Gaza produce on the menu at swanky American event in Jerusalem

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Due to lack of available agricultural space, various methods used to produce food supplies have included planting roof top gardens of herbs and vegetables and small aquacultural projects to grow their own fish. This has resulted in exports of agricultural produce dropping to around $1.2

UN: Innovation needed to feed people of the future

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The market outcome will depend on the profitability of sugar versus ethanol in Brazil, the globe’s leading producer, and could remain volatile as a result of the sugar production cycle in some key Asian sugar-producing countries.

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New Water Fund in Mexico for People and Nature

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At The Nature Conservancy (TNC) we are always on the lookout for the triple win—projects that protect nature, meet people’s needs, and provide good returns on investment for businesses and governments. Water Funds are a great example of a triple win.

Classroom Coase Example of the Day

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There’s no desire to ban it but to produce some regulation to encourage people to maintain it,” said City Manager Matt Greeson. Connecticut passed a law this year requiring people to plant running bamboo within thick plastic barriers sunk 2 to 3 feet into the ground. Brian Gardner saw the pointy green shoots sneaking into his yard from the neighbor’s. He’ll take care of them when he returns from Florida, he told himself.

Blaming economists for our current economic situtation is like blaming a psychologist because people are crazy

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She said, for example, that she thought lectures promoted conservative views against minimum wage.   For instance, rent-control laws try to make housing affordable for everyone, and minimum-wage laws try to help people escape poverty.   A market economy rewards people according to their ability to produce things that other people are willing to pay for. 

Aguanomics: Pigouvian taxes do NOT produce deadweight losses

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The first was to claim that an advantage was their propensity to reduce consumption (an excellent example of rewriting the question as the answer :). That's why they are called win-win , but don't tell that to the people creating the pollution!).

Bringing Behavioral Insights into Conservation Programs and Policies

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One solution we’ve tried is giving people ways to earn money that doesn’t hurt the environment. Many more people than ever before were trying to feed their families from fishing on the coral reefs. Intuitive decision-making is how people make the vast majority of decisions.

We shouldn’t have to tell people allergic to milk to stop drinking it


Why are people always looking for the right way to do the wrong thing? My google alerts were flooded with milk news this morning, and two were particularly great examples of people looking for alternatives to their cow’s milk allergies, unwilling to simply give it up. Without scientific support, people are spending twice as much money to get it because they’ve been told it’s healthier. If you’re allergic to cow’s milk, like many people are, don’t drink it.

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Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Jason Clay

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Jason Clay: As environmentalists, if we don’t get how and where we produce food and fiber right, we can turn off the lights and go home. We are living beyond the carrying capacity of the planet today with 7 billion people.

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Economics: The Next Frontier in Conservation Science

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For example, a property that provides valuable habitat for endangered coho salmon is not usually offered at a premium. We live in a world that is being rapidly transformed by the needs and activities of 7 billion people. Engaging in markets is not new for The Nature Conservancy.

How to Feed the World Without Killing the Planet?

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Mapping the Way to a World That Can Feed 10 Billion People. This simultaneous increase is an example of a “Jevons paradox” – as prices fall due to increased or more efficient production, demand also expands. 43 We produce enough food annually to feed today’s population of 7.5

Deer Advisor: Help for Communities Grappling with Abundant Deer Populations

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They provide green spaces with plants deer can eat, include plantings around homes and other grounds, and provide protection from harassment by people, dogs (leash laws) and natural predators. Q: What challenges are deer creating for people and communities?

Shoot Out the Lights: Science, Hydropower & Reality on the Mekong

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“perspectives of local people on dams defy simple answers and conclusions.” The rest of the trip I heard a lot of different perspectives and stories, but one thing was clear: perspectives of local people on dams defy simple answers and conclusions. Sunset on the Mekong.

Recovery: Bringing Back Bumble Bees

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For example, applying criteria of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation reports that of the 46 indigenous bumble bee species in the U.S. Bees are in big trouble.

