Europe drowning in plastic waste

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Instead of actually reducing waste, especially, though not restricted to, plastic waste, and secondly building our own facilities for recycling the countries are, yet again, looking for places with lower environmental standards to where to dump the waste rather than doing the other.

The Republican Book on $cience [cartoon]

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Any time you fight to weaken clean air and water standards, carbon (etc.) emissions standards, and make every effort to make the world a less healthy place to live, one has to wonder (though apparently few do) “Why are you doing this?&# Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition!

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Europe Introduces New Plant-Based Ice Cream “Lupinesse” to Market


Europe has been a leader in introducing new, unique and sometimes odd ice cream dishes to market. The latest ice cream dish to be released in Europe is made from the reedlike plant called Lupin, making the ice cream completely plant-based.

Waterfowl of North America, Europe & Asia: An Identification Guide

10,000 Birds

Waterfowl of North America, Europe, and Asia: An Identification Guide by Sébastien Reeber is an exhaustively comprehensive reference book that is sure to bring joy to the heart of every birder who slowly scopes through the hundreds of ducks in the local marsh or bay and eventually, after an hour or so, looks up, smiles, and says, “I have a Eurasian Teal.” This is a hefty book, a little larger than a standard hardcover, but long (656 pages), and the good quality paper makes it heavy.

Greenpeace shows the Dark Side of Volkswagen

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Greenpeace’s new corporate bad guy target is Europe’s biggest car company Volkswagen (VW) who is “spending millions&# trying to stop stricter climate laws in Europe, the environmental organization claims.

The Ultimate Reward

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The shrikes are common in standard winters, but this one is unusually warm and the birds have remained further north. Birding city birds Europe owls Serbia The first stop of the morning: young White–tailed Eagle , right next to the road and several dozen Rooks around.

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Better Organic Standards for Cosmetics

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Though the US may not regulate the cosmetics industry as rigorously as Europe, things are moving in the right direction. The USDA holds strict standards for organic food products but up to this point cosmetics and personal care products have been very loosely regulated in the US.

Slovenia, part 2: up on the eco-tourist farm

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Which makes it even odder to scramble over a final precipice or break out of the forest and suddenly find yourself confronted by a large lodge with full bar service, which is standard for mountain huts in Slovenia. All Europe Farm stays Slovenia Central Europe EDEN Solcavsko

Earth Friendly Products – Natural & Organic Products Europe Show 2012 Show Highlights

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The new labels give the following improvements: •Clearer communication of green credentials & eco- certifications •Larger and clearer product descriptions •Highlighting of benefits •Better communication of washes per bottle where appropriate •No need for stickers Carbon Neutral in Europe. Continuing our stringent carbon reduction initiative and global sustainability policy, Earth Friendly Products is now Carbon Neutral in Europe.

The mother of all large white-headed gulls: The European Herring Gull

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Thanks to those pesky revisionist-taxonomists who thwarted their imperialistic ambitions, they are now confined to the coasts of northern and north-western Europe, basically inhabiting all coastal regions north of the Spanish-French Atlantic border. Birds Europe gull gulls Herring GullNow finally, here is the third and last part of my mini-series on the taxonomic offspring of the Herring Gull, in which I’ll cover the. European Herring Gull Larus argentatus.

Bike-Sharing Programs Hit the Streets in Over 500 Cities Worldwide

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In Eastern Europe, which appears to be on the brink of a bike-sharing bonanza, Warsaw opened a program in August 2012 with 1,000 bikes that were ridden 130,000 times in that first month.

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Norway’s Opportunity to Change the Rules of Global Investing

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The leaders who after the war, built modern Norway by raising the standard of living in the little mountain valleys, up the fjords, through the towns and cities across the whole country in ways that endure today.

Northern Hawk Owl in Germany

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First, most of Europe’s owl species are breeding in Germany anyway and are better found at other times of the year. The following winters didn’t quite live up to the new standard, but there has been at least one Hawk Owl in Germany both in ’14/’15 and now in ’15/’16, slowly turning this once exceptional vagrant into a very rare but regular winter guest.

Israelis design 3D-printed home for NASA village on Mars!

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Designers had to address environmental concerns specific to Mars , such as radiation exposure and extremely high temperatures, while including fairly standard residential elements such as gardens, communal and private spaces, and a gym.

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Population or Environmental Food Crisis, Part 6: Alternative agriculture

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These certification standards and regulations may differ depending on country and region, but they all restrict the use of pesticides, fertilizers and certain forms of genetically modified crops organisms. Europe had 25 percent and Latin America shortly followed with 22 percent.

Jordan gets its first craft brewery, causing ire among Muslim clerics

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If you’ve ever visited a Middle Eastern country, one noticeable difference to Europe is restriction on alcohol. It was Israel’s first craft brewery and by many standards has influenced a whole culture of craft beer making in the entire region.

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Quicargo puts empty trucks back in business

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According to the World Economic Forum, the total cost burden of unutilized loading space in Europe alone is approximately €160 billion: “By increasing the productivity in the trucking industry and reducing empty runs we can contribute to the global economy.

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Will the Real Humans Please Stand Up

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Some, appalled by the developed world’s insistence that corporations be given equal rights with persons, wanted to insure that, when using native resources, they left enough for future generations to meet the same, or higher, standards of living as they themselves enjoyed.

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Bilge Babe Versus the Sanitation Hose… | Wend Magazine - iWend

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Submissions Share this: Tweet Share Bilge Babe Versus the Sanitation Hose… Liz Clark February 23rd, 2011 The Voyage of Swell Meet standard marine sanitation hose, my dreaded nemesis. Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition!

