Unintended consequences of carbon offsets

Environmental Economics

Here is a new example:  But where the United Nations envisioned environmental reform, some manufacturers of gases used in air-conditioning and refrigeration saw a lucrative business opportunity. It has long been known that pollution abatement subsidies are strongly preferred by polluting business firms. They can even lead to increases in pollution as profits encourage entry into the market.

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Solar PV Demand Rises Sixfold in the Middle East and Africa

Green Prophet

Proponents of environmental reform ( renewable energy , greener economy) are racing against the forces of environmental destruction (fossil fuel industry, global warming ), while the rest of us wait to see which will reach the finish line first.


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New Environmental Strategy On The Table In Israeli Elections

Green Prophet

20, Tzipi Livni’s new party, The Movement, stated that environmental reforms will be key components of their platform in the January 2013 Israeli elections. They propose passing a Basic Law for environmental protection, and a long-term blueprint for the Israeli energy market. Livni presented The Movement’s environmental agenda together with Green Movement chairman Alon Tal. It has always campaigned for public transportation reform , among other public issues.

Will Turkey’s New Constitution Include Ecological Protections?

Green Prophet

Turkish environmental journalist Mahmut Boynudelik has proposed a set of fundamental ecological principles to be enshrined in the country’s new constitution. Led by the Turkish Green Party, the articles were submitted by the Initiative for an Ecological Constitution (IEC), and prepared by environmental journalist Mahmut Boynudelik from notes he took at several recent Green Party conferences. Business & Politics Travel & Nature environmental law

Carbon accountability: keeping emissions low as the U.S. reopens


We’ve proven that we have the power to reduce emissions substantially, but if history has taught us anything, it is that making these changes last will be a much larger environmental obstacle. Inhabitat: What do you think the environmental and climate improvements we’ve experienced since COVID-19 say about our world? Seeman: We need to connect our stimulus programs to environmental reform. Oil subsidies are a backwards tradition that impede our environmental progress.

Greenpeace Lebanon’s “Generation C”: Young, Connected, and Making a Difference

Green Prophet

From a small office on Bliss Street in Beirut, overlooking the Mediterranean sea, a small team of young Lebanese activists are busy trying to expose environmental injustices, change attitudes, recruit volunteers, lobby and fundraise, in a country where every day politics often comes in the way of any environmental reform. I just graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Masters in Environmental Policy.

The mass media and our environment

Green Blog

What kind of role does our mass media play in how we perceive and react to environmental problems around us? Campbell writes that these large corporate advertisers rarely want to sponsor shows or programs that involves any kind of serious environmental, social or political criticism towards any corporate activities. According to Gallup global warming was the only environmental issue that "dropped significantly" among the public concerns during 2008.

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