as possible! It is rather sobering to read the list of extinct, threatened and near threatened birds in Australia and realise just how many there are. … Extinction is forever.

Interview with ‘Racing Extinction’ Director Louie Psihoyos


Stunning environmental doc Racing Extinction sees long anticipated — albeit limited — theatrical release this weekend. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past year+, you’re already aware of Read More The post Interview with ‘Racing Extinction’ Director Louie Psihoyos appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Discovery Channel to Air ‘Racing Extinction’ Worldwide


The newest documentary from the ‘The Cove’ director Louie Psihoyos, ‘Racing Extinction’, has just gained some major exposure as the Discovery Channel announced it will air it all over the Read More The post Discovery Channel to Air ‘Racing Extinction’ Worldwide appeared first on Ecorazzi.

New, Extinct, Species of Shearwater

10,000 Birds

This is neat and sad at the same time. Poor Bryan’s Shearwater. Asides

Is The Hooded Grebe About To Go Extinct?

10,000 Birds

Twenty two species are distributed among six genera, depending on what happens to be extinct, and for the most part one grebe is like another. The Hooded Grebe was discovered in 1974, and have been going extinct ever since. Podicipediformes, aka Grebes, are freshwater diving duckish birds that are not ducks. For an order they are neither diverse nor disparate.

The Extinction Crisis: The Time to Act is Now!

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Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Inspiring (Wow) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today bats change the world climate change climate crisis dependency on fossil fuels extinction global warming honeybees mass extinction Planet Earth saiga antelope white nose syndromeWhether we have children or not, whether we are atheists or catholic, the matter is.

“Extinct” Hula Painted Frog Represents Ancient Species

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The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) officially declared Israel’s Hula frog extinct in 1996, but now the frog has returned to the Hula Valley, and a team of scientists have made some exciting new discoveries about its genetic heritage. First discovered in 1946, the Hula Painted Frog was thought to have disappeared when Hula Lake dried up in the 1950s, but the IUCN waited until 1996 to officially declare its extinction.

Grallards: New Zealand’s Next Extinction or Newest Species?

10,000 Birds

Unfortunately for the hunters these were already all extinct, and with the introduction of cats, rats, stoats and the like the only upland game bird, the New Zealand Quail , was fast on the way out too. Moreover, at the rate it was progressing, the Grey Duck was going to be extinct in a few years. There were some gasps from the crowd and, well, I have to assume that the Grey Duck is continuing to go extinct.

Quote of the day: ".we're in the sixth mass extinction."

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Here's the full quote: "This is definitely human impact, we're in the sixth mass extinction. There's only been five before this and we're definitely in the sixth," WWF conservation scientist Martin Taylor told CNN." " and here's more of the story: More than two thirds of the world's wildlife could be gone by the end of the decade if action isn't taken soon, a new report from the World Wildlife Fund revealed on Thursday.

Humans Pushing Ocean Life to Extinction, Says Study


It seems humans have proven their immense and uncontrollable power once again, as the oceans, the salty blue expanse that covers some 70% of the Earth’s surface, are set to Read More The post Humans Pushing Ocean Life to Extinction, Says Study appeared first on Ecorazzi. Environment News Top News extinction oceans

Grooming Trends Threaten Extinction for Pubic Lice


Due to Down-There Grooming Trends like Brazilian Bikini Waxes & Manscaping Pubic Lice are Endangered and Nearly Extinct, Impacts Ecosystem Read More The post Grooming Trends Threaten Extinction for Pubic Lice appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals News Science Top News endangered species extinction

Quagga: Can an Extinct Animal be Bred Back into Existence?

Nature Conservancy - Science

There’s one major issue: the quagga has been extinct since 1883. De-extinction – resurrecting species that have disappeared – has become a popular if contentious idea in conservation circles. The discussion has focused on cloning well-known extinct animals like the passenger pigeon and woolly mammoth. As a child, I remember staring at a picture of a quagga in a book of extinct animals. In short, could we bring the quagga back from extinction?

World Cup’s Armadillo Mascot Facing Extinction


The 2014 FIFA World Cup mascot, the Brazilian armadillo, is facing extinction while the world enjoys soccer fever. Read More The post World Cup’s Armadillo Mascot Facing Extinction appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

The Extinction of Quiet

Green (Living) Review

Noise pollution is linked to health problems and some argue it interferes with our natural connection to the earth. As the world’s quiet places disappear, are we forgetting how to listen? In 1989, “acoustic ecologist” Gordon Hempton received a grant to document and record the natural sounds of Washington state. He identified 21 wilderness places to record—sites unsullied by the sounds of traffic, aviation, construction, and other man-made noise.

Help Save Orangutans from Extinction with your Pointer Finger.

