Raising Environmentally-Conscious Kids

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I mage credit: Nature Conservancy, Paul Barwick Is creating the next generation of environmental stewards as easy as sending your kids outside to play? A study done several years ago by Louise Chawla tried to understand what factors went into the make-up of people who demonstrated significantly pro-environmental behavior. As prominent environmental educator David Sobel eloquently stated, "One transcendent experience in nature is worth a thousand nature facts."

The More you Know, the Less Gold Glows.

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Up, Up & Away: How Vertical Farming can eliminate Food Deserts.

Elephant Journal

Even the most conservative of estimates predicts that there will be 9.6 billion of us on the planet by 2050. We are only a generation or so away from a major food and water.

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Sustainable Architecture: Learning from Nature & The Magic of.

The Alien Next Door

The alien race in my book “Collision with Paradise” live 100% sustainably in a cooperative and synergistic partnership with their environment, including intelligent organic houses with self-cleaning floors and walls, heated, fueled and lit by organisms in a commensal relationship.

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Eco-Model Cities for a Low-Carbon Society

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A project of The Regional Revitalization Bureau, Cabinet Secretariat, Japan Overview 13 Eco-Model Cities of Japan CASBEE-City Promotion Council of the Low Carbon Cities The International Conference on Promoting Low Carbon Cities 2009 OVERVIEW A program established by the Japanese government to create and promote a Low-Carbon Society on a city level, domestically and worldwide. Similar to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) in the U.S.,

10 Ways to Conserve Biodiversity


Purchase sustainable products. Sustainable living. Regulating services refers to anything that lessens environmental change. We harvest large amounts of natural resources and when this is not done sustainably it has disastrous consequences. 8 Purchase sustainable products.

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How Consumers Impact Their Retail Environment

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According to recent reports by industry watchdog Retail Systems Research and publications as varied as CIO Magazine and Chain Store Age, responding to consumer awareness of the environmental impact of their shopping habits is now a mainstream concept.

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Simple Ways to Make Every Room in Your House Environmentally Friendly


environmentally conscious society, but it’s not as easy as recycling or buying an electric car. It’s as strong as oak , but grows infinitely faster, so it’s a much more sustainable option when it comes to furniture. Going green is a popular buzzword in today’s.

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Reducing Environmental Pollution and Wasted Energy One Plastic Bag at a Time: Interview with Pierre Barlier, Founder and CEO of KeepCool Bags


recently shifted from solely the focus of the hyper-environmentally conscious to a massively mainstream push. What drew you to this type of product initially—was it purely a sense of environmental duty, or did you see an economic and business opportunity before anyone else did? .

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Audubon Woman In Conservation: Four Honorees to Inspire Us All

The Green Samaritan

Held at the Plaza about 400 or so environmentally conscious women (and a few good men) attended the lunch with all food and ingredients coming less than 150 miles away.

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Unilever challenges UK households to waste less and save more

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Unilever uses new research to understand barriers to reducing food waste and help consumers to live more sustainably by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Unilever has launched a nationwide consumer challenge to help UK families lead more sustainable lifestyles and save money on household bills, it was announced recently. During the next six months, 12 families across the UK will take part in Unilever’s Sustain Ability Challenge.

Tree-Free Paper Made from Palm Waste Set to be Positive Step Forward for the Palm Oil Industry

Green (Living) Review

Once largely ignored, palm oil waste has been successfully transformed into a number of eco-friendly products including paper, as Palm Republik looks to introduce sustainably produced palm paper into the U.S.

Fernwood's Spring Garden Symposium

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These speakers show us how they use their artistic instincts, environmental consciousness, and knowledge of great plants to create garden designs with social significance.

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Egyptian Campaigner: ‘Corruption not Climate Awareness is Holding Us Back’

Green Prophet

We speak to Egyptian campaigner Sarah Rifaat about the environmental movement and why bureaucracy and corruption are still the biggest barriers to change in Egypt . I’ve always had a passion for environmental conservation ever since I was a young girl.

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PEA Business Awards 2012 sponsored by Lloyds TSB Commercial announces winners

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Paul Turner, Director of Community & Sustainable Business at Lloyds Banking Group comments, “We received entries from many organisations with impressive sustainability credentials who are seizing the opportunities associated with the move towards a green economy.

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Editor of Arabic Environmental Magazine Scoops Top Eco Prize.

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It is believed to be one of the most prestigious environmental prizes worldwide. Saab has also influenced the establishment of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED) which is now an influential think-tank for environmental issues in the region.

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12 steps to unite to combate Climate Change

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Assess where you stand It is likely that carbon will eventually be judged as an atmospheric pollutant and regulated accordingly, with consequent costs—and opportunities—for all sectors of society. Switching to recycled or sustainably sourced paper can also lead to considerable savings, reducing both landfill use and carbon emissions. High performance, environmentally accountable, energy efficient and productive facilities are now economically possible.

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