Eighty-percent of environmental economists surveyed think cutting EPA regulations will not benefit the U.S. economy

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Thought: I contend that many people who advocate for free markets fail to recognize the important distinction between 'free' markets and 'unregulated' markets.   Each of these are example of costs or benefits that are generated by activity in a market, but spill over to people outside the market.   Why then don;t the people in the markets, through the generosity of their hearts, just do the right thing?

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Join the urban farming movement

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All it really takes is a small, available plot of ground, an accessible rooftop on a warehouse or other urban building; or even a large balcony in a private home for growing a wide variety of fresh garden produce.

The Power of a Healthy Watershed for Energy Security in Gabon

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The Transformation of Gabon: Can Nature Make Economic Development Work Better for People? For example, during our field visit we frequently came across washout scars along the roads that appeared to be large sources of erosion into the rivers.

Are Marine Protected Areas in the Right Places to Support People?

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But I’m focused on a different question: I want to know whether national parks and nature reserves are located in places where they can successfully protect some of nature’s most important services to people, including providing natural barriers to storms, producing fish, storing carbon, and supporting tourism and recreation industries? In our discussion paper , we start with five global maps focused on key services coral reefs and mangroves provide to people.

Too Many Deer: A Bigger Threat to Eastern Forests than Climate Change

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People have strong opinions when it comes to deer. Livestock producers are not immune either. Wild deer in at least two states are known to harbor bovine tuberculosis, a disease of great concern to cattle producers.

Bill Clinton tells Brazil “Biofuels produced at the expense of tropical forests are no victory”

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Bill Clinton said at the Ethanol Summit 2009 with reference to Brazil that being a world leader in ethanol production is no victory if it is coupled with escalating carbon emissions from deforestation President Clinton was quoted at saying: “What people are worried about Brazil is not whether you have the most efficient biofuel in the world.everybody knows that is true. That land we should use to produce food for people to eat and not fuel for cars and truck.

Stop arguing with me--it's a scientific fact that I am smarter

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For example, researchers at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institutet found that drummers who kept a tighter rhythm also scored better on a 60-question intelligence test. If that wasn’t enough, other studies added that rhythmic music actually makes people smarter. Going further than simple intelligence, Oxford University found that drummers produced a “natural high” when playing together, which heightened both pain and happiness thresholds.

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Urban Farms, Everything but the Moo

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Prior to this mass produce offering, buying an orange at Christmas, for example, was difficult. When I was very young, few people had even heard of E. For example, if you live on the third floor and your watering rains down on the decks below you, you may be told you can’t.

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"Environmentalists Say" — Sightline Daily - Northwest News that.

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For example, check out this King 5 segment on the phase-out of coal at the TransAlta plant in Centralia, Washington. Heres the opening line: It produces 12 percent of the states electricity, but environmentalists call it Washingtons largest single source of pollution. First, the TransAlta plant does not, in fact, produce 12 percent of the states electricity. The plant does not, in fact, produce 12 percent of WAs power. Skip to content.

Hotspots for People: A New Conservation Strategy

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This Nature Longread essay first appeared in SNAP Magazine , which features great writing on the intersection of nature and human well-being as part of the website of the Science for Nature and People (SNAP) collaboration. Take Haiti as an example.

Can Forest Carbon Markets Provide for a 40,000-Year-Old Culture?

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It’s projected that the 45 million people living in the East Africa country will grow to 90 million in the coming decades. As such, it’s easy for other people to come onto their land and dominate. A Hadza member heads out for the morning’s hunt. Photo: Matt Miller/TNC.

Where Logging Reigns, Going Beyond Sharing vs Sparing

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This landscape produces valuable timber, pulp for paper, and palm oil, all to the benefit of the Indonesian economy and people. Nature Works Everywhere / People's Television. I’m perched on a wooden tower 150 feet above the ground, eye-level with a centuries-old dipterocarp tree.