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Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights Food Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) extinction imminent demise orangutans palm oil Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO save the orangutans from extinction sustainble palm oil unsustainable palm oil voting with our walletsMoney is the driving force behind their imminent demise.

Climate change could make coffee extinct by 2080

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Robusta – so named as it is more tolerant of climactic differences – is expected to become extinct in the Congo (its birthplace) by 2050. The report concludes that unless climate change is addressed, wild coffee could become extinct worldwide by 2080. “We Business climate change and farming coffee beans extinctionThe sun may be setting on a popular morning brew.

Meet the First Mammal to go Extinct because of Climate Change.

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Animal Rights (Vegan, Pets, Wildlife) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green WAYLON: Today Only animal extinction animal rights bramble cay melomys climate change environment extinction first mammal to go extinctThey were last spotted on the island in 2009. An organized search in 2014 failed to locate any.

What Causes Animals to Become Extinct?


As a species appears and increases in population, it always contains some injurious element that will at some point, under some pressure, cause its demise and extinction. . As a general matter, we needn’t be surprised or alarmed by extinction and rarity of species. Anthropogenic causes can, from one vantage point, be considered a natural pressure causing the extinction of a species. Quick Navigation for Causes of Animal Extinction. CAUSES OF EXTINCTION.

U.S. Wildlife Officials Declare Eastern Cougar Extinct

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Fish and Wildlife Service conducted a formal review of the available information and, in a report issued today, concludes the eastern cougar is extinct and recommends the subspecies be removed from the endangered species list. “We The Service will prepare a proposal to remove the eastern cougar from the endangered species list, since extinct animals are not eligible for protection under the Endangered Species Act. Eco News eastern cougar extinct exctinct cougarThe U.S.

Peak passenger pigeon – looking at “Martha” after a century extinct

Green Prophet

Read more as we attempt to solve this extinction mystery. I moved from cetaceans to insects to endangered species and finally to extinct animals. Surely someone must know what caused them to go extinct. But for an extinction that happened after Charles Darwin published “Origin of the Species” and after the world’s first national parks were founded, we know remarkably little. Lifestyle Endangered wildlife extinction

Poorly Known Species at Most Risk from Extinction

Nature Conservancy - Science

The small-toothed sportive lemur is poorly known by science, a fact that increases its extinction risk. The less we know about a species, the more at risk they are at extinction. Poorly Known Species at Most Risk from Extinction. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is the most comprehensive tool for assessing species’ extinction risk, and is key to monitoring progress towards the targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

My Sixth Extinction Facepalm

Sightline Daily

The Sixth Extinction, Book Cover Dear Ms. Kolbert: Your new book The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History is equal parts masterful and perplexing. It’s a tour de force through the byways of species biology, full of fascinating scientists studying charismatic creatures that are passing or have passed into extinction. You write, for example, about the likelihood that humans began causing extinction with our own cousins, the Neanderthals.

Farm Apprenticeships: Keeping Farmers From Going Extinct

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The world needs more skilled, small-scale farmers — and farm apprenticeships are one pathway into this essential and rewarding career. Small-scale farmers and homesteaders are in a powerful position to bring about the changes our food system desperately needs. By growing food locally and sustainably, farmers improve the physical, economic and ecological health of their communities. Today’s average farmer is in his or her late 50s.

World’s Tiniest Porpoise Will Probably Go Extinct


Only 50 vaquitas are left in the northern Gulf of California, which would make it the first porpoise species to go extinct in North America in Read More The post World’s Tiniest Porpoise Will Probably Go Extinct appeared first on Ecorazzi. Thanks a lot, poachers.

Mass extinction on its way thanks to humans, new study shows

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Researchers from Duke University in the United States warned that planet Earth is on the brink of a mass extinction event comparable to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. “And when we make those two comparisons we find that species are going extinct one thousand times faster than they should be.” Business anthropocene duke university earth endangered species mass extinction wildlife conservation

The Sixth Extinction is Upon Us.

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Homepages (Gold Tabs)* Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Civil Rights, Social Good) Food Green Health & Wellness climate change Environmentalism extinction nature Can We Survive Ourselves? But Will We? Years ago, I interviewed leading environmental hero Lester Brown. He said we were doomed—unless we decided as a society, as we did before WWII, to rapidly mobilize. Five years later, little has changed for the better. The key, he said then, is media. Communication.

Jankowski’s Bunting – Close to Extinction

10,000 Birds

Read Terry Townshend’s post on the endangered Jankowski’s Bunting of northeastern China. This is a bird that needs help. Asides

‘Water Monster’ on Brink of Extinction


Read More The post ‘Water Monster’ on Brink of Extinction appeared first on Ecorazzi. The axolotl, a neotenic salamander, better known as the “Mexican walking fish” or “water monster,” may have disappeared from its only known natural habitat in Mexico City’s few remaining lakes. Animals Causes News People Top News