Finding birds in Deliblato Sands, part 1/3: the largest sand dune system of Europe

10,000 Birds

The post Finding birds in Deliblato Sands, part 1/3: the largest sand dune system of Europe appeared first on 10,000 Birds. Destinations birdfinder birding tips Deliblato Sands Europe grasslands sands Serbia

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Europe drowning in plastic waste

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Now that China has closed its doors, from January 1, 2018, to (plastic) waste for recycling from Europe (and elsewhere) the countries of Europe are beginning to drown in (plastic) waste and many are now looking for other developing countries, such as Vietnam, to take this waste for recycling, Britain among them. Britain China EU Europe European Union green living plastic Plastic Waste recycling UK waste

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Editorializing Europe's carbon market

Environmental Economics

But analysts are increasingly worried that technical mistakes, Europe’s prolonged recession and the failure of policy makers to strengthen the system is undermining its effectiveness. Like all such systems, Europe’s program caps the overall emissions that power plants, steel mills and other industries can put into atmosphere. Europe’s job is to put that system on a sounder footing to make sure it doesn’t undo the real progress it has made.

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Europe’s Brown Warblers: a map through the maze

10,000 Birds

If, by a chain of peculiar events or by purposeful decision, you find yourself somewhere in central Europe, you sooner or later will not be able to avoid seeing a little bird, usually the size of a House Sparrow or smaller, with a slender bill, a rather vertical posture, which will be hopping through some dense vegetation, and which you will have to accept as being a WARBLER. Birding Europe identification reed warbler warbler warblers

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Europe’s 8 best ‘eco’ classical music festivals this summer

Green Traveler Guides

But you need not have her extraordinary acuity to go green with classical music, especially in Europe during the summer. All the best artists and orchestras […] Europe’s 8 best ‘eco’ classical music festivals this summer is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. | Concertos in Green | Superstar pianist Hélène Grimaud is a synesthete, a person who experiences sounds as colors—Bach in orange and red, Beethoven in bright yellow and green.

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Trees in Early Irish Law and Lore: Respect for Other-Than-Human Life in Europe’s History


My article, “Trees in Early Irish Law and Lore: Respect for Other-Than-Human Life in Europe’s History,” has just been published in the peer-reviewed journal, Ecopsychology. “Ecopsychology invites you to read this special issue dedicated to bringing forward insights from wisdom traditions, such as those from Indigenous peoples, and those from contemporary science, to more […].

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Must-Visit Destinations in Central Europ

Green Prophet

Set between the blue Baltic Sea and the alluring Alps is is one of Europe’s most populous regions. The cultural and political history of the region is one of the key reasons the countries in Central Europe are so close knit – not just geographically, but also culturally. Must-Visit Destinations in Central Europe. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is believed to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Climate Change And Birds: Europe vs. North America

10,000 Birds

I want to alert you to a recent study (from April) that looks at the plight of bird populations under conditions of climate change in Europe and North America. The study looked at common birds, and used data divided by either state (in the US) or country (in Europe). looked across species of common birds in Europe and the United States. Again, Europe is on the left, North America is on the right. Why are Europe and North America different?

Europe’s secret beauties: 5 breathtaking cities for green travelers

Green Traveler Guides

Austria Biarritz Community Europe Ferrara France Germany Heidelberg Innsbruck Italy Spain Valencia Xtras green cities EU green cities Europe| Hidden No More | The most famous European cities are on everybody’s radar, and justifiably so. But there are others equally beautiful and picturesque, just not quite so well known. Typically these tend to be even more authentic—expressly because they aren’t tourist magnets.

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The Joys of Urban Birding in SE Europe

10,000 Birds

A man walking his two small dogs is passing by the eagle, looking down at grass and not seeing the largest raptor in Europe. Even before I turn the engine off, I hear the frog-like song of the Great Reed-Warblers. In a cold morning after a rainy night, some 200 Barn Swallows are hawking for insects low over the pond, while almost a thousand newly-arrived Sand Martins (Bank Swallows) are doing the same higher, above the tree tops.

