Infographic Explains Environmental Impact of Surfing

Wend Magazine

With a goal of bringing attention to the environmental impact of surfing, Envirosurfer developed a detailed visual to explain the toxicity of surfing. The infographic shares the environmental impact of everything you count on to enjoy incredible waves.

Environmental Impacts of Air Pollution


Even plants and wild animals living in the distant ecosystems suffer greatly of the negative impacts of pollution. Keep on reading to learn more about the full scope of the environmental impacts of air pollution that are affecting our world on the daily basis.

Apparel Corporations Unite to Reduce Environmental Impact

Green Home Blog

Apparel Corporations Unite to Reduce Environmental Impact. The new rating tool is known as the Higgs Index which will be able to allow the consumer to choose their apparel according to how sustainable and environmentally friendly the company is that produces it.

U.S. National Park Service Looking To Reduce Environmental Impact

Eco Friendly Daily

The National Park Service (NPS) is responsible for 84 million acres of land, which includes over four million acres that need to be maintained. In addition, they are responsible for over 3,000 utility systems and over 67,000 structures.

COP18: We Must Reform Fracking to Limit Environmental Impact.

Sierra Club Compass

New Report: Look Before the LNG Leap » COP18: We Must Reform Fracking to Limit Environmental Impact. He explains that the group has moved from an environmental group aimed at protecting wild spaces to one focused on pollution and now climate change and fossil fuels. But with fracking, and the environmental concerns that come along with this, they are now focusing on getting the process of extracting shale gas reformed to limit these impacts. Compass.

Celebrate July 4th With an Ice Cold Responsible Beer

Environmental News Network

Beer is a refreshing drink for the summer (when drunk responsibly, of course), but like many food products consumption of beer can have an environmental impact. There is a debate over which is more eco responsible option, cans or bottles of beer.

Sun Microsystems Commitment to Eco Responsibility

Eco Friendly Daily

Using a three-pronged approach, Innovate, Act and Share, Sun Microsystems is helping its customers reduce their environmental impact while still being good for business.

Ambre’s Shaky Finances: Rebutting the Response

Sightline Daily

firm that speaks for Ambre Energy , released a response to our report on Ambre’s finances yesterday. The Longview site faces a lengthy environmental review. Oregon’s Department of State Lands recently delayed a decision on Ambre’s Morrow project, and the Corps of Engineers could still require a costly Environmental Impact Statement for Morrow. That concludes my rebuttal to Gard’s response to my report. Gard Communications, the P.R.

Enormous Grassroots Response to Coal Export Plan in Washington.

Sierra Club Compass

One-Sided Keystone XL Poll Tells the Story Big Oil Wants You To Hear » Enormous Grassroots Response to Coal Export Plan in Washington. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Enormous Grassroots Response to Coal Export Plan in Washington : Comments. Compass.

A Kabocha Squash Salad to Light up Spring. {Sustainable Cooking Recipe}

Elephant Journal

Sustainable cooking is preparing food while being mindful of one’s health and pocketbook as well as considering the environmental impact and effort put into the ingredients. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Food Health & Wellness eco-conscious healthy living recipes responsibility Stephanie Lee sustainable cooking

Cars and hyperconsumption

Green Living Tips

Cars are indirectly responsible for much of our hyperconsumption. Rethinking how you use your car can save you money and lighten your environmental impact in many different ways There's more to our car culture than the issues relating to emissions and fossil fuels.

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Trade Rules Undermine Transition to Clean Energy - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

Responsible trade can help countries develop sustainably, foster a healthy environment, and expand the use of clean energy. Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster of 2011 demonstrated the human and environmental costs of nuclear energy. Compass.

Eco-bags Products, ECOBAGS Brand, Honored as 'Best for the Environment' by B Corporation

Green (Living) Review

Eco-Bags recognized as the "Best of the Best", along with Method Products, New Belgium Brewing Company, Patagonia and Seventh Generation, in the top 10% of all B Corporations, as business leaders in environmental sustainability.

Big BP news

Environmental Economics

The numbers appear to be pretty much the same as previously announced , with additional payments of $500 million for unanticipated restoration (in addition to the $232 million originally announced), $350 million for NRDA costs, and $250 for response costs, lost royalties, and a False Claims Act investigation (see this consent decree document ). Environmental economists will be especially interested in Section 4-10 (especially the footnote on the data--more on that if I can find the time).

