Come@Me: Don’t Mourn for Extinct Birds

10,000 Birds

Pink pigeon near Le Pétrin, Mauritius by Michael Hanselmann, used under Creative Commons license. A bit of background: Pink Pigeons are medium-sized, pink/gray/ brown birds found on the island of Mauritius, Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. We really are better off with extinct Dodos.

Extinction Week on 10,000 Birds

10,000 Birds

They are all extinct. They all went extinct since 1500 and they are only eight of the nearly two hundred species that have blinked out since then. Mauritius Night-Heron. And, yeah, they’re all extinct too. This dirge for the extinct. What right do we have to even exist when our very existence as humanity is what has caused a rate of extinction not seen except during cataclysmic events? And it is a rate of extinction that is speeding up!

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The complete guide to Dodo relatives, living and dead

10,000 Birds

The Dodo ( Raphus cucullatus ) — that towering icon of modern anthropogenic extinctions — was a pigeon. In fact, the Dodo belonged to a clade (sometimes called Raphini) of 15 remarkable, bizarre, intriguing island-adapted pigeons, some of which are still alive today, but eight of which have been hacked from the tree of life, driven to extinction by humans. Thankfully not extinct: Western Crowned-Pigeon ( Goura cristata ) at the National Zoo © David J.

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The man who saved species

10,000 Birds

His career began just before the extinctions and translocations at Big South Cape Island , when I have previously mentioned the modern age of conservation in New Zealand began, and continued beyond his retirement in 2005. Inspiration Conservation New Zealand extinctions

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Listening to Falcons: The Peregrines of Tom Cade

10,000 Birds

And they were the ones who, at the end of the conference, decided to get together and talk about the possibility of breeding Peregrines in captivity as a way of at least saving the species from extinction.” Author Sherrida Woodley thinks deeply about dearly departed birds.

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When conservation and animal rights collide

10,000 Birds

If you like animals you will generally not want them to suffer and you won’t want them to go extinct. He often defended that role in his books from animal rights activists who opposed “imprisoning” animals in zoos even if it saved them from extinction.

Parrots: Brazil’s Colorful Avian Clowns

10,000 Birds

With their strong flight and capability to disperse, parrots have managed to colonize almost every major island group from Tahiti to Mauritius to Dominica. Glaucous Macaw , although listed as critically endangered, is more than likely the country’s first extinct parrot while Spix’s Macaw is extinct in the wild. Parrots captivate me more than any other bird family. I am a self-proclaimed psittacophile.

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