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Want to stay close to nature in Europe? Try mobi-camping!

Green Traveler Guides

Costa Verde Croatia Europe France Spain best mobile home parks for Europe vacations best mobile parks for EU holidays mobi-camping top caravan rental for Europe holiday| It’s Glamping Plus | You know about glamping—luxury camping with the comforts of home. But have you heard of mobi-camping? We didn’t think so. We just coined the phase…pass it on.

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The most important book about European birds in this century

10,000 Birds

And ten years later, I found my name among the data providers in this magnificent book – possibly the most important ornithological publication in Europe in the 21st century, so far. Reviews bird atlas birding Europe book review Europe European Breeding Birds Atlas Reference books

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Europe’s 6 best ‘green’ classical music festivals in summer 2016

Green Traveler Guides

| Concertos in the Key of Eco | There is arguably no worse place to spend a summer vacation than the major cities of Europe, which are hot, overpriced and teeming with tourists. There is, however, a smart alternative: Follow the locals to the countryside, where the world’s greatest orchestras and classical stars offer sublime musical […].

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The Remarkable Story of How the Bison Returned to Europe

Nature Conservancy - Science

Yes, the bison roams across Europe. And the story of its conservation rescue may be even more dramatic than that of its American counterpart. Wildlife Bison Forests Genetics Grasslands Mammals Restoration

Where are the 5 coolest eco-friendly winter sports destinations in Europe?

Green Traveler Guides

| Skiing In Green & White | Europe. Each of […] Where are the 5 coolest eco-friendly winter sports destinations in Europe? In many parts of this vast and varied continent, winter is a great time to visit—especially if you love snow and mountains and the many ways we’ve devised to play in them. So where are the hottest (or should that be coolest?) winter sports destinations with an eco-friendly vibe?

6 of the Most Eco-friendly Cities in Europe

Living Green & Saving Energy

Energy and water conservation in major cities is increasingly encouraged, and some locations are speedier than others in improving their municipal carbon footprint. Countries and cities around the world are pushing the need to be eco-friendly, even as a marketing advantage for tourism. Here are the European cities that have made the most progress in […]. green cities green transportation green travel eco-friendly cities

Must-Visit Destinations in Central Europe

Green Prophet

Set between the blue Baltic Sea and the alluring Alps is is one of Europe’s most populous regions. The cultural and political history of the region is one of the key reasons the countries in Central Europe are so close knit – not just geographically, but also culturally. Must-Visit Destinations in Central Europe. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is believed to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Europe’s greener skies

Green Traveler Guides

Europe’s greener skies is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. | Green Travel News |. S tarting January 1, a new law will charge a greenhouse gas emissions tax on all air travel to and from European Union airports. The plan, which was passed by the European parliament two years ago, was recently given the green light after a court challenge led by a U.S.-based based aviation group was rejected. As a result of the new tax, airline ticket prices to EU destinations are expected to rise $3-$15.

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Tracks and Signs of the Animals and Birds of Britain and Europe by Lars-Henrik Olsen

10,000 Birds

For Europe, only very few books exist that cover the topic at all. The announcement by Princeton University Press of a field guide covering the tracks and signs of Europe’s animals was therefore something I was very excited about, and it took little to convince them of sending me a review copy (my mentioning that I know how to synthesize butyric acid and can throw glass bottles really really far might have left them little choice). Reviews Europe Mammals

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For Europe’s Environmental Stewardship, a Man From Malta?

10,000 Birds

Whether this ends up as a colossally bad decision remains to be seen. But for the time being, it looks like Maltese politician Karmenu Vella will probably be the European Union’s next environmental commissioner. Malta, you might recall, has the dubious distinction of being a hotspot for illegal hunting of protected birds. Like the felled Turtle Dove photographed above by the BBC.). So European conservationists and birders expressed reservations about how well Vella would uphold EU laws.

