Ethiopia’s Endemics

10,000 Birds

Ethiopia , a landlocked country situated in the Horn of Africa, has firmly established itself as one of Africa’s top birding destinations. Tours groups that I guided to Ethiopia ten years ago had to endure very basic accommodation, almost no surfaced roads and low levels of service. Not much was known about Ethiopia’s birds and there was no decent fieldguide. Blue-winged Goose Occurring only in Ethiopia, this high altitude waterfowl is not uncommon on alpine lakes.

The Geladas of Ethiopia

10,000 Birds

These relics of times gone by now cling to a precarious existence on the sheer cliffs of Ethiopia’s mountains, from which each morning they materialize, to forage on nearby moorlands, before disappearing down the precipices in the evening. This was the local name meaning “ugly” used for these primates by the people of the Gonder area in northern Ethiopia when the German naturalist Rüppell “discovered” this species for science in the 1830’s. Mammals Ethiopia Gelada


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Coffee Story: Ethiopia

Wend Magazine

I went to Ethiopia originally as a journalist to try to find a rare coffee,” she said. market and we tried to find the genetic roots of it in Ethiopia. But I wound up staying there and climbing and writing a book called Vertical Ethiopia about doing first ascents—and really, a book about how to use rock climbing to tell a different story about Ethiopia that was not only about drought, poverty, and famine.”. “Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee.

Aora’s solar tulips start shining in Ethiopia, without water!

Green Prophet

Seen miles away the sky-high tulips have found a new commercial home – in Ethiopia, the company announced last week in a press statement. We all may know that Ethiopia has grand ambitions to grow its economy fast and is creating the Renaissance Dam to hold back water from Egypt’s Nile to create hydro power. “The news announced [last week] about AORA ‘s newest site in Ethiopia is different,” she tells us.

Ethiopia’s New Solar-Powered Cell Phone Charging & Water Service

Green Prophet

Villagers gather around a kiosk in Afto, Ethiopia to charge their cell phones using solar power and to fill up their jerry cans with UV clean water. Out in the middle of nowhere Ethiopia, fresh water and electricity are hard to come by. While this may not seem like high science, particularly compared to some of the massive solar developments popping up all over our region, in Ethiopia, this center could mean the difference between life and death.

Field Report: Green Education in Ethiopia

Blue Earth

I am now on a flight back from Ethiopia (located near the horn of East Africa, surrounded by Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Eritrea). Ethiopia and Sub-Saharan Africa are coming out of a 15-year drought with a rainy season that has already produced the best rainfall in 30 years. Its mission is to provide cutting-edge self generating primary education in Ethiopia. It is a good omen that Ethiopia is bootstrapping itself to a cleaner prosperity instead.

Could Ethiopia’s Geothermal Exploration Relax Dam Plans?

Green Prophet

Given that 85 percent of the country’s residents lack access to electricity, it is no surprise that Ethiopia has pursued an aggressive hydropower plan. Towards the end of last month, the Development Bank of Ethiopia unveiled plans to spend USD 20 million to explore sites in the country that have especially good geothermal potential. Business & Politics Cleantech, Science & Technology Climate Change Ethiopia Geothermal Grand Renaissance Dam renewable energy

President Morsi Takes on Nile River Issues in Ethiopia

Green Prophet

On his first visit to Ethiopia as President of Egypt , Mohamed Morsi stressed his country’s desire to peacefully negotiate with other Nile Basin countries regarding a longstanding dispute over Nile River water rights. At an African Union meeting in Ethiopia’s capital, President Morsi sought support from other Nile Basin countries to rebuild Egypt and a stronger “African Market,” reports The National.

Ethiopia Can’t Afford The New Nile Dam

Green Prophet

Ethiopia insists it will build the Grand Millennium Dam, but there is no money behind the words. Defiant Ethiopia is proceeding with its plan to build the Grand Millennium Dam on the Nile river , but what kind of dam can they build without cash flow? But just how seriously need they take Ethiopia’s posturing? Considered the greater source of flow, the Blue Nile originates at Lake Tana in Ethiopia before merging with the faster-flowing White Nile river in Khartoum.

From Ethiopia to Georgia: Reclaiming Nature’s Lullaby

Conservancy Talk

I grew up in Ethiopia during one of the worst political upheavals in the country’s history. I would spend hours pretending the trees were green curtains which, when they parted, would reveal the majestic mountains that surround Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital city. Sapelo Island’s beauty, like Ethiopia’s, is barbed. Essay conservation essay Ethiopia Georgia LEAF nature''s value people and nature Blaine Sergew. By Blaine Sergew.

