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Peak oil came and went in 2008. Everyone knows this– with the possible exception of some US presidential candidates and one wildcat oil prospector in Cairo, Illinois. The word tolerable began appearing in books towards the end of the 16th century and its usage grew rapidly until 1750 when, the world reached peak tolerable just in time for American colonialists to find King George’s taxes intolerable.

Urban Biodiversity Strategies

The Green Changemakers

Lurking just below the surface of the global economic crisis is a whole series of resource crises, including energy (peak oil), water, food security, shifting weather patterns and more. Understand and facilitate responses to environmental changes 4. Connect people with nature and provide environmental education 5. Urban ecosystems can be models for understanding and mitigating the effects of environmental changes in non-urban areas.

The 2011 Edition of the Journal of Sustainability Education

The Green Changemakers

Her ground-breaking work and years of experience bring an authoritative voice to this nascent field and give confidence that, as she says, “it all begins with a change in thinking” and “we just have to educate for it.” Her impressive accomplishments and the examples she brings to the interview are a must-read of inspiration for anyone involved with sustainability education. Show that your company or institution educates for sustainability.

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