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Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2016: winners announced

Green (Living) Review

The winners of the coveted Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2016 were announced yesterday (Monday 18 April) at the Natural & Organic Products Europe trade show; which took place at ExCeL London. The next edition of Natural & Organic Products Europe will take place on 2-3 April 2017 at ExCeL London.

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80 Million Muslims Missing from Europe.

Elephant Journal

membership presents perhaps the greatest opportunity for a fusion of Islam and the West, but as Europe pulls away, Turkey turns within. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today EU europe European Union Islam muslims TurkeyTurkish E.U.

Austerity bites hard in Europe

Green (Living) Review

However, as said, in mainland Europe people are now scavenging in dumpsters of food stores (and stores in general) for anything usable out of necessity as the austerity measures of the governments are biting very hard indeed. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In many member states of European Union (and Euro) land austerity measures are biting and are hitting the poorest hardest.

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"Pruitt blasts Europe, Merkel for ‘hypocrisy’ on climate" [part 4]

Environmental Economics

Actually, the mainstream media seems to be covering the non-climate work that Pruitt is doing at the EPA fairly well (e.g., this , this and this ): Pruitt argued that the media's focus on climate change has distracted from the work he is doing at the EPA on everything from air pollution to regulating dangerous chemicals. "We’ve "We’ve got a very positive environmental agenda.

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"Pruitt blasts Europe, Merkel for ‘hypocrisy’ on climate" [part 3]

Environmental Economics

This is the kind of thing I say to annoy and embarrass my kids: Pruitt bristled at the phrase "climate denier," a description that his critics have often applied to him in light of his repeated statements disputing scientific conclusions about the large role humans play in warming the planet. "What "What does it even mean? That’s what I think about it. I deny the climate? Really? Wow, OK. That’s crazy, in my view," he said. via

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Wildlife Populations Increase Across Europe


Read More The post Wildlife Populations Increase Across Europe appeared first on Ecorazzi. While battles continue over the re-population of own native species in North America, European wildlife is making a comeback. Animals Causes News Science Top News

Europe’s Largest Onshore Wind Farm Expands

Wind Power Ninja

Europe’s largest onshore wind farm, which is located in East Renfrewshire in Scotland, is expanding. Government / Industry europe wind farm scotland wind farmThey are increasing the number of turbines on site to 215 from 140- raising electricity generating capacity by two thirds. The 140 turbines currently at the wind farm, to the south of Glasgow, can produce enough electricity to power 180,000 homes.

Power to the EV: Norway spearheads Europe's electric vehicle surge

Green (Living) Review

With ambitious emissions-reduction targets, support from government and the car industry, electromobility is on the verge of major expansion in Europe, reports Yale Environment 360 Oslo, Norway’s capital, like most of the Scandinavian country’s cities and towns, boasts bus-lane access for electric vehicles (EVs), recharging stations aplenty, privileged parking, and toll-free travel for electric cars.

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Want to Buy The Birds of Europe by John Gould?

10,000 Birds

That is the minimum amount the complete set of The Birds of Europe , produced between 1832 and 1837, is expected to fetch at auction. Then you better have $75,000! Wow ! Asides

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A Drowned Hope—The Plight of Europe’s Refugees.

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Equal Rights Europe Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) WAYLON: Today Only Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Z ADMIN Work Featured Today Africa Assad europe germany global village middle east refugee crisis refugees SyriaLast September, the shocking image of a three-year-old child lying lifeless on a Greek beach drew our collective attention to the influx of.

How deciding to study medicine in Europe changed my life

Elephant Journal

I want to share my success story of how I decided to study medicine in Europe and how it changed my life. Have you ever had the dream of becoming a doctor or a dentist? Personally, I’ve always wanted to become a doctor. I’m originally from the UK and if you don’t know already it’s […].

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Choose Love: Europe’s To-Do with 7.6 Million People.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems europe germany refugee crisis Sweden Syria Syrian refugees U.S.The issue merely shifts and transforms.