Man Bikes 500 Miles for Ethiopia’s Forests

Green Prophet

A man who belongs to Ethiopia’s chapter of the Global Power Shift youth environmental activism network biked nearly 500 miles in just two months in order to draw attention to the nation’s shrinking forests. . 31-year-old Yohannes Gizaw is determined to heal Ethiopia’s forests, and his recent tour through the country could help ensure that he is not alone in this mammoth undertaking.

Egypt Gets Testy Over Ethiopia’s Giant Renaissance Dam

Green Prophet

As Ethiopia continues with its plans to build the Grand Renaissance Dam in order to meet the country’s burgeoning energy shortfall, Egypt is starting to worry that the hastily planned hydroelectric plant will put its own water supplies at considerable risk. Ethiopia still hasn’t secured sufficient funding to get the project off the ground, and if it does get funding from the World Bank or similar development organizations, it will likely come with peaceable conditions.

Ethiopia Gives Revolutionary Egypt A Break Over Nile River

Green Prophet

Ethiopia has agreed to hold off on an agreement that could dispossess Egypt of its historical monopoly of the Nile River. The two countries have been locked in a struggle after Ethiopia began construction on the massive Millennium Dam Project earlier this year. Egypt send a 47 member delegation to Ethiopia to smooth out the Nile River conflict. More on Ethiopia, Egypt, and the new Nile Dam: Defiant Ethiopia to Proceed with Massive Nile Dam.

UNESCO Urges Ethiopia To Halt Gibe III Dam

Green Prophet

On its list of dams to be constructed, Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam project (formerly known as the Grand Millennium Dam) has drawn passionate commentary to our site. And despite activism from International Rivers and other organizations concerned with the affect that Gibe III will have on northern Kenya’s already impoverished people, Ethiopia has not agreed to conduct environmental or social impact assessments. Defiant Ethiopia to Proceed with Massive Nile Dam.

Ethiopia builds Nile dam, half of Egyptian farmland might disappear

Green Prophet

If you are from Ethiopia, Sudan or Egypt your concerns are very different. And this is a serious time and the world needs to get involved, especially those funding renewable energy projects: Ethiopia is about to finish the largest hydro-electric dam in Africa and the 7th largest in the world.

2020 97

Will and Jada Help Drill Clean Water Well in Ethiopia


Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith made a trip to a village in Ethiopia with charity:water to provide clean drinking water to the village of 400 people. Read More. Causes News People Top News jada pinkett-smith will smith

Defiant Ethiopia To Proceed With Massive Dam On The Nile River

Green Prophet

Ethiopia has plans to grab hold of a bigger share of the river despite Egypt’s long held monopoly. Defiant of Egypt’s historic monopoly over its flow, Ethiopia is pushing ahead with a controversial plan to build a massive dam on the Nile river. Buoyed by President Hosni Mubarak’s recent ouster, and undaunted by criticism, Ethiopia insists that it will proceed with its plan even without international support. Waterfalls on the Blue Nile.

Ethiopia Unveils First Electric Vehicle

Eco Friendly Daily

Following these advances, the country of Ethiopia recently announced their first electric car. In addition to large amounts of poverty, taxes on vehicles are extremely high in Ethiopia- going as high as 100 percent or more. Carlo Pironti, who is the general manager of the company producing the vehicles- Freestyle PLC, stated: “Ethiopia in [the] future will have lots of power supply. Ethiopia may in fact have increased amounts of energy in the future.

Saudi Star Among Firms Behind Thousands of Forced Relocations in Ethiopia

Green Prophet

This image taken in the western Gambella region of Ethiopia shows irrigation canals being dug by the agricultural firm owned by Saudi-Ethiopian billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi. Last week BBC News reported that 70,000 indigenous people have been forced to relocate in the western Gambella region of Ethiopia to new villages that lack adequate resources for their survival. More on Ethiopia and Land Grabs: Global Land Grabs: Benefits, Emerging Dangers, and Growing Anxieties.

Tribes and Birds of the Lower Omo Valley by Adam Riley

10,000 Birds

Ethiopia, a landlocked country situated in the Horn of Africa, has firmly established itself as one of Africa’s top birding destinations. These 15 endemics and nearly 40 near-endemics (many of which were endemics until Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia in 1991) are for the most part quite easily observed on the standard Ethiopian birding circuit. Birding best birding tours Ethiopia omo valley

2015 203

Ethiopian Bush-crows Keeping It Cool

10,000 Birds

Asides corvids EthiopiaScientists have wondered why the outstandingly adaptable Ethiopian Bush-crow ( Zavattariornis stresemanni ) refused to expand outside of its postage stamp-sized range. Apparently, these quasi-corvids are too cool for school and like it that way.

