Lost Animals: Extinction and the Photographic Record: A Book Review

10,000 Birds

Lost Animals: Extinction and the Photographic Record by Errol Fuller is one of these books. Yes, it is about extinction, a popular topic in the Year of the Passenger Pigeon. But it examines extinction in a very different way. Most of the books about extinction, including Fuller’s Extinct Birds (now, ironically, out of print), describe what was lost and look for explanations, scientifically and historically. There is hope because extinction is being witnessed.

2016—Year of the Cat?

The Alien Next Door

In fact, the cat has had a complicated history with humanity since it first stepped into some Natufian’s rice granary and slammed its paw on a mouse. The domestic cat has evolved from wild hunter to opportunist predator and as partner alongside humanity as companion and symbol.

2016 201

A Field Guide to the Wildlife of South Georgia: A Book Review by a Penguin Groupie

10,000 Birds

Over 3 million pairs of Antarctic Fur Seals breed on South Georgia, saved from near extinction by fur hunters.