2015 152


Environmental Economics

From the inbox: The biggest energy and environmental impact of using Google and other internet services may not be where you think it is. The rapid spread of large data centers that power the internet is responsible for a growing energy use and share of carbon emissions. It is tempting to jump to the conclusion that the internet and all its services stand in the way of energy and environmental sustainability.

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A Guide to Green Flooring

Green Home Blog

The problem : Hardwood floors are a beautiful option for any room, but you’ll want to be careful about the environmental impact of all that oak, pine, or cherry. A Guide to Green Flooring.

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For the Birds: Midway Atoll Mouse Eradication and NEPA

10,000 Birds

Perhaps most significantly, any federal project with a significant environmental impact must complete an environmental impact statement (EIS) pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

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Behind the Veil: The Truth About Trade in 'Environmental Goods'

Sierra Club Compass

The United States might be part of another disheartening trade deal veiled with a false promise of environmental protection. 25, a group of World Trade Organization (WTO) members including the United States, the European Union, Australia, and Canada, want to eliminate tariffs on a set of supposedly “environmentally beneficial” products. Eliminate the taxes, or tariffs, on a set of environmentally beneficial products and they’ll be traded and used more.

Latcham Direct announced finalist for Energy Efficiency 2012 award

Green (Living) Review

These measures included working closely with Business Link to identify methods to cut costs and to reduce the environmental impacts of the business. Mike Hughes, Managing Director of Latcham Direct comments; “We are very proud of our environmental credentials and our ability to support the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of our clients.

2012 110

Key environmental figure represents Love Clean Streets

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Ian Blackburn(left) Phil Barton (right) Environmental reporting business Love Clean Streets has announced a key industry figure as its first official Ambassador.

What’s the Connection Between Minimalism and Sustainability?


To understand the best parts of the minimalism trend, let’s consider the environmental impacts of consumerism and the ways minimalism attempts to counter them. According to one study, the products we consume are responsible for 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

2018 55

I Am Dolphin, Vulture Restaurants and Climate-Smart Military

Nature Conservancy - Science

Clean energy benefits outweigh environmental impacts from solar, wind, and hydropower. Environmental Research Letters, Science Daily). Whole Foods ups the ante on environmental impact labeling with its “Responsibly Grown” ratings.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of LEED

Green Home Blog

Most of us can agree that moving towards environmentally-friendly building practices is one of the keys to a more sustainable future. This lack of regulation also means that the responsibility of ensuring a builder’s green claims fall on the public. Weighing the Pros and Cons of LEED.

2013 223

Bioplastics and biodegradable packaging

Green (Living) Review

More recycling infrastructure, funded and ultimately subsidized through Extended Producer Responsibility schemes; and 5. So in some instances a biopolymer or biodegradable pack may have a more positive environmental impact, but very careful consideration is needed before using these materials.

2018 154

The Environment Issues We Should Be Hearing About at This Year's Australian Election


We are already seeing the social, economic and environmental impacts of about one degree increase in average temperature. The possible impacts of two degrees are frightening enough, but we face the possibility of even greater increases if the world fails to take concerted action.

'Reduce waste, buy packaged' crusade looks to bust food waste myths

Green (Living) Review

INCPEN, the Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment, has launched ''The Good, The Bad and The Spudly'' initiative in response to growing awareness of wasteful food habits, both in the home and throughout the supply chain.

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Miami Mega Mall vs. Everglades National Park

10,000 Birds

The Miami-Dade Democratic Environmental Caucus submitted a formal letter of concern to the commissioners. Merchandising folly 1 – Conservation 0. The Miami-Dade County Commission approved development of ‘the largest shopping mall in North America’ with a vote of 9-1 last week.

Miami 201

Incorporating Plants in the Existing Urban Fabric


One might argue that in some cases, the trees and other plants would act purely as an aesthetic layer onto an environmentally inefficient and costly project, however there will be exceptions to this case. The addition of plants within the urban fabric.

2018 55

'Reduce waste, buy packaged' crusade looks to bust food waste myths

Green (Living) Review

INCPEN, the Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment, has launched ''The Good, The Bad and The Spudly'' initiative in response to growing awareness of wasteful food habits, both in the home and throughout the supply chain. "The packaging is a sensible investment in resources and if manufacturers can use it well, it will keep their costs down as well as their environmental impacts - it''s a win-win situation."