2012 138

Sanetti Plateau…The World’s Best Commute?

10,000 Birds

The Sanetti Plateau in Ethiopia is a one of Africa’s greatest birding locations. Last year I had the weird (deeply, deeply weird) honour of working on a TV show in Ethiopia. I spent 3 weeks in Ethiopia, mostly in the Harenna Forest which is nestled on the southern slopes of the Bale Mountains, the range that the Sanetti Plateau caps. Wattled Ibis are common in Ethiopia, even in the capital, but are a special endemic too. Birding Africa Ethiopia

2017 100

Futuristic dome collectors collect dew for drinking water and crops

Green Prophet

Still another device, called the Roots Up Dew Collector , is now being developed for Ethiopia in a project together with the University of Gondar. Roots Up is an organization based in northern Ethiopia that is working together with local farmers to help them use more sustainable agricultural methods to produce crops. Design Green Tech and Gadgets Dew drinking water Ethiopia Harvesting water from the air is not a new idea.

Water 85

Child Brides Strike Back.

Elephant Journal

Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today arranged marriage child abuse child bride child brides ethiopia India marriage>>One third of the world’s girls are married before the age of 18. >>One One in nine are married before the age of 15. >>If If present trends continue, 142 million girls will be. Enlightened Society Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only.

2016 79

The Dam that May Damn Egypt’s Future

Green Prophet

In a strange and surprising twist, Egypt says it will consider participating with its neighbour Ethiopia in the construction of the Renaissance Dam , a project which it had staunchly opposed (and even suggested sabotaging). The dam known formally as the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will provide much-needed hydro-power to Ethiopia, but downstream it is expected to change the face of the Mighty Nile and the Fertile Crescent as we know it.

Egypt 76

Meet Coach Cass, the Millennial Face of African travel

Eco Chic

Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, and Ethiopia. Featured Heroines Africa african women black women coach cass dance Eco Travel ecotravel ethical travel Ethiopia ghana girltrek Kenya nigeria South Africa Tanzania travel uganda woman-only travel women's travelRaise your hand if you, like me, have ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and all-but-drooled over photos of epic scenery in the far reaches of the world. Don’t be shy, I too am raising my hand. .

2019 49

Finally – A Team of Experts to Evaluate Impact of Massive Ethiopian Dam

Green Prophet

The future of the Nile River still hangs in the balance, but at least a team of experts are committed to evaluating the potential impact of Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam. The politics surrounding Ethiopia’s Grand Millennium Renaissance Dam changes only slightly more frequently than the project’s name, and we are excited to bring you one of the most positive updates since the saga began.

Egypt Losing its Mighty Nile Drop by Drop

Green Prophet

Ethiopia and other African countries upstream have plans to divert Nile River water. Egypt does not recognize a recent agreement signed by Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, that seeks to allow irrigation and hydroelectric projects to go ahead without Cairo’s consent. Ethiopia, for instance, is planning a series of dams along the Nile to generate electricity. Business & Politics Water Egypt Ethiopia Nile water

Egypt 85

Why Improving Global Maternal Health Matters.

Elephant Journal

Ethiopia, the second most populous country in Africa, is one of the five most dangerous places to be a mother in the world. One in 27 women die from complications of pregnancy or childbirth (25,000 annually) in Ethiopia. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Health & Wellness advocacy childbirth ethiopia international reporting project maternal death maternal health women

Egypt runs to Saudi for help over Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam

Green Prophet

That seems to be the prevailing thought among Egyptian officials at a loss to resolve the ongoing dispute with Ethiopia over Nile water rights. . At one point it seemed that the two countries might be able to resolve their differences over the Renaissance Dam construction project in Ethiopia, which threatens Egypt’s already precarious water supply. Related: Saudi Star Among Firms Behind Thousands of Forced Relocations in Ethiopia. “A

Liben Lark Gets a Lifeline

10,000 Birds

home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Asides / Liben Lark Gets a Lifeline Liben Lark Gets a Lifeline By Corey • March 4, 2011 • 1 comment Tweet Share The Liben Lark Heteromirafra sidamoensis of Ethiopia is critically endangered, with less then 100 individuals left in one grassy plain. Here’s hoping the Liben Lark defies the odds and long graces the grassy plains of Ethiopia!

