American Energy Experts Go Green in Israel

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Advances in green technology are reported here often, including advances in solar energy , electric car technology and green bio-fuel from algae for future military and space programs. Mark Brownstein, photo: Environmental Defense Fund.

If You Don’t Invest in Your Water Supply, Someone Else Will and It Won’t Be Pretty

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For example: * The Cities of Santa Fe, New Mexico and Denver, Colorado fund forest management activities that improve forest health and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires that can result in massive slugs of ash and mud clogging up their water supply reservoirs. *

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Earth Day San Francisco Festival 2011 Co-Creating Solutions Now!

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This new educational festival and multi-cultural entertainment event will keynote pressing environmental issues & promote solution oriented community action. Full Disclosure Statement: The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW received no compensation for any component of this article

Bad idea: disallowing mergers for environmental or macro reasons

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Critics will balk at the deal for the job losses it will cause and its effects on green-energy development. Duke and Progress say their combination will create a financially stouter company better able to build new power plants, update infrastructure and abide by tougher environmental rules. The Environmental Defense Fund and three other advocacy groups argue the commission could soften the impact of those lost jobs.

Tackling the Climate Challenge

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It’s such a boost of energy to see leaders from so many walks of life coming together to advance progress on what is most likely the biggest collective environmental challenge of our time — climate change. Progress here will also need new and larger sources of funding.

EDF: Mississippi River Delta and Natural Infrastructure Economist (2-year Post-doctoral Position)

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With world attention focused on both the environment and the economy, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is where policymakers and business leaders turn for win-win solutions. This leading green group, with programs from Boston to Beijing, has tripled in size over the past decade by focusing on strong science, uncommon partnerships and market-based approaches.

Time to Act on Trucks: We can reduce new truck fuel consumption 40% by 2025

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The Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are currently developing proposed standards for medium and heavy-duty vehicles, which they are expected to release in March of 2015. Energy Solutions Green Fleets Green Transportation Health Oil

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Should I Say 'Climate Change' or 'Global Warming?' — Sightline.

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But it should be noted that he came over from the dark side for a spell a year or so ago and collaborated with Environmental Defense Fund on communications research to support policy to combat climate change emissions--which I highlighted as a strategic communications resource for policy champions. Skip to content.


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Students and practitioners of the field of sustainability are increasingly aware of the opportunities to collaborate to enhance their work on environmental, social, and economic endeavors. The daylong event will feature keynote addresses by sustainability leaders, including Arthur Holcombe, President of the Tibet Poverty Alleviation Fund and former Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program in China, and Michael Shellenberger, President of The Breakthrough Institute.

The Hope of an Alternative Way to Use Coal

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Department of Energy and the Environmental Defense Fund call it is a safe and cost effective solution. Fulfilling the American energy demands remains an essential task. Many may view energy as simply a means to drive to work or to keep their homes comfortable.

Basking in reflected glory

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The excellent David Warsh reviews Gernot Wagner's book (note, Gernot blogged here for awhile): I don’t know a more interesting young writer on environmental economics than Gernot Wagner. He works for the Environmental Defense Fund :  that makes him a good source, but he is lost to journalism. 

Diverse Health and Environmental Coalition Calls for Sweeping Changes in U.S. Chemical Safety Law

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Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Coalition Releases Comprehensive Reform Platform by Michael Smith (Veshengro) WASHINGTON, DC, August 2009 -- A broad coalition of health and environmental organizations unveiled today a set of key requirements for reforming the nation's antiquated chemical safety law, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). "The 33-year-old Toxic Substances Control Act is badly broken," said Dr. Richard Denison, senior scientist with Environmental Defense Fund.

The Oil Industry’s California Playbook

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“If California can do this, it could really be the beginning of the snowball,” said Tim O’Connor, director of California policy for the Environmental Defense Fund. Jerry Brown by Steve Rhodes used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Innovative Solutions for Nature and Climate

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The Environmental Council of the States’ 2016 fall meeting gathered the senior-most environmental officers in each of the 50 states. The Environmental Council of the States Fall Meeting Keynote Speech Good afternoon, everyone. We call this approach a water fund.

Should I Say 'Climate Change' or 'Global Warming?'

Sightline Daily

But it should be noted that he came over from the dark side for a spell a year or so ago and collaborated with Environmental Defense Fund on communications research to support policy to combat climate change emissions--which I highlighted as a strategic communications resource for policy champions. Skip to content.

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21 Practical Ways to Help the Environment

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It’s that easy to share your environmental tips with the rest of the world. The Environmental Defense Fund says that around 18 percent of the waste an average family in the U.S. The mowers are environmentally friendly, and also better for your grass. Government’s Environmental Protection Agency , about 41% of our indoor water use in the home goes toward flushing the toilet and 33% goes to bathing! Tags: Sustainable-development Green

Creating the future we want

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Keyword: international policy, sustainable development, social responsibility, economic conditions, environmental protection, business, industry Citation: Hecht A., The future is indeed fraught with environmental, economic, and social risks that could derail progress. Alan D.