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Environmental Economics

On Monday I read this: Negotiators  eked ou t a global  agreement  to fight climate change during an environmental summit in the Peruvian capital, Lima, early Sunday. The approach taken by this agreement is quite different from that of the more familiar  Kyoto Protocol.

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RePEc journal rankings

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: I am writing to you to see if you help me getting hold of the latest rankings of the journals in Environmental Economics. Here are the environmental and resource journals in the top half of the RePEc list (the first number is the RePEc rank):  43 Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 104 Environmental and Resource Economics. 123 Review of Environmental Economics and Policy. 448 Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy.

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"U.S. asked for more time on climate policy"

Environmental Economics

This includes a review of policies relating to climate change and the Paris Agreement," Italian Industry Minister Carlo Calenda said on the sidelines of the meeting. "While Dave McEvoy on international environmental agreements in this book : As of today, the Kyoto Protocol remains the only international treaty requiring binding greenhouse -gas emissions limits. I think that China is participating in the Paris Agreement

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Top journals in environmental and resource economics according to Google Scholar

Environmental Economics

Here are the top journals in environmental economics :   Publication. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. Environmental and Resource Economics. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics. Environmental and Resource Economics. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. Environmental and Resource Economics. The Review of Environmental Economics and Policy doesn't show up anywhere.

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LEAKED: Secret Trade Document Reveals Weak Environmental Standards

Sierra Club Compass

free trade agreements have been legally enforceable and included a list of environmental treaties that countries committed to uphold. Last fall, 24 environmental organizations sent  a letter to the U.S.

Arab action on shark finning, and body parts trade is too little, too late

Green Prophet

It joined together with six other Arab countries to sign an agreement to protect migrating sharks in Middle East waters from illegal shark trading including finning.

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Pacific Rim Trade Talks May Become Even More Secretive

Sierra Club Compass

It''s unacceptable because not a single word of draft text has been released to the public, despite the fact that the agreement has been under negotiation for more than three years and would affect the lives of millions of Americans and others across the globe.

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Stalemate: U.S. and Japan Fail to Advance Trade Talks

Sierra Club Compass

President Obama recently wrapped up a meeting in Tokyo with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, where the leaders once again failed to make a breakthrough on their deadlock in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement (TPP). Photo: WikiLeaks.

A Clean Environment Is Not For Trade

Sierra Club Compass

The letter comes just days before officials from the 12 governments involved in the TPP will meet in Singapore to try to make progress on an agreement that is facing increasingly steep opposition from the American public and Members of Congress. The May 10th Agreement set minimum standards for all environment chapters of U.S. It also required that countries uphold their domestic environmental laws in addition to commitments made in international environmental treaties.

Astonishing Facts About Wetlands


The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that wetlands are vital in the life cycle, whether for breeding, laying eggs or as a food source and habitat of two thirds of fish worldwide, including shellfish, commercially harvested in the United States [11].

6 Things Mike Froman Must Do As the Next U.S. Trade Representative

Sierra Club Compass

For example, the Trans-Pacific Partnership – potentially the largest free trade agreement ever – has been under negotiation for over three years and may conclude as early as this October. Strengthen environmental rules in trade agreements.

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‘Super’ Greenhouse Gases Targeted by India and US Task Force

Green (Living) Review

Minister Ramesh stated during the workshop that the ozone treaty was “the world’s most successful international environmental agreement” and that India has always complied with its phase-out obligations, often ahead of schedule. Washington, DC, February 2011 – On Friday, significant progress was made toward addressing emissions of ‘super’ greenhouse gases when India and the US agreed to establish an Indo-US Technical Task Force on hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs.

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Same urgent cooperation needed on Climate Change as the Ozone Layer

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) is urging the international community to cooperate on climate change in the same way that they united for the protection of the ozone layer. On 16th September, the UN International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer commemorates the signing of the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol, which are the most widely ratified multilateral environmental agreements to date.

A Ruby Red Mystery Flows from Lebanon’s River

Green Prophet

The Environmental minister Nazem el-Khoury and his team of experts hastily launched an investigation involving scientists, police force and lawyers but the source and cause of the redness still remains uncertain, some sources talk about dye being dumped by upstream factories. First, environmental degradation, even when visible, slowly risks becoming normalized within societies. Think of the benefits this is having on environmental research.

Trade and Environment: A Resource Book

The Green Changemakers

MB) Trade and environment policy is increasingly intertwined and the stakes are nearly always high in both trade and environmental terms. Beatrice Chaytor Expert Opinion: Are environmental goods good for the South? » Adil Najam , Mark Halle , Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, IISD, 2007.

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UNU-IAS Reports and Policy Briefs

The Green Changemakers

Willis Biofuel production and use in Africa have been linked to numerous environmental and socio-economic impacts. At the same time, environmental sustainability is being lost.