2011 130

2012: Thousands facing displacement due to Middle Eastern land grab

Green Prophet

From Ethiopia, Tanzania and the Congo, I look back on what has been bad year for land grabs. Ethiopia. The HRW report Ethiopia: Forced Relocations Bring Hunger, Hardship , remarked that 1.5 Saudi Star Among Firms Behind Thousands of Forced Relocations in Ethiopia. Business & Politics Africa land grab Ethiopia land grabs Saudi Star Tanzania

2012 78

Trade Not Aid—The Weavers of Debra Mark’os.

Elephant Journal

Arts & Culture Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) developing countries economics ethiopia family income security trade tradition weaversTrade is empowerment. It allows individuals to become self-reliant and actively build their futures, using their own talents and skills.

2015 60

Agriculture and Water Connect Israel to Africa

Green Prophet

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Danny Ayalon, landed on Monday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Business & Politics Food & Health Water agriculture Congo Egypt Ethiopia Israel Netanyahu Nile River Sudan Uganda waterHe continued on to Uganda and Kenya, where he will inaugurate two Israeli-cooperation projects in agriculture and health.

Israel Strengthens Environmental Ties to Africa: Part 2

Green Prophet

The memorandum is aimed at addressing food security through partnerships with farmers in Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Rwanda. While MASHAV has similar programs in Benin, Kenya, Ethiopia and Niger, TIPA is devoted primarily to farmers in Senegal, where 75 percent of the population is involved with farming. “We The Horn of Africa – including Ethiopia, Kenya, both North and South Sudan – influences the shipping lanes to Eilat in southern Israel.

Saudi Takes a Chunk of Nile Water to Feed its Cows

Green Prophet

Ethiopia has been particularly vociferous, though the main instigator of a slew of new damns and hydroelectricity projects , former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, died in August, 2012. Food & Health Ethiopia Land Grab Nile River Saudi StarLand grabs are old news, but National Geographic has taken a closer look at Saudi’s African interests in particular and the resulting story is startling.

A plague of David Attenborough

Green Blog

Attenborough cited Ethiopia as his only example of the natural world fighting back against the human plague. “We We keep putting on programmes about famine in Ethiopia; that’s what’s happening. Clearly, reducing population would not make Ethiopia any less vulnerable to mass hunger. Ethiopia actually produces much more food per person today than it did when the population was much smaller. Cruel irony: the hungriest people in Ethiopia are farmers.

Panning for Gold in the World’s Poorest Countries: A Toxic Story

Eco Chic

When I was conducting field interviews about dam displacement in rural Ethiopia in 2012 I stumbled across a community activity I did not expect to find: panning for gold in the Nile River. Worldchanging Women ethiopia gold Jewelry laos mercury poisoning mining Toxins Gumuz boy panning for gold in the Blue Nile River © Jennifer Veilleux 2012. By: Jennifer Veilleux.

Keep Focus on the Projects that are Most Meaningful.

Elephant Journal

Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Free Content to Partners Inspiring (Wow) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Entertainment & Culture Featured Today Z ADMIN Family Featured Today Z ADMIN Work Featured Today camera Ethiopia film following one’s passion Joey L. Those of us who are passionate about a number of interrelated projects may often find ourselves struggling on which project to prioritize.

Great Green Wall of Trees for Africa

Green Living Ideas

Tags: Climate Change/Global Warming Africa Burkina Faso Chad climate change Djibouti Eritrea Ethiopia GEF Global Environment Facility global warming Great Green Wall Mali Mauritania Niger Nigeria Sahel-Sahara Senegal Sudan United Nations United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification World Day to Combat Desertification

2010 81

Hang Out With People You Aspire to Be.

Elephant Journal

Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Entertainment & Culture Featured Today Z ADMIN Family Featured Today Z ADMIN Work Featured Today camera Ethiopia fear film following one’s passion greatest fear Joey L. In the third episode of SUMMER RAYNE OAKES Conversations, I had the opportunity to discuss with photographer Joey L.

Following Your Passion Should Be First Priority.

Elephant Journal

Arts & Culture Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Inspiring (Wow) Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Entertainment & Culture Featured Today Z ADMIN Family Featured Today Z ADMIN Work Featured Today camera Ethiopia film following one’s passion Joey L. “It is usually in the risk taking that you develop skills to make things work in the first place,” says photographer Joey L.

2013 58

The Nile River and who’s giving a “dam” over its future

Green Prophet

Ethiopia is dead set on constructing a giant dam over their part of the mighty river. This project, which was planned for the Blue Nile by Ethiopia, is just a part the water problems of population dense Egypt; which also loses a significant part of Nile River water from other sources : evaporation, leaky water pipe infrastructure, and from vegetation growing on the banks of the Nile and on river islands. Ethiopia is an energy-poor country that is also plagued by drought and famine.