10 Examples of Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources


For example, in 2017, the demand for natural resources exceeded what our ecosystems can regenerate on August 2nd [1]. Let’s have a look at some examples of renewable and non-renewable resources to get a better understanding of this concept. 10 examples of renewable resources.

Gaza produce on the menu at swanky American event in Jerusalem

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Due to lack of available agricultural space, various methods used to produce food supplies have included planting roof top gardens of herbs and vegetables and small aquacultural projects to grow their own fish. This has resulted in exports of agricultural produce dropping to around $1.2

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An example of where blogging and research are complements

Environmental Economics

First, when offsets are purchased in an unrelated market, if there is no latent demand for offsets in their absence, the introduction of offsets can potentially cause a rise in net emissions when producers of “dirty” consumption goods have market power. Second, when offsets are purchased to fund green energy, emissions can rise if “dirty” producers can engage in pre-emptive strategic commitments and the price of offsets is chosen endogenously.

World’s First Genetically-Modified Camels in Dubai to Produce Medicine

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The same research laboratory behind the world’s first cloned camel and a hybrid llama and camel species called Cama has recently announced that they are genetically modifying camels in order to produce pharmaceutical proteins through their milk.

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Tomatoes and Eggplants, July Seasonal Produce

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A perfect example for July produce is tomatoes and eggplants. Take into account how produce wilts in the Middle Eastern summer, and go shopping in the morning. See our June seasonal produce post about tomatoes and suggestions for their use.

Classroom Coase Example of the Day

Environmental Economics

There’s no desire to ban it but to produce some regulation to encourage people to maintain it,” said City Manager Matt Greeson. Brian Gardner saw the pointy green shoots sneaking into his yard from the neighbor’s. He’ll take care of them when he returns from Florida, he told himself. Two weeks later, he came home to Park Boulevard in Worthington to find a stand of bamboo 10 feet high on his side of the fence. “It It grows a foot a day,” Gardner said. You can actually watch it grow.”.

An example of why environmental valuation is needed

Environmental Economics

The coal the process produces provides power to hundreds of thousands of homes, industry advocates say , and creates about 14,000 jobs that pay middle-income salaries in regions where work is hard to find. This is an example of why environmentalists and efficiency advocates should think that environmental valuation is needed. The headline says "mountaintop removal for coal hurts water quality and harms fish." " Well, we knew that.

Aguanomics: Pigouvian taxes do NOT produce deadweight losses

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The first was to claim that an advantage was their propensity to reduce consumption (an excellent example of rewriting the question as the answer :).

Expert: Movie Based on a Bill O'Reilly Book Is More Accurate Than.

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"In that sense, this movie is better than Spielbergs Lincoln , which added fictional events to the story (Lincolns sons obsession with slavery, for example) to try to create a motivation for Lincoln to abolish it." Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics.

Bill Clinton tells Brazil “Biofuels produced at the expense of tropical forests are no victory”

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This is indeed a most valuable point that President Clinton raised there and one that all nations that look at biofuels must consider, now just those that produce the stuff. Does the same not also apply as regards to palm oil and the destruction, for growing the palms for this purpose, of the rainforests in countries of South-East Asia, for example. That land we should use to produce food for people to eat and not fuel for cars and truck.

Michigan Hospital Grows its Own Organic Produce On The Roof


We’ve seen numerous examples of grocery stores building rooftop greenhouses and then selling the resulting produce, and we’ve even seen a company set up to help others do the same.

California builds first farm-to-table new home community

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Urban farming is in the air and California is setting an example by creating the first American housing project of its kind with an urban farm built intentionally in the center of the community.

Join the urban farming movement

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All it really takes is a small, available plot of ground, an accessible rooftop on a warehouse or other urban building; or even a large balcony in a private home for growing a wide variety of fresh garden produce.

Eighty-percent of environmental economists surveyed think cutting EPA regulations will not benefit the U.S. economy

Environmental Economics

 For example, the health effects of air pollution from coal-fired electricity production in Ohio on the good people of Boston (I assume there are at least some good people in Boston), or the effects of second-hand smoke on those stuck in an airplane with a smoker, or the spill-overs from improved workforce productivity and social benefits of decreased crime from increased education.  So ruling that out, the good-hearted producer has to either pollute or shut down.

"Environmentalists Say" — Sightline Daily - Northwest News that.

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For example, check out this King 5 segment on the phase-out of coal at the TransAlta plant in Centralia, Washington. Heres the opening line: It produces 12 percent of the states electricity, but environmentalists call it Washingtons largest single source of pollution. First, the TransAlta plant does not, in fact, produce 12 percent of the states electricity. The plant does not, in fact, produce 12 percent of WAs power. Skip to content.

How do Birds get their Color?

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And the ways in which these two fundamental ingredients are added to the color cooking pot are what produces the final colors that we see. The first pigment is called melanin and it produces black or dark brown coloration. Carotenoids are produced by plants.

Urban Farms, Everything but the Moo

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Prior to this mass produce offering, buying an orange at Christmas, for example, was difficult. Nowadays, not a month goes by in the summer when one doesn’t read or hear about another produce or packaged (or canned) food recall.

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Stop arguing with me--it's a scientific fact that I am smarter

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For example, researchers at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institutet found that drummers who kept a tighter rhythm also scored better on a 60-question intelligence test. Going further than simple intelligence, Oxford University found that drummers produced a “natural high” when playing together, which heightened both pain and happiness thresholds. According to a collection of studies, drummers are super smart, due to a variety of factors relating to being in the rhythm section.

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Germany introduces a legal definition for vegan labelling


In partnership with the German Federation for Food and Science, and the German branch of the European Vegetarian Union (VEBU), the ruling means consumers can rest assure that food items labelled as vegetarian or vegan are being produced according to strict guidelines.

