Plants going extinct faster than we thought

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But a new study reveals that along with large mammals, amphibian and creatures of the sea, plants are going extinct faster than we thought possible. Previous studies documented far fewer plant extinctions on the North American continent. A fern tendril unfurling.

The Extinct Birds Project

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A new book and exhibition tracks the lives, and deaths, of lost birds. Birds & Birding Birds Endangered Species Our Nature Reads


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The Medicinal Plant Extinction Crisis Explained by Dr. Bomi Joseph

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This has caused current plant extinction rates to skyrocket to least 100 to 1,000 times higher than the natural background extinction rate, which is the rate at which species naturally go extinct without human intervention. Folium used for medieval blue. Also a medicinal plant.

Reflections on ‘Extinction: The Facts’ by Sir David Attenborough

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Hailed as ‘essential viewing’, ‘painful’ and ‘terrifying’ by viewers, Sophie Paterson shares her reflections on the hard-hitting BBC documentary Extinction: The Facts. Did you tune into BBC One’s Extinction: The Facts on Sunday evening?

The Newest Strategies to Save Bats from Extinction

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Let’s learn more about the newest strategies to save bats from extinction. The post The Newest Strategies to Save Bats from Extinction appeared first on Green Prophet.

Tortoise and otter, thought to be extinct, have been spotted in the wild


Last week was a big one for two animals thought to be extinct

My Sixth Extinction Facepalm

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The Sixth Extinction, Book Cover Dear Ms. Kolbert: Your new book The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History is equal parts masterful and perplexing. It’s a tour de force through the byways of species biology, full of fascinating scientists studying charismatic creatures that are passing or have passed into extinction. You write, for example, about the likelihood that humans began causing extinction with our own cousins, the Neanderthals.

13 more endemic species in Australia are confirmed extinct


An updated list released by the Australian government has confirmed the extinction of 13 endemic species. The news now makes Australia the leading country globally in terms of mammal extinctions. Currently, more than 10% of the 320 land mammals that lived in Australia by 1788 are now extinct. The Christmas Island pipistrelle has also been declared extinct; the last of the species died in 2009. 1 on the IUCN list for mammal extinctions, followed by Haiti.

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“Extinct” Hula Painted Frog Represents Ancient Species

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The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) officially declared Israel’s Hula frog extinct in 1996, but now the frog has returned to the Hula Valley, and a team of scientists have made some exciting new discoveries about its genetic heritage. First discovered in 1946, the Hula Painted Frog was thought to have disappeared when Hula Lake dried up in the 1950s, but the IUCN waited until 1996 to officially declare its extinction.

Quote of the day: ".we're in the sixth mass extinction."

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Here's the full quote: "This is definitely human impact, we're in the sixth mass extinction. There's only been five before this and we're definitely in the sixth," WWF conservation scientist Martin Taylor told CNN." " and here's more of the story: More than two thirds of the world's wildlife could be gone by the end of the decade if action isn't taken soon, a new report from the World Wildlife Fund revealed on Thursday.

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Quagga: Can an Extinct Animal be Bred Back into Existence?

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There’s one major issue: the quagga has been extinct since 1883. De-extinction – resurrecting species that have disappeared – has become a popular if contentious idea in conservation circles. The discussion has focused on cloning well-known extinct animals like the passenger pigeon and woolly mammoth. As a child, I remember staring at a picture of a quagga in a book of extinct animals. In short, could we bring the quagga back from extinction?

The Extinction of Quiet

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Noise pollution is linked to health problems and some argue it interferes with our natural connection to the earth. As the world’s quiet places disappear, are we forgetting how to listen? In 1989, “acoustic ecologist” Gordon Hempton received a grant to document and record the natural sounds of Washington state. He identified 21 wilderness places to record—sites unsullied by the sounds of traffic, aviation, construction, and other man-made noise.

What Causes Animals to Become Extinct?


As a species appears and increases in population, it always contains some injurious element that will at some point, under some pressure, cause its demise and extinction. . As a general matter, we needn’t be surprised or alarmed by extinction and rarity of species. Anthropogenic causes can, from one vantage point, be considered a natural pressure causing the extinction of a species. Quick Navigation for Causes of Animal Extinction. CAUSES OF EXTINCTION.

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Climate change could make coffee extinct by 2080

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Robusta – so named as it is more tolerant of climactic differences – is expected to become extinct in the Congo (its birthplace) by 2050. The report concludes that unless climate change is addressed, wild coffee could become extinct worldwide by 2080. “We Business climate change and farming coffee beans extinctionThe sun may be setting on a popular morning brew.

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Poorly Known Species at Most Risk from Extinction

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The small-toothed sportive lemur is poorly known by science, a fact that increases its extinction risk. The less we know about a species, the more at risk they are at extinction. Poorly Known Species at Most Risk from Extinction. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is the most comprehensive tool for assessing species’ extinction risk, and is key to monitoring progress towards the targets of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The smooth handfish is declared extinct


The International Union for The Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has officially declared the smooth handfish extinct. This news makes the smooth handfish the first fish species to be declared extinct in modern history. But after the organization updated its list of endangered species, the smooth handfish has been listed as an extinct species. This might mean that these species are also on the verge of extinction. The rest is here: The smooth handfish is declared extinct.