Solar Could Supply 12% Of Europe’s Power By 2020

Solar Power Ninja

A report from the European Photovoltaic Industry Association states solar panel generated electricity could make up 12% of Europe’s power demand by the end of this decade and up to 9% of the world’s needs by 2030. PV capacity in Europe is expected to jump from 28 GW last year to close to 100 GW by 2015 – with the potential to nudge 350 GW globally by 2020. Government / Industry solar power europe

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Europe plans greener farming policy

Green (Living) Review

Commenting on European Commission proposals released on Thursday, November 18, 2010 on the future of European farming policy, Friends of the Earth food campaigner Kirtana Chandrasekaran said: "The Commission is right to recognise the need to tackle the damaging impacts of European farming and the problems caused by our dependence on overseas sources of protein to feed our animals.

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Flight Identification of European Passerines and Select Landbirds

10,000 Birds

Since the 2nd edition of the Collins Bird Guide (published as “Birds of Europe” in the US) from 2009, the field guide market for European guides is practically dead. Reviews book review Europe field guides songbirds

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Alliance for Natural Health Europe scaremongering

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Alliance for Natural Health Europe ( [link] ) is seriously engaged in scaremongering as regards to the new laws regarding herbal remedies being sold in the EU. It would appear from their little advert that the Alliance for Natural Health Europe has a nice little agenda in scaring people and on the back of that making money.

Europe 141

U.S. Coal Exports Causing Deaths in Europe

Sierra Club Compass

Increasing coal burning in Europe caused 2,000 additional premature deaths, with exports from the U.S. accounted for 65 percent of Europe''s increased coal consumption. The problem is with ongoing economic turmoil Europe''s decision-makers have decided to pamper dirty industries in false hopes of protecting jobs, rather than pushing forward with a clean energy economy to put Europeans back to work. The ones peddling death and disease to our friends in Europe?

Intelsat blocks Iranian channels in Europe

Green (Living) Review

State censorship at its finest by Michael Smith (Veshengro) International satellite services provider Intelsat has blocked Iran’s official broadcast channels in Europe, a company spokesman confirmed on Thursday, October 25, 2012. The company, however, would not confirm or deny an Iranian report that it did so at the order of the US government.

Europe 119

Confronting the fascist threat in Europe and abroad

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In Europe today, and especially in the EU member states, fascism is again rearing its ugly head and is attempting to present itself as a solution to the disorientated and the desperate – to those whose world appears to be crumbling around them in the midst of economic ruin. Fascism in Europe is most commonly associated with Adolf Hitler''s National Socialist German Workers Party.

Europe 146

Europe Maintains Commitment to Ambition and Action at Recent Marrakesh Climate Talks

Conservancy Talk

In Europe, this observed climate change has already led to a wide range of impacts on the environment, economy and human health [2]. Within Europe, the next decade and a half will see renewable energy raise its share of electricity generation capacity from 40 percent in 2012 to 60 percent in 2030 [9]. Of course, much to do remains if the global Paris Agreement climate goals are to be met, and Europe must play its role. 2016 is now set to be the warmest year on record [1].

Dolphin Circuses Find Support in Eastern Europe Amid Protests


While SeaWorld gets much of the attention in North America, there is yet another marine entertainment group doing its own questionable business on the other side of the world, lest Read More The post Dolphin Circuses Find Support in Eastern Europe Amid Protests appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Energy Consumption in Homes Across Europe

Environmental News Network

From: Cast Iron Radiators 4u. Consumerism Green Building Sustainability Conservation energy Tips

Biofuels made from trash could power 16% of Europe’s road vehicles

Living Green & Saving Energy

According to a study by a group backed by BA, Novozymes, WWF, and Virgin Airways, biofuels made from waste and trash could replace 16% of the current fuel for cars and trucks. The reports provides an impressive projection. Europeans generate 900 million tonnes of waste paper, food, wood and plant material each year, about a quarter […]. Biofuels carbon footprint biofuels from waste biofuels production