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'Reduce waste, buy packaged' crusade looks to bust food waste myths

Green (Living) Review

INCPEN, the Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment, has launched 'The Good, The Bad and The Spudly' initiative in response to growing awareness of wasteful food habits, both in the home and throughout the supply chain. "The packaging is a sensible investment in resources and if manufacturers can use it well, it will keep their costs down as well as their environmental impacts - it's a win-win situation."

Waste 125

Birding under Clouds of Uncertainty: Santa Ana NWR

10,000 Birds

But in the current political climate, even permanent environmental protections can prove transitory. It would also consider cost, design, location, and other variables, such as the impact on the environment, including endangered species.

2017 207

Hydroelectricity: What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?


Poor environmental considerations. Ecological impacts. Worldwide, hydroelectricity was responsible for 16 percent of global power production in 2008, but speculators predict that it has the capacity to produce five times that [6]. 3 Poor environmental consideration.

2018 55


Green (Living) Review

Details on the reader survey can be seen here: [link] Readers were asked what was the biggest action they had taken to reduce their environmental impact. The most popular response was Apple.

EPA Issues Blow to State Department's Review of Keystone XL

Sierra Club Compass

On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a sharp blow to the State Department's review of the Keystone XL pipeline, undermining State's claim that the pipeline would have little environmental impact. [1] Community and Environmental Justice Impacts.

Green Future: Google Invests $1 Billion in Clean Energy

Environmental News Network

Read on to learn more about Google’s latest venture in renewable energy, why it did it, and what exactly it’s doing with this environmental technology. Whatever you think about global warming and the environmental impact of carbon emissions doesn’t exactly apply.

What Are the Health and Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy?


accessible, making it a perfect source for generating energy—particularly when compared to fossil fuels, which need to be mined, extracted, and transported, leaving behind a trail of pollution and environmental degradation. ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITS. Sunlight is free, infinite, and easily.

Alaska Air to fly 75 commercial flights on fry oil

Green Traveler Guides

These flights signal that sustainable biofuels can provide a viable alternative to conventional fuel and enable airlines to reduce their environmental impact. | Green Travel News |.

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Plastic Bag Bans around the World


Even though the usage of plastic bags is still slowly on the rise, many countries have started to become aware of the environmental damage they can cause. People have started to become more aware of the environmental impacts of their daily life choices.

Boston Moving Company Recognized by Greater Boston Sustainability Program

Green (Living) Review

Previously Gentle Giant was thrice recognized for its environmentally friendly practices. Gentle Giant was also recognized by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative for responsible sourcing of materials, as well as receiving the Green Business Award from the Newton-Needham Chamber for Sustainability Initiatives. The fact that several employees here at Gentle Giant initiated many of our efforts to reduce our environmental impact is a great source of pride for me.”

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How to Lower Your Electricity Bills in Summer and Winter


Bad habits and a lack of knowledge are responsible for most energy waste. Air conditioners and furnaces can be prodigious consumers of gas and electricity, but if you use them intelligently and responsibly they will deliver far better service.

2018 72

Unearthing the true cost of fossil fuels and the true value of photovoltaics

Green (Living) Review

Two new studies published by Carol Olson and Frank Lenzmann in MRS Energy and Sustainability—A Review Journal ( MRS E&S ) shed light on the true economic, social and environmental impacts of photovoltaics as compared to those of the fossil fuel supply chain. The ‘true cost’ of electricity generation, including the environmental impacts, must be kept in sight,” Olson and Lenzmann write.

Non-Profit Initiates Next Stage of its Mission to Stop Greenwashing

Green (Living) Review

Phase Two will include a second round of communication intended to initiate productive discussion with senior management in the target industries, reminding them of their responsibility to adhere to best practices for environmental marketing as outlined in the U.S. With the release of the updated Green Guides in October 2012, the FTC made it official that that unqualified environmental language would be viewed as deceptive marketing, strengthening the Two Sides call for change.

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Plastic peanut butter jars cut packaging at Sainsbury's

Green (Living) Review

The new jars, so Sainsbury's, are just as functional as the previous ones, but the reduced weight means not only do they have a lower environmental impact, they also require less fuel to transport. Sainsbury’s claim that plastic jars are better for the environment.

2011 176