Peak passenger pigeon – looking at “Martha” after a century extinct

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Read more as we attempt to solve this extinction mystery. I moved from cetaceans to insects to endangered species and finally to extinct animals. Surely someone must know what caused them to go extinct. But for an extinction that happened after Charles Darwin published “Origin of the Species” and after the world’s first national parks were founded, we know remarkably little. Lifestyle Endangered wildlife extinction

Farm Apprenticeships: Keeping Farmers From Going Extinct

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The world needs more skilled, small-scale farmers — and farm apprenticeships are one pathway into this essential and rewarding career. Small-scale farmers and homesteaders are in a powerful position to bring about the changes our food system desperately needs. By growing food locally and sustainably, farmers improve the physical, economic and ecological health of their communities. Today’s average farmer is in his or her late 50s.

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Burmese roofed turtle is rescued from extinction


The Burmese roofed turtle has been saved from the brink of extinction. The turtle had not been seen for over 20 years, leading many conservationists to assume that it was extinct. By the time Myanmar reopened its borders in the 1990s, scientists could not find any Burmese roofed turtles and began to believe that they were extinct. “We See original here: Burmese roofed turtle is rescued from extinction.

Weekend Book Picks: The Sixth Extinction

Nature Conservancy - Science

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History. Kolbert’s new book makes the case for how the sixth wave of mass extinctions on earth is fundamentally different from the previous five. The book covers a number of pending and actual extinctions such as the Sumatran rhino (related to the woolly rhinos of old) and Great auks (a penguin-like bird killed off in Iceland in 1821), but the best chapter is on Homo neanderthalensis. A Sumatran rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis).

Mass extinction on its way thanks to humans, new study shows

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Researchers from Duke University in the United States warned that planet Earth is on the brink of a mass extinction event comparable to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. “And when we make those two comparisons we find that species are going extinct one thousand times faster than they should be.” Business anthropocene duke university earth endangered species mass extinction wildlife conservation

Near-extinct gazelle brings Israelis and Palestinians to peace-making plan

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A new research project might bring them from the brink of extinction. The post Near-extinct gazelle brings Israelis and Palestinians to peace-making plan appeared first on Green Prophet. Why did the gazelle cross the road?

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"Shell Assures Nation Most Arctic Wildlife To Go Extinct Well Before Next Spill"

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The Onion: Stating that any damage would be limited to just a handful of species that somehow managed to survive that long, officials from the Shell Oil Company assured the public Wednesday that most of the Arctic wildlife living near their proposed drilling site will be extinct well before their next oil spill.

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Kuwait fish market serves “extinct” shark

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A species of shark, a sand tiger shark, thought to be extinct for over a century has surfaced in a Kuwaiti fish market. Some suspected it might be extinct or not a valid species,” said Alec Moore, from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Shark Specialist Group’s Indian Ocean group, since scientists had never found others. Step aside, Team Zissou; looks like local fishmongers are joining the elite biological teams researching the world’s oceans.

Light pollution, habitat loss and pesticides push fireflies toward extinction


There are more than 2,000 species of fireflies, and scientists are sounding the alarm that some of these species are on the brink of extinction. Wildlife Trusts ’ similar report on the ‘quiet apocalypse’ taking place now, wherein 41% of global insect species face extinction.

Why the mystifying axolotl must be saved from extinction


Today’s axolotls are experiencing extirpation, but scientists and pet enthusiasts are saving them from true extinction. Related: Light pollution, habitat loss and pesticides push fireflies toward extinction Present-day wild axolotls have not fared well.

Nearly 1/3 of freshwater fish face extinction


But in the recently published World’s Forgotten Fishes Report , 16 global conservation organizations make the case for looking after our freshwater fish as more and more of these species are threatened with extinction. But almost one-third of freshwater fish species face possible extinction. These giants are now on the brink of extinction after having survived since the days of dinosaurs. More here: Nearly 1/3 of freshwater fish face extinction.

Extinction The Facts explores the global extinction crisis and its consequences


That’s why we just couldn’t miss the March 31 premiere of “Extinction – The Facts” presented by PBS. Lifelong broadcaster and natural historian David Attenborough talks viewers through the consequences of the global extinction crisis along with some of the world’s leading scientists and wildlife experts. For a more timely spin, the documentary goes into how global extinction can put us at greater risk for pandemic diseases like COVID-19.

CNN: The Sixth Mass Global Extinction has arrived

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Ranging from some of the earth’s smallest animal species, such as coral and bees, all the way to the earth’s largest land mammal, the African elephant, the program gives a graphic account of how many of these animal species are in danger to becoming extinct. These animal species in particular appear slated to become part of the Sixth Mass Extinction, according to the CNN program. If not, humankind will be directly affected by this Sixt Mass Extinction as well.