5 Ways To Green Your School

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tend to be low (for example, 16.5% of the trash produced in New York City is recycled, but the recycling rate in schools is only 9.5%). Tagged: community , get involved , green school , organic produce. 5 Ways To Green Your School. Green your school!

Crazy invasive jewelry harvests energy from the human body

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Appropriately called Energy Addicts, the project explores the numerous sources of energy the human body produces and then seeks to exploit them. Namomi Kizhner has designed a collection of jewelry that harvests energy from the human body.

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When Can Sustainability Drive Business Growth?

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Lipton, Hellman’s, Dove, and Ben & Jerry’s are examples of products that Unilever reports as helping to achieve its goal of growing business, while reducing its environmental footprint and improving people’s lives. Sustainability and business growth don’t usually get talked about together.

New Year’s Resolution #4 – Recycle

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Americans produce a staggering amount of waste: in 2010, we threw away over 250 million tons of trash. Fifty four percent of household waste in 2010 went straight into landfills, while another 12% was combusted to produce energy. They produce high volumes of methane, a greenhouse gas, and can pollute groundwater and local ecosystems. For example, choose glass packaging over non-recyclable plastics and avoid paper products with any kind of plastic coating.

How to Feed the World Without Killing the Planet?

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5–7 Land-sparing advocates argue that intensifying agriculture to produce higher yields is a necessary first condition to allow agriculture to contract to a smaller land footprint, providing opportunities for “sparing land for nature.”

Green New Year’s Resolution #2 – Eat Organic and Local

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And these chemicals don’t just stay in the environment: for example, the non-profit Environmental Working Group found pesticide residue on 97% of all the grocery store apples they sampled. . Meat production has also become heavily concentrated: in 2010, ten companies produced 90% of the poultry eaten in the U.S. Buying organic produce isn’t just a great way to help the environment – it can also help improve the health of you and your family.

Food Incubator in Halifax Highlights Vegan Teamwork


Ainslie Umlah is producing Greens of Haligonia sprouts in DesRoches’ space, so is Chandra Lockhart’s Rawthentic Chocolate and Taylor Widrig’s Mermaid Fare seaweed products. Cover photo from Metro News. Sometimes, all it takes is a little help to get a vegan business off the ground.

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Video Games Could Save the Environment

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A classic example would be WoW, or World of Warcraft , played by more than 10 million subscribers in 2012. Could we pinpoint the nexus between energy and pollution, and devise better ways of getting the former without producing the latter?

The Relevance Imperative in Conservation

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For example, we may not need fishers to care about the full diversity of marine life to support marine protected areas if we can demonstrate that MPAs help improve their catch. It can help protect drinking water, for example. What’s in it for me? That may sound like a selfish question.

Qatar Solar Buys into Germany’s SolarWorld

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Called the BMW of solar panel producers , the German firm has been struggling to compete against China’s flood of cheap, generic photovoltaic panels. Qatar Solar has purchased a stake in SolarWorld AG to give the firm a much needed fiscal boost.

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The Beauty of Checklists

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For example, flipping through my booklet I find a ton of locations and dates for wading birds, shorebirds, and waterfowl. Does your state produce checklists for birders?

A Guide to Shopping Organic

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When a food item is labeled as organic that means it was produced using environmentally responsible farming techniques. For example, rotating a variety of crops through a field will help maintain soil fertility without the use of fertilizers, and mulch can be used in the place of herbicides.

Britain’s Birds: An Identification Guide to the Birds of Britain and Ireland–A Book Review

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publishers); they host something called a Birdfair that maybe someday 10,000 Birds will send me to visit; they produce outstanding birders, some of whom come over to the U.S. British birders are very serious about birding and their birds.

Winter Bird Feeding: Good or Bad for Birds?

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For example, the overwinter survival of birds is enhanced by bird feeding. Bird feeding produces significantly earlier egg laying dates, larger clutches of eggs, higher chick weights and higher overall breeding success across a wide range of bird species 2,6.

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Fuel Economy Standards Are Essential to Our Health, Environment and Economy

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But there is one success launched by Congress 40 years ago that produces tremendous benefits for you and your family even today. First, does the automobile industry continue to produce miraculous new technologies that meet the most important environment challenges of each new era?

Plants give biofeedback to optimize their own light levels in hydroponics

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For example, there has been much interest in the potential of large-scale, indoor agricultural production – often referred to as vertical farming – as a means to produce high quantities of produce.

Energy Sprawl is the Largest Driver of Land Use Change in the U.S.

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The analysis estimates the amount of land required to produce each terawatt hour of energy, considering both the direct effects and the wider landscape effects of renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Research Update from the NatureNet Science Fellows.

The Fractal Wonders of Cern—Searching for the Elusive Higgs Boson.

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A magnetic field produced in the detector causes the particles to travel in spirals, allowing charge and momentum to be measured. This track is an example of simulated data modeled for the CMS detector on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, which began taking data in 2008.

Turkeys Are What They Eat: Weird and Adaptable

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Careful regulation of hunting combined with reintroductions has produced a thriving turkey flock that nearly matches the population that existed before North America was colonized. For example, even in the depths of winter when snow cover blocks access to the ground, turkeys can make do.

Progress in Alternative Power, From National to Global Views

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Because wind and solar do not reliably produce enough energy (because wind doesn’t always blow, and sun doesn’t always shine) to take the load off conventional power sources like coal, gas, oil and nuclear.

Going Wild in the Backyard

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For example, WHC counsels: The type of wildlife you will be able to attract and provide habitat for will vary dependent upon where your property is located and how large a piece of land you own. Going Wild in the Backyard. By: Sue Moore. Turn your backyard into a wildlife refuge!

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