The Nordstrom Way: The K-Selected Model of Doing Business

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There were stories about people bringing in pairs of shoes that were years old, in poor shape, and definitely not from Nordstrom. An incredible example of this practice is the story Spector tells of a customer who loved a certain model of slacks that was on sale at Nordstrom.

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In two examples, the Association has highlighted that an 11kW device with an installation cost of around £44,000 at site with a wind speed of around 5 meters per second could yield a total income of £10,026 per annum; while a 6kW device costing in the region of £22,000 under the same parameters could return £3420 per annum. These examples are typical of the expected 5-10 year payback for well-located small wind systems.

How to Make ‘Local’ Food Good Conservation, Too

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This Nature Longread essay first appeared in SNAP Magazine , which features great writing on the intersection of nature and human well-being as part of the website of the Science for Nature and People (SNAP) collaboration. These strawberries may be local, but are they produced sustainably?

Video Games Could Save the Environment

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A classic example would be WoW, or World of Warcraft , played by more than 10 million subscribers in 2012. As far as video games, television and even comic books causing young people to resort to violence, any therapist worth his or her diploma will note that causality is not provenance.

Mercury, Birds & People: What we can learn from studying our.

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Mercury, Birds & People: What we can learn from our feathered friends. Birds aren’t that different from people. Human produced changes to the environment negatively affect birds in many of the same ways they hurt people. ” “People do that?”

Britain’s Birds: An Identification Guide to the Birds of Britain and Ireland–A Book Review

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publishers); they host something called a Birdfair that maybe someday 10,000 Birds will send me to visit; they produce outstanding birders, some of whom come over to the U.S. British birders are very serious about birding and their birds.

Not my Movement; Not my Orgs: Part 1


Many of the large animal organisations support the “happy” exploitation labels developed by producers. Yes, you read that right, folks: the hens are benefitting from the policies of egg producers; I bet that they’re singing songs of praise through their severed beaks.

You’re Invited to Do Science with The Crowd & The Cloud

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Thousands of citizen science programs around the world are training people of all ages and from all walks of life to collect data. The Crowd & The Cloud is a four-part documentary series currently running on PBS that showcases what people like you can contribute to science.

When Can Sustainability Drive Business Growth?

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Lipton, Hellman’s, Dove, and Ben & Jerry’s are examples of products that Unilever reports as helping to achieve its goal of growing business, while reducing its environmental footprint and improving people’s lives.

Cities for People - towards sustainable cities

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What would you build today to make your city better for people? Every city has a unique set of people with their own fears, hopes and dreams. Here are some suggestions to make your city for people: More parks Lester R Brown from the Earth Policy Institute believes that the ratio of parks to parking lots may be the best single indicator of liveability of a city. Fantastic public transport facilities.that put the need of people above the need of cars.

Going Wild in the Backyard

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So wildlife are people too!) For example, WHC counsels: The type of wildlife you will be able to attract and provide habitat for will vary dependent upon where your property is located and how large a piece of land you own. Going Wild in the Backyard. By: Sue Moore.

Why Vox’s Guide to ‘Ethical Meat’ is just an attempt to comfort liberals


Cows still have their babies taken away from them , and chickens are still debeaked , and that’s just two examples of an endless list of cruel practices. It’s much more common for people to eat organic when they’re thinking about their own health.

3D-printing with living organisms – snack of tomorrow?

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Rutzerveld wanted to create lab-produced food that was healthy, natural, and tasty. Edible growth is an example of a future food product that bridges authentic practices of growing and breeding food with new technologies, allowing food to stay nearer to its natural state.

Spirituality, Speciesism, and The Ethical Symmetry Gap


They matter first in the sense that their own lives mean something to them, and this “meaning to them” produces the recognition in us that their lives also mean something for us. An example. People Sticky VeganismGuest Essay by: Jonathan Dickstein.