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‘Arabian Ark’ is saving UAE wildlife from extinction

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Oryx, giraffes and cheetahs – species once facing regional extinction – are making a robust reappearance on a desert island off the coast of Abu Dhabi. The antelope-like oryx once roamed freely across the Arabian Peninsula but rampant hunting made the species extinct in the wild. Like the Arabian Oryx , the once-indigenous cheetah had become extinct in the Middle East wild by the early 1970s.

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Rights of De-extinct Animals, Dark Money, Magic Mushrooms & More

Nature Conservancy - Science

What is the legal status of a de-extinct animal? Siberian wooly mammoth from The Ivory King. Image modified from Flickr user BioDivLibrary through a Creative Commons License. By Marty Downs, Bob Lalasz, Matt Miller and Lisa Feldkamp of the TNC Science Communications team. We find tons of cool conservation and conservation science stuff every week on the Internets — now we’re sharing some of the best with you every week in The Cooler: Wildlife.

Saving the Scottish Wildcat from extinction


Related: How hobbyists are saving endangered killifish from extinction F. Several conservation plans have been implemented, even at the national level, to save the Scottish wildcat from extinction. See the original post here: Saving the Scottish Wildcat from extinction.

Casa Etrea offers off-grid lodging on an extinct volcano


Read more here: Casa Etrea offers off-grid lodging on an extinct volcano. Nestled into the slope of the dormant Palo Huérfano volcano in central Mexico, Casa Etérea is a passion project of Singapore writer, photographer and designer Prashant Ashoka.

Extinct Barbary Lions Used in Gladiator Rings Revived at Moroccan Zoo

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“In 1953, when Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Youssef (later King Mohammed V) was forced to abdicate and went into exile, the royal lions (21 in total) too lost their home at the palace,” according to The Six Extinction. ” Travel & Nature Atlas Lion Barbary lion extinct species gladiator lions wildlife conservationThe recently renovated Rabat Zoo in Morocco claims to have bred three new Barbary lion cubs in captivity.

Saudi prince slaughters 2,100 nearly extinct birds – for thrills?

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Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud reportedly killed 1,977 of the nearly-extinct houbara bustards last January, violating his hunting permit by killing so many of the birds. Saudi royals seem to be more hazardous to the world bird-life than wind turbines and skyscrapers ! A Saudi prince poached thousands of protected birds during a 21-day hunting safari in Pakistan, so claims a new report. Why would Pakistan allow exemptions from global conservation regulations?

Saving New Zealands kakapo from extinction


One of the world’s rarest birds, the kakapo, is on the brink of extinction. Saving New Zealands kakapo from extinction. Found only on some New Zealand sanctuaries, it is the planet’s only flightless parrot.

Deciding Man’s Role with Extinction

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At the Brink of Extinction. This raises the dire possibility that the wolves may become extinct at Isle Royale. There is no saying if extinction is a certainty or if the wolves could rebound. Finally, the NPS could let the wolves go extinct and then repopulate the island. Environment extinction predaator-prey relationship Isle Royale represents a unique learning opportunity. This remote island on Lake Superior is home to isolated wolf and moose populations.

The Cactus Smuggler: Are Desert Plants Being Loved to Extinction?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Some of the cacti they had were labeled appendix two, which means they aren’t currently “threatened with extinction but may become so unless trade is closely controlled,” according to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Goettsch is also the lead author on a recent paper, “ High proportion of cactus species threatened with extinction ,” published in the journal Nature Plants. Some cacti are already likely extinct in the wild.

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Can World’s Oceans Become Extinct?

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But the ultimate result of all of these factors is something even more horrifying; and that is the possible “extinction&# of the oceans themselves. As a concerned reader and defender of the planet, you may react to this statement by saying: “How can the world’s oceans become extinct? Explosive phytoplankton “bloom&# in Pacific Ocean, caused by too much CO2 infusion. Photo credit: NASA.

The White Dolphin: Extinct

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Earlier this week one of the world’s oldest species was officially named extinct: The White Dolphin. Over-fishing and increased shipping traffic may have contributed to the extinction of this species. Source:, “ China’s white dolphin called extinct after 20 million years ,” December 13. Scientists returned from a six-week, 1,000 mile expedition of the Yangtze River in China without spotting one of these rare dolphins.

Egypt’s Red Sea Sharks Face Extinction

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The current unrest in Egypt threatens the safety of humans …and of sharks. Since last year’s political uprising, and consequent deterioration of law enforcement, poachers lsupplying restaurants with illicit shark fins have driven the Red Sea shark population down by as much as 80%, reports Egypt Independent. In 2006, laws prohibiting trading in sharks were passed, with severe penalties attached.

Egypt 87

Tortoise and otter, thought to be extinct, have been spotted in the wild


Last week was a big one for two animals thought to be extinct. An active volcano dominates Fernandina Island, a possible reason for the believed extinction of the Fernandina Giant Tortoise. Tortoise and otter, thought to be extinct, have been spotted in the wild.

Bald eagle population bounces back from brink of extinction


A different report by the National Audubon Society has established that about two-thirds of North American birds are at an increased risk of extinction, primarily because of climate change. degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, nearly 150 species would no longer be vulnerable to extinction from climate change ,” the report noted. Bald eagle population bounces back from brink of extinction.