2 Sides To The Ethanol Food Crisis: Fueling the Food Crisis

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Now that you have read What is Ethanol: Part One, you know what Ethanol is and how it is made, but did you know there is an ongoing debate about Ethanol’s part in today food crisis and high prices? Take Ethanol for example, is Ethanol really fueling the Food Crisis? Experts like, Lester Brown (founder and President of Earth Policy Institute) claim that, “ten to 30 percent of the recent rise in global food prices is due to demand for biofuels.”

Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

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In addition to firewood, biomass can be fermentated into liquid form or extracted from vegetable oils and used in transportation such as ethanol or biodiesels. Brazil is the leader country in production and utilization of ethanol from sugarcane. Lester Brown [33] believes that “the new energy economy will be based much less on energy from combustion and more on the direct harnessing of energy from wind, the Sun and the Earth itself”.

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One of the most detailed and masterful documentations of the fundamental interconnectedness of world problems is the new book by Lester Brown, Plan B (Norton, 2008). The search for alternative energy sources has recently led to increased production of ethanol and other biofuels, especially in the United States, Brazil, and China. Indeed, the entire ethanol production in this country could easily be replaced by raising average fuel efficiency by 20 percent (i.e.

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