Hijab Culture for Islamic Clothing in the Sustainable Fashion Limelight

Green Prophet

Long sustainably-made silk robes, vibrant headscarves fro organic cotton, and intricate lace face veils paint a modest, underground and mystical picture of Muslim fashion. And we are hoping this new fashion trend will inspire designers to cover this new trend.

Eco-Friendly Printing

Eco Friendly Daily

Eco-Friendly Printing. One thing that I don’t think I’ve covered very much on here is the whole concept of eco-friendly businesses. Now, these are businesses that make their living by being environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly toothbrushing. FRIENDS.

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9 small things you can do to transform the garment industry

Green (Living) Review

As the Toronto-based non-profit organization Fashion Takes Action states on its website, “We believe it is important for consumers to understand the Buy It To Vote mentality, and the power that they hold within their wallets. clothes care fashion green living

Green Shoes Hit Mainstream at Payless ShoeSource

Eco Friendly Daily

Earlier this month, Payless ShoeSource announced that they will be launching a line of eco-friendly shoes making their entrance into the sustainable market at a price the majority can afford.

Hemp 56

Sleeping in Sustainable Style

Eco Friendly Daily

Sleeping in Sustainable Style. One thing that I really do hate about the whole outdoor recreation thing is that it seems like I’m stuck with buying non-environmentally-friendly stuff for most of my gear all the time. Sustainable Fashion– Malagasy Style.

Novica, the Store

Eco Friendly Daily

The only thing that really keeps me sane throughout the whole thing is knowing that she’s either buying something that looks good, or something that is environmentally friendly. This thing is soft, awesome, and made in a completely sustainable fashion. FRIENDS.

Robin Wilson, Interior Decorator to the Kennedys and Clintons, Shares Her Secrets

Eco Chic

We shop with reusable bags, fill up our water bottles, avoid plastic like the plague, purchase beauty products made free of chemicals and we’re now filling up our closets with American designers that are making affordable and sustainable fashion their mantra.

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