The Red-billed Leiothrix of Tuscany

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After my grim exposing you last month to Europe’s fifty shades of brown, I felt it incumbent upon me to right my wrong by introducing you to Europe’s most attractive bird, the Red-billed Leiothrix. However, people have apparently deemed it attractive enough (or Europe’s native avifauna boring enough) to introduce it widely throughout Europe. Celebrated awesomeness: Trips Europe invasive species Italy


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The White Wagtails , omnipresent on all my other trips to Europe, were not around this time. Standard birder stuff, for sure, but my companions were a little nonplussed and I’m sure the average gelato-centric German or sunburned Brit would have been more so.

South Africa’s endemic birds

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Sharing much the same story with its cousin the Northern Bald Ibis, a closely related species that during the Middle Ages was widely known throughout Europe as the Waldrapp (meaning “Forest Crow”). My home country of South Africa can only be described as a birding paradise!

Qatar Solar Buys into Germany’s SolarWorld

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Then China flooded the market with cheap, generic solar panels that are suited to standard weather conditions. Increasingly, Qatar in particular has used the opportunity to invest in projects across Europe.

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Israeli tech brings wireless phone charging to Starbucks

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Starbucks is also planning to implement the technology in Europe and Asia. Starbucks is transforming the way consumers get power to their phones, in much the same way it made WiFi a standard amenity in public places.

Fighting climate change and poverty in the Third World at the same time?

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If every person in African, Latin America, Asia, had only roughly the average European standard of living we would hardly be able to breathe any longer on this Planet of ours.

The cars that, hopefully won’t, eat Paris

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The system will allow the hiring of electric cars by simply using a special subscription card in a booth (rather than the normal laborious pre-booking and paper work needed in standard car hire situations) which releases and unlocks an electric car for use for 30 minutes or so at a cost in the order of a few euros (video on that here ). One initiative that was recently taken up in Paris is something I will be following with great interest.

Low Carbon Economics Aligns With the Sharia Law of Islam

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The Climate Bonds Initiative is a non-governmental organization (NGO) working to create a global standard for green investment: a screening tool to help evaluate bonds’ credibility, create demand, and serve the ambitious goal of creating solid long-term investments that also tackle climate change.

Slovenia, part 1: the green mouse that roars

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| Central Europe’s Eco-treasure |. Slovenia, you might say, is Central Europe’s green mouse that roars. Open since 2009, it’s one of the most environmentally sensitive facilities in Central Europe.

Dubai’s Camelicious sees potential European, US market for camel milk

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It’s not at the break-even point yet, but right now, with exports to Europe and the prospect of getting FDA approval — as well as getting into new industries like pharmaceuticals — inshallah it will be profitable soon. We are running a business operation here with ISO and EU standards.”.

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First Middle East Carbon Market – Dubai!

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Dubai Gets Frozen Air From Europe . Dubai is not the first Middle Eastern country you think of when you think climate-friendly. That’s about to change.

GM joins the Pigou Club

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A government-imposed tax hike, Akerson believes, will prompt more people to buy small cars and do more good for the environment than forcing automakers to comply with higher gas-mileage standards. "There Rebecca Lindland, an analyst with IHS Global Insight, said higher gas taxes in Europe did lead consumers to buy more fuel-efficient cars. General Motors Co.

Surbiton Farmers Market wins “Market of the Year” award

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Surbiton, Surrey, UK, February 2013: The Maple Road Surbiton Farmers' has won an award to become Farmers' Market of the Year after entering the national Farmers' Retail and Markets Association (FARMA) Awards.

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Birding: Time and Effort

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The Usual Standard – a few hours of morning birding. Late April / early May is the best birding season in the south of Europe and wherever you go, you will have 50% to 100% more species than in any other season. How much time do you devote to birding? Are you happy with an occasional morning here and there or do you need more? How high is birding on your list of activities – is it the very first or merely one of?

Mount Everest Snow, Soil Contains High Levels of Heavy Metals

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All samples tested showed levels of arsenic well above the EPA’s maximum containment level (MCL) standard. Cadmium levels in snow samples collected by Yeo were above EPA MCL standards, but were below the limits in soil. Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition!

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Birkenstock launches vegan collection, almost lives up to hippie reputation


Yahoo was excited to report that Birkenstock has launched their vegan line of footwear in the US (previously available in Europe). We didn’t think it was possible, but kicking around a hacky-sack just got greener.

Why do we have people going hungry?

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Already at present the amount of perfectly good edible food, though misformed, according to the standards, that is being thrown before it ever makes it to the shelves of the stores, or even the wholesalers, could feed the entire global population several times over.

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Fair Trade

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But what exactly is involved in ensuring that products meet this standard? It acts as an umbrella organization for 20 separate groups across Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Key elements lie in meeting both environmental and labour standards.

Re-Branding Nature: From Dismal Swamp to Constructed Wetland

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By the end of the 90s, there are over 1,000 constructed wetlands in the USA and over 5,000 in Europe ( EPA 2004 , Cooper 2007 ). The CWA establishes and maintains standards for constructed wetlands through research, training, and accreditation.

Wean yourself off plastic with clever Trolley Bags

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Trolley Bags are eco-friendly, reusable shopping bags developed in Europe, but useful anywhere – particularly here in plastic-choked Amman. It comes as a set of four separate bags, sized to fit most standard shopping carts.

Switzerland prepares its Army for Euro Zone Fallout

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) With anti-austerity protests across Europe resulting in civil unrest on the streets of Athens and Madrid, the European country famed for its neutrality is taking unusual precautions. In September 2012 Switzerland launched the military exercise "Stabilo Due" to respond to the current instability in Europe and to test the speed at which its army can be dispatched. Switzerland's armed forces are not a professional nor a standard conscripts force.