West Virginians and North Carolinians Agree - It's Time for Serious Environmental Protections

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In the wake of dangerous coal chemical and coal ash spills in their states already this year, West Virginia and North Carolina voters have gotten a wake-up call on the need for environmental and public health protections - and they know it. And 62 percent of voters say they would be more likely to support a candidate who favors "strong regulations and enforcement to protect the water, air, and health of West Virginians." "You

Big Polluter Politics at Their Worst in Virginia

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Virginia Attorney General and Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli. There are plenty of examples of politicians across the country doing or saying anything to push the agenda of their big polluting buddies, but rarely has the evidence been so clear and so outrageous as with what is happening in Virginia. In Virginia, the Gas and Oil Act lets natural gas companies extract methane gas without landowners’ permission as long as they pay for what they take.


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Ison Rock in Virginia Saved from Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining, For Now

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Mountain lovers everywhere high-fived today when the news came down that the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy has denied a surface mine permit for the Ison Rock Ridge mine in southwest Virginia. EPA to set a numeric water quality standard under the Clean Water Act to protect streams in Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, and Pennsylvania from pollution caused by mountaintop removal mining.".

West Virginia Suffers Another Enviromental Catastrophe

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Sad to see the beautiful state of West Virginia suffer yet another environmental disaster. Source: West Virginia Gazette.) Not only does this have a major environmental impact, the spill also threatens to harm the health of the people living in the areas affected! environmental damage toxins water pollution This latest spill comes just one month after the devastation caused by a chemical spill in the Elk River.

Hell on rails: West Virginia burning after crude oil train derailment

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The fires from Monday''s derailment of a train carrying crude oil in Fayette County, West Virginia, continued to burn Tuesday morning, and emergency shelters for hundreds of people who had to evacuate after the derailment remain open. "A A CSX train, hauling 107 tank car loads of Bakken Shale crude oil from North Dakota to a transportation terminal in Yorktown, Virginia, derailed in Adena Village near Mount Carbon and Deepwater West Virginia about 1:30 p.m.

ALEC's Vision of Pre-Empting EPA Coal Ash Regs Passes the House

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House of Representatives passed an amendment on April 18 to the Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2012 (HR 4348) that would effectively pre-empt the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating coal ash, the waste from coal burning plants, as a hazardous waste. Additionally, researchers from the Environmental Integrity Project, Earthjustice, and Sierra Club have documented water contamination from coal ash sites in 186 locations. Skip to Main Content Area.

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A Chicken Sh*t Ruling

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Environmental Protection Agency has no legal right to force a West Virginia poultry grower to obtain water pollution permits for runoff from her Hardy County farm because it is routine stormwater discharge, a federal judge ruled Wednesday. The U.S.

Round-Up of WV Coal Chemical Spill News

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Mary Anne was on to discuss last week''s Freedom Industries coal chemical spill in West Virginia, which has left more than 300,000 people without water. Even Erin Brockovich was in West Virginia for a meeting with affected residents Monday night. Others note that this lack of planning is yet another example of loopholes in current federal protections regarding chemicals. That supplier is West Virginia American Water, the company that has imposed the restrictions.

There is no longer an Environmental Economics Advisory Committee at the EPA

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  The committees being retired are Ecological Processes and Effects Committee (EPEC), the Environmental Economics Advisory Committee (EEAC) and the Environmental Engineering Committee (EEC).    The SAB approved retiring the Ecological Processes and Effects Committee (EPEC), the Environmental Economics Advisory Committee (EEAC) and the Environmental Engineering Committee (EEC).   US Environmental Protection Agency.

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Recovery from WV Coal Chemical Spill Continues - What Next?

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If you want to make a donation to help support the volunteer water distribution efforts still under way, you can donate to the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition , and make a note that your gift is for the WV water crisis. In the state of the state address just days before the accident, the governor vowed to "never back down from the Environmental Protection Agency because of its misguided policies on coal."

Standing Up for Clean Water When States Won't

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Such is the reality for thousands of people living in small Appalachian communities across West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky. "Mountaintop "Mountaintop removal makes aquatic life sick; it makes people sick; and it destroys vital communities," says Jim Sconyers, Sierra Club West Virginia chair. This week the Sierra Club joined the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy and Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition in filing a series of legal actions.

Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Poisons Appalachia's Waterways

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I remember the first time I saw a mountaintop-removal coal mining site - Kayford Mountain in southern West Virginia. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that "high levels of conductivity, dissolved solids, and sulfates are a primary cause of water quality impairments" downstream from where rubble from mountaintop-removal is dumped. Those images have never left my mind - a barren landscape where there was once lush forest.

New Spate of Coal Bills in Congress Threaten Air, Water, and Public Health

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This week, Senator Mitch McConnell unveiled legislation that would force the Environmental Protection Agency to speed up its permitting process for new coal mines instead of taking the needed time to review these proposed projects for potential polluting runoff. Senators Joe Manchin and Jay Rockefeller have introduced another bill to narrow EPA's authority to protect our air and water.

"Professor Who Helped Expose Crisis in Flint Says Public Science Is Broken"

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Steve Kolowich in the Chronicle of Higher Education : Working with residents of Flint, Mr. Edwards [a professor of civil engineering at Virginia Tech] led a study that revealed that the elevated lead levels in people’s homes were not isolated incidents but a result of a systemic problem that had been ignored by state scientists. In Flint the agencies paid to protect these people weren’t solving the problem. Environmental Protection Agency?

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Agencies Dodge Responsibility for Human Cost of Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mining

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Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Army Corps and the Kentucky Division of Mining Permits all have the ability to protect our health, but they’re currently all saying "it's not my problem." It's up to the Environmental Protection Agency to create and enforce strong clean water and mining health protections.

North Carolinians Want Coal Ash Safeguards Now

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Now, state regulators have withdrawn the sweetheart coal ash violation settlements offered in previous years and instead have asked the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to step in to further investigate coal ash violations.   These results are strikingly similar to the poll we recently conducted in West Virginia. As Politico reported this week , the EPA is coming under increased scrutiny for failing to finalize long-overdue coal water protections.

New Poll, Rally Show WV, NC and Beyond are Fed Up With Coal Industry's Pollution

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That''s just one of many powerful findings of a new poll out today about the aftermath of the January coal chemical spill in Charleston, West Virginia. 2) West Virginians strongly support increased regulations and enforcement to protect air and water. This is major news – even in a state long dominated by the coal industry, my fellow West Virginians have made it clear that a majority want strong Environmental Protection Agency and state action on coal industry pollution.

On the Eve of A Shutdown, Polluted Priorities Contaminate Boehner's House

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But, with the clock ticking and every minute a precious opportunity to negotiate, John Boehner wasn’t in Washington working on a deal to prevent a shutdown -- instead, he was at the Greenbrier, a fancy hotel in West Virginia, dining with coal executives. There is no question about it -- a government shutdown would be a debacle for American families.

Appalachian Families Denied Clean Water Travel to Washington to Demand Action

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Environmental Protection Agency office to demand an end to mountaintop removal coal mining. this week to tell their members of Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that mountaintop removal coal mining must end. "The We applaud the recent Ison Rock Ridge decision, and we call on the EPA to do more to protect other communities, mountains, and public health. Appalachian activists gather outside the Washington, D.C.,

Our Last Coal Ash Spill: No More Delays for Coal Water Pollution Protections

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It was the culmination of a dramatic rally that shone a glaring spotlight on one company’s reckless pollution practices, and the urgent need for the Environmental Protection Agency to finally close coal water pollution loopholes, without delay. Meanwhile, in my home state of West Virginia, people are still afraid to drink their water, almost two months after a coal chemical spilled into the drinking water supply for over 300,000 people.

Earth Day Green Tips

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Various events built around that caring-for-earth theme will reflect local and regional environmental initiatives. Virginia and Maryland, a huge get-together on the National Mall (yes, the same one filmed in Nicholas Cage’s movie National Treasure ) will kick off the event, followed by appearances by popular music groups, celebrities and local and regional leaders. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, which will showcase its National Sustainable Design Expo.

An Unfortunate Pewee

10,000 Birds

Hurricane Sandy happened, and ever since then the eastern United States has been absolutely swarming with vagrants… Ross’ Gull , Mountain Bluebirds , Pink-footed Geese , Northern Lapwings , Virginia’s Warbler , Anna’s , Calliope , Black-chinned and Allen’s Hummingbirds , not to mention all the storm waifs and winter finch invaders. This is not artistic photoshop, this is most likely the work of environmental contaminants.

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At Last! EPA Required to Finish Coal Ash Safeguards

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Late Wendesday we saw a victory for clean water and public health: The Sierra Club is pleased to be a part of a legal agreement with 11 organizations compelling the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to finalize safeguards against coal ash pollution by the end of this year. If the final protections are strong, getting them over the finish line will be a major victory for public health, safe communities, and clean water.

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Two More Victories in the Fight Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

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The court affirmed that the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority under the Clean Water Act to veto mountaintop removal coal mining permits after they've been issued. The Spruce Mine - the focus of this case - was the largest mountaintop removal permit ever proposed in West Virginia history, and its valley fills would have buried more than six miles of streams. 1 mine in Logan County, West Virginia.

Hip Hop Caucus Empowers Youth For Climate Action

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Their campus tour has gained major notoriety and is supported by the Obama administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and Reps. The Sierra Club’s Environmental Justice program has been working for over 20 years to link environmental quality and social justice, and the Sierra Club is proud to support the Act on Climate campus tour. Yearwood speaking at the Forward on Climate Rally in Feb.

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Coal Ash Bill Fails to Protect Public Health

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A coal ash/slurry impoundment at a mountaintop removal coal mine in West Virginia. House of Representatives against a recently-introduced bill that fails to substantively protect children and vulnerable communities from exposure to hazardous chemicals in coal ash. David McKinley cannot and will not adequately protect American communities from the toxic pollution from coal ash. Today, Lisa Evans, Senior Administrative Counsel at Earthjustice, stood up for the 1.54

The Best Campaigns of All Time to Save Vanishing Species


Campaign #1: Protecting the Earth’s lungs, the Amazon rainforest. Some of these projects look at individual species or areas but one of the most encompassing ones was the one mounted to create the Amazon Region Protected Areas (ARPA).

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Will the next coal ash disaster be in your neighborhood?

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history , which devastated over 70 miles of the Dan River in North Carolina and Virginia. The report highlights dangerous coal ash sites in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Virginia, and it illustrates the ongoing damage and risks to public health from this toxic, largely unregulated solid waste. Guess what - you might be living near a toxic coal ash dump that threatens your local water supply, without even knowing it.

Who's Afraid of a Carbon Rule?

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Environmental Protection Agency in the ‘80s, we sued a company that had been polluting a Maine river for years. When it comes to environmental regulation, industry screams that the sky is falling, but then it gets to work to solve the problem, and frequently ends up stronger than ever. As for society in general, we have seldom seen a limit on pollution that didn’t make us collectively better off, and carbon protections will be no exception.

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Kentucky's Coal Challenges -- Public Health, Clean Water, and Clean Air

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Right now a major pending decision is whether the Environmental Protection Agency rejects Kentucky's revision of clean water protections in the state. The standards the Kentucky Division of Water has proposed are even worse than the ones that EPA rejected in 2004 as too weak to protect aquatic life.   Already, more than 40,000 Kentuckians have sent a message to the EPA telling it to protect their waterways.

Former Coal Miner to Obama: Set Strong Carbon Pollution Limits on Coal Plants

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The following is testimony from Nick Mullins, a former coal miner from Virginia, given Thursday before the Environmental Protection Agency public hearing in Washington, DC, on carbon pollution standards. My name is Nick Mullins and I am a 4th generation former underground coal miner from Southwestern Virginia.

Speaking Out for Clean Water Protections

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We saw more than 100 activists turn out at an Environmental Protection Agency public hearing to support strong water pollution standards. We listened to community leaders from across the nation make moving, powerful requests of EPA to finalize strong, meaningful standards that will protect their health, their families, and their homes.  to call on EPA to issue a strong standard to protect Americans from toxic water pollution from power plants.

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Will Mountaintop Removal be a Thing of the Past?

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West Virginia is a common hotspot for MTM, but when those natural landscapes and resources are gone, what location is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) going to permit next? Satellite imagery of the sites in West Virginia appear as though parts of the natural landscape have been cut out, because sections of the existing forest are no longer there. Mountaintop mining (MTM) is a process similar to strip mining, which is used to extract coal from mountains.

U.S. Power Plants Responsible For 72 Percent Of Greenhouse Emissions In Country

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government began requiring industries in the country to report their specific greenhouse gas emissions, emissions that were previously estimated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA made the listings for the facilities available, which pleased environmental groups working against power plant pollution. Albans, West Virginia.

Recovery: Second Chance for Yankee Cottontails

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The non-natives, called “eastern cottontails,” are a genetic mishmash of species and subspecies plucked from Minnesota, West Virginia, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. The New England cottontail had been a candidate for Endangered Species Act protection, but on September 11, 2015 the U.S.

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Re-Branding Nature: From Dismal Swamp to Constructed Wetland

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Thomas Jefferson gave encyclopedic advice to gentlemen farmers in Notes on the State of Virginia , but he never breathed a word about The Great Dismal Swamp or other vast wetlands. US Environmental Protection Agency. Image: Eldrich Press (historic photo) and Scape/Landscape Architecture. By Sheila Walsh Reddy, senior scientist for sustainability science. A few hundred years ago, swamps were downright un-American.

GIANT FOOD helps customers feel “green” on Earth Day

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Encouraging its customers to "think green," Giant Food is partnering with General Mills to promote the use of environmentally friendly reusable bags. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Giant Food LLC, headquartered in Landover, MD, operates 182 supermarkets in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia, and employs approximately 22,000 associates.

Innovative Solutions for Nature and Climate

Conservancy Talk

The Environmental Council of the States’ 2016 fall meeting gathered the senior-most environmental officers in each of the 50 states. Below is the keynote speech I delivered at the meeting on September 26 in Wheeling, West Virginia. The Environmental Council of the States Fall Meeting Keynote Speech Good afternoon, everyone. It’s great to be here today with environmental leaders from all 50 states. We made a business argument—not an environmental one.

If you want to know what to think about the EPA's move to relax fuel economy standards.

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I'm glad I did as Virginia McConnell and Alan Krupnick wrote this on Friday ( We Need to Take a Longer View of Fuel Economy Standards ): The announcement this week that the Trump administration is reopening the CAFE/GHG rules for light-duty vehicles was expected. Cap and trade and carbon tax policies could achieve the exact same environmental and national security goals at a lower cost.

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Asian Americans’ Green Values

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In fact, research indicates Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders rank much higher on their commitment and identification with environmentalism than the rest of the US population. Asian Americans constitute a majority of the population in Hawaii (57 percent), and are also a significant portion of the state populations in New Jersey (9 percent), Washington (9 percent), New York (8 percent), and Virginia (7 percent). A growing Asian American voting bloc.

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A Sustainable Chesapeake: Better Models for Conservation

The Green Changemakers

The book profiles promising conservation practices and technologies and describes the protection of critical land and water resources. The book’s six chapters—Climate Change Solutions, Stream Restoration, Green Infrastructure, Incentive Driven Conservation, Watershed Protection, and Stewardship—are each introduced with a summary of the restoration principles learned from the projects. This conservation ethic is commonly called environmental stewardship.

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Sustainable Educational Resources

The Green Changemakers

This tutorial was designed in cooperation with the United States Environmental Protection Agency through the CENTER FOR SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES, Cascadia Community and Environment Institute, University of Washington. [link] Educational Resources Last modified 2010-08-10 16:50 All Educational Resources are copyrighted and may be used for educational purposes without a fee unless so noted.

RFF: "Questions about the Trump Administration’s Cost-Benefit Analysis for its Proposal to Freeze the CAFE Standards"

Environmental Economics

Krupnick, Joshua Linn, and Virginia McConnell: In April, we wrote a  blog post  responding to the Trump administration’s announcement that it was preparing to weaken the fuel economy and greenhouse gas (GHG) standards hammered out in 2011 by the Obama